... { 5 days ago;


i snap; cackle & pot;
chew on bones;

... { ...


... { ...

I am the Empath from Hell;

the reality of living on a planet where no empathy exists;

only the excessive interest in or admiration of oneself and one's physical appearance;

oneself; { dead . corporate entities;
physical appearance; { entities that . have no . morals;  no heart; no soul;

... lemme break it down;

PSYCHOLOGY selfishness, involving a sense of entitlement, a lack of empathy, and a need for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.

a sense of entitlement { dead entities; corporations;
personality type. { the lost soul of corporate man;

PSYCHOANALYSIS self-centeredness arising from failure to distinguish the self from external objects, as a feature of mental disorder.

      it has no life in it; you dumbass!”
... { group corporate muppet slap;
like a neon punch;
         ... { presents a bouquet of dead Flowers;

... { ...

Life in the void; while dancing in optimal source reality; across the dimentions;         

I eat all thirds; { that memes to ends i suck yurh . eeeeeyes out; you corporate hearless hinds!”
as i pluck corporate flowers & hearts on the field of hell fire;       ... Will you corporate mugs ever grow up?”
          or was that the accident that happened?”
growing up is a trap!”     ... dumbass;
       growing up is like; { stop giving a fuck!”

I am doom stones; insence; { will pluck yurh usless hearts to feed me dowgs; they are hungry chief!”
ashes to ashes; dust to dust;
         ... { rusty blades & stuff!”

hearless hinds; { tybalt

And 3; the holy trinity;
my XR Canvas; it waits at the gates;
where i take yurh corporate freedoms;
seal yurh fate; infront of the alters;
set fire to your blood;
throwns of drones & bones;
& tate; the mortem; to Rome!”
feed all yurh corporate booties;
to the souls of the damd; Legions own plans!”

Down in spiritual spirals yurh dead entity wells;
flushing drowned; flame to pot;

... the ones yurh corporate hell on earth created;
dumbass; gameover

& tate;  { will present the apocalyptic artworks at underworld exhibitions in heaven;
like dog gen drags and displays;
i steal hearts & rhymn to giffies!” bzzz
Bu-bum, Bu-bum. dirty dancing with shiva and kali; i had the time of my life dear;
Just another day in the core; the holy spirit in realife . twine; they are so kind;
keeping yurh corporate hell down;
“ The dead entitonic wells of yurh own capital spells;  capital RAFFA!”

capitalchemical bondage!” Rags & Pages;
reality manifesting for yurh arrival in doom;
the lower dimentions of void; at the baselevels of blah blah blah;
nom nom om; !”
* chop!
have you been to the great pyromidian geza?”         it looks different in the year 2562be; { this year for all you dumbassses still living in 2019ad;

           ... { ...

... { i flap; and flick; old beans!” lights a match; and throwsen!”   ... { it!”  into the ship; of yurh design in destiny; corporate oldworld;   rip;      yurh fate will hang in the tate;   open fire!”      ... { i swear on me leg there bees bones to bee made in anarcho!”
     doom & drool; !” ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇsᴏʟᴠɪɴ’sᴇãs ᴏғ ʀᴇᴅ; ʙʟᴏᴏᴅɪᴇ ʙʟᴏᴏᴏᴡs ʜᴇᴀʀᴛs sᴛʀɪɴɢs; ᴛʜᴇ åɴɢᴇʟs ᴏғ ɴᴏ ᴍᴇʀᴄʏ;
are you ready?” ... i am going to read yurh last rites out to the grand court & judge dread of dune & moon howlsing;
yall”    Gonna die!” normies!”
normies { mum & dad; gonna bee mad at yurh!”       wut happened to the future?”

... run!” as fast as you can;
Nitro!” Nostromanseas!”

