22;43 { “ 2 days ago ...

i snap; cackle & pot;
chew on bones;

... { ...


... { ...

It’s an act yurh know I’m ripping up; books; recordings; I wanted to be a court jestart;
and smash; Like Armageddon;
just a street rat; with many hats;

jestart; { corporate tart;

      What should i say...
            I will unsuck yurh logo for cash?”
im sick of the taste in corporate piss pints i had to drink in the last 10 years; know what i meme honey?”

      I tell these bosses to stop kissing corporate arse; and give it a rest with the corporate entity invisible dick sucking;
and they do not get it ... they do not want to go up; they just go down on it; { it is not real dude; wake up; Why you all worshipping these dead entities man?”  

I’m Greatful dead right; so I know about what dead actually memes to ends while yurh burning on abeaut making more ilumapoptipaper to wipe yurh arse with before throwing it into a corporate well; actual hell on earth; while yurh prey on yurh knees to them like invisible monsters that are destroying the planet like yurh getting off on it every day; this culting of brands you adore; turning your customers into true believers of bullshit on wall st while alice watches you all shit on yurh front doorsteps to heaven;

Seriously chief I want to beelive that these logos are real people too; i really do;
thats why I have hexed a canvas with yurh dirty little logos on it; the third eye army sponsored my source & black magic to destroy and flush yall down to the depths of doom where it all gets dumped onto a trash planet; forgot about; never experienced again; thank the lords;

You will bee; & enter my gates of death in the field of optimal reality & doom;
You will be thrown deep into Arcadian warped wrapped fear blankets; guttless sons of riches; King of Anarcho Doom Rune & Glue Driffting; dragged kicking and screeming by invisible monstars to the chambers of commerce and alien slave trades; slamed in to cages yurh own damd datacell; 

get it? Trumpettes; i have drained yuhall down to yurh corporate skull & bones; tattooed; ripped yurh; & flicked matches into yurh wells; watch em light up; burn Urn‘ings;
and check! chucked yurh ashes into the battery acid rivers of the eighties; while my rats piss on yurh slips;

We are sick of Yurh. Corporate vapid concepts; lost in the imagination of man searching for a heartless souls with no bones; no empathy for anything that actually matters to an elephant that walks the planes of Africa everyday looking for water while you make tv shows about it or the latest vicim of fame as you throw boots into the frying pan of wanna make it rich work for it; what a load of trash just hand over yurh dirty corporate riches to the poor or I will judge you infront of my canvas that desperately trys to depict true hell like many artists before did; and then you accidentally arrive on yurh knees to it; for questioning before the court of hell on planet earth wake up; did you give a flying fuck about it?

Not one of you is a proper rebel; yuh just keep carrying on sucking the man down to the raw blood and brown; lapping up yurh dead entity pots in bank knots;

... { that memes I take yurh throaty chakras;
           the corporate crap that flys over that thing is insane; yurh all mad;

Understand dear? I’m gonna permark yurh skulls with blasphemy words like monranto; a killogs;

babe we are not gonna let you in the club with that logo; some i love; others i love to hate; get it?”

all you muppets are sucked into this corpo  xfactor global bullshit like its nightmare on Rag for Darkness; DYSTOPIA LUSTING
while the world burns away; in yurh distracted useless minds that still are happy to watch the third world as long as the adverts are running inbetween regular programing; game of drones; ithrow yurh corporate domes in the poison fire pits of time formats long forgotten;
       ... you rotten little shitbags; lulz.
corporate hearts . for rags; i . burned yurh baggage; at the airport   before you decided to bore the shit out of my starving dead dog who waits at the end of time to eat you;

While yurh mum & dad sit in darkness watching blankly into dead tv channels of dead oceans burned skys & trashed lands;

You can play my tracks at the same time if you want?”

We all laugh the shit outta yurh corporate pop paradice; get it?”

me & raff burn bongs on the sands;
ranting about how useless yurh bones really are; my crow is tip taping Ballerina Buttercups to yurh graves end;

        ... { plucks away;
i will slap the shit out of you corporate mugs;
Cup of tea Gee?


... { there was a little sticker of a Harp;
         next to that was a tag;
5D rawn in!     Jah !   .                .                                  .
                      round in ! !    !      Crowsing !
                               sound in !   !     
The Moon & Grass;
Loves to make you laugh;
While I end your own Bloody demons
As we play cleft with the left reverse;
Blackest Crows, Funniest Dances;

I’m gonna burn burn burn;
all the way;

10;48 . drives to the warehouse; vintage raven
Papaya 55; { ... db track gen; ginda da!
I have to remember; the future;
Raw from the fute;
like fate carries the scrolls of elders;
of gangs & stars;         ... { grins;  inja; jest
breathes inside the chest;
follows roots;       in jest & just; we trust;
howls out in memories;

the fute; { Bansuri of Akriah! .           .                   .
sɪɴɢʟᴇ ʙᴀʀ Note14
306/1 ซอย ลาดพร้าว 55/2 Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310; { its hundreds; oceans old!

