Invisible uxr { user extinction rebel
They do breakdowns in the black;
watch my source memes to ends;
and new bee gongs honey ”

“ The invisible landscape; archetype architects of yurh corporate design in doomsday destiny; { get me riffraff?”
I am King Kong; that’s why I sell yurh CORPORATE bongs;
Most useless necks of glass in the entire universe here on earth;

I am an anarcho zen monstar;
coming to rip yurh bones for bows on Robins own cosmic belt that rounds the rings of Orion; { rides a bike across the stairways to heaven;

♪    Eighth Note    13;28; { end of days;
         opens the holy spirit; on the field of dreams;      its An Ark for good tree & sun;
burns holes into the eyes of corporate dead skull;    “ She robs from the rich; and gives it to the poor;  

“ While yurh finking of products; so i can sell yurh souls for trinkets; jewels & dianamemes to get you out of yurh filthy rooten pickets; dead corporate entity hell wells; where the damd want to eat yurh own pixels to deaths red violin;

you take my junk dna data; so i sell yurh skulls on the field of optimal reality for trinkets; jewels dianamemes nthings!”
its simple dear;

... and you corporate mugs at the military industrial complex;  “ oh boy have i got a story about yurh fate at the end of days;
... its starts like this; doom shits you out on the trash heaps of hell planets;      ... { better know!”    why yurh souls fester; watching your corporate hell world in full swing;
the jazz of yurh black wells; !”

Like corporate popcorn & porno;
most entertaining for the gods and invisible communities that all do not like you;  evenwhen yurh stripped down to the skull & cross booowns!”

and yurh all running aroond; with stars and stripes; prowd of yurh gutless hell on earth;
swearing on yurh biblicals; 
... { i am going to bee reading back you in the afterlife in a masonic tongue; while yurh brain melts into dooms corporate vomit pot; 

and thats kindalikendoom; 
my idea of word . in hardcore vapoureels;
while evengenia & i; wrapio; anarcho tongue twistereama; memes of heaven!”

... { 4 days ago;


i snap; cackle & pot;
chew on bones;

... { ...


... { ...

wabi-sabi () is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.[2] The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete".[3] It is a concept derived from the Buddhist teaching of the three marks of existence (三法印 sanbōin), specifically impermanence (無常 mujō), suffering (苦 ku) and emptiness or absence of self-nature (空 ).

Characteristics of the wabi-sabi aesthetic include asymmetry, roughness, simplicity, economy, austerity, modesty, intimacy, and appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes.

Śūnyatā (Sanskrit: शून्यता, romanized:  śūnyatā; Pali: suññatā) – pronounced in English as /ʃuːnˈjɑː.tɑː/ (shoon-ya-ta), translated most often as emptiness[1] and sometimes voidness[2] – is a Buddhist concept which has multiple meanings depending on its doctrinal context. It is either an ontological feature of reality, a meditative state, or a phenomenological analysis of experience.

In Theravada Buddhism, suññatā often refers to the non-self (Pāli: anattā, Sanskrit: anātman)[note 1] nature of the five aggregates of experience and the six sense spheres. Suññatā is also often used to refer to a meditative state or experience.

In Mahayana, Sunyata refers to the tenet that "all things are empty of intrinsic existence and nature (svabhava)," [4][5] but may also refer to the Buddha-nature teachings and primordial or empty awareness, as in Dzogchen, Shentong, or Zen.

"Śūnyatā" (Sanskrit) is usually translated as "devoidness," "emptiness," "hollow, hollowness," "voidness." It is the noun form of the adjective śūnya, plus -tā:
  • śūnya means "zero," "nothing," "empty" or "void"[6] and derives from the root śvi, meaning "hollow"
  • -tā means "-ness"

e-Asia circa 84’
Dada dystopia & nightcity ip; Arcadia;
broken transmission" (or "signalwave"), "utopian virtual", "post-Internet", "late-night lo-fi", and "vapornoise

Hardvapour is an Internet-based microgen i use to smash digital or smoke analog errors for aesthetic purposes by either corrupting digital data or physically manipulating electronic devices.
  • speedcore pow! pow!     .       .              .

It is like a dragon; vapour snake;

I burn neon goth in my nitro ses;
drink from the tank; black void from the river; drive for days across dunes; jungles & rampire acid; Deaths own Sandtimers;
sull & bones; racecars & black flags; romansea;

  1. "emptiness" (suññato),
  2. "signless" (animitto),
  3. "undirected" (appaihito

Postdigital, in artistic practice, is an attitude that is more concerned with being human, than with being digital. Postdigital is concerned with our rapidly changed and changing relationships with digital technologies and art forms. If one examines the textual paradigm of consensus, one is faced with a choice: either the "postdigital" society has intrinsic meaning, or it is contextualised into a paradigm of consensus that includes art as a totality.