... { plays all the tracks; in threes; for the bees!”     gen gin;    gong kong; dreama;

I am the Reaper!”     you fucking sleepasssss!”      the crow; ! my bowswings!”

the marryon; game on long chong;
dong; bong!”        flip!”  Hail Mary;
Zeno Zendo; Xenya; Enigmartha;
The Vines; eyes run yards; for the race!”
I didnt lie to you; i drank with the moon;
i’m a hatter!”  { lifts tea spoon;
Hating nobody but you; with my crew!”
See you later; dear ...    one last beer;
          i gave a dam;     action plan!”
burned yurh corporate house down;
       and blow; roses .
Eighth Four Note13;

6th Décembrez; 2019 / 2562;
... { i left so many notes; at the tables;
       now i . run with the grin reaper;
deal the neon smoke & mirrors;
the pack of cards i reel; in underworld deals; lick the honey of my bones; rings; the wildest of things;      angelshesings;     dreams;
while gods & mortals fear my memes;
and the words; i speakindreada thirds;
the souls . i eat;      { kind lock!”  tick tock;
the voices . i keep;      wah da dang  rampathang!”
          doom clocks;      wrathepots;
the sonic fuits; dead entonic rags;
lotus loots & zoots; { draging yurh empty corporate bin bags;       back to yurh own junk yards on hell planets;

singing on route; of zool & druid;
deity flowers;
battery acid river; Zen    end of all yurh madness;

Zoool!” Drooool!”    ... { lulz

When ones heart and soul fire in mind body seat is in suns tunes with the power of word in the dances of Kali Shiva; in tone of folly

It really is game over for all bad stuff on Earth;  

And I am the Holy Spirit in real life twine;
like many of us in the gang who still give a fuck about saving the . world;
but we do not have a . corporate agenda; and that is the . real difference . between where . that sand in time is drawn; like dots connecting that draw around the pointless and link the things . that matter;

Drinking wine and writing lines on the spiritual technics of this planet;

Gaia;      All corporate invaders must die;

my best customers;{ tips hat at Prodigen;

“ I wonderings Keith; and tap on wood three dimes for the reminds;
would yurh like . to see my wheels?” Gee!”

Ripping up scripts like sentients from the cool cosmic deep sent me;
You better sort out yurh corporate agenda or I will be having words with yurh own mother and father about yurh little evil corporate deeds on the holy map of no respect or return on yurh invest & mount; { too late; i rip read yurh fate in blood gen audio;  

Are You Ready?”

... { a chant echo in bellows across the field of optimal reality; the ages of rage & sages;           an enchanted echo;

of rage; { mother earth is .

        I burn bunn;
boil like rum;
croake & swagi;
read adbugs magee!”

... { verses from earlier; gin tags & codes;
           in haxaphonic lyri; flow; follow; rollaroad; points ahead at the turf;    Tuff Gong!”

haxaphonic; { he slept and had dreama abeaut; festival at shiva kali runes; digs;
and woke upslike bugs & monrosings is back;       dipshits!”

Sting of the dump;
Stigs yurh rump!”

I’m Kali heavy!”   Honey;
That is why I ride Akira bikes;
Across the field of corporate reels;
Dead mans shhpearls!”   crush; bump;
Akira bikes; { kinda like a freemasons ride with extinction rebel gaslamps;
freemasons; { freelance!”

     And i am cheep like yurh black rose budget!”

It’s a dowgen dinner;
What you lot have done to this planet I turl bricks and bones into yurh bank windows;

Kali in my bones; { weigh1!
While shiva sit in my thrown;
... { singlure!”      fowrkey & throlly;
shiva { the tyler of good mandem!”

Its a chair mate; sit; ill be right back!”

Shivers; i waves verses . at yurh rings;

   As I take the Akira bikes out for spins & finks; ... { ganstaringen bangels;


I am not blind; { Skateboardsingen!”
thats why my third eye is riping yurh throasts together; in doubt; dragin yurh along like lost corporate muppets;

the yoot of today dear!”
why are they so angry?”
why do they give a fuck?”

thats why; { repeats the sayings;     of grin;
                              and wears the same hat!”
because; i am showing you;
               ... what cards you got gee?”
... { points at the map;
           makes a brew;      