Old Technic and Magic;
               Black Dust Keys; { wrote in trees;
   Deaths own Tapestry; reels; { blood reads;
     Audiorbs; { eyes of Zorb; a; da da!

Helix; { ...
                      tree licks; { cuz theres honey; bee ying; funny ui; tribe; i seal time;                           
... oceans old; { memes to ends; Gold;
points at The Seven Stars;
             rubs the back; like yogi bear;
" Back on the Street;
     Lust for Life "
Consult the genius of the place in all;
That tells the waters to rise, or fall;
Or helps th' ambitious hill the heav'ns to scale,
Or scoops in circling theatres the vale;
Calls in the country, catches opening glades,
Joins willing woods, and varies shades from shades,
Now breaks, or now directs, th' intending lines;
Paints as you plant, and, as you work, designs.
     - genii locorum

... { swigs Kraken;
           ad the drnken monkei; ! .  .               .

        he cups from the river;
and places it on the tablet; { drink; !
... { rolls dice;

and then we would play old VHS tapes;
that seemimiceyezen; spoke of the fute; from black reels that tapes; across the notes that play from deaths own clock; moaning;
mimic; { to copy edit paste; in amusement
like induapples; sharks comacruzen;
     black lifeye; rool over white;
high pitch screening;
rips yurh to pisces; 12 logical;
logi; { the log; upended;

“ Low gee; I will key yurh heart;
         and throw away to the seas;
drop yurh leaves;  

the  astrological chart; on these cubes;
... { he holds a Mastermorphix;
alien gen compass; rings handoldom;
         deity use em for travel & stuff;
my crow barks at it; { and it follows;
so it maps the freqilliampath;
freqilliampath; freq; quill; amp; path;
the sound in my vowels to the roots in my notes i swing; like jazz; to thoaths own wrathe; the rampirezen; high rez!
so as i write; it marks in source;
the void i cover in rhyme;
and it Indigens; like boomerang;
ruthlessly returning to its master;

Indigens; { understands the ideas of generations; fierce deities are the fierce, wrathful or forceful;

it goes; seas; beelowsingenzen;

... { ...

Etymology and nomenclature
edit source

Folly Musicians playing bansuri
Connecting paradigms through;
source in void; across the field;
of endless buddhafields;

बाँस सुर

The word bansuri originates in the bans (बाँस) [bamboo] + sur (सुर) [melody].

vaṃśi vaṃśa vamsika

A phonetically similar name for the same instrument, in early medieval texts, is the Sanskrit word vaṃśi which is derived from root vaṃśa (Sanskrit: वंश) meaning bamboo. A flute player in these medieval texts is called vamsika.

Other regional names of bansuri-style, six to eight play holes, bamboo flutes in India include bansi, eloo, kulal, kulalu, kukhl, lingbufeniam, murali, murli, nadi, nar, pawa, pullankuzhal, pillana grovi, pulangoil, vansi, vasdanda, sipung,and venuvu. Ancient regional innovations, such as those in the Himalayan foothills of India, developed more complex designs, such as the algoza which is a "twin bansuri" in different keys constructed as a single instrument, allowing the musician to play more complex music. In central and south India, a similar innovation is called nagoza or mattiyaan jodi, and Buddhist stupa reliefs in central India, from about the 1st century BCE, depict the single and twinned flute designs;

algoza; flaming twin;
we play to the court & doubble drogen;

       “ Hex;

To the; Hachidai ryūō 八大龍王 "8 great naga kings" assembled to hear the Buddha expound on the Lotus Sutra, and are a common artistic motif.

... { myn has this neon vapour coil from arcadia wraping round mays own hand; and rings & inks; quill from quests; this threads thrown dao in palms; as if like hamsa is a palm-shaped; eyes; sonic spirals; spritual harmonising rhyen; dao circles; palms;
it rows from ancient gardens across;
riffs from the rings of oracle belts;
dances abeaut adove the oceans;

nāgarāja ナーガラージャ or 龍王 ”Nāgaraja; snake king; dragon king".

Snakes & Rats;
    i even memes seas;
my own eyes & spies; we drink at taps;
think in clovers; old as rhymn;
this dance; at the bar;
Wrapped in Ringtail;
Funniest Dances;

i tap like technogen tracks;
interlock with vapouraven;
and sea anarchozen visions;
of ends of days to new source nights;
it wraps the Obsidian wells;
and spells into the Amethyst glass;

... its like a black blunted blade; of grass!
blood audio; on tap; tapestory
grinyezen; reaffleying; red violin cassette;
myn; mythin; { coils like snake & rat; dancing in pryramidior; as if the doragon with black wings;
what is the hexagon fella?
... snakeratgin; reartadoora; Ninja & Rastarlinkey; akérat hēræfter; astra; Zentity;
... { connects paper to bioluminescence in the river of ages; era of snake & gin; in year of rat;
Quill of Thoath;     genyaginquilla!”
I write tabs with this one at the river all day long;       Zodiac archetypal;
pal;     we write; i sing; hit the pipe;
thend; roll a joint; Hex pen; Ravens red ren;
Ra star; !     it rattles; { she cackles .     .      !
EighthFoath; Note13
it has raffios deadlocks;
intlocked with vines from Eden;
like a plate;      atgi; { tag from fute; l
with rings of gods;    and moons spiral; roolliempathiqinn; across the locks of giants; a mythical creatures of eden;
so its heavyweight; i look up at this fink when im filming underworld reels out of the lamp of rhymns nthinks;
and belljars of old; low & beehold em; paths of readen;

