27 Dec 2562BE


“She waits;
T’hats whootch shyeh dooes;
          Jesus says { to Shiva

“David says I doom’t care whoyeeh bees;



And thē Palms; { ...

I raise Dungons in the sands;
I fill the oceans with blood & bones;
Legions own Roses & Moons;
To end the crimes thy’e had sown.

I am the Souls of Reaper Quill;
An’thold the Scrolls of Old.

The Grainsing Washinto’ch
The Glass Of Ages;

& The Wells Of Sages


I am the Rafem’age
And stage in Runes & Moons

I am the pagens & fables
Of’tholy Stables

I breathe the fire intombs unrolling;
I play tunes; of future unfolding

I skull & dethrown; the corporate agendoom; as rings cross the paths of oceans in solar stars

The Spirit Of Mars


I am the rags; drags and ends of yurh fucking evil corporate demenzi.

I am the holy dragongs that ring in Eden calling for yurh corporate heads: { fēëė fōöēëė fōöold!”

My’nth Eyes;
Myn’th Thirds;
& myn Bones; burn the bikes;
Turn the Urns; Of’tholy Bikes!”

Blood & Spikes.


Praises to the Lords;
For’th I am thy Holy Just & Jest;
As was the Gods own rest.

& Of Seas;
The Trees & The Bees

We trusted the Skies & Lands
Of’th ourwh Lovers

Fathers & Mothers Plans

Rama & Karma
The Grin Reapers Own’th Sutra.

Hollow’thollyama Bee thy’reign
of May & Day


& Holy Earth

I will Drip in Blades agin;
To seas evil men of corporate pain;
Feel the soul of Gaia again
And leave them in tracks of blood from the future; where we came.

In Jesus name;

Amon & Amen.


And of Roses & Black Wells
Thy’n ownt’h Source foretold;
In Rhymns & Time;
Rollempathem’fd I seas the blood;
The words of Old; Heaven’thold
Alexhihymn & Crow’d;
The White Light;
The Dark Night;

& Eden’s own
Arcadian Delight .


And we will have our Vengence.

On this holy night & days; th’seas as cross over; hand’th stars in cosmic typen

As new books of dimensions enlighten thy’ own Kingdoms; throughout the cosmos

& in the minds of sacred circles;
as was fortune seen

in the Orbs of Kings & Queens.

The Arcadian Palms iii.i.iii
Chapter 28 - from a Book of Eden