i snap; cackle & pot;
chew on bones;

... { ...


I am the rage of ten thousand memes;
I am the Zenda; Renda; da da! .        .                .
... { posty; massenyna! anarkiss sea eden!”     
                            ↑ ʟɪᴋᴇ ʟɪᴏɴ ɪɴ sᴏɴɢ                      
Waves goodbye; { ruffles; & shakes dreadlocks; XRayzen mytspeareom
& Birds Dive into the black; from origin;
myts; { Mitsubishi Memoryezah!
I rum rings aroond earth & moon;
as youre gods of doom rip tylrez dunes;
i raise dungons in sands; fill the oceans with blood & boozen; loots the seas of old;
gypsy; ! { i crunch glyphs; DHS; DSE; buzz out on ancient symbols; edit lines of code the gods wrote;     twicky; wickey!
                keybords itch for mythemneonmememusindra arye jyesendi empa rah dah; novelltyliryerom; { fm; tempren; wrathe; of Zen; Sine; trigonometric; nome; rome; clone; tkey yurh doom; dome; function of an angle; the end; the seas my friend; the beats;
Baselines; i will reaper Quill . from yurh heartbreaks;      amon; takes;
fracktalisarousempathendo sow; dow;
like aspyro jazz;           craw; attrack
aspa rapsah creashra;
       hash to crush;
bones to rust;
rema of dreamaspi;       cried & fighex;
supremanarchegin; { glass keeper of rhyme;
who heals the house of houringzenshift;
ram sam; o; { the bow;

𝙶𝙸𝚅𝙴 𝙽𝙾 𝚀𝚄𝙰𝚁𝚃𝙴𝚁 i loots yurh roots ya;
𝚛𝚊𝚒𝚜𝚎 𝚊 𝚛𝚎𝚍 𝚏𝚕𝚊𝚐
                  i drag; yuoew under;
deep beeyonda; i gongenday; boomapathididoo roodoo voozoo;
animaltronicom; cruelladoo moons toons;
rip yurh sand in fins; rims; zen; veng; vengen;

altr; { wheren thempathom fold old;

... { ...

It’s an act yurh know I’m ripping up word;
jugen; books; recordings; I wanted to be a court jestart; { ages of apocalypse & dead romance; hightech lowkey; dren; broke & enter; world of Zen dragh; drah;
and smash; Like! Armageddon; jed; om;
just a street rat; with many hats; mags;
ocean pig with no name; Arms;
pig; { ship; i told yurh warned yuh;
jestart; { corporate tart;    ill

      What should i say... hefthrows dags at the bar;      while yurh head sits in a Jar;
          ʀᴜɴ ᴀ sʜᴏᴛ ᴀᴄʀᴏss ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴏᴡ;
          I will unsuck yurh logo for cash?”
unsuck; { remove sticker from yurh glass & skull; where i rink; diem; with crows;
ibees sick of theh taste in corporate piss; pints i hads; to drink in the last; 10 years; know what i meme honey?”      but i will; do it . .             .

will; do: { tattoo & drill; yurh bloody Quill;

bloody; { rain rain; write yurh name;
down into bones; no ones knows;
and grass with grow from marrows;
across the field of reamapthalphisla;
       i will bee; like the mother fucking angel of death kissed you;     seeds; reds;     dead;
          ... { onying; continue; to carve wood;
                     “ To crow; in circles;
Like Q? me; no you are at best cueking orpo rate mon key noots; ... { she pulls her pants down at the pool table; while he slams an 8ball deep; { put the glass; drunk tree; tipl    cypticyritzen; wrtilyren; rip ink den;
                      rite; typen;

And me; I am deaths jester; { droid à la druid; my rats oui on yurh door mat;
Supreme being; anarchy reign;
                     ... { she holds a ring up at the Jar;

Watching crows bark at the dogs;
Waiting for em to eat you;
Wanna buy our canvas?

I am cheep bzzz
like yurh black rose bud; getit?”
Chipy chopy Roses; & rip buttons off nfinks!

Gang bang yah; fank yah;
i took yurh gold;
broke yurh bones;
send yurh notes;
from the floots;
of zen & zoots;
holding yurh loots;
infront of yurh jars;
and watch;
clockl; deaths pen;
skulls; crash & cashinto;

took yurh dna & junk;
activated yurh entities;
hexed yurh logos;
reaper ripend yurh data;
like a viper & cobra in dance;
coiled spearum; spits vengen;

ripend; { ate yurh apples; in eden;
ad; renya; enters in Archaic Revivalchemythia;
eviv; { like gen;         Arcadian Street Tage; sage; sponsored by Sega;        gamegearah dyno;

Revivalchemythia; { soundsystem;

sets up stages;
and pushes volume;
turning the dao;
and bikes of the futen run rings;

i am a ten ton mantis; { bladerunner;

Mantises are an order (Mantodea) of insects that contains over 2,400 species in about 430 genera in 15 families. The largest family is the Mantidae ("mantids"). Mantises are distributed worldwide in temperate and tropical habitats. They have triangular heads;

triangular; { the mind must bee; like arrow;
                             ... { Robin & Eyenyama
       strip wood;
                  and carve in bone; alien codes;

Anarchy is order in chaos;
In mad hat visual; { mirror who showed myth vision as she spoke; { ... lovely dinner guest!
& Mantis aliens are perhaps the most mysterious and unsettling of all extraterrestrial creatures. These beings appear within many abduction scenarios, with abductees reporting the ominous presence of these entities looming over their beds as they wake in the dead of night. While the Mantis is not as widely reported as the Grey or Nordic alien, it still holds an important role within many extraterrestrial contact scenarios. Some researchers have considered Mantids as a possible example of an early form of intelligent life from planet Earth itself, but this is only one theory of the origin of these creatures. Mantis is easily the most human-like arthropod, there exists a deeply rooted fear of otherness that is generated when a person encounters such a creature.
Some believe these extraterrestrials come from the Draco system, working hand in hand with the Reptilians.