Theravāda edit source

"When one who has great wisdom brings [volitional formations] to mind as not-self, he acquires the emptiness liberation" -Patis. II 58.

lowtech to biotech and critical fusion
I drive from the jungles of arcadia to the edge of dynodynastic dystoram end of days;  

The Oracle talks to Neon Obs; the Keymaker's help in order to reach the Source, the mainframe; canvas;

shamanism, void and utopic - inspired artworks; poem collages and photographonic as well as significant use of hidden messages and typographonic elements such as Unicode symbols. visual artists incorporate themes, from films;
critical intera; cti; of fiction inside reality – new forms of art emerge from the digital era;

... { ...

celestial narivegen; native; tribal;     i drive; pirate source codes; & run the bike; in the sky; round in with rings; lamps and rare stones; and bags of bones; crush; rip; biker gangs; islanders; junkeys;   

arrive back  at  the bar; with jars;
drags;       cosmic fags { smokes;
       new bottles of     run dig dogwen!”

new flowers of twine;
broken vines;
neurose she blue;
Circuit bending;
waveforms corresponding with the layers of pixels in a linear medium, ordered from top to bottom.[2] Another method, dubbed "the WordPad effect", uses the programs and i rip paradigms  across the tabs of emerald neons; pirate old sutras; verses; proverbs;    esoteric poems;
spells; voodoomanarchidempad;
               And i fill my caps with river ink mixes; that write in hexcode; lighting source across the field; in black;
got these new cans off the monstar truck;
Wordpad; { obsidian blades;
edge of the blade is only about 3 nanometers thick;
a gemstone. It presents a different appearance depending on how it is cut: in one direction it is jet black, while in another it is glistening gray. "Apache tears" are small rounded obsidian nuggets often embedded within a grayish-white perlite matrix.

      monstar truck; { Boötes; the boots; drags; digs;          reg;    & new tags; sonification technique is commonly used by "the rivers own code-heavy version of graffida; hex that speaks in the halls of jugen;

        “ I find the crezoas; { olds;

Plinths for audio turntables have been made of obsidian since the 1970s: e.g. the grayish-black SH-10B3 plinth by Technics.

And play tracks; rip neddles to void blood audio; anaciden; { wild voice blud”
        gardens of eden listen as i drink technic & magic; riddle in godengin;
drink with the court and dance with black orbs;     read rites in the books of Amethyst; Rose Quarks; Emerald tabs;
rool across threads; in deep beds; oceans of time; blood & wine;

Bitter Tears: Ballads of the post apocalypse romance.

the J-card of the Hardvapour.
The Anarcho Press; { Jestar; ar; AR; XR;
Wax seals; digital paper; wrap scrolls;
Vedic Technologlyphonics;
glyphs geezen!”     drives cars across; fix;
Wolf OS XR notes; { eats all the apples in eden;         carves evengen; on the trees!”
that; one of the “ Major Arcana goals of hardvapour was showcasing the true harsh cultures of not only Eastern European but also other nations. In contrasting the movement's identity to that of vaporwave OS XR stated: "The problem [of vaporwave] comes from the fact that it is all meaningless irony.
{ onymous; i ron; key; Rusty; like my blade; We have sunk into this deep virtual plaza and have made a prison for ourselves made of softness. But this is not how the world is. If we want to change the world for better, we cannot escape into little fantasy world forever. Sometimes we must face the truth, and only the hard truth." According to Matt Broomfield where vaporwave "exposes the artificiality below the utopic sheen of late capitalism" Hardvapour "throws post-apocalyptic raves in defiance of dystopia."

“ the Satori yawns; { sidarta yogi;
        ... { empathed mind; like third eye opens wide awake in the deep field;
pranayama       Prāṇāyāma!

born in the dark;      woke in void;
and eats yurh heart;      many arms;
hexameter; a dactylic

Example of what i look at on the field when i see another military industrial complex idiot standing undervoid of blood and sand ticking away; before i rip his heart out and take his head for another jar to put in the archive of time would like to forget yurh name;

Get it?”     Source above; Void below;
I drive to yurh bones;
and take yurh heart for Rome; { legionic gin and tonics!”   Easy . chair; voygen; !”
While yurh still sitting in yurh corporate fire thrown game of drones; wishing into empty tombs; writing documents for dead entity wells; thinking of dead products to sell to yurh own gates of doom; ... { somethink like dat chief!”      nom; om nom;
Source above; { like higher dimentional jokes; for arcturian dreamscapes and happy days!”        Mayday over;  are you living in the real world dear?”
another useless void skull on the field of corporate hell; FINE!”
go ahead honey; rip his heart out;
and i will chop a tree  down in hell;

line of six feet, as in Greek and Latin epic poetry, in which the first four feet are dactyls or spondees, the fifth is ordinarily a dactyl, and the last is a trochee or spondee, with a caesura usually following the long syllable in the third foot.any line of verse in six feet, as in English poetry.