... he stops for a second to cough and spit up black lung from honey well;
         and coin drop echos at the bottom;

mate the character of this 84th writer;
splinters in wood;      writer of undersands; seas of word worldens; raptune unfolding beaut; trails of the birden dread; finds source in all circles; the dots; rounding rings unthreading ribbions of fear;   cryptic;   arrows plucked from apocalyptic trippy eden apples; { did you seasthend my friend?”
its like im writing on tabs of wood;
in blood from void of oceans;
black seasons;   veterans;    passages; gen; gi; om; rom;  the animals;     my frogs; my bees;
and my pigs drink rum; the brands they ran & walk the year in yards; starkeys .   !
and float in the water;     the rigs!
the soundsystem on our ship;
we hand built it; traditional;
Handmade, traditional, roots, analogue dubwise sound system.
analogue, pre-amp powered system.

Arkey! in tune .        .            . dig?

birden; { Paradisaeidae of the order Passeriformes; that gengin shiftshapes to;
in shadow catchers as dream; of Devī

“ I put a spellsong you;
         beecuzen your mind!

in unity i root;
threads throw eyes of deep;
across cages; of ages;
dives depths in pitch darkness;
as Bioluminescence shines lights;
angels of the night; am i dead?
Harmony of the spheres;
Magic circle Shield of the Trinity;
        i take magic drives; at the night with an army of animals; surfing the edge of Void at the centre; or the source; of phenomenal existence;

Old English trithing, from Old Norse thrithjungr ‘third part’, from thrithi ‘third’. The initial th- was lost due to assimilation with the preceding -t of East, West, or with the -th of North .

A black flag; waves above;  

i seas; stars from other dimentions;
the dust of sands thrown across invisible landscapes; cloaked & dragen;
like radio waves being struck across the trinkeyezen;     rays & spades;
                 jewels i craves; ren;
rink; { the tail featherum;

Eye of Horus { its like a hypermorphonic bix; Oath sized nib;    “ The eye flappio;
she lashes on the ashes;
the hook; she writes on my souls; books & tags up tombs;    rangs; plans;

Ive sea nahhh compass   { talks in asp;  
luopan { hat; Shiva uses across the galaxy;
                   ... she lights the lamp agin;
holding it up to walls; revealing the sands of time as it was written in the beehindingen;
indingen; { ...

        the hatter holds a tea spoon;

“ Do yurh catchfish? do yurh lay on my matt; or should i just tag yurh dinner outfit with my full phat caps & motley colour patterns;
the drip in yurh jest; of lock & folly . . .
i spit the fire; and will retyler; yurh notes i will burn at the table;     
      ... { he points to the court;
                 lights a cigarette;
throws the pack of tokyo brand death pack;
shuffles cards at the deck;
and puts a track on from the dukebox;
pack; { they do cool pinups;
        beauts in every card;
singing my own funeral songs;
as rabbits rool along;
blood moons in june;
fire suns; in ruin;

... { he taps on a rose & oak circle;

Anarchids; { last Florianima of senti;
         Triffids that have seen it . . .
ryeanima; { ion; diorian; delloriom;

And i have this;
rus ; rustic; rusty; blade; { of trades!
掘る Horu
dig verb 99% of use 小突く excavate verb 1% of use 掘り出す, 抉る, 刳る, 刳り貫く, 掘り抜く grub verb rare 食る delve verb rare 掘り下げる core verb rare 掘るi throw it at my wood;
              “ Like Grass! .              .                    .
99% { we’re back          !
a universal sign of protection, power and strength that dates back to ancient Mesopotamia it's believed to protect against against the evil eye and and all negative energies.

and me; i looked;
opened my third eye wide in the black void; sore source in eternity;
like lens of Akira; in neon gothic;
beautiful spells;
reminds memes of hell;

its like seas curls; across ages of esotecia; david spins like the bowl; washing the big black; as if the Oracleads one into an orb;  
the ocean tracks; { underworld reels;
and he is surrounded by the Kundalini;
as ghost shell;      another match lights the darkness that prevails the edge of the orb;

and my awakening was; roses flowers explosions; dead on arrival; the lime juice i like salt from yurh end of days; from the sands; i turn them red; from white; seas life throuw; raises the bow; and fires from all dimentions into the void;

     ... { he swigs the krɑːkən;
              as a side blown flute
the loot i sore;
ryemeindian suit;
flips & folds;
marks cards;
and shuffles on the deck;
Oracles deal infront of it;
as Orbs fly; the box float tales;
like the bottles; notes;
jars & guitars;