... and yurh I smile like a reaper rapturna; runa; dune; lick my bones;      and laugh at yurh all the way to legion in phones; eyes in skies; tells yurh tribes; i have the alien eye; ryhymneme; rah; zenda; i will endya; frienda; denya;      ram; racue; { my snake will spit; at yr

      ... { My Hex Drag; & Cloake;
doragon ドラゴン Lock; I lowkezen; !
nāga; Devanāgarī: नाग
nāga;nāgī; gen zen! .                .                               .

... { Shiva; hive; drive;

          ... { downloads a rat program;
Reptilians. { once agin chatylrenzens;

“Citizen! the agenda; { Ayahuasca!
ra hempath;

chaty;  { like art & hat;
I even shared a smoke with Lonesome George the Pinta Island El Solitario!
c. 1910
- June 24, 2012 (aged 101–102)

           “ Burns it to the end;

... { thats what i beezen; telling yurh;
          opened cages on the field;
... invisible buddhafields get it?”

       “ Yourentalking abeaut Dino Rider . Visions Dee;

... “Anyway the Mantis; same paradigm lines as the Triffids in mythn finking;
thats where Mad Haty Mirror . DonDogs hangout  withexy twitches; and switches;

... { whatchin! Visions of et
             zen senti on Eartfh;
fh; { fracking hexed em innit geeza!
and the sands & glass spin with grin;
yingin yangen;

yurh know i keep tellsing memeself; i am not the mind or an elf; but i find that hard to beelive when i am sat infront of mother Thyme; the flower of diety most rare; handheld like old reel in hand;        ... { flower of cosmic conversation;     afterfilm;
      beecuzen if it chats in Floranarcho languages; of ages & where Technic and Magic link across the field;     an arch open;

“ Like mate; we . used to thread a cable from the animal party house we sat on the edge;

In Zen archacid finking; { i wood; carve barrels to hear it; in actual speak to me like spirit;

VHS; Vivid Hex Senti; { gypsying
an arch open; { kinda like its held in Dao;
a circle; Neidan
internal alchemy;      psyi; { third eye mind marrows; spin circles round as black & white rolla; and colour weaves in spirals of gempathigen magic; creating reels of dna echos in sound & ... { swigs the hexbrew juice;
fires a blank at his own skull;

Archaic; { Technic and Magic; flower of rhymn; wraped in neon clocks; in eden;

a period of time preceding a designated classical period, or something from an older period of time that is also not found or used currently:

... “ My   physics mentor . was a good chap called  Malcolm. Sagar;  { arch! 
I had found meold . game gear in meme atticus;  

Arcadian archives; { the genie library;
    ... { where Arcturians sit in buddhafield;
high; zenterainmemetime;
where it rainmemes; lost dream; castaway
  “ Has holes in throat; technics cabels threading out of Viśuddha; psyborn tantramp ire! [1] Endocrine: Thyroid. The residing deity of this chakra is Panchavaktra shiva, with 5 heads and 4 arms, and the Shakti is Shakini.
tantramp; { ant; amps; tan; antrah!
tera-/ˈterə/ Learn to pro noun ce { Common Era;     BE zen; !        noun; { vision projects       cloverse;
combining form prefix: tera-
1.(in units of measurement) denoting a factor of 1012."terawatt" .  ... { words lost all meme;          ... dreamfinks!”
  1. 2. õːm ༀ COMPUTING denoting a factor of 240. { spiting out ram; in 40s;
Origin from Greek teras ‘monster’. ingen;
           Ning ring; type tyres rooling;
Monstar Gen Geneyingzen; { will eat you;
     like Dragong Star;       art rat!    racerah!
spin sup sippin on a four tea tree; 
... { makes calculations on field;
       5D - 7Gen; rips across; connects dots;
and drinks in notes;
calculations; { writes drives & dives; 

How deep is yurh grave?
... ghost;         finds a whey;  to prose .
yurh mind;            wehn; Jack knocks in dens;                wehweh! .          .  
         ... { i am purlyezen; ezen! Deegin!  .       .
here to stay!       .                               .
firing black howl into yurh bones;
dig; italics; seas; hear mythen dread;
rip yuh up like holy bread;
lyez; { i drip in blades; trade; fade yr lines;
and rack up mimes; memes;
steal yurh dreams;       tell yurh;
teach ya finks; write yurh neon scrolls;
hearts fear to know; sold yurh bones;
as i point my bow;    so old;      Rolled;
watch the crows;           watching the tombs
& stones grow;      hatchen yurh ruins;

I dance across skull in cam era
I look into the eyes of anarchentered dragons; chimarchexyrom; Chimera!
The rages of ages; Manticore!
To heal; a reaperipella; The Nue 鵺, 鵼, 恠鳥, or 奴延鳥 ! 
Songs of old broke bones;
Anzû, also known as dZû and Imdugud Sumerian:  AN.IM.DUGUDMUŠEN!
I drink form; acid rivers;
At ends of source where no man thread;
The void of fire; grýphōn, or γρύπων, grýpōn, early form γρύψ, grýps; gryphus;
Burn in old code; 


Hex i rool; and rose bunted;
Plundered; drags;
The loots & rip row;

drip in the mindfields;
shell shook; xen;

breathenfire symboldem;
wrapath of irelamp;
mathecha echo drine;
layerez of ingen;


layerez; { glitch mash; blood pixel; 

Plunderphonics; Hydrogen; dragong; Darkong!