Eighth Note13; { fireskull jestera;
         as like pentagrings;      tearah shrex!”
fireskull jestera; { will be entertaining . in the afterlife;     rips & sows in the fabric of rhymn;          have you been to the circus?”
circles . of ages!”
... { juggles jarahex;      Rah!
            modyno; most feared & prizen
Zenterampathydrosem; on the field of
     “ Is like an ...       hear the reels of threads!”
ripping across the invisiblood song; enigmascapenrosa; { Quill of Neon
     from the tree of Anarcho Arcadianarcherez±!”    Zen; terah!”
jarahex; { cursed jars; inside;
   has many arms; 5d-7d+ entity;
sleeps inside a lamp; infront of gods at the highest dimentions of real . life in twine;
where we pluck apples off trees and stuff!”

... { modyno; mod; raptuno; dynararchex;
       Quill.. .    .   . Raffeatheren!”       ... { lulz!”
feathereon; neon cloake & ragen!”

     ... { More type & glyphen from the optimal void in satori buddhafields i seas Dee!”
              ... { its like i am actually returning to the bar; on a Friday nights; with loads; bar yurh cuzen i am a black sheep; the ones who go alone; find ...

Brazen; Weep; rhymns while i sleeps;
            Din; Gin; Reapeats . . . this is a drill!”
    Single Bar Note;

What kinda reapahzilladrillah are you then?”
my old hen; teriprimordiangelicatheom?”
I am Ⓐ! Dino-Rider;                 
                telepathiredemredempt ion!”
I got . Five; forks on it;     in . November;

Whut is up in the deep . field todee?”

... enjoy the bar; iamgoing out for a Jar;

... { ... returns a few hours later;

01;50am Bangkok;

finaynything gee?”
    just verses; dowg!”   went to a few joints; local!”

copy paste; and edited

Seas of rema; { blood & battery oceans;
Most men on earth do not give a flying fuck about poverty; they do not wake up bothered about it everyday of their usual gutless good for nothing I am going to rip their skulls off their throat chakras kinda day in the core; while I pluck feather from Raffas own neon blunted gothic quill of rhymes in just time;

Why do think we are drinking blood?”
Cuz your kinda corporate human likes to . drain the data out of my technicakashic dna; sell it . off perform . experiments of it;
and i drink the void from the river; which has all sorts of ancient source codes & tags; drags; yet yall . tell me its Junk; and i do not need it or do not need to . worry while you rape me like a banker jacking hyperdooma needles into my veins; draining my oil; black data; ... { this is where i am going with the quest; for blood and oil; i am like data from star drags; with XR goggles on; pointing my middle finger up at yurh while i drink the vine; with the river gang;
As a Kali deity mirror;
Not risk or jest involved!”  jestar!”

do you see how dark yurh corporate hell world is?”     or are yurh still wondering how to make products out of humans?”
my version of it is more like a rave; anarcho hell most prizen vision of reality in the Kali court of i . will crack yurh bones & sing to rome; happy sundays for all the gods;

as it is the free world; { after; but here in life; before; it was a little bit different;

its before life; { and i head to it after!”
the middle . way of paradoxen!” lulz!”

eyes red! blood & . gold!” Zooool droool!”
... { hehehehe have yurh ever seen a blood genie pop outa a lamp?” ... { . . .         buzzing with missions bees!”

vapourilla; quilla; shes . pouring while i draw;       its like water; baptism of holy fire!”  
    takes the river as ink; and pours it;

i will be a blade like rampire in this life and the next; like i even fancy a pint a blood . right now to get started hugie!” lulz!”
urilla uryezen!”        . . . driver; screw!”
Evampath; { like i . walked from Eden;
                 to deliverseas another scroll;
to yurh black holes;

wheres my tumblr!”

Raven juice honey?”   tea?”      drugs; drags; dregs;      tags bones;      swollen circles;

    GONZO types alot at this desk;
so many notes he cleft; telecaster!”

          no time to fluff about i drink the battery acid river from way deepdown inside;

... { ...      i will be waiting for you at the end of judgement day;         with a neon light sabre;
its like a car . . . you will bee under my wheels honey;         

get it?” i rip off heads; put them on large silver plates; that are taken to various black boxes; jars; jugs; or just thrown away like junk that the rats & pigs with an zodiac agenda like much on;

I am going to rip yurh corporate hearts out MiC; lulz; !”