... { he stars at the porthole;
       “ Bulls eye;
and seas across the bay;
a city sleeps in a haze of sunset;
              light-emitting molecule and an enzyme

Single Bar Note14
lucky furh yooou!
     “ luckies; i smoke them too; like i play this ere bone; to rome; { laugh at roots; bee phones;
                 it rinks; she plucks up;       black dust;
       the piano is talking;       
and i keyedit;      theres a cat scratching at the leg;
and the dog starts to read from script;
When i first heard vision of Krishintao; play it to the Orb in my skull; it was like the rivers of mars ran deep in canyangsinging; like water rolling throwings of sand; The future is inside; yurh know the Shinto!
And it is way more promising than the outside; from what i can sea with my thirds chief; as we near extinction; and I leave yall muppets from corporate hell entity dwellings all behind corporate trails of the famed & damaged wood; ash; damed the lost of yurh;
i tagged all yurh corporate logo throatys;
for eight balls with game of death;
I watched it from Venus; sore the fire from earth own spirit burn you high; and drop the spirit into the night; i turned with dao in circles viewing the last days of mortals on a trinity; and drank the void within her black water to hear the spells of the suns own rage;
I bleed on wood; I seas mythn; ninja warrior;
Run across stars in stairs; the drips blade made; of tracks! .           .                     .
a map that never sore light; while i hunt them in the night; and drag yurh rags home to feast on in rome;
Path unfolding & golden falls behind the rim;
Walking up to the river source;
Passed the doors of gods;
As angels arch above;
I scream like skull into the fire
watching bikes burn; ghost ryeda
As if scroll; unrolling in bones;
Black rows; Nitro              ropes; { tracks;
Marrows; { smoke & mirrors
The swells turn red; { i rip reap; ink;
Grooves cut into vine; { heals the rhymn;
A tattoo carved in holes; palms; i rip read;
... { a spider across his hand that rests on the wheel; and walks throuwit; spiraling down into the wells of his own spells in time; weaving the end to sand and stairs; hells of black eyes finding no mercy for his enemy who poisons the skies; kills the seas; and fracks the lands; his is the fat of jilted generations; his is the blood of fierce deities; the fierce, wrathful or forceful end game to yurh bones of dead entity;
and he starts to engrave a skull;
removes it from the jar sat at the table;
the head inside starts to scream; as he carves a logo into it; but no one can hear it;
the engineer above the port laughs; induced by his rage of ages;

Want memes to paint yurh a pretty picture?”
i rip read yurh fate; down to the bone;

Jazz plays in the background; a new track slots in;

“ Who ya tattooing there dee?
          hes a random; i have a list of most useless corporate skulls on the field; just wanted to show yurh what ive bee nupture

i find em like Torr;
            he holds up a string of onions;
... minds eye pans across to his misseas; chopping;

mimes rememebuzen; ± !
fems battery hens;

he white spirits and spits black;
takes another clip; reads;
she blows;
and the crow starts pitching agin;

       “ Paradigm past recoils;
crafted techa
Woven in Alien Ribbions & Threading Bows;
... again; Once arrived; dream vision crafted techa
Woven in Alien Ribbions & Threading Bows
Guiding with Magic
Blood flowing down through deep vines
grooves mixsin ancient sand that was alive
consciously rollin throw & unfolding bliss
the once unpassable routes through ages
Wrathe; clear for Holy Bike to run
& round the Red Rivers Edge new flora
& the high grade Blades of  low Grass
well deep unlockin spells of Earth Waves
The rolls in summer;
the Ocean Fin & of runes for gypsy Fawk

Meme memoryez; on the field; { 00;23 yawning;

The Stars & Sun interthirds Wild Harmonies
Anarcho Keys Playing in perfect Syncronicity
Healing Time with Sound in Sacred Notes
Patterns that linked Dao across the great void;
As if the DNA of Magic Was Remembering source;
The Seasons of Time in Vivid Colour Palettes
Hyperlines in the Akashic records glow in
Reconnecting Lost Souls Navigating Life
& illuminating Landscapes Once In shaddow
Many agin Heart reconnected as Death pluked
various Aphrodisia and presented turned pages
oldest Source Codes in Thoths books techpsyscribe
fire heart doors in lovers hypersleep awakened  
For Peace was activated again Finding Unity
Within The Once Dark Voids of Gaias own Caduceus
resolving like remedy

Spiros & Gyrows; Zenliticoma;
arorabellowingen; dots;
and i wrap; it round across coils in my bike;
i grib; the gwrite & ramdial;
so it leaps across black holes;
in rhymedianarcho; echos!
like weeds snake royal aroond moons;
never cut roots rince; eden Boötes;
even the cap; it spits viper path;
like tracks left by holy mayangels;
“ And yurh Raffio chews on this nepaleasy pollen woven by bees; abeaut;

         The Tree!
I pluck Olives from it;

As i wonder the field of remapth;
         notes left on old pianos of time;
where dust sits in rooms of arcadian dens;
once played in key by the muse of death;