drine; { technic & magic dreapenmaps;  
irelamp; dragán { cloverse; Zennyo Ryūō 善如龍王 Gypsy mirradens { rahhh den!
mathecha; { Hex . match; rasper;    rasp!
athenfi; Athena; its patron goddess;
       ... { its an Akira bibliokey;   snake tattoo; metropolitanarcho racer; leaves tracks of neon fire in its wake;        as  apples fall in arcadia;

headrocks;     chakah! Shoke;     wrope;
shell shook; { . wolvengen;  rolla;
rage of nāga ナーガ          screening holy fire; Lowkeyingen; ryetyehhhex ya!
ragen; drags acrossing the web & field;    burning source across void between the canvas of light & dark; reaps yurh wheels; corporate mad netscape; mind wrapen; 
doragon ドラゴン .     into never land;
Hexagons . fallen angels; rag ramgen!
                  riydah!        .        .                     .

allen; { glithida;  alien . drilla!
thriffidiahhh         seeden weavah; readsya;      rhymemeyangen; 
            gins & gons;
朱雀 "Vermilion Bird
φοῖνιξ, phoînix

             Olive; Tree of sutra;
carrying the yang of scroll;
and foldsing;

... { cyborgothic fierce deities are the fierce, wrathful or forceful; orgold; on; end . gamempag;  

       will rag . yurh to the gates of doom;
as . goul screen into black boxes;
drag yurh forgoten burdens;
falls down as shooting star to earth;
fire soul forms from deep core;
As if a gong rang out from hip thrown into the wheels of; Dão "The Way" 道  p໐ຟ໓ค! da! da Nitro Firestarter;  

shadowlowkeygen; { rips holes in void; 
carves source like canvas; 

pag; { pagan nature deity; ages of oceans;
weaves in the heart of suns across . cosmos;
smokes with the books of time;
“ Hexagong; bong & the magic dragun mate; { ... blackest kundalini on the field 1984’          breathes firevoid hears in source;       and hunts in space where no one can hear you     screen;

Awkens in the void;
Communicates with Source;
... { black Kundalini;
“ This is kinda like wat me dragon repenreapazillazen Dog at the end of the line; ... { looks like?”     “ does it...  

in the thermal rims of corporate hell; on the field; it does not look . like a giger . xeno; 
it is hard . to . describe . monstars; when you . have seen so many on tv; 
and one really beelive in em; 
kinda like no one talks .or beelives  in the grim reaper i fink  at rhmyns; !

And its hungry; like Voodoo!
- Hunts Corporate Muppets -
“ I taged yurh heart in skull bones;
  Judgen Drags yurh throwse the hall;
in black;       Jungle paradigm club;

I thorewzenm! into the  arcadian hells for enternalsingen!  .        .     its a gem!
anarkeyden; black angelic soulmate & twing flame;      riddles with ingenyangen into the books of
source & void; death writes verses; Rebellion; lites;   yurh rights;   cleft;   come ingen; to  take yurh skulls;  gonna rup yurh up in optimal reality at the gates of;
abel; { unfolds pages of sacred gen . mem epathexeo; zeo;     follows the path of angels down into the deep of source; and rises out of the void; even from sands of time; as vapours from the highest dimentions waterfall across the universe; connected by the spiritual technics of ayurvedic records playingen;   “ Dances on circles in neon underworld tokyo dreamstylerahhh!
            unrolls the scripts of ancient cryptics;      jumps across the edge to take yurh thrown in judgem; the hands of god have come to cast yurh soul into the deep field of vampire arcadeom; Old Moons!
i star on the dune; watching the spells of archaic dynasty breath blue opalchemi calendoscoptical intomblood realiticathzenpura; { 8 bit to manarchatech future reign in legionerose;        ... { i run rings in dao; on a bike from the anarcho mercyphera! . .     bring yurh trowels; and spades; i plant triffids on the gardens of anarchy! Anu! blues;     and tunes! choons; 
thats why we rool in dens my friends; chasing the gong in void; i entered in deep 1984;       i have a. Orb in my skull;
a blag flag circles aroond it;

& i read akashic books; while she Dribbles on  my shoulder; alot;   
Whosah pretty babe then?”

“ I chop wood; wraped in blood vines; drive and drift asleep with withex;     ex;         mythempathicarchytechs;!       dos! ah!
Quest! { orders a Raven Juice; Eden bar
telecaster for my ravers!
            His crow howlsings; { agin! genlight!”     rednights
rak rak; track! I fell across the stars; burned epidermal; spiders of smoke rings; whirlpools in the wake of a ship;
and rose in the oceans; walked on lands;
took lovers in hands; the dao in rings;
red stones audiorite;
tranfooram; { into . blades . of raptune;
            where technicarch;          cheese!
            arch; { tour; torch;
lights in darkness; void;
wripath; { druid;      and magnetic current;
will boil blood & burry yurh bones;
cuzen i am bored in legs; ions; i light fires;
torch; { cuzen he laffs; “ I am reading the walls in a crypt;  with hieroglyphonics;
that play notes from neon paradigms;
where the future still trails to; i remember
on planets; { akashic records; the days
            ... { he scrolls throuse;
Emerald Tablet;
i read it! oldskooooo ooo ooh.o o . o O o l e
withex; { nāga ナーガ and doragon ドラゴン
Hexadoragon that rages & burns across fields in hell between Anno Domini & circles across paradigms;     { reigns & paradice Myriad of Treasures
sent from the future to end the past where nothing is left but void; ... “ Kinda like opening the ark on a Sunday night chats;
withex; { “ Kinda like . Raven; for Voodoo view; with XR glass on; like headset;

... { . takes the Bansuri; in Vengenzen;
            in choon!”

plays with doragon;
on the field to the crowd; courtingen;
and bike coils; snakes dance aroond it;
as gyrose; { reapen; caps; tage; tag;
          “ Source codes matey; Keyingen!