Opens mouth like lion and swallows the void in dead entities; on the field of optimal reality; Buddhafields of fire; water; earth; blood; bones; holy stones;

It’s funny right but there is a rather serious paradigm that trails along waiting for you stupid corporate fucks to wake up and hand over corporate cash before I rip yurh skulls and hearts out;

And you all look to the left for answers; right before I pull the plug and drain. Yurh corporate useless souls with anarcho maps that drain the life from yurh dead entitronic depth of dead void; no idea what the fuck is going on;

... “ Its nature honey;

one simple request;

“ Hand over; yurh evil corporate holdings; to the pour now; !”

and you do nothing but sit there and think up new products to sell out of souls; or use this information as a tool in yurh corporate doomed fool & follyamawrathe; the damd i feed yurh kind of corporate blood to;     junk Dna Date;    { yes dear; my data is yurh date with hell;
you try to sell my data; to dead entity wells in the void of hell on earth;
and i have a list of names who did it to me once i enter; { and i will chop all; yurh heads off for it; eat yurh third eyes and open yurh guts up infront of Romans; while im the holy; spirit; spiting out blood verses from the techatronic bibles; that witches wrote to aid those in need who still give a fuck about saving the world;
while all the cirporate presidents and deep state deadmen swore on em nfings;
... { why do you fink pirates rip painted circles onto the passages while flying in ships across the seas?”
cirpo; { cypryro; rool; blood gouls!”
as I AM to this days still;
spiting out echos esoterica; the verses consisting of six metrical feet. hexahydroxycyclohexane, hexamer, hexameral, hexameron, hexamerous, hexameter, hexamethonium, hexamethylene, hexamethylenetetramine, hexamine, hexanaphthene hex·a·met·ric  [hek-suh-me-trik] , hex·a·met·ri·cal, hex·am·e·tral

Cursing yurh; for eternal life; in the corporate wastes of damnation; tombstones; roots;
“ Dances across firestarseasongs;
doragon ドラゴン { BREATHES RAMPATHS OWN SONGS; thoughw the ages; ! bzzz
     Rips out Roses; verses; { races! chasers;
she drinks the Kraken; “ do; { a mixer;
      Return to esoteric pirate rums;
as .riddles in hex craft;    downs vines;
writing spells on notes;     trips; rips;
drip tips & inks; { she ate the fools heart!”
I am the Goddess of Time, Creation, Destruction and Power;   angels of;
      throwig Rōmaji letters;
any of a number of beings and working as light workers and magicians.
neon scrolls into bottles; that run along the river;     speedrooling tabs;   thowls!
in  tunnels that light the void; across source; in scripts; holes above that bells jars drop;     the ayurvedic technight citylren; ravesands; sends; eve ento; mbeds; ruids; drogens; connected tools; deep in the nature; Arcadia utopianarcho; like prime; canvas;    wrotesongs on em ”
all artists connected; lighted by the spirit;
guided by the ghost; divine protector and the one who bestows moksha, or liberation
neo-verse drama guerilla theater; psybornlore; { judgempath of 1984;
Snake of Death!”       Burns nitro in!”
Waves ofmryri;        nightsings; islands;
the blag flag       & nitrose!”    citizen;

     juggles light orbs;
multidimenterzen objestepa;

“ Firestar; { ...  ! “ how long till we connect to source in buddahfields; woke up in Kundalini rage against the corporate fascist government; taking out skulls on the field; invisible afteraven; black the deep blue one; keys of 84;
lowzen; throws old locks from deck; revengenseas; payback;  for poisoning our skies; oceans; and lands; sore the unfolding of days into night; with psychedelic zenter & drags; started pirate origen; rigs; digs;  night of death carries away the spirits of slain warriors and animals. underworld The Bodhi tree; connecting all the dots from the orbs; across the ages; of sages; cosmic dust from all paradigms; loaded with hexagrams; dmt racells;     candels;   maps;
lamps;        tabs;         gen labs; zodin; zenzool;      rampen; writing;       
    “ now i crush skulls & corporate souls on the field on rally roonds; playing bansuri jester of death; fire; grinstones;
wheels of dao turn agin;     reeling!”
anarcho satori verses;

... { wanna a try it?”

        take her for a. spin;
          ... { he holds a. key
Bansuri of dead time; afteraps;
hexameter verse.
does spells in rool;
raises hellaheaven; vapour 5D Quests;
lights the source;
shines it onto mirrorez; memories!”