And the.mn; I am going reapiro reaper quill with the grimmest of good why I came to meet with you in hell; in your own blood; a few paradigm paragraphonica; glyphs in Hiroshima

If you still do not understand or even try to connect the dots between Hindu rhyme and folk folly...      i will do my best to keep going because that there is where the . higher dianameme sutras really start to cast of the . ship of sides;      there is this beat that shiva repeats;     tyme to ryhmn hymn dreama!”

Its like Tudor . NeON FOR . .. { ...

That’s why I have this XR canvas; floaty; box float talki; of Yama; harline harlying; Quinn of throaty thoath; that depicts the suffering of reality in hell void; { AUDIO Tapestry of the ginny!”       

and why i . would like the military industrial complex to release all spiritual technic & magic they will never be able to control to the . public for free; instead of trying to turn gods and all of the spiritual world into a product; { too late MIC i am going to bury and burn you in 1984;  and . leave this side of the 31st! century behind in the analog vapour rehems of hell;           ill be back to try again to update reality on optimal in a hundreaden sumfink years;  but i fink to ends; already did a pretty good job sending yurh kinda demonic corporate men to the gates of lower doom;     where pixels mushinto; blood; with wild buzzy vibratorsinging to harmonic tranqulity;    { thank fuck they are dead kinda feeling;         anarcho arcadian alot happened since 1984 chaps; organgorisenda; { like heaven gets off on it dude;     while cookie monstars star at the moon; angels go to work;

I am goi g! to; chop yurh eyes up like DMT MIC;     { understand the kinda fear on acid i am wraping in flowers and raffeathers for yurh useless skulls to digest reality in the yogin rhymns of heaven in sarcasm of hex on all yurh lost houses wondering around in deep state with the grin reaper tags in yurh heart sticking out like the most potent of splinter cell that has already embedded into yurh blood and bones with my tattoo that rips holes into the fabric of yurh souls so i can drag you like quill dogen to the deep void for a feast and party like its world war 3 famine and starvation due in 10 years while you watched it coming for almost forever right?”       

DMT; { danger mouse technics!”

Hear my words like it’s a black angel of death?”  

The ones who watch and do nothing;
Your days are numbered; { you gotta make sum phone calls?” you gotta talk to yurh monkeys?” then do it!”

and MIC; I will bee cracking yurh skulls open; each time one of you enters the afterlife; { with a variety of wild verbals;
        sonica!” tronica!”  .          .                          .
Infront of Raffa; { while we think . of angelic verses to write into the hall of records that the arcturians like to . reference across the field; thats why when an arcturian . turns upon the field it is like . either your worst nightmare or holy dream; depending on . yurh cards; { and i like to burn yurh cards MIC; on the field and across the river; i throw them . in like its poker night with the rats;

whos line was it anyway; anything goes!”

As above so belows;     she rows;
And I will reel a dove after I do it; sip; trips;
along the river;

Reel; like shark of black underworld vintage Monrose film noir;
... Sonica Deep detecnics; { deep tech trips!”
   I smell blood of an angelic reaper;
perah!” hells wells; { gods spells!”

And it echos in Gonzo as I write; in this club;
The halls of judgement; I reaper write yurh damd souls intombs;
I reaper write!” { repatudonic; i keep saying the same finks over and over agin;
             like yurh adverts!”       i love . it;

What am I to you?”
Another dick you tracks; { my head passed . through this life; and now i rhymn like a knife;      cutting blades across grass; like snake;    i will seal yurh fate;
dick you tracks; { FRACKS!” sqark! crow shes;

Another angel sent from heaven to destroy corporations; you sell souls; so I take yurh skulls & black holes; the . ones behind yurh rhymes on the fields of optimal reality; sells yurh bones from chrome; { talks to stones;
Yurh riots in agenda corporate realisation of yurh fate in the afterlife; { shadow dancers;
raves . of heaven; soundsystems; lazers;

I spit fire into yurh lost corporate tombs;
And carry on; howl singing at the moon;
Laughing drunk on dunes of black sands;
the fields of optimal reality!”