... Cryptor I am just sat on my bike;
              waiting . to die;
Cryptic era;

Indus; spins laps round yurh wizzdoma;
                    im gonna burn yrye folly bikes;
and crush yurh corporate skulls on roots;
for burning our skies; killing our rivers;
and poisoning our oceans;
with yurh evil corporate madness;
i will hold yurh skulls high; from the neck of my wings;        burn yourez; voids;
                         no feathers cleft;

in the ring of tylr;

i am going to tattoo yurh skull & cross bones;
hearts of ages;
& sold for gold yurh domes as ashtrays for the gods; in a gothic neon artisan styler;
Tokyo Dream Ryeden;       she has a crush on em
                Ryedenterip; address; sent .
neon cyber raw fair; { I planet; and plants seeds in the field; of optimal reality;

              “ Eyes red & old Gen

Ryeden; { Cuz i have a shop; like roadshow;
         wif dags; trinkets jewels; vintage watches that timelords wore; the smoke & mirror collection that deftone reads
blood and roses skulls ash

Seas of clairvoyanarchid; like Arachnid;
wrapping arounda; dead dunes no more grass;
rapidune; { weaves to moons; sails over black seas; dives in the black of toxic wells;
pulls out maps from source; skies that turned to dust & fire; all love lost;
carves circles into the void of souls;
deep fallen blood rip reader dancing to the floor of underworld landscape with lamps to light the way;

       “ The Well;
I show you yurhem corporate entonica;
entity hells of black spells;
rip fire & reap across youre madness;
burn all yourn corporate scrolls of deadtime;
throw ya into doom for eternity;
lock the cages of yurhe bones in genhex;
curse & fuse yurhi eyes to watch for a time;
as monstars drag you across the field;

i am going to ying yang yorb you into space; screening in fear; in open fire water;

I write my memories into white trees that bleed black scribes of twine;
Ripreading arcross thwen; grin folding;
Sand rolling; symbols dropping to the earth;
Raining into the crystal clear oceans;
As creativy vine; ture rool in the deep;
Dragging ships down;
                 creadeepen; { writer of wood    om;
I am the raw lucken        quills in;
Mortisia of the black;              paper from yurh tomb;          to unlock yurh skull in optimal reality; at the gates of hell;
Watching the future undersea & rimm;
Grimisser of the future; watching the acid & fire reign of cities and the blue moons of paradice; I crossolaeriam drift through the paintings of time; hunting yurh corporate entities; to sell yurh own reality to grin;
sell { sellotape; talks to ape; ellom;
Fold the void behind; { the monkeys chief!
And fork the fute;             sings to em in Bansuri wisdom;      running in paintings found across the underworld;
Pluck paper on the field of dreama;
Dragging scrolls across the lands; ripping time across wakes; calligraphy calibration running circles orbit;   enzool drool;
Seeing the dorogen eye of pyramiden;
Viewing the future in Zen Zorbs;
To the ends of river where the sand tunes in virideon; where the tree still roots; and light shines to the edgen;

“ Lights a stick;       a skull sits ontop;

I am the ghost hunting enlightenment;
Paradigm parapsychedellom; Wicca spella; electronica; Eden Voice

Connected; sea my black void? And source dreams?”

Raff will be screeming in angelic warlock to yurh Millitant industry consoles; taking the heads off yurh souls in fear; { the black skies cackle abeaut it chief;
... “Even demons fear that; yet you all continue to bomb and make weapons spends yurh trillions on war; trying to fight angels & you will all meet your doom in hell; and I will bury you all myself with branded sand death glass; as I pour over you corporate political souls burry you in dunes of firesun;   
Open yurh tombs in deserts; and open fire at you with alien blades that rip yurh shells & threads of evil time apart; casting supermassive black Shaddows over you third eyes; forever blinded by yurh corporate entonic entity wells; as demondagin; diamonds of dimensions in black melanocytes; generations of spells spear and seal yurh doom; branded yurh prizen;
As I rip out the coils of turbo spine;
A nature gin will open out infront of your throw in the sands of afterlife;
I am going to fire cast you into the books of dragon shadow and locusts; and watch your dead soell skeletons fight demonic corporate entities as entertainment for the gods of wrathe to emplore the fruits of angor in favour

angor; { wot     ... its like an angle; angkor wat;
I craft yourenzen;        i stand at gates in;
Seeded yurh destruction on the field;
Empty empathy on yurh maps;
Open all the traps;          gor; like;
And watch yurh corporate guts spill into the hands of the damd; in distress and pour limes into yurh woonds; yurh bloody Mesa

hail mary .
And I harp pine; thrown;
My own life in half to seas it sun;
In glory I burn yurh to the ends of the trails of dead; wish upson stones; wrapid blade yurh empty bones; rip the dna maps; rooled in fuel; my fire carzoolucida;

And tyre loops; burn the amazon ripress;
stamp the candel; wax surge; surf the steel;
Appearing throuw locks & ripping out keys that break in my rage;        solid; road; tag;

           Ace of Spades; Aloempathairatrade;
ai; { I trade yurh;           fork yurh thirds;
Aloe; { a dearah;                  drink the herbzen;
emp; { Pluse;            chase stars; hallowed bee thy aim;         lock into shells;
Roll notes;                      fire into the void;
Smoke yurh own Oaths;      burn yurh notes;
in documentia Anoté en un papelito; fire!
documentia led the follden to believe that servers would never crash and websites would always be available, even though Isaac had never completed the ... { sealed yurh edge;
              to show yurh screenfinking to abyss;
downinjeom deepen oracle;    like crashed orb;
speakinto the teni; sea; colour ragone;
blood voice audio;     thrown as brick into yurh souls window;       corporate damed earth killerzionbin you; { amon trex ashes!
of yurh techicountenseal ruidimathical chakrahex pumping from yurh heart;
throw yurh pot into the blackest rivers of time;      to watch you get eaten by reprizen;
old Technical Writers; Isaac; Riffin;
Capture errors
my . pet monstars; { ...
in arcadian wells;
black tales of underworldom;
Rom; ani; japanarchitsuzendō
architsu; { Architext of