     ... { lights a match in the dark and shows the glass beehind the void;
shadow holow!”     black sands rip roll into stars;      spiral . cosmoraptune notes play across the keys; that drift the clouds like stairs cases; bozen; boxes;
jumping on the tabs of time;
playing new finks;
rin; run acrow; row; sow;
low;          Mohawk; chucks blades;
races anarcho chariots of fire & grin bones; { throse invisible documents into the fire; opens up the underworld; rip quills in dragon books; under the trees in eden; dreams in the ocean; vapourideas; waves; trails of the tribe;
envokes the dao in spirituals with moons and zools; Archimedes; Amiga; Ataryem; Genesis;         spirituals; { spiral loops;
rings; trinkets; diamonds; keys;
drinks; tips; red pills;

jumping jack; { fire skull folly; Jungstar;
bones & tracks { juggles lore;
theresands a tap; { Ephemera cards; rare transitory written or printed matters that are not meant to be retained or preserved. lasting only one day, short-lived;  where doom  spells in ends; trade cards, bookmarks, catalogues, greeting cards, letters, pamphlets, postcards, posters, tickets, and zines.

a skeleton wrap;
as i pull of the well of ages;
infront is a logi; that speaks in lowkey;
     “ and the grin; sips gin;

         It speaks in the well of tounges;
and gothorim; voices the edge records;
spins in black riddle; like jug of the gin;
rhythem!” nin; Jun; H;      Jypys;
    “ Rufus drinks pints of this shit;

origen; { O ” the rig!       bzzz

gaianarchex; { elixir; cuzen it is the well of souls;        where sands meet the oceans;
and stars cross bow;

*amnāre (“to walk, to go”) lore;
amlāre { an amulet!”

ambulāre, present active infinitive of ambulō (“I travel, walk”). However, amblar also existed in Old Occitan (compare Catalan and Occitan amblar). Compare also French aller. Alternatively, anar may derive from *and(i)tāre (“to go (around)”), from *ambitāre, frequentative of Latin ambiō, ambire andar, Italian andare, or perhaps adnāre. The forms beginning with v- are from vadō.

nar (first-person singular present vaig, past participle anat)
  1. to go

The second set of conjugations are used along with the infinitive of another verb in order to form the "periphrastic past" (passat perifràstic), an analytical construction equivalent in terms of tense and aspect to the simple preterite. For example, vaig cantar bears the same meaning as cantí ('I sang').

The indicative forms of the auxiliary, except for the third-person singular, may be reinforced with -re-, but, in the standard language, only when the corresponding normal first-conjugation simple preterite endings have it. For example, vares cantar may be used instead of vas cantar but not *vàreig cantar instead of vaig cantar; compare the typical second-person singular ending -ares with its first-person singular equivalent -í. The subjunctive forms are literary and only sporadically occur, and so rather than the periphrastic past subjunctive, it is typical for the imperfect subjunctive to be used (therefore cantés rather than vagi cantar, for example), despite the demand for the perfective aspect.

ephemeros, Greek and New Latin for epi (ἐπί) – "on, for" and hemera (ἡμέρα) – "day". The ancient sense extended to the mayfly and other short lived insects and flowers, and for something which lasts a day or a short period of time;

video ephemera and audio ephemera
gods; vapour 5 - 7D; ghost rider and parapsychologyptics, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are sounds found on electronic recordings that are interpreted as spirit voices that have been either unintentionally recorded or intentionally requested and recorded.

“ Reels round the field;
         finds rare novelties;
                brings em back to the bar;
and collects Jars with skulls;
to sell in rings; “ i craft finkeys;
and tattoo on bones!”
burn logi; entronics;
vapourip across sound in dead entity wells; light neon smoke in lore;
juden; of the ages;

“ Collects stamps & stickers from the wheels; where void burns in the trails of dead;    ... { Zeno pluck bones;
       and reels of grin to meet;

do you understand my . memes . to ends; about corporate entities; and dead mans hells; the wells where yurh bones drink blood too?”   they spiral down; 
... { anything to add to that Karmacoma? Dee?”
I see you digging a hole in your neighborhood?”   you Fracks!”
         ... { the crow squarks again; 
finkeys; { fins; keys; tress
      “ the thousands & thinks;
eternal eden bee knowlegendsingens;   vine & time;

archaeological; { anarcho digs!”

Arcadian Ayurveda!”

Renaissance mythology a lost, Edenic form of life, contrasting to the progressive nature of Utopian desires.

“ Hand over my motherfucking spiritual technology;
... { my doragon ドラゴン is gongen;
            “ Going to eat you; !