         ... { shadows of hyroglyphs & hypnagogica
drift across the rooms; alpha wave stages and in theta;
hands play theatre figures in shapes;
telling stories of the futunes;
classical court; singing to the vapourye;
den lens; { i pluck vision

vaprite;  raprite; { tips & types;
gonna graffa yurh piano gee;

vapourye; { eyes of signs;
          where vision and song;
transculturhythem; Zen;
         as if project of the gods; { i sell ashtrays to; with racks of bandana that rip noot aroond the twin bansuri; Raff smokes it like the doragon
alien codes written in roads;
words moved along; now codes & symbold plucka you fracks; sound meme and coil; for the bikes; leave tracks; red moon skull crush;
hyperema; reflexions of complete Dao lines;
spiraling like siders; spiders own time interlim; outer limit; furthest lights;
to find hands together in the night;
as if watching the hands of yogi make;
and mate; like raptune fate;
undersand?”       i love her!      .           .           .
holds stars & seas;  rips; across;
          like the oceans; “Seas a thrilla!
swurls cosmic dust; { in Orbs;
like of purl of wells; “ ... { ...
lampdragong; { catchexagon; dra; H
    Hat; { the bats fly passed;
“ Its the angen chillum mate; enjoy!

    ... { he knocks on wood;  

The word “Hamsa” means “five,” representing the fingers of the right hand.

... { his bones tap on the keys;
           a harp swells in the curve;
and a waveforms; ripple & riddle;
like Sonicanda; ananda;

Various verses & spells
in the tea houses of 2562;

The Rig; 5 Cards i held up; with drawings;
water pigs { from 1984; cuzen wood rats chat;
the water pigs across the oceans dig it;       c hats; catch my driffteas chief? .          .             .
wood; we called it a fin; as it trails; leaves drop in its wake; { sharkey & Gee;
like integer twin; fire cries; dragsun;
even drips down into thirds; eyes;

... i hook; she books; { i collect stamps mateys;

“  so you can imagine how i feel with i finkingengin; { write with it;
i; { is like write with my own eyeball;
         it wrips; across old paper; rye press!
i took from oldest jungles; { rumbellzzz
and collected from sacred forests;
trees i loved; as i carved my caps;
the mind must bee like arrow;
and layers of oriental textile; { unraven;
on the wood of ancient ships; { safe haven
that sail to stars in the silk roots; { sonic loot;
routes from source to vorbian; arches we crossed;      the seeds; that contain all knowledge of the entire tree;

vorbian; { Genzen; arcadian wella;
v for gen & seas; ventrilliquinnreama

Flute of Veda; { i see Vega of Lyra in the sky;
i walk in the streets & speak ezen; to the clubs of ストリートファイター Hepburn: Sutorīto Faitā SF or スト Suto
Hebon-shiki Rōmaji !

ヘボン式ローマ字 Hebon-shiki Rōmaji, 'Hepburn-type these Roman letters that appear off the Bansuri is a system for the romanization of Japanese that uses the Latin alphabet to write the Japanese language. It is used by aliens learning to spell Japanese in the Latin alphabet; { we bees;

         ... { takes another ribbon out;
throws the otherone into the river;

Rōmaji !

... { ...

Chakras, energy flow in the body, the five senses and the mudras that effect them.

chaka! shaka;
i tuckle the tales;
fire yang yogi;
... { will take yurh throatys

    this is why i am a bit; 8ball
like david in aliens;
writes in black Kundalini darkness;
as a neon god;
to show yurh true fear in deevine;
co madee; { ... like donuts and drillazen;
     that memes to ends; spells in reverse raven wells; belly bells like a cheekey dooms day page; written by the druids of mechanaow; when grin drops a beat;

mechanaow; { the black cats drink milk & lick honey; finking in circles scraps;

and the dogs howl! .              .                          .

theres this heartbeat;

like a metropapillon;    from fute lowhex;
             ... { as if from romanarcho;
anarch; passages of rhmynarch;
Each finger connects to an element and chakra:
            like angellazen;
Thumb- Fire element, solar plexus chakra.
            tabs in akashic record;
Forefinger- Air element, heart chakra.
Middle Finger- Ethereal elements, throat chakra.
           keys linking; freqillom;
Ring Finger- Earth element, root chakra.
Pinky Finger- Water element, sacral chakra.

          “ Sometimes we chop;
a ring in drop;
                              | ... {


... { 13;17 .       beehind yowl; !
game over; error! error. .          .         