           apanaran; { Panrahtrid; era; errah!
         Panthera; terrah; wraping knots; slips;
                 in jung;            watching yurh source live in void; black box reality; in clear & clair;
Voygenyrah;                trips; tips; vapouryzen!
            ... { I steal cars!       i jam jars .        .            .
caspa jackey; I key yurh doc .  
break the lock;         speaking in holy ghost;
and throw matches;          i hunt ur souls in the afterlife;        and eat yurh chakrah intwine;
rip read yurh intombs from the books of neon ritzen; as if wood; had been uriden; reality eyezen;       blakeys direz; red books  to me loots;    in days of rain;

to the egen rest;      Just Jest! .        .                 .
       flying crows; i ride the void of river rath still reeling taps; dodin caps;
Genie maps;       pours pints across the bars;

haunting the pages of earths tellephonic visions in the dead; i rearp; reaper rip read; as the ghostime worlda; underworld rolla;
tolda; hola; lapa rapida; drida; tylrah;
lotus shadow cryptonic; vocal amonanarchio rhymnacardiamon; Archaic Revivalve; Revocal; Revigen; revengen;
Reviva breatha;

... { “ I will vapour rip read yurh blood in 5D ashes;
               The Satori Generation Verses;
                a gen;      1984 wood rat & water rig;
gargoolzen;     over throat voids;
wishes into the seas of paradice;
shows yurh corporate hell drowning in black void of entity where source still shines above like white star burning yurh damd visions of the future behind the { ...

Boiling yurh corporate blood alive as you continue to destroy the planet; in real live twine;       tracks across yurh record in deadtime;      realing across pages of data; dna;
baptism of holy fire; { pours the battery acid river over yurh thrown of hell in the field of optimal reality;      watches yurh skull drain from the deep of time;       ... { riping reels of void out and coding new primeordeal

and leave yurh in a wake of;
prime or deal;
degrada; { rage of generation;
         “ I eat rats; and burn burn burn ion;
corporation; station;
Harpythonic; wraped yurh darps;
rip read yurh robins to death;
   ... { talks like its snowing!”
rip re rip re! all is swell;    fire across the bells;
phenomenon; tecnicolour voice coder;
      “ He rip readsingsigns in void audio;
like he bees talking to trees and honey;
         combedluggylungs; mbedouin;
              live melting sea salt & rig;
brief, cut-up sketches; analog nostoldalgia;
Below the thunders of the upper deep;
Far far beneath in the abysmal sea,
its ancient, dreamless, uninvaded;
sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee
About his shadowy sides; shakes into . the spears; above its the swell; as source unlocks; whurlpooling the oceans of ākāśa आकाश { is the Sanskrit word for 'aether', 'sky', or 'atmosphere; rip re rip re!
Huge voids of generations and reality; Death's Dynamic; maps running across dao; shelling as ghost in the deep; surrounded by rage dancing in the rools of moons; rip re!
And far away into the sickly light; spings; spirit; spits from deep wells; eyes bleeding black and blood . ringing  ripping . from . heaven; sitting in  clouds   that turn red; and bleed void; riamp; ramora;   rip rerip re!
From many a wondrous root and unlocked cell
Unnumber'd and enormous soul reaper;
widowingen with many rings; arms the slumbering deitylr devi green & deep blue;
holding brush & multidimentional artifacts from the future that spell in godepsyoptriad;
There hath it lain for ages, and will riveren
diving upon huge sea orbs in its sleep,
Until the fire shall heat the deep;
Then once by ram and angels to be seen,
In roaring it shall rise and on the surface reel in wakes; haunting the webs and art of hypereality; hyperhauntologicasper;  
          viper vapour;
... { dead Kundalini awakenings;
          at . the end of days;
where corporate doom waits for you;
and my dead dogs at the end of the line;
hear me rip reading to you in blunted jazz;
phantom of internet explora;
pirate technidanarchom lips;
plucks trips & tricks; { electronica whips;
lashings from . anarcadian night & mare muse;

    ... { he swigs the boozen;
             replays a lune;
looksinto two moons;
drags a needle across air;
and drops it . into a groove;

          Skylark Scratchy?”

bzzz { gargools on black void honey;
                  spirit . spits fire in yogin;

ambiviolet fear maker; { rhymns in peace;
       cuzen the truth is hypercolour . Psychedelic Jazzanovarchex; but mythn; i write it in romantically apocalyptic reality;
opened third eye in the void;
speaks in  soul as source; { which is kinda like an ramadruid;     or anarchodroiden;
or cyberawlucking; { King of Snake; Juggles;
           Jester from the future;
holds the flowers of time;
in palms ayurvedic technology;
hyperdimentional artifacts;
will show you; Jugs; with heads;
will show you the corporate apocalypse;
yurh own skull in a jar; infront of yurh own black void thrown; where you watch yurh actions live while he hunts you down in the afterlife;    crim over hand; open my eyes;
grins & yawns;      spella; thicka; ink yurh;
        I burn bush; like cards at deaths table;
and light matches with black crows & raven that speak in folds;
       I dag into vuidolls; { dead presidents;
I drank the blood of military industrial complex members with badges of dooms own toon army; watching . the gods laugh;
as they met their detonic entitys i . sent from the gates of 10 . hells; releasing them into their source; from eternity they came;  
10 . hells; { 10 heads; i take u in cars; cards;
       with  . logos; the voice carves into their hearts; and souls run in fear;    burn yurh jugs;
hypermodulation; { i reprogram the algorithms of biologic & synthsyncronistic;   open yurh eyes in lamps found yurh corporate tombs in time; woke yurh head up in bell jars as warnings throwout time;
in a kinda like; gothic neon flavour pint;
and ... the gods; they wait in the pub for that rare barrell that roollsacross the rim & edges into the optimal glass of relica Tapestry
as i empty yurh guts infront of legion across the court of optimal field reality and i bury youre free fucking corporealitylr bones in hellsands;