Major Arcanarcho; { bird of praying;

Novelty theory is a pseudoscientific idea[10][11] that purports to predict the ebb and flow of novelty in the universe as an inherent quality of time, proposing that time is not a constant but has various qualities tending toward either "habit" or "novelty".[5] Habit, in this context, can be thought of as entropic, repetitious, or conservative; and novelty as creative, disjunctive, or progressive phenomena.[8] McKenna's idea was that the universe is an engine designed for the production and conservation of novelty and that as novelty increases, so does complexity. With each level of complexity achieved becoming the platform for a further ascent into complexity.[8]

The 64 hexagrams from the King Wen sequence of the I Ching.

The basis of the theory was originally conceived in the mid-1970s after McKenna's experiences with psilocybin mushrooms at La Chorrera in the Amazon led him to closely study the King Wen sequence of the I Ching.[5][6][27]

In Asian Taoist philosophy the concept of opposing phenomena is represented by the yin and yang. Both are always present in everything, yet the amount of influence of each varies over time. The individual lines of the I Ching are made up of both Yin (broken lines) and Yang (solid lines).

When examining the King Wen sequence of the 64 hexagrams, doragon ドラゴン noticed a pattern. He analysedi! { said the "degree of difference" between the hexagrams in each successive pair and claimed he found a statistical anomaly, which he believed suggested that the King Wen sequence was intentionally constructed,[5] with the sequence of hexagrams ordered in a highly structured and artificial way, and that this pattern codified the nature of time's flow in the world.[28] With the degrees of difference as numerical values, doragon ドラゴン worked out a mathematical wave form based on the 384 lines of change that make up the 64 hexagrams. He was able to graph the data and this became the Novelty Time Wave.[5]

“ riping tabs off wiki again kings;
pirat; π paɪ . i drive; drove from angmai; the place or star system; hyperiderah!
dranks on;    with Archimedian ships;
             “ Remedy;
The cut-up and the closely associated fold-in are the two main techniques:
  • Cut-up is performed by taking a finished and fully linear text and cutting it in pieces with a few or single words on each piece. The resulting pieces are then rearranged into a new text, such as in poems by Tristan Tzara as described in his short text, TO MAKE A DADAIST POEM.[1]
  • Fold-in is the technique of taking two sheets of linear text (with the same linespacing), folding each sheet in half vertically and combining with the other, then reading across the resulting page, such as in The Third Mind. It is Burroughs and Gysin's joint development.

Gysings & Hopscotch.


doragon ドラゴン e hex Quinecrow;

e heranginarcharahipsyrengoneon;
hera; { Jack Hero; rah!

Long gone; withempathwordendune;
“ the black sky cackles abeaut it;
..       .    what happened to words;
what happened to the future? .      .  .

22;28       5 Dec 2562

... { ...

Friday 6 Dogenber; { 2019be;

dactylo- a combining form meaning “finger,” “toe,” used in the formation of compound words: dactylomegaly.

Kinda like pirate for;
“ I am going to. enjoy; choping yurh alchemical flowers that grow in the depths of corporate entity wells in hell;

       ... { myn eyes fix and dilate everytime i go to the gardens of arcadia to plant thrids & triffs;     

     “ Four toes; she sings to my bones;

tylo; { troyin; tylerah; tylowkey ”
              ... there is a pub; close to here where i like to rool old roman coins into the slots; coin-op games;

coin-op; { corporate; rate; o
    where technic verses spit blood & pixel fire;      ... “ the arcadian void spells;
its rips in alien codes;

thyper; drooling; { lights his fist smoke of. the morning; sips coffee; no logo branded beans;     while Winston sips Champagne;
        “ Pagen grapes; legion sows into the fabric of time; so its like he is drinking the source; from bottles of rhymn;  

... arcade days; nights;
dusk till dawn; amusement-park midway;
the middle rail from; trail sliders; triptychs; witxen; thouw yurh wheels; floats across; will walk yurh passed all the sands across theological pixen; into the black circles & dots; to the tree;

Where poets fall on their knees to write new fings; figs & olive; O to bee; like live;

Writing mire; rezen; like the honey that waxes board; { and my rips on it bleed in red blood & goldengen; agenda of the park; like court;

       ... { throws his hat at the loop; and rides off agin;

“ dactylo; P .acts; { I will burn & bury yurh movies memes into the sands of time;

  • tyler { who does number one work for?