Middle Finger; thoaty shaker!
and my tab sits in wells of void;
where you read my anarcholic;
these old floots i drag from the river;
where battery acid skulls wash up in lowlands; end of source;

in the night when you lookintomblack;
yhowill seas mynthemark of ribbionsent
trails of the neon doragon ドラゴン
it aint candy honey;
enlightenin darkness;
Extra-Terrestrialchemanarchogen ZXeny;
Zillia        XRZ     

I hunt yurh kind of entity;
that maninfests over twine;
blood & bind;
i steal rhymn;
and write withexzen the sages of ages;
rip out yurh pages;
and type my tabs with oaths
with notes;
riddles i wrope;
connecting dots;

      Eighthe Fourthe; Note13;28

eyes rip & toll; throw yurh baskettes;
and we will let yurh keep yah sockettes;
we are bees; gun ripe yurh honeyes;
eat yurh apple; { that memes to ends; yurh necks! thoaty shakers & Atoms;
first; chess;

There is a place in Neon Heavens
Where holy boxes on floors
Run & Rhyme like magic doors
Where Techno has put spells
on Death even, his wooden Clocks
of Old. Because his Lover Life
never sore even a knife, only screws

and switches yurh maps round;

... “ gonna flick matches in yurh nests;
Ruffle yurh feathers;
Riddle yurh bones;
Cosmic folly;
and i ran;                   preying;
raying;                    screaming source;

in rain;                          into the black;

blood & all hell fire;

Our time is NOW.

What is Vedic Technology?”

... 3/09

It will be a huge step forward for humanity when it is finally widely recognized that the full depth and breadth of existence is lively and accessible through the human mind. As this becomes a common experience, humanity will also become aware of the intimate connection between the mechanics of the Transcendent and its dominant role in every field of life.

We inhabit a structure that includes three interconnected realms: the Physical, the Electromagnetic, and the Transcendental. Each realm is divided into a myriad of sublevels. Modern society identifies primarily with the Physical Realm. Newton’s laws of physics describe this realm and serve as the foundation for the great technologies of the current era. Logic reigns supreme. In the Physical Realm, matter is viewed as the essential nature of things. This realm includes not only the larger physical structures of our bodies, but also – at increasingly deeper levels – cellular structure, molecules and atoms.

Deeper than that is the Electromagnetic Realm, a more powerful level, which includes electricity, chemistry, etc. Deeper and more powerful still, we come to what physicists call the Quantum Mechanical Level. On the Quantum Mechanical level within the Transcendental Realm, we merge with the oneness of all things, while simultaneously maintaining our individuality.

In ancient times, the Transcendental unified field was referred to as the Veda. Light can be shed on its intimate connection with human awareness through a comparison with the phonograph invented by Thomas Edison. Edison took a large cone and attached a fine needle to the tip. He had the idea that if he spoke into the cone, the needle would vibrate in correlation to the fluctuations in his voice. Then he took a cylinder which was, years later, replaced with a record disk. The cylinder was originally made of soft wax. As it spun at a constant rate, he touched the needle to its surface and recited, “Mary had a little lamb,” which grooved a line into the cylinder. He spoke aloud and it went into the depth of the etching (out/in). Then he removed the needle, hardened the cylinder, spun it again at a constant rate, and placed the needle back into the groove. The groove then vibrated the needle in accordance with the etching and, as he put his ear to the cone, he could hear his own voice, “Mary had a little lamb.” The information from deep within the etching sounded out within the air (in/out). The phonograph was invented.

In ancient times, some people, now referred to as rishis or seers, refined their physiology to the extent it became a transgradient* “record player.” The self-interacting dynamic of pure consciousness, the Veda, acts as a recording, eternally pulsating at the depth of existence. Those rishis were capable of allowing those pulsations to well up transgradiently through their physiology to the Physical Level where their voice acted like Edison’s cone. That process is called Vedic cognition. They were re-cognizing the finest feeling level that eternally dwells as the source of existence. When people listened, they could tell it was something remarkable. Like Edison’s phonograph, it was discovered the process worked both ways—out/in and in/out.

The process began from deep within the rishi and went out through their vocal cords into the air as sound. Then that sound entered from outside the listener and went into the depth of their being. So it went from in the rishi, out to the surface as sound, and back into the depth of the listener.

Schools were created to train pundits, people to memorize and mimic what was being chanted by those rishis. The pundits then acted like tape recorders, saving the cognitions of the rishis for people to hear throughout the ages.

When pundits chanted the Veda and people listened, the vibrations reawakened deeper levels within the listener all the way to the source of the listener’s being, the Transcendent. It became a powerful tool to facilitate the evolution of the listener. To this day, pundits continue to chant the Veda. All the diverse qualities inherent in nature can be enlivened within the individual as that person listens to diverse aspects of Vedic cognition.

If some aspect of an individual’s physiology is dormant, weak, or out of balance, listening to the appropriate Vedic recitation can re-enliven and balance that quality within the individual. The art of ascertaining the appropriate aspect of Veda for a specific individual at a specific period in time lies within the realm of Jyotish.

Before the radio was invented, nobody thought you could say something into a box and somebody on another part of the earth could pick it up. Yet, now, it is commonplace. It’s remarkable, though we take it for granted because we’ve been doing it. On a deeper level, that kind of technology becomes more powerful. A Vedic temple utilizes the technology of the unified field that radiates an influence throughout the planet. It’s an influence that radiates the harmonious level of existence, that source of divinity. The effect dissipates the further out you get. Nevertheless, you can still hear that radio signal all the way around the world. We are building a temple that does not defy Vedic technology in the name of bias, cultural or otherwise. It will be like a radio transmitter that works on the unified field level of existence.