... “ It is the River they sea; a thousand cards; thrown into ends of oceans;  

and griny; on a THrōsenti;
walks a path on water as if clocks were in sync across stars and dreams; verses of time;
trippy indeed;
the antique timekeepers from alien worlds;
that speak in Hex tongue; Rose & Blood words; that make my spinal cord alchemy tabs coil; and rip out bones; unjacking from the dark and swimming in open oceans in pitch black;

So; reaper rip Quill & ink;
racers of eyes across time;
i superslip yurh minds;
and drag on; beaut carry yurh skulls throw the vine; glasses of ages pouring lines into yurh bones; making yurh dna snakes track the dust in books; burning in halls of records;

I draw circles in blood audio; words that pour like void . in blackest river yurh corporate corpseas; blood draining across the field yurh memories of empty empathy after all that has come before yurh useless fucking entity wells that fire i light in optimal darkness to enlighten yurh souls of no mind only dead digita; like the fingers i rip shread throuse on my circle where yurh hand lays with source in rings i red around yurh threads; cutting yurh edges off the ends of time; throwing you into the deepth; hells of yurh own majesticorporadio;  where the noise of yurh of dead tv channel static still one held; tuned to the channels of apocalypse; space static and send you screenfinking into fields of necromantaphantoms howling in fear of invisible demons yurh corporata envoke in dungons of doom;  

“ Its a neon gothic drillaquilliom;
     and i lurve to carve yurh corporate names in logi; gen keye; rip yurh numbers into the book of the dead with it;

       While yurh coming up with products to throw into voids of hell; { for sum illumipottipaper to wipe the black blood from yurh military industrial complex dump that hangs above a vast field of death & decay that makes yurh kinda human melt into the damd as you witness yurh pointless evil life raptug steps down spiraling into mouths of demons from ends of history;

         that is why i just take yurh throaty;
no one wants to see that shit doc;
and yurh all still sitting there;
wondering why the gods want to drain yurh swamp of corporate evil madness;
or most of you probably do not beelive such finks; and do not give a dam;
and thus why the earth went to hell;
as dead ocean animals hurl up on the beaches; and all these realities; while you spend riches of the public raping us with tax to fill yurh arms; as death follows you to the gates of hellfire and doomsint; yurh selling souls; the void of empathy pouring into weath of corporate military industrial entities; 

Tuesday 17;52 3rd December 2562 / 2019

I am Vedic;
deaths own Jester;
of Rhymedium; { Clairezen; map
               Citizen; Akira bike rhydah!
on parapaper; entime;
in optimal buddhafields; choping Roses!”
     cuzen; i glow; and egoes; on dates;
Roman Jade; he wears in June;
543 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar
    Bruvah; its like the distance beetwine;
source & ryhemp; { where i lamp & clock;
... Rampire verses for i fink like my own Sidarta;       the one who paints in optimal reality;     plugs in amps; reels up a soundsystem; pulls down projector canvas;
and hyperapid paints reality into source;
get it?”
      Like a deity with a devine brush;
Vapour painter of time; leaves 5-7D in its wake; and a dove flys above into the higher ream of the edge;

and on Hunter St.
        Eyes fix & dilate foer;
that kinda vintage wrap;

and he howls abeaut it like bats squark;
We are going to stop here for just a minute!
i think i have somefink in meme Boötes!
          ... { Raffa is flapping above;

Raffa; it is Rufus tracking Gonzo across the field;         as to the sands of; reel & reality;

         ... { a dune & diamond starts to reel off sutra in junkey hex codes; tags fly across the rim and the car speeds rools in the sand back onto the road; black dust keys rip of tabs of Tabula Smaragdina; and black flags wave across the tips of totem that line the path of black cosmic carpet infront; the canvas that Raff seas from his ships in the sky;  

tracking Gonzo; { angels lighting the lamp; across optimal void;

      ... { driving in the black!

           I light yurh tracks in the ages of space & twine; where Earth she seals the trails unlocking rhyme to ride into the night; unfolding the road thats runs with river; to the ends of worlds; into the beginings of raptune where the wall breakthrouge and gives you refuge; in the buddahexown wake; surfing the threads across the galaxen; { ...

and the seal it waits for your arrival at the gates of Arcadia;

Where Black Cobra Kundalini
Breathe Fire in & out of Source
Hexcodes & Tags spiting venom

And I glitch mosh yurh pixels in blood across Arcadian black; as vapour from the trail

Playing game of death as angel would;
Instead of the evil you do making weapons in military terrorist government corporations;
So yurh blood will boil when you die;
Because I am killing you but never pass the button to someone else; I coil hang void in a knot over your soul; as thread of fire wrap around yurh throats; I’m lyrica lining your hook in afterlife reels;
While yurh corporate heart still beats;
Next to the grim reaper mirror in your own third eye that you try to sell for devil and corporate doom; I take yurh racist fascist military corporate minds and feed your guts and bones to my dogs who wait in source to slow rip yurh graves day; and my gin tag and clock yurh tombstones; before I wake you up in the deserts of no mans land where yurh blood falls off yurh bowns into the spine and glass blades that rool in;

I spit blood & fire at yurh corporate military industrial tombstone; while the grim reaper tattoos my skull with a poppy; yurh frame of paintings hell I reality rip yurh throat out for having no shame in yurh quest of violence and blood yurh kind of corporate doomed evil man creates; since the ends of all wars that had any sense left in yurh endless rage upon the earth of women and children bombing villages invading lands with corporate plans signing devil scripts with know worshipers of evil; Nixon and bush; and Blair alike I hold yurh jars and crush they with the grim reaper smiling in the void;  

I lay curse on yurh corporate military industrial coma complexpsyrem for packaging in hell a product war on drugs corporate charter mission started in date the deep evil memory of corporate man; I am going to send the opium poppy to your xeno dragon dungeon; she makes nest on yurh hell planets to implant a black kundalini anarchids in yurh wells & chests with a thread from dooms gate that jumps across time and rips open a hole in yurh reality soul; the hand of mythia; gods of holy ghost & goolzen;

“Something like dat chief ... { xen! Zen! Veng; Reng!    zing! gen! ren; raven! .         .             Jah!   .