Words with 4 Letters
  • lyre
  • lyte
  • rely
  • trey
  • trye
  • tyer
  • tyre
  • yelt { spelt;

Words with 3 Letters
  • elt
  • let { letters to yurh broken ruins;
  • ley
  • lye
  • ret
  • rye { pulls the fabric of bread like wine;
  • tel        calls death on the bee phone;
  • try          turns dials on dao clocks;
  • tye             noots on trees;
  • yet       ceti; to the yeti;

Words with 2 Letters
  • el
  • er
  • et
  • re

I have a. list of legendary Japanise  creatures to envoke Dao in yurh heartskulls;

“ While yurh coming up with more dumbass products to sell to yurh invisible corporate masses in dead entitronic wells; in the void; where even my droids larff at yurh heads in jars; { the ones i sell at the bar; to lovers & tarts; with apples;

... legendary creatures; { I walk in eden; and rip the piss out of yurh corporate souls who chase the dragons to the gates of doom;

Enenra – A monster made of smoke.
                “ while i burned circles on my bike across the seas; of time forgot; in vapour rhymn; rim of all finks; and a drain; as the trains leave to; { trails of campaign 68;

       ... { burns a card at deaths table;
     and munches on ayurvedic fruit loops;

       Morning grinny!”

I am going to pluck a few from this ere list chappies;

Goryō – The vengeful spirits of the dead.

Gozu and Mezu – Underworld guards.

Ox-Head (simplified Chinese: 牛头; traditional Chinese: 牛頭; pinyin: niútóu; Wade–Giles: niu2-t'ou2) and Horse-Face (simplified Chinese: 马面; traditional Chinese: 馬面; pinyin: mǎmiàn; Wade–Giles: ma3-mien4) are two guardians or types of guardians of the Underworld in Chinese mythology. As indicated by their names, both have the bodies of men, but Ox-Head has the head of an ox while Horse-Face has the face of a horse. They are the first beings a dead soul encounters upon entering the Underworld; in many stories they directly escort the newly dead to the Underworld.

Blakey was an Ox;    ... { and Fire Rat!”

Chinese calendar honeyezen; !

丙子年 (Fire Rat)
4453 or 4393 { actual zodiac dates;
    — to —
丁丑年 (Fire Ox)
4454 or 4394 { of lucid reality;

            ... { A flaming 8ball fired in heaven;
Tibetan calendar chapettes; !

(male Fire-Rat)
1883 or 1502 or 730 { time travel dates;
    — to —
(female Fire-Ox)
1884 or 1503 or 731 { all the way;

1884; { ...

lucid reality; { like deity Télémpåthic
         tele vis ion; eye on;

     ... { There are no corporate products here...
                do you understand that blockheads?”

And Bruce laughs at the bar blades;

      You still clock in to that shit dee?”

bar blade; { at the back!”

... and he was the Earth-Rabbit & Iron-Dragon; { so pay attention;

         ... { & anarcho King Kong!”   
of Zen no less my friends;
of Time & Wine;
fights crime;
Night city drags!”
To the Queen bees;
runs to trees & wraps;
sonic sound; into clouds of knuckles;
kung fu vapouraves;

       ... { and Roger is getting twichy;
Loop! Loooop!”     

Its okay folks he is animated & anthropomorphic;

anthrose; { rips up voids; for source no less;

morphic; { like archetypal zen; hes a bit of an animal;   welcome to the party pal!”

Its like!” Rogen; is the moons own; ancient roots; as storytelling and artistic devices, and most cultures have traditional fables with anthropomorphized animals as characters. People have also routinely attributed human emotions and behavioral traits to wild as well as domesticated animals.

Thumper is his uncle;
      ... did you know that chief?”

“ I see thumps in eden; at technic raves where they messure the speed of the rapid blades that drop onto the wood;
... { because thumps & roger; they take the rates & dilated memes to the gates of heaven; knock on doors & disappear into the lamps;

Thats what this part of the poem; refs chief!”

Wraps And Rounds
in Twined Founds Mounds Fols’y
    Folding Rhythm
    In Chocolate in Rolls in Minds

Even thou’se most Rare
    if boxes that was
never seen bones
    Or any skull;  

... { ...

While cookie monstar munches eyes locked onto the dunes of moons;
      ... { eyes rooling into the black!”
domesticated; { the Dome!”
thunder cackles; and the black skies smile abeaut it huh; griny?”    bzzz

... { That’s why she says; quite clearly old boys
“ fuck Valentine’s Day;

none of you corporate muppets are gonna make it to heaven; the gods laugh while yurh out playing golf cutting deals on blades of glass that the samurai . chop on the. field of remah;
remah; { maps of source that ...

        yawn; { she carries on slicing a clove of garlic; into thin mini sheets;
      “ Mouse; the point and clicks;

“ Theres a rib on the rune; clocks in and out of yurh corporate ruins;
ancient roots; { dreadlocks on a rabbit;
      rounds rings in the dao on ships;
that toons built; with the gen of gin;
... “ The genie have returned to Earth;

       We cut a deal in the underworld;
Arcturians; we sign off plans; while the moons across the universes i write; in wraps and aroons; yurh corporate entity wells; like spiders flock of seas; and dugs; bugs; carrots & other devine comediums; { he points at his marotte;
an orb sits at the top; as his hat tips over it;       and orders a pint of bloody mary;
... get it chaps?”
         “ paints on the void; in light;
as if he is in source; { lives at optimal reality; and takes the piss out of yurh corporate clarity;

While the rats piss up yurh corporate dooms day wall; { where memes tell it all!”

