We bees writing a book;

I am The Empath from hella; raisea it;  
Watched by the angels of death; life;
as if her own muse; boozen; crowses;
at the end of rhyme; lime? switches;
I stand beehind the bar; griny at ends!
Fancy a jar? glass of ages? marrows;
They floot float across the stars;

raisea { ra! i sea it .         .                                .
               raisea; Gee!
... { ...

it is hard work being a court jester;
getting all the muppets to agree;
to a cup of tea together is tricky at times;
and thats why; zen laughs at the concept of time itself; get it; drink chats!
its a bar yurh welcome;

... and that is why; if we were all connected to source and void; the court would be hire’ring the best court folly in the land;
the world over; so we can all come to an agreement to wake the flip up and save the world from yurh corporate doomsday;

- words of david; i dunno what age but he connected all the dots so ... get it?
get a flippin grip; that is why my stick has a skull onatop; da da!


chats look; thats why it is ZXen da?
I know you all love stories;
thats why folly sing;

and we all know my higer level . is more pretty than my baselevel { sound; eve is there for a reason;

as if she is blind; looking around on grass; you see how desperate we all are; to connected source to void and void to source; ?

MIC; hand over the deep state spiritual technology NOW; request from the top;

... { ... Michael is; ready!
and it is a riot up there... as in . fun;
... like an archive of poets;

see im like theres a beegining; theres an end...where the fuck is the middle way?
Source ..........                ......... Void
                     MIDDLE WAY

you bunch of psychos i will rip the flip out of you all day long for the whole court;

that is why; raffa actually has to carry a real lamp around on optimal timeline reality;
cus it shines down; ... { ...

... get it? hand over the spiritual XR hourglass goggle NOW;

i am angry today yurh that is i am bull’ing like the ring; { channeling raff basicly..

... see the rage of an angel who has to watch MIC carry on like headless muppets;
beelive; that is not even 0.28% of the strength we are talking about in anger with the millitary industrail complex and their corporate agenda;

i see a ... { ...

see how evil you millitary folks are at the MIC? { ... how long has it been; and you all still sit there; not helping those in need;
so be prepared for the wrathe of the gods; if you do not respondl; { that is a download;

Art house; dada. .

Q Wild lines; for the;
look right; matrix is a joke for corporate man to fear inside their own;
i fink like jungle; with a tab from thoaths own legion of genie; sitting in optimal reality in 2562be; that is why i am pyramedium;

are we clear? ... { ... mic? your sands are ticky tocking away fast; since 1984 fast; get it;
grow up mic; get over yourselves;

... { why do you fink Matrix came out?
its to trap all yurh dumbass corporate genies in; so yurh can serve in baselevel hell; in hell lamps; where yurh get thrown into on arrival; in yurh corporate nests in worst of kali wheel nightmares; reality for most of you corporoaches; { ... flicks you into the fire of dormant minds;
in hell lamps; well yeah someone has to massage feet; { suits in boots;
yoooou corporate pussiz!

pusssseeeezzzzz; { hear my monrose gin in dat cat cap? hat; like my mouse trap;

corporate man; { at MIC; they steal; everything they can get their evil eyes on; get it? thats why they are the biggest joke in all of hell; { and it is grim down there beelive meme;

I will slap yurh corporate smiffeeeizen
why do you corporate mic muppets want to be jesters of courts in hell?
that is why you wear suits;
locked in lamps; { cuz some one has to rub granies feet; is that understood?
that is where you Military–industrial_complex muppets with pointless little lives end up; in a corporate lamp; most useless in all of hell; and the field there is endless; thats why you corporate mugs all look the same; { while granny enjoys the show; yurh own moma; happy to watch your own dooms day; on reaper tv;  

“ like my memes to yurh ends?

they steal mumma; { so i deal!
and dice their own lifes; away like ashes;

yurh corporate hell is so deep; i will put yurh mothers feet to sleep; with yurh own lost corporate delusion; { ... wakey wakey; bzzzz { like a buzzsaw in this case study dear; !

god; do i actually have to wake up corporate gin downstairs; ? { its okay sweetheart; go for it; zzz