Ordinary; Reapetels; the lost flowers huh ...

Yurh all lucying frahrhyams; { bio liumina!”
Does that take away the pain of yurh mortality?”      what are you . on abeaut!”

bio liumina; { in this case glowing like nuclear waste;
       as in not in oceans of life anymore; just dead stuff floating up onto the beach;

... gonna do something about it?” Or are you still sat their devil finking into more reasoning why yurh corporate agenda deserved any more time on this planet you destroy?”
devil; { yurh self; get over it!”
I’m going to hang all you Millitant corporate industrial complete wankers high from ships in the sky; because you all deserve to die;     jacking off too dead entities . worshiping corporations; weirdos 
Yurh all lucying frahrhyams;
Does that take away the pain of yurh mortality?”
complete wankers; { jacking into corporate narratives everyday; like bankers;
complete wankers { gotta spank you!”
while i fink . like muppet how to make money from saving the world; plant ideas inyurh dumbasskulls that . will make yurh . do something worth writting home about;

writting home about; { to arcturus; where my . stars & lamp sit; wriping the piss

I’m going to hang all you Millitant corporate industrial complete wankers high from ships in the sky; because you all deserve to die;
I’m going to hang { the gods rang!”

deserve to die; { how many people are you responsible for killing over the last ... years;

how many bombs and kill counts hang above yurh heads?” that you try to pass bucks to soldiers in the field of corporate hell waste lands; like the tracks & truck loads of death and murder you left behind in vietnam;
which you seem to all forget about and then plug poppies and celebrate yurh corporate wars like it was a puffed up prow;

prow; { reason to be pricks!”

I am stick; { going to be the real corporate capital punishment . at your judgement day;
capital; { capi; tal!” Raffa!”
punishment; { pun; ishm; ment!”   
      still struggles to pay . the rent!”

while yurh spending our taxes on bombs and weapons and blah blah blah; amon tobin robin is . going to rip yurh donuts off;

there are wanted posters of . all yurh heads on the field of doom MIC!”
Robin . puts those up with the crew;

         ... Who is Batman dee?”

Anon Ops; over & out;
Know what I meme?”     
             even pengins dream!”
in lamps . . . 

Anyway; here to yurh ends corporate muppets;   { ... swigs the Kraken
No friends cleft!”

Wood; i touch;
i would bee grand; great infact if we could all just get along;  d . a .      da!”

imagine us all connected trying to save the world for Samo; son of flags; blackest of tags;
connecting the stars and lines in waves of blue and red; orange yellow blue and the spectre of colour in; cool symbols; good vibes; happiest of tribes;

Samo; { Same old; my blood is yurh blood;

Too late too late; will bee the cry; of yurh own who pass you by;

I am going to dragron you all kicking and screeenfinking; past the halls of eternity into yurh corporate tombs; sealed in blood bones yurh rap tunes; carved in seals of gods imorta          dragron; { drag; onto the next

I run out reason to borrow boredom the paths to yurh corporate military industrial doors; where I will drag yurh bones to the depths of hell deep to have my way with you infront of Raffa
drag; tag bag;
Yurh corporate military industrial skull will prob; { crack and experience explode a few times on route; that’s how fucking useless and thick with corporate evil yurh hearts are

Funny innit how yurh running now instead of; being useless evil corporate pi; I imagine Co empathicademigoden; will crusifryingentoth; yurh damd body on the cross with legion as I cry yurh stupidity to hell over and over agin

I am going to start listing yurh names in my black book of the famed; corporate souls of evil and damd; to feed to the hungry;

And that is the reels of ending; biolumin; essence of yurh ends in hells;
I will open yurh skulls in the darkness and reaper rip light of the fabric in time; to drink wine in source; of all void you most I crave to care in the fate of man doom to yurh entire existence and fate upsun this planet;
I will be the most crewela of all Devine in yurh lost corporate twine; filth of man in blood bones and sand; I curush; curse yurh souls in the filthempath onicraimatoriam of books; vegenzenzinzillaremantishowlingwah;
African payback;