... { ...

10;33 ... { im gonna paste sum notes down thick and fast from last night now dear...
Menu; { opens a tab; swigs beer for breakfast;

Anarcho Arcadian; { ...
Bookeys I ordered recent; { ...
... { paste here;

Wratheon Rathffahhh!

still chews on old arcade machines;
      like a rat gin; { sat infront of Shiva;

Tromicals; bansuri; { plays the flute of Krishmass;

Årcturian express way to Arcadiangen

and now more verses;
I fink to ends of nightlife in
Sitting the åge of hat away; vapourazool
So I stamp dates on the table and smash the glass; brahk & entra; floot on source smoke & fire dance with you in visual quest; play mythindra my’thn modgonagindra; gon hexanarchipenrizendraimythomrathosynconadadariddlarhymahrah morning zen gin garaho; row nah zoologistsintra; sutrampiradunarapthothipahshexithanalogen

Jester mad hatter folly; mot; e;
Finrimrampathagen; writahcidanarcho press; { walks with dukeysynrosediarchai  numbersidarchaindra

I woke up on the gate of a medragon
I walked In source the void for meme since 84th gen Satori arrived to earth
... { and plucks like fork meme memories in the field of deadtime;

because corporations have no rhymes;

... { gate of a medragon; A (geographic) meridian (or line of longitude) is the half of an imaginary great circle on the Earth's surface, terminated by the North Pole and the South Pole, connecting points of equal longitude, as measured in angular degrees east or west of the Prime Meridian.

terminated; { that is what i bees saying chief; them corporate muppets; are gonna get draged by a hexdragon over the edge; taken to the corporate entity voids into the depths of corporate hells where all evil fucknuts at the military industrial complex go in truck loads; one by one draged to the gates of doom & damed
... i do not give a fuck about em anymore;
came to tell yurh abeaut it; { old news dear!”    cup of tea?”

all the pirates in black sunglasses laugh at the moon and days in rain; still the same;

        do yurh get my memes to the ends of days chaps?”

they slippy; slide over like dead pixel juice; that the demons drink!”

... ive seen Rufus drink pints of that shit too dowg!”

   Rufus; { gonzool; waits at the ends;
        watches all hell  get swallowed;
and returns to the pub;

Plunderphonics; { sounds like pirate technics & magic to my memes chief!”

      theres a big bowl waiting for him on arrival; beelive memes!” and he smokes it!”   
infront of the duchess;    

... { lets chat hat; aboots Zools & Jest;
while i sell bones to legion in meme fire;

An itinerant poet or strolling minstrel (also known variously as a gleeman, circler, or cantabank) was a wandering minstrel, bard, musician, or other poet common in medieval Europe but extinct today. From a lower class than jesters or jongleurs because he did not have steady work, he instead roamed about to make his living.

In Medieval England, a gleeman was a reciter of poetry. Like the scop, the gleeman performed poetry to the accompaniment of the harp or "glee wood".[1] The gleeman occasionally attached himself to a single/particular court but was most often a wandering entertainer, unlike the scop, who was more static. A gleeman was also less likely to compose or perform his own poetry and relied on the work of others for his material.[1]

A source cited that the number of itinerant poets were augmented by disgraced courtiers, clairvoyants, and even the deformed as these entertainers formed troupes and catered to the whims of individual patrons.[2] An example of notable itinerant poet was Till Eulenspiegel, a fictional character famous in the 12th century.[2] These, however, do indicate that the itinerant poet is merely a fool working to elicit laughter with his acts. There are those considered geniuses such as the Scottish bards and performers of the harp who were credited for composing and preserving "many fine old songs".[3]

“ and i eat corporate Minstrels honey;
And we film it on underworld lamps & vintage monrose cams;

I have a list & pirate map; scroll of the gen; wisest skulls in the field; !
the folly enters the bar; with a bat;
which flaps across the tab surface and drops a document link down;  

“ Still getting my thirds aroound this messages here;

     ... { joker holds up a single; ace;
its on fire; and he throws it into the well of souls;

its like!”
The evolution of cyberpunk into postcyberpunk;
the role of cognitive cyberspaces; wetware networks and nanotechnology in science fiction; { i just rip some docs i find yurh know; plenty of writings aboot the subject; and im in a rush; like buzz;
space; the final front page of deaths own dailies & rags; the ones i tags; with electronia & chew on clones; corporate clowns;

ayurvedic technology to my blood skull & bones dowgs!”