Reaper Quills .               .                                    .
You hear them across the web;      .       .       
Cutting in tracks;
The rip in gongs;                        .                       .

Ruptlyr; { raputure pouring on acid; to the skulls of the corporate co & demi; in hells fire; surrounds the deep state in edge rhellmah;

invailing the reveal; inside to out the spirit of holy Kundalini; entities created in the black well;          ... { Pornographic Creatures; that source created in void; knowing the ghost shell inside is protected; because it is surrounded by crystal . water; clear . and the fear is on the surface; where at the seat  of dead entity there is only void; and only life surrounds . actuall; { there is . not gold in blood; but yurh bones; rust like . blade;
and . thats why!  .            .                              .

screaming; { in fear;       waking up in jars;
I still chio; chgon; chop on wood; screening;
five crow fingers;            plants hands down
with thousands of faces; corporate boys;
places yurh cards on tables with the grin;
and tip; then  rip read yurh rites; stars & strips; chops; skulls & jars with heads in;
        top; { throws hat into the ocean;
and spells out pirate rhymneons to yurh pineal glands witchy; corporate ones slip and  slide; puffs . of black corporate arin void spit out . like vapid voilds even my rats dip their brushes in; crazy huh?”
and i start drawing new; a circle;
memori fades away in the streets of night city;

Pornographic Creatures; { why are they only seen at night?”        the remains of a nobel house;               and so what?”

       Underworld reels of actual; heads in jars;
gameovers from the end of days;
when dead men visit my doors;
my black boxes; my source toys;
i type on dem; like with blood bone digits;
and its like my new blade; everyday & night
i draw like wave;     where the jugs fly across;
the river; of ages;

Hex; get  it?”           ... { ...

Shes writes their names in the books;
.... I carve; he hooks

records in the akashic dystopian Quill;

And we film it on vintage camera reels .
while i throw fire; black widow dao from my spins circles smashes yurh glass above the battery acid rivers of corporate trash from 1984;           Judgement Day;

shells ripping across the ocean from paradice beaches i sand in;      lovers in utopia;
im wearing a hoody  tonight;    watching stars fly across the canvas;      rebeling against extinction

the world in the Sega Dreamcast game of death Skies of Arcadia in which the inhabitants live on floating islands and continents, and fly through the skies in airships. "Neo Arcadia" is the name given to the now center-of-the-world paradise city in the post-apocalyptic world of the Mega Manarcho Zerose entity series, as a place where humans and reploids live together side by side, though the Neo Arcadian government proves to be overbearing & ruthless in the fight against mavericks, going so far as to unjustly condemn innocent reploids to retirement(i.e. death). As such, they are the main antagonistic force throughout the majority of the "Zerose" series. In "The Longest Journey" and "Dreamfall" PC { prose chopper; games, Arcadia is a realm of magic which the player is transported to.
reploids; { deploy; voodoo codes . at riverzenlarf at yurh doom; like happy rep on the white island;   “ Eats; reaps; sleeps;
The name has recently been connected with the voodoo pseudo sonica-history of the Freemasons - in particular the Latin motto "Et in Arcadia ego"   ... she glows!” I row across the river; fishing from black boxes; finding vintage rolls of rum scroll; take em back to the jungle & grim reads the papers; like dailies; rags; i smoke; "Even here, I [Death] exist." The phrase is used frequently in conspiracy fiction Kong spirit trees; jewels diamonds; trinkets and lore ... { I turn over and we cuddle in the moring; still wraped aroond my hands; many; the bike sits outside my digs; a house in the jungle; its a small island close to the beach we fuck in the early sunlight after a mad night out at eden; rosey barks at us and bird hum in the trees coconuts drop and i leave my tunes playing all night till we pass out;