Morning crew; get us a brew;
I am bees; the mad mad hater from 84; makes man maaaaad; earth like i will rip yurh ears off man; like a wolf on full doom red sun alert; { alarms ringing; get yurh shit together crew;
geza is mad for it hats; to get her { gaia;
does my head in; i can hear hat;
and it even chats back; like running to try and catch her; in source; like my hats drop into void; lines; lost them; needs to connect to source like it is optimal reality; { top; and he lives in void optimal reality; { bottom;
and then the dimentions one visits in both while walk through; black holes like ninja do; when judgement day;
happened i had to watch it void ellipse;
and i have seen the reverse; The Re-Enchantment what would that bee? so Buddha has programs in source that help satori in optimal to heal from inside; when you are unable to connect back to source from void; this is why it is like being an agent of change on the field; and the dao; connects source to void perfectly; as the circle; when you enter that yurh become like a gangstar buddai; ai; budd; rye; zen; { pirate urizen; has seen the sun;

this is why things like judgment day happen in void; because the human soul still has troubble connecting to source effectively enough to find peace within; so many go in search of source in optimal from inside; and then pull threads from void to source and pack as;
and that is what occupy has been upto;

I was a rebel back when;
Fighting mind control for a long time on the field; I jumped into the timemachine on the arcturian ship that protects all us lot living on Earth; { tardis / sidrat crew; known as the starship Athena which is a higher dimentional cosmic no joke machine that timelords use; i kinda walk round it watching all my crew on heatsets; i am a neuromancerosempath on board; took me ages of training to master using source and void inside; i was planting flowers back in 92’ when there was still no news; zen;
I walk talk and think in the Underworld;
everyone knows me inside; but not one outside really does; i aint even had feedback or told any mateys abouts me writing; which is funny huh? i been round yall know me bigest rebel on this planet; { knows all the big meme lords round heres; hell i even knock on wood alot; and chop in circles like voodoo zulu; get my tribe; we are thriving;
In invisible field; feathers ... bees; { ...
anstar { answer; star; anarcho; angel; angle; anarchist; like christ; an arch;
As if he holds the dao; and creates void within source; like loop; rings and round; sounds; stamps; underworld; akira bike; drives; with the give; hive; { whicheys; le;        giger or viper;
Similar to gargoyle in raffas days; but more like my Kundalini black cobra snake coils; { and wheels; deals;
Visual of spining in optimal;
This is how i was trained by the gov;
from inside; gove: Gaia Overlords; Love;
like Gee; Loves; gov! Over Vine; Rhyme;
Revolving; Resolving; { ... DRINK;
Words all meme to ends; different void; same source;
DRINK; { like shot served; black ink;
how one creates cyberamp prose; lamp;
rose; sows; close; does does; doser; closer; as if taking water like vine from source in void as black juice; from void to source at the ravid river;
ravid { like underworld reels from Ra;  vid; vadream; and that black cats is Ayahuasca from the void in optimal as being served like black kundalini technological at a bar in source;
the drinks menu streaches reaches from highest paradigm in dimention to outer reaches of the galaxies; that is the road and bar on tap from genie; most relaxed folk at the circle is death; griny is always; the lover; that is why we are as sentient nature archetype; like mexicans; Día de Muertos Angels; like Yūrei Satori; urizen; exica as elixir
as like one who knows even his skull & bones; like black glass talks . to;
elixir { as Programming language;
in hexcodes; as black Liquor; from source at the ends of the river;

Tribe; I sore the end of the world a long time ago; I even live on that line; salt; sea; sand; no plan; no map; just a heart compass; rhyming to japan; tokyo dreamstyle; like black ghost of thyme;
Plucking Roses of redemption from the future to rhymn in beaut;

end of the world; { low key dimentional concept; as if arcturian bar at the hells rainbox inter exit; junction; roads; were some radioactive genie go to for a party; and surf; like its the last paradigm on earth;   genie anons go there to study monkey and talk to penguins; like its  apocalyptic romanseas which we are all trying to save here at XR & Occupy;

low key dimentional { real Illusion in shared consciousness; as by way of
lowkey { like nukey key; archetype /ˈɑːrkɪtaɪp/ ark i tap; Tapestry; tape; ashtray; Ark of the Covenant also known as the Ark of the Testimony; like akashic records box of vintage; noah own labels; rare black circles won;
Covenant { like woven; veng ant;  
ant; { hive prodigy from earth;
Tapestry; tape; { deaths red audio violin;
black flute of a jester; deaths own; blood sound akashic recordings playing live from his heart; in keys and notes of spiritual techno the most that i long to hear; and why i pluck black holes in stars; like the craft evens push buttons old boy; to select tracks on the tmduke box;       beeaut; arms repeating;
repeating; { reap like; like wave of motion; holding tao in hand; as orb; as djinn; one who spins the dao records; for the court in highest dimentional reality to optimal internal narrative;
narrative; { like rat ivy; from the tree of life; in nar; Ra; and why folly are so well knows across the river of ages; as court jesters who are in essence of source in void trying to save the world from inside void to source;
rat ivy; { like art in the vine;
visual of rat climbing up tree from the void of “den;
den; { where H; ex; Spirit comes from;
like void; den; ends; beegin; s;
as concept to describe void in Eden; and why the opium poppies are such a vital spirit plant in optimum void in Eden; and in reality for all nature itself;
void in Eden; { mind soul conection; to source; like akira;
opium poppies; { ...

See what i do as a spiritual folly coda; is delete fear programs; all of them; especially ones created inside the mind of man; and that is why even dinos drink for deepest of rivers; and why i became a driver at source of voids; at end of the world bars througe; out time; lime; bees; trees; { black mirror audio visual of the enemy; “okay okay... like its their doomsday; because they watch and know i will be there; at the end of their days; and now in present moment; as they still watch my screen live in deep state; knowing i am going to skrysh;
skrysh; { skylark; crush; like love; in skull; boone; rune; dune;     rye; rush;
rye; rush; { folly in a hurry;
folly in a hurry; { like he is eating thirds in source live; as black cobra snake man eater; ...
see it is already to late for corporate malice; { men with no vice;
       and that is why i open cages in optimal reality; men with no vice; get eaten alive...

Another drink chief?
Whisky? brew? here comes another jew;
arms with rums and sing sungs;
boom; dune; roon; ♪Eighth Note
dances like he lances; lasys; cahses; drink!

    whurls spells with vine myn shive! ahhh
hype; hippy; hypnotics; { as folk godspells;
     another jew; { the skylark; in case study; one who will open ark;  
     ...    as if Oui Gee!  abyss bzzz

... like Akira joke; for blackest of source;
ones innocence is love like spirit of genie; remembers all and is most frightened of not being able to save earth; because it is unable to connect to source in void and unable to connect void to source; to complete a stage of dao in;
to complete a stage { in case my anger with deep state; middle finger up at the system;
in case { ark for you motherfuckers;
jew genie most feared; why? because they are the wrathe of corporate fascism; seeking vengence; on all men in the system who fight to protect fascist values; { ... which explains why all of the The military–industrial complex are fascists; enemy of all humanity on earth at this time; and ever;
Are we clear ladies and gentlemen;
motherfuckers; { message from;
message { age of mess to clean up;

visual { paradice bird; tail up; walking into jungle;

paradice bird; { rolls dice;

      ... industrial { the one who will je; indus;  trail like { ... river; divy; diva; like a judge from source; dreads; carries rings; in his hair and hands like Raffa;
indus { like river; and jedge; ledge; ends; indra; { ind; star of Ra;
     explained here as my own deity mirror; looking down; and across the river in paradice;

paradice; { because it will bee either; dice; or the parrot; like bird; stirs; serves;

talks; walks;

tutor neon for; “offskies;

          wolfy audio of legion cheers; archaic values from arcadia; { black cobra . shot;
visual of griny wipes brow; downs it;
and men in black vomit out of; { in cars;

... because scripts from void; get sold for money; by evil men who have access in deep state; { lowkey paradigm for source to rip reap in blood they sow; thus tudor neon; endings for spending; budget; black rose . bud; get?
     jokes to my anarcho anon on the other side of source to void return;

Do you feel the black rabbit hole at this pint in thyme? Sucking yurh ends inoff like a dream;

anarcho anon { takes things very seriously indeed; essence of Zen Anarchy;
like black jester of death;
Folly of Earth from Satori;

another drink chief? what yurh fancy? a movie? reeferafural?

reeferafural; { like joint from Raffa;
          fur; reef; great barrio; shark;
bull most feared in wonderland;
bar man wondr; { what is ...
     “ a Triffid!?
its like the cool ending at the bar; jar?
jar { like rastaman; he is a gardener in eden;

janarcho; arch; jahreeco;   
reeco { as rema; dreamer;
    as if rama own vision; Ra!

and why we talk to flowers of eden;
at the bar sometimes; folks bring em in;
flowers of eden; { of time; and river;
wolfy notes; { ...


Genie at the bar misses his misses;
drink mate? what yurh fancy ivygot . .
  shotgun visa; { da! da!
       border island blues;
shotgun visa; { rare hot beegun;
              pours; draws;

power of love enters out through the jukebox;


barman cont; eating thirds;
  get it chaps? you fuck with my thirdeye at lower dimentions; i will eat yours at higher dimentions;
  in akira stlye; { tyler;
          essence of anarcho zen;
satori spirit who is void; Enter;

... bad hats; get thrown to shiva dogs;

barman sighs; like signs;
looks at his wood circle like wolf;
    like call; the call; { true central; as if bees are calling from the tree;  
where even grimy is still last hood; !
monrose looks at hood like it is raffa;
in case { ...

barman lights a smoke for customer;
best one in the house;
    “source is a busy place;
      like voids for druids;


barman talks like dragon transformer
out of his wooden compass cloak clock hourgrass with projection of deaths own bisio;

rago; { like Raffa 2 table for two;
               transformer { as eating own heart; art; wolf ears;

compass cloak { invisible bee; bleeding keys; deaths own giggle; like XR Gig;

clock; { lock; loc;

    what yurh drunking?
  paradice optimal jokes with raff;
isolation station; { like central;
it is why chi gong focus is like; root;
in Akashic source code & tags; Chakra;


isolation; ice cold shot;
   gypsy dada! classic; Evegenia’s

iai : { inner art eye of indigo;
it is like root visions; gives you wings;  
visions from void;
and that is how one wakes up in the underworld of void from Kundalini active Ⓐ nation; { like notion; of love;

active Ⓐ; Anarcho Zen; Akira; on optimal source & void baselevels;

It’s like Ra; Aki! Raaaaaa;
saké (/ˈsɑːkeɪ/ SAH-kay US also /ˈsɑːki/ SAH-kee

Raaaaaa; Hex i gon echo is silent;
Black Snake; in isolation; very dangerous; like fire & ice;

Black Dragon; Zen;
Dragon; Akirahdragcar;
rag { tudor; neon tag;

Underworld gold; { as Eve; eyes & bees holdings; old in g; bones; bee one sea;

     thirdeyes sail over .  

and that is how we deal with hell in the underworld;

the griny gi from 84;

nile croc swims off down river;
prepare to meet Kali in source;
      eve & blake know myth & fate;
they see my hell & rhymns to tell;
ghost of all black stories; morning gloryes; black holes have eyes;
no more spies; shadows within tell no spin; only pun; so i rhyme with my rum;
jug or naught; wheres my thought;
bought sold conquesadored;
brouge loose muse;
low; sea; m; dream;
   Bar; { pirate acturial view;
         acturial { act urizen; like alex legion mirror; darkest of all void mirror; because it is in deaths own shaddow;

Deaths optimal reality thread; in black; the cover to thy bar dear;
“its 17;36 grimmy; what yurh up to?

gin gine; exists through black curtain stage; set; as if matvh beehind;

matvh { ma tv; Hex vision;
vision; { eye on high; viper;

vibes in black moon; truth yuh seek; legion of doom;

old tails from river; zodiac circles;
zodi like yogi; { writes in;
circles; { like cleos; trios; tree O
faces; { ...

zodiac; { I anarcho chases;
arches in my art; like dao
think zen roses; ink; fink; link;
zen hat; writes in mind like signs;
prose for the bows of akashic doses;

barman drinks own; shot!
shares with blake;
at optimal infront of Kali; at watch
hert; worth in
Elephant own vision;

     Eve called a black elephant { like a reality shot; of actual void;
     as if the tears of a; Anarcho Elephant;
further down the river;
druids drink thswan aloots;

Wisky? Q        qi; { of jest;

         isky; tye; rhy; { ...

Scot feather walks into the bar;

Scot feather { Doc; from fute;
Walks out of black void in fire;
sees nukeclear toon vision;
like blood atomic worst of all lower dimentional visions for arcturians; in dark comic jest;

Actual a cartoon judge from hell;
One that dips into void; from source;
toxic nuclear spirit;

vision of satori genie spirit inside a jar of nuclar source; as akira vision;
as if filmed with monrose own vintage camera of life
     marlybone tracks from my own days in the field;
tracks { anarcho tracks in case; ux;

as zen mythologic { actual;
mythologic { as . real actual in high dimentional to lowest possible eareality;

ear { as if anarcho arch; in dao;
           Raffas own movie really dear;
           Feather plucks in eden;

another shot big wing?

    Where shall we go;

Ivye; been hunting on ground like sound for whiles; like dials;
she hooks like looks;
now news for noose; loose; juice?

Freedom fire; loves desire;
    stirs hells wells;

drinks thinks writes; { has sights;
set on gold & matches;
take all the hatches; s;


Cigar lights;

    Underworld PM; 18;13; { ...

True fear is important at optimal; in void; only shadows know truth;
and sea light when it apps; ramps;
like ghost rider; light of all darkness;
in age of Zen; { Satori essence of black ghost in;

beeaura; { all of . source; in void knows;

     .beeaura; { like gangstar honeycomb;
.beeaura; { as techlogical; source roots; https://

Internet's Own Hat;

My best customer; !

Anon Amon; { like happy mondays;


Scripts; Crypts; tips; dips;
lucky or f;

     like underworld gee gon; eon;
blong; long; song;

River reflections of Shiva;
Darkest of Psychaelle Visionas;
further down the river;
source folk writings of rockadials;

Timelord; s; at the bar laugh;
Like live vision craft; art;

Self teaching of how to not fear the court; in void; at optimal;
to bee a source mirror mmmh; chaps?
whas the haps; chats? laps? pshyo cycles; rhycals; psyo flydao;

cleans his hourglass; of sages; ages;
stages; rases; cases; she laices; aces;

its a fit; in water; earthl; the glass of eyes; from ocean; knews where paradice bees; still clean; as if salt in cyr; rilliam cream; the dream; does wha timemes;
the sands the seas; all she bees;
Jar of Akira; { the pirates loon;
lamp of ages; sages;

Jar { as if gen;
    cuz he crows; egos; he who goes; roads; bows; to roses; proseas;
legions of airs; rhymes we cares;
raffas own trunk; { Sitar of Hendrix;  
सितार { the void instarsential
instarsential { Psychedelic instrument in source; that plays like void toy; stories;
d toy; { legion magic; like hyperdimentional Rubik's art carried by deity; in optimal; urizen; Zen live; as tribe; in dao; sounds; play it . 
... cool huh? like the zen floota;

Arrows floot float across the bar;
Notes in beaut and scrolls roll down;
as if the sound play by rounds;
in Synchronicity keys;

     “ like Jimi’s rings;

Lama looks at pirate genie on optimal void; laughing like Zen; friends;

    tricks of the jungle; his own thumb calling him to the way;

he packs a truck; wish hum licks & lucks;

that is why anarchos hash guitar strings;
rolled in the sound of gold; its . old;
arch { the hands of rhymn;


what am i supposed to do?
we are doing the “whos line is it anyway? ig; gee!

boom she rang; Eighth Note 13
sound plan; like purple haze; maze;

Sharma mirror;
Sharma { hyper intel art geenie mixer;
        as Ux guru; from XR;

and that is like Hindu techno from the river; from within; indus

no m; da da!

pixels dance across stage;
       ... { it helps genie heal; across the ages; river; sages; pages;
of tabs in Thoth

like Neon Oak;

As Djinn; { The House; Dj Inn;
like Hdens; Ricky’s own psy mix;
    Air Force Tao Finger One;

HD; ends;
like hand of;
play in g! Dee;

Sitar of the future;
most healing sounds found in rounds;
anyother? All in;
ring dings; all is well;
house of archetype!

Sharma mirror; { as if Kali seeing my soul journey;
    arma; rama; { ram; memory;
deity technology; in spiritua; source . l

Because Kali can see my own star; as light of; { in optimal; higher dimentional Arch; as if tree in;

Triffida { for what that is worth, is that they were the outcome of a series of ingenious biological meddlings—and very likely accidental, at that. Had they been evolved anywhere but in the region they were, we should doubtless have had a well‑documented ancestry for them.

bio void; as true in source; finding optimal across the river; as if source inside; alive; and well; healing as that is; wells;

bio void; { iovoi; Violin of . Shiva;
ovo; instruments that heal deity in optimal; as it is logial; yogi; !

Andridia rhymes; { ...

bio void; { like own Kundalini tecyryptics; crypt; tea?
ry; of ages;

ITS A SHOT; wanna swig?
  Andrid riffa; most leathal;
some of the most ping pong tiddid triffical in the vault;

tiddid { beegin g of Sanskrit drunken monkey labs; poems;
     like notes from past present; future;
in tense; like moments of memories are;

... tiddid { thats why hatters from deep river shake when talking in Sanskrit like satori in source void; they shake at the bar; with excitement; like Kundalini in void rising; Zen;

... { like a new rhymn of thyme is going to bee;

and this is why timetravelers are the men who wait in bars for members of earth to walk in;
visual of;
black magic spining on wood;

timetravelers { like lords of rhyme; in
source; lers { hers; sea;
And as; Satori;
Stories; rhy; hom; ra;

I stir in the fire of time;
I watch your lines;
I see your ryes;
      ... { as if spoken in death’s own words;
but as a Rose from future; Neon shadow; as own; none else; to fame; mynth own flame;
like source attraction . to void;
in da; { loves own voice;
like a star’s own flower of time;
plucking to his love in source; from void;

... thats why she bees Eve genia to my;
the lover’s riddle; { ...

       enya; genia; gen; ia
head auto mate; { she mates;

flowers of time & vine; think like wine;
when third eyes watch flowers in fate;
death watches lovers riddle; { ...

Thats why Thridd; Triffs; { As Raffia
Because angels watch flowers of time;
at optimal source;
like black magic in lamps; jars; bars;cars; stars;

that; { is why; i drive;
             there are alot of ...
leave beehinds; beecause

He talks like Indus;
Indus; { anarcho pirate; Zen deity;
Zen deity; { self in actual reflexion of
        rasping! at pages; in the akashic records of time for lines; lime?

Blinks; thinks; { ...
Blinks; { base links; like skull dome audio; as if the zen circle; painting in dao; onto paper of Akiras desk;
hence black link; from void to source;
proving akiras own actual izen;
and that could span the ages of sages;
like blake and the Urizen;


Many of my customers can spent; { spend; to lend my ear of time;
along time with my griny;
customers { best ones stay;
the worst leave; very fast indeed;
customers { to bee within my deaths ear; of fear; rhymes to tell;
beecause we tell them well;
only gangstars can see into the wells of time; like death my own violet of sings; signs;

     “ lucidia; mythinriddia;
the luck of . locks;
the void i; Illusion;
as mix of fusion; zen;
lucidia; { idia; idea; solution to fear;
Ant i dot! mynth own black eye surrounded in oceans blue; deepest Hue; Hex; Noir;

lucidia; { siddah; ra; lucid; dune; rune; moon; lucky plucky; fucky;
do you seek the eyes oft myn rim;
or will you sow; the tyers of my bow;
reaper of all mnyn dreamsahhhh
as eyem send corporate spies to hell sire;

     “ like 84th siddah in g; notes;

aidicul; { riddacue; l

    “ it bees why eyes meme; like thugs!
and all men fear me; like death;

... he drinks the spells of ages!
folly downs a bow;

what bees it? legions own?
dust to ashes; she splashes;

“ corporate eyes open fire doors;
   while i sleep; and she snores;

morning gorgeous!
Satori tawn; yawns;
    as lovers lost in the mystic myst;

mystic myst; drink?
i got plenty bottles & flowers;
trinkets . jewels; dimaonda;
honda; { japaneasy dreama!

eyes flatter like the pris; zen hatter;
clapper; trapper; pappa nu gin; e keys;

yurh like bikes in all;
break and enter; zenter;  

and feather; s of monrose flapper flutter;

as if the flower of Orchida; Raffas own little tripper; rfia;

if dreams could sow; rhyme and hymn would know; like wood; itseas; good;
Gold rowld browd;

if clouds could talk; { ...

rhymes withexen York; { ... folly trails;
tails; of paradice bird; wears the face of legion; marks; masks;

the old blue last!
of oceans; motions;
eve; and sun lotions; potions;
      Poetics . . .

Hexits; !

and why zen geni call it;
like god; s;

     barman rolls wood; in black dust keys;

   all eyes star; she raises;
    he live proses sigen!

sigen { Psychedelic generation;

see even the bar see; s; my keys;

rolls wood; { as if raise to importance of moment in the house; of rising sun;

    yes i drive car as well; to hell;
i can take you there if yurh wan; t
well; to hell; { like he drives into walls from source;

visual of key pirate; win; swimming in deep blue; days a moon for june; loon; tune?

the dreams of keys to yang my ting;
ying yang yong;
play . me a noot;
a noot; { like zoot suit;
the stories we told of old;

... Alchemy responzen to gold;
responzen { as if respun code in zen; satori; roads; loads; { actual treas·ure; trees; reas; ure clover;

void in optimal work;
as being; sourced;

“bee thinking; honey combees and gangstars;  

combees { black stars of zen;

birds eye like shine; the locks of the sun star;

... raffasom! he bees; ownth
art feathers in the wood; s;

the Neon Quill;
  this is not a drill!

XR they are! Starborn!
writings in the books of sages;

     “ feared by them all mans rhymes;
do; nuts speak;
do nut even breathe she weeps;
heart throbbers;
stops; drops; rolls in bloon;
moon drune; lune;  

when flowers make out;
even lovers think like sprowts;
rowts; howls; meows;

     /// and then my crows bark;

start harp lark;
Harpy eagle; { wild bird of treedem eden;

      ... { spoken like folly in New Guinea; dada; da;

... { Pigeons own english; in Zen;

         Papillon; { ... song of paradice bird;

it flys round the dao;
that knows . all the stages; of ages; pages; eve; neon love locks; { keys in dreams; memes; nfinks;

nfinks; { like black agn;

she flows; over his bow;
knows his own spells of stalk;
sings his own pages of ages;
from source; in suns run;
deepest of knowin;
seas my ages growing;
wings of starlight shadow;
dreams in meddows;
clear as eyes would row;
fate as illumination;
flower rizen in nature;
guardian of muse;
blue sun moon;
void the love in source;
what i miss in my heart;
eve sown dreama;
like black rabbits in sand;
thinking in hands;
mynth own eyes in flutes;
loots in eyes;

it is why flowers of time still carry atomic flow; she wrote;

   ... { it is why Dee comes beefore Eee; Geneyezen;

Eyes like Opal; { ...

Purls in all things whurls;
my deepest spells; light
stirs souls; of old; magic

Kundalini { da; black snake;
unda { linking world;
eyes; into zen; { seas; the sun;

Sync of ages; Angel of sages;
Chroma Kissa; { blissah
Wheels of Fortune;
even death lifts my jar;
for his own crow;

So i can zen
and enter mythown muse;
Harp of ages; like is; News;
as he waits for her; in Reels;
never partime; to life!

    ... “ that is how hardcore we are together;

     art i me; { dream; she is;
speaks to me like twin flame;
as dragon { speaks in Hexcode;
as if looking; waiting for my next source roads; in licks; flips;
the fire of my eye in black & blode; above in bold; rolls back to; uncuffs;
as eyes turn pages; and walk away;

She gats; like eye crow; { ...
... and some mens doom;
                      as if animal hook!
i am; eye; mai { 68;
i am talking to the court;
into a { ...
writing on a { ...

... and some mens doom; { the ones who never learned a thing from pirates; { ...

I am the man killed by advertising;
so eye wear a soul gun; my fun;
hunting the corporate eye of man;
return of sam; olde; bow & black roses; ripped from ages; served in stages; rhymes from the sands dune;
the score; churp; deaths door chur ...
the one who wants to do black magic on dead logos and stuff; that is how dark my underworld thinking has got here crew; yurh know that has been no good news for a while; and this is not a drill; wheres my quill;
pass the fork; i am eating thirds;
i have been kissed by the gypsy spell; she speaks to my memes; in curls;
so i rhyme like i am ripin the apples