*transgradient – across the reality gradient. To exist transgradiently means to exist across the continuum of realities.

- Michael Mamas, 3/09

... { ...

I was bringing up yogi fire 8balls on full moons; holding down my eyes of time;
waiting to spirit spit suns in void;
melt yurh corporate evil minds;
fuck yurhowlsing corporate fascism;
i rip down yurh skin of fleash; burn yurh hgold; hexed on yurh houses and craven carvings i rooled into the books; yurh filthy fucking logos and dead entities; tales to deaths own muse;

where i play dragkong; king dong to yurh slayers piss;

Eighthyme Forbesinto; Note13;28;11 { doom underez;

Writes in alchemianarcho Blood Audio; Sound connecting the paradigms of source to void; the quill of time; finks in sonica rhymn;

Hear it?”

Eighthyme Forbesinto

Its like a rhying yangin! .          .                          .

I seas; like circles cross hand over hand; close to my third eye; rounds; caps;
writes into void; source codes tags & bombs; throws red paint onto the stairs of heavens;

... { thats what anarchids go; eglowsingen;
i blow source dust into the ink;
and give bumps to elders with scrolls;

and spirit spits vapour clouds into the air; like wheels turn; lovers lurn;
looking to the deep; i breathe fire;

tattoos appear; rings & bones;
healing lovers stones; smashing walls;
i paint on the ashes of time;
cuts; i drip mylines into;
the deep carves of my wells; { throw yurh coinsingto;       selling my blood & ruins;
the scars that run down;     drinking my dna;
bleed into hearts of ages;    burning my data;
the barbs stick into my rows;   
scripting with my own blood;

i was a runner;
deep state mappa;
rip reading; wrapio; of
... { raffillariffazenzelden;
       zen trip; chords & marrowdye;
threads that pluged to my hand;
as i wrote & planed; the same tune;
“ He who lights gongs on the beach;
olding a bottle or flask! .             .                       .
singing to yurh bones;      cries alone;
       ... { the gin lights an old match;
holds a beaut; the glass; it as self;
stars down the well of souls withinkit;
stirs the handle; its roots like a candel Clairomanarch; whexicholds lamps;  
clamp of stages; his bones grib the long handle; it glows the smoke whurls codes unfolding in the whisps; verses of spells echo from the genometamemes rhymimica of angelic breathe; mathing the gemetrics in geometronirye; like bread separation;  

... { “ Because the eye watches like heartbeat;
        métron, "measure" and νέμω némo, "I manage", "I lead"

like the black jester; jetsunstables;
         hat waves a slip from;

... no more sleepless nights;
i had to let them go;

i burned all the corporate scrolls;
riped up their caps like reaper magic;
sold em skulls to my own crows for goldenfinks;

the thousand largest corps;
dusted .    the hundreads & fouthsands; ! . . .

Griny dids it got selffies nall chief!
yurh like nine inch nails it bees;
dids it; { digs; and he swigs the Kraken

we got new xʀ ʜᴏᴜʀɢʟᴀss innit;
stars throw; to the bottle!

he looks inside;
thats what its like in void;
yurh seas; it;
yurh seas yurh wolf;
the side of a coin or medal bearing the head or principal design.
his master who waits; Grin;

obverseanarcho; Zen Animal watch;
i rolls its head; from sides to sides;
i see it in slow motion hat underworld reels;
third eye visual; acturitual;
like arcturyewolfden;
ZenZoomorphonica; { in & on the bansuri circuit;     and thats how i typen; try to explain; a tiny blip on the Edge Realms of Consciousness: Liminal Zones, Psychic Science; ... and all that riffraff;

Jasper & Jade; I trade;
black box fields; rocks; reels;
underworld passages; tea; reels; dreams;
the unfolding rampturafloota;
         ... { paradice dynamo; amourye!
Single Bar Note14

blood slushylarkeys; { he drinks with Ravens;
still seas the vapour pouring away;
like the glass bows; empty; { kisses Crows;
and he throuwsitoathsea;
     sito; { key row; locks & sows; nitips;
oath; { Toast; rou! Seas .  .                  .

nitips; { like neon lightcaps; nitrowsea;
so i can paint in the dark chatea;  
and bees do laps in the field;
in my right hand i hold earth;
and moons run rings around memes;
i will rip yurh corporate chaos apart;
like bread;
and feed it to the dead;

          “ I know my plate;
i am the grin of reapenzenda da!
holy tracks on the field;
sound vice;
throws dice;

          parisidbones; { we just went choping;
planet gaia; the only brand you wont live without;      *Chip; eep! . .               .
                      ... { took yurh black rozen; bud get; ?          !                        it . .                      .

i live in void; { drip from source; like rat pissing in yurh front garden;

i tap yurh corporate holes;
and drain them like thousands;

and my dogs; chew on millionzen;  
        ... { the dog dribbles on silk;
“ She drools honey;  
            dowgs at the end of rhymemes wait for a long count;

what to say aboot an old planet;
still using ancient spiritual technic & magic;

10;35 - Maps; { like canvas; XReality; ... }

its like my ghost shell interface; interthird space; mind eye; { you know intervisual record of akashic data; i rip throw it to the sound of oceans rolling across the edge of echos;     see the source in void; doragon fire;
center of interest at optimal; genie Zen Drama Rama; many brush & hands; painting in dance; The-Neverending-Dreamer-181583124;

rendezvous; drives across rhyme;

... { ...