Most fucked up of cannibal holocasting to fish for empathy in;

Like riffid sevens; { riffid; plants triffids;
Warlock synphonic; { Raw luck of it huh;
Tronicama yurh ital; drowns in disha
Fish of deep lowkentoss; { bored pirate warning you about the end of yurh days;

Hoch I hop;
It’s like a falkey joke at this poiem tem pa
Wrathemtime; tick; twine;
poiem { point of the story; Guy

Roadenter rathus

01;56 { 5 & 6 ... passes pit; pit; out;

... seea even tykerah; leaves messages;
       of ages sage;

Sorry no . Zen verses here; ire;
gonna smoke yurh . blood; into the books of angelicromahthipeideom; deep tails;
i . spun for Kali . while we cd; dance on wood floors in eden; in ships; you will never seas;  
night night!” x

I promise . Raff looks into her eyes everynight before i tuck ya; into bed;
the river; my own deep dreads cross like the cruewella of all deevinesing; pours wine over;

       its some kind of datal word;
gazen steping throw;
once if you enter jobe will bee following youl;

                  middle bones; finger up; witchey; like Blaken;     the crack of smack yurh richex;          hitched!”
... i sleep on the bones of yurh luckin lucienya;

        return to ingen; indigo blues;

Moon dao gen; { dig!”

Pidgen englit; undersand?”

Being a Rampire;
Memes to ends
You get an Akira bike; { holy wheels;
And ride through hell fire
To the tops of trees;

... { superheros are in the comic book universe are; because they are reality in the afterlife; amplifying this life; to wake up and expand consiousness; which is what they . do; there are no villians of evil; there is no evil; that concept in narrative is like corporate entertainment; the assumption that there is evil is like the mother of all fuckups;

mad innit; empathy for vampires in the afterlife;

When most men on this planet; have none for life even in this life; not even for the most poverty stricken starving cat & dog on the streets of Cairo; { fuck it dee; its just a dog;
   “ Fuck it dee; this homeless guy; its probably his own falt; fuck it; dee; fuck it; FUCK IT ALL dee; { my madness at the coreporate agenda; core

Why is there no movement to free the world of corporate enslavement that causes poverty?”

Why do the military industrial complex spend all the bones on planet earth; on weapons;      theres a budget; we want to spend it on war; hope you all do not mind;

oh yurh the land of the free!”

So simples innit; yet; they carry on; walking themselfies to the gates of doom!”

Which is why ”              ... i am deaths own jester!”
& I eat the third eyes of all corporate men on this planet in 35 years between 1984 & 2020;
corporate men; { yurh know the ones who are in love with money and dead corporate entity wells of hell; where void . builds and clogs up the fabric of time like rot;

its nasty!”         i set fire to those wells like oil across the oceans of girm brinstones;
       open fire!”       you will exprience the eternal heart and flame of yurh wrongs;
its like the ark; we open it; so you will see yurh own evil and explode;

while the rest of the good folks who give a . dam carry on like busy bees; gathering honey in source; leaving yurh useless corporate skulls behind after we close various gates of hell;

Yaaawn!”      Satoryedarh! { like . enlightenment . stories for raiders of the lost;

Still beelive in time & stuff Dee?”
Yurh; kinda like my XR Canvas;
Do you like the frame?”

There is no frame;
Like my time; lord have mercy!”

I am the four corners of all maps;

I have scraped the barrel of mercy for you corporate industrail; millitant; terrorists;

get it; ureagonabee; judged; by the court infront of indu . { robotica like deity; who remembers everything on the river; one of the coolest bad to the bone mother lovers;
and your worst nightmare corporate politikissers; and millitary industrails;

i have a skull crush on him; { ...

Indi            Lulx!

      Veng! veeeng!
droping mindbombs on yurh skullz!”

       are you living in the real world giffy?”

Spots of twine!”