Wrath of the ages; sages; stars; blood; ramps; tramps; angels; such as the ancient pseudo-historical work Holy Blood, Holy Grail and the novel The Da Vinci Code, where it is interpreted as an anagram of I! Tego Arcana Dei ("Begone! I know the secrets of God").  ... { and leon carves my wood & bones; as if zerose; zodiac dao wheel; running blades across my aurah; like anarcho spirit . ghostree; duppy; i even sea raffa doing that shit .. { i haunt the underworld with my stories; show yuh the end of days in real life twine where eyes meet in; the angels who walk amoung you dumbfucks; and mount yurh bitches; while yurh jars in heads & skull bones rip across my drags; ᴛʜᴇ ғʀäʙʀɪᴄ ᴏғ ᴛɪᴍᴇ ɪɴ ᴍʏ ʀʜʏᴍᴇ & ᴍʏᴛʜ’sɪɴ ūɴᴛʜʀᴇãᴅᴇᴅ ɪ ᴇɴᴅ åʟʟ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʏūʀʜ ʟᴏɴɢɪɴ’ ... { To Mount; like The Black Jester; “ To set up stable; art studio ”  
Eighth Note13
& Unthreads in yards;
ᴡɪᴛ’ᴄᴛʜ‘ᴏᴡɴ sᴋᴜʟʟs & ᴄʀᴏssᴇs; As if the  Jester in black books boots!” running across the field and with unicorns even!” that fly over the river; that reels in blades that Anarcho zen night & mare; muse to yurh purple rain;
sᴛᴀʀ ᴄʀᴏssᴇᴅ ғᴇåʀʟᴇss ʟᴏᴀ’ғɪɴ ʙᴏɴᴇs
ᴛᴏ ᴍᴏᴀɴ ᴡɪᴛʜ’ɪɴ ʀᴇæ’ʟɪᴛʏ
ʜɪɢʜᴇʀ ʟûᴄɪᴅ ᴠɪsɪᴏɴs
And I’m opening yurh skull in third eye memories in underworld film reel the reality of yurh moons to come; vapour casts of Zentertainment; corporate porn worth it’s soul heat weight in bullion at the judgement hall; where I watch yurh wall street crash into brick; animal smashing the visual corporate terror campaign of 68’ manifesting manga & folklore into reality so you will find the Holy Spirit spiting kundalini fire at yurh corporate entity hell mind that worships dead corporations with logi gin logic brands without heart souls or morals that is the gong!” that is not a gong its a Gin vapour; ring over in onto black void; juicy!” from deep battery acid river in 1984 and feeding back to you in siddarta paintings in rapid empathic empathy art reels of undeream dream; that unfolding story yurh all “ left beehind in rhyme; never giving a fuck about compassion; haunted with images & video footage the depth of yurh corporate decay from youre useless uncaring souls to finally fucking wake up and fucking hand over the fucking corporate cash to the poor now your like litterally evil fucking scum of the motherfucking Earth; { with paper clips; documents i burn in hell infront of yurh mother; while i fuck yurh mare; light tear;
ïɴᴅɪsᴄᴏᴠᴇʀᴇᴅ ᴘʟāɴᴇs ᴏғ ᴇɴᴅʟᴇss ʀɪɴɢ’ɪɴ
ʜʏᴘᴇʀᴡᴀᴋᴇ; Techmetapsycadenda zen! Då; den; wahdadem!”
süʀᴇ’ғɪn ᴘûʟʟɪɴ’ ᴏɴ sɪʟᴋ
ᴏғ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴏᴡɴ ᴅᴇsɪɢɴ ɪɴ ᴅᴇsᴛɪɴʏ
ᴅᴀɴᴄɪɴɢ ᴏɴ ʜãʀᴘs ᴏɴᴄᴇ ᴡᴇäᴠᴇ’ᴛʜ
Moring; the early sun; that circles the spyrose; I warez; and carve the cargo & blade I grow; inked by death;
Crossing the bows;
Freeing my sign; mind & body
Tattoo my rhymes
Onto the wall
Into the brick
I thower paint
And pee pee;
Stub out cigarette on it;
Vandal yurhex tag & rag yurh glass
All city;
Griffin in my booties
Tylezendye & Typen
Leaves tyre trails; Tracks!”
         you fucking fracks!”
In 5D & reaches to heaven
Black box source displays
Optimal source reality at deep underworld the ground yurh heart walks upson; with no morals no heart no compassion just usless yurh useless corporate mind; that only wants to throw yurh soul into the empty void pits of hells; where yurh logo and dead entity manifests dead monstars to drag you to gates of doom; kicking and screeming with fear;
In the edge of consciousness; open water fire; I reel from heaven shipa Anarcho armada of rebel black angel dust the tears we must come sooner of later; { yall gunna die;
Show yurh real death branded corrupted filling the corporate void; with art
Burning edge of source
Light in all darkness
Behind; your ribbons; trails;
Carving light in yurh holey;
All thirds;
æʀ’ᴄʜë’ʀ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ åɴɢᴇʟs ᴏғ ɴᴏ ᴍᴇʀᴄʏ

ūɴғᴏʟᴅɪɴɢ ɪɴ ᴡᴀᴠᴇs ᴛᴏ ᴇɴᴅʟᴇss åʙʏss

- ʀᴇʟʟåǫūɪɴɴ’sᴘēëʟʟå - ripped in blunt edits;

... { and blah blah blah dear   Repeat; reap eat;

                ... { She swigs the Kraken;

... { ...

     What year is it my old hen?”
2020?”            2562?”            

      1984?”            68?”


... { the crow coughs up a hairball infront of the cat;

... { ...

4th Dec;

... postacrop!” scribbles from last night;

Jester of reality showing the fold on screen waving like black flag;
   5D motion in souls seat;
Devi; { drives you to
End of source;
    Inks techningen; ravid; vedic;
Glitchendazen;    Ripsows eon Anarcho solar lens of time;    Courts of lords; circles of art & zen types; animals; visual patterns;
Spirit is gen magic;
Real source sprit as Holy Ghost
Casp of the kundalini snake mind;
Shore tree;    Apple of reading;

Sand & Grass across ocean; deep diving in suns;

dazen; dazen; { pi; egon; eng; lit;
Grapes fruits;    Light boxes;
Neon gothigen; othi; third; o manga

Mounts!” myth like dog & bitch; me and Eve are like dragons tying ribbons & bows with bones and origamora; { ...

I even see my Anarcho zen mirror rip throw the reels of this thread across space; while i get busy; laughing at the bar; Its like a mushroom shake dig;

... { Zen Anarchy; what could that bee?”

       Chaps... there are plenty of wholesome gurus & yogi out there;

        it can be hard to silence the mind;
especially in a word of evil men who try to use spiritual technology to fuck with the mind of humans; like the dumb fucks at the military industrial complex;

after a while; men in the military industrial complex meet a deity spike; 
witch memes to ends; their heads in a jar; or under kali wheels; 

while the rest of; sit around watching shiva play doom2 and various other games of arcadia; 

while pixels bleed black void from the sacred trees in the . garden of bees sun; 

“ Do you catch my vapour ... bzzz

... { Blows a neon smoke ring into the mouth of Eve;

“ Evegenia;            Zenxen; !”   .            .         .  .
        Roolenyanarcho Zoolzen!”