1st Deck Ember; Amber; Rambla;
Sunday 2562;
10;20 - rides to Papaya 55;
         I have to remember;
the future;

... { .                 .                                            .

Wed, Nov 27, 9:28 PM (4 days ago)

Förth frōm thė dēåd düst råttliñg bönės tō bönës; thē shivriñg clåy brëåthës;Añd milk & blöōd; rïverzen rüsh;

The Gråve Shrieks!’
I’m gunna carve yurh names into the neon book of ages my dear sages; with Raffio’s own feather; holy quill; kinda like my drill; the one I use to boar into corporate skulls; after I bury their skeletons in the black sands of time;

corporate skulls; { I sell em as neon gothica ashtrays man! Gods lurve that shit; vintage rate rat crap;

And Jars float across the sky with old friends who passed me by;

And I keep drinking the void from far deepest depths of the river; where the battalions of battery acid pirates gather in celebration; on this day; the year of our Lord Blakey;

... { ...

Bangalore: A Graphic Novel

Bangalore means different things to different people. Now 18 artists and writers have come together to present their kaleidoscopic versions of the city through 9 stories. This is a city where the sum is greater than the parts, this is a vision which melds past, present and future. The contributors range from those born and brought up in the city as well as passing travellers; from those who lost their hearts there as well as those who found the city's secret heart. Bangalore: A Graphic Novel is part of Every City is a Story, a unique city-centric storytelling initiative.

... { ...

Thugsday 21st Nov 2562bee;
black lungs; honey;
    bones; trees & harmonizen!

... { heading back to the island this weekend for a short break from Bangkok city life;
gonna drop into Eden on Saturday; see the old souls i love and touch the sand again;
While im there... also; making final edits to the new PAC website for the dowgies!


i howled at the moon for years here;

... { ...

Bangkok; City of angels, great city of immortals, city of the nine gems, home of gods incarnate, erected by Vishvakarman at Indra's beehest.

I have a loot; bump; { he lines;
sea the story; know that?”      writing is like sowin;
weavine;       she rips; { ...          and nites;
II;4;1234I will bite thee by the ear for that jest.
will trip you out at plug in; she rups off eringsah;
... “ She will rip yurh ears off yuh;
mad capsule market; we jack & pop source pills;
and sell void caps; { day of dune; she is Jill”
and i hold a Drill; as if Quill;     Ji .    Glow; she blows;
smoke rings across the room; i punch; she is rudei;         ... { Iridescence & Plunderphonica
bees; trees; many armsigns; No, 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a black hole above; and like sun;
church-door; but 'tis enough,'twill serve: ask for...
Mercutopic verses; thrillariffi { rezen
from Shakeyezendro owln doragon ドラゴン
... { ... he starts writing in barblades into this ere tab; another stab; drippin jades she washes agin;                r  yptyl;             A kōan 公案 . gōng'àn!  .        .            .
Fire-Poker Zen
Hakuin used to tell his pupils about an old woman who had a teashop, praising her understanding of Zen. The pupils refused to believe what he told them and would go to the teashop to find out for themselves.

Whenever the woman saw them coming she could tell at once whether they had come for tea or to look into her grasp of Zen. In the former case, she would server them graciously. In the latter, she would beckon to the pupils to come behind her screen. The instant they obeyed, she would strike them with a fire-poker.

Nine out of ten of them could not escape her beating.

... { ...

a story, dialogue, question, or statement which is used in Zen practice to provoke the "great doubt" and to practice or test a progress in Zen.

& hens that sit as Yoni

i keep writypen ripe Rose;
from black bones;

I even watch my dog suck the marrows;
from my arrows;     barks when the crows dance aroond him;

...Its literal meaning is the 'table' or 'bench' an of a 'magistrate' or 'judge' kung.

I carry gensha; daomyō
Major Arcana; I { xen rtrneon; 
dō 胴 { Drum;
sahagen; shadow runner; { card & dominio Domain; jumping across in sevens
races across the wells of void; full deck of 52; and even jolkeying in low ren holds 13;
raising source from the deep;  universal form of recreation; old Bridge across paradigm entronicarchases; enter the field;     

ridgedge; redenter; senten;

dominoes from Song dynasty; tyl;      archex
and shes like a cat that drags rattles & she cackles abeaut it;      with the blackest source!
            lyrah; fireadah;          solarah stara;
i looked up at the moon;       sun rum sutrah;
and sore the vision again;
grin; the grains of sand;    { at the rim;
drop on light in night;
shadow capture;

          ... { she lights a match;
the gold; he holds his dags;
        points it about the room;
casting at books; while she reads one;

... { its cloaked;        and clocks collected from dimentions still tock;     
           various notes planted across jars;




ship; { ...