The reaction of the diamond age to cyberpunks technophobia;

diamond; { sutra;
technophobia; { well yurh we are like spiders many arms; sit in void where i play old arcadian games; that crush pixels as i max in; chill out; get high and chat hat to rabbits on the outer rings;


phobia; { i order Pho in Saigon alot;
        as bikes drive past;
& ice coffee; famous for it;
obian; { Zorbs of Elden!” 

geza have you met Shiva before?”

Many skulls at the military industrial complex fear techno; because they know folly folks like me have a stage rig; where they end up on their knees infront of the court; as i turn up the volume to +11
and their brains burn to the sound of suns in full rage for the corporate pages they wrote in source code; { ... and then; POP!”

Their Days of Destruction beegin!”
DOD!      do or die .

hand over the corporate cash and technologics to the poor now for free; or i take yurh lost corporate throat for another boat; understand MIC?”     dipshits!”

... and still they never learned;
so now; we just yawn; and watch em dig deeper; and deeper down into hell; 

... { its kinda like opening the Ark on a monday morning; after a long weekend;
   ... Like thank fuck they are dead now kinda deal; dig?”

Jester (New Generation) Jester's silly face can make everyone laugh, even his own grandfather!

A ghost with his hands at his side, sticking his tongue out.    Zool drool!”

... { she turns around on the bar stool;

Kiss?”     Eighth Note    13

They have killed the Great Sun Jester
Who danced between the stars
They have stripped him of his manhood
Signs of Venus and of Mars
The cynics left him weeping
And the jackals left him torn
And the jester reaches out blind hands
He can touch the stars
No more!

And he took the stars
In his hands
And as he scattered them he'd shout
"I'm the joker of the universe
I'm what it's all about"
Now he's dying in his grief
And the hard men dragged him down
They have killed the wild-eyed jester
They have killed the fire clown

Now his blind eyes seek the starlight
And his fingers seek controls
To take him into space again
Where he was both young and old
The dancer's stiff with pain
And they've made him kneel too long
And the madness they have driven out
They've left him cold
And sane!

And he took the stars
In his hands
And as he scattered them he'd shout
"I'm the joker of the universe
I'm what it's all about"
Now he's dying in his grief
And the hard men dragged him down
They have killed the wild-eyed jester
They have killed the fire clown

He'll never sing his songs again...
He'll never dance between the stars again...
He'll never laugh again...
No, he'll never, ever laugh again...
Oh, no...
He'll never laugh again!
He'll never laugh again!
He'll never laugh again!
He'll never laugh again!
He'll, he'll never laugh again!

... { the one who works;
trades in the black;
while yurh all finking in voids;
i stoke; and drink with the jetsuns;

Slapping yurh corporate minds down into the lower dimentions of dead entity wells; that yurh selling yurh skull & hearts to; in bloody pickets & devil pucks;

While golden oldies laugh yah skellitons; the 10 ton Mantis & Spiderema;
staring black rings at you into source time;   
... { ... “ Kali drinks wine to that dino dimention;      and i like to play the bansuri in their like; like; like; { like i. fuck in key;
and i bring back bottles of vintage alien rum to the bar; and archive meme memories in the field;

Mantis Vs Dino;
memories in the field; { the mad hatters diary & bible references for the book of the dead;
fuck in key; { syncronizenda; da! da
... { we write alot; by the river;
        and Jugs & Bell jars fly across the field;
some in a rush; some very slow indeed;
Zen; penfriends; i will write yurh names in the books of day & rip read yurh rites away into the nights; get it?”

Eve likes to screem in the jungle;
         ... { Do you hear her chief?”

Da!      da!           da dee daaahhh

... { ...

        While Tyler chats to pengin; Genie of the underworld; who still give a dam about saving the planet from yurh useless corporate skull  and cross bones;

Tyler; { is our siddhartha dumbass; get it?”

yuh know the 5-has 7D vapour?”
dancing in waves; shifts shapes of the future; in now; and riddles to the past;
of things; we run;
and i get; { caps; tags; cans; stickers;
and graff up yurh corporate jars with yurh heads in; as my rats piss in yurh corporate gardens of dead entity sand;

sounding familiar?”
    or are you still third eye wondering in yurh movies & corporate adverts every 10mins; with narratives about the lost soul of man; that you will never find in this the year of our lord;

like sum insence wood yurh please dee!”

Dear Dead Directors club;
I’m gonna feed yurh corporate souls to the wells of the damd;
      ... “ that was the plan; big man;

     “ Even wordsmith & western is in;
Wurls; wurffa pluck or two my old cheese chess and nut;   Walk!” whuddayasay!”

Spots of Time!”

... { and I heard a rather longer version as a mnemonic for the Kings and Queens since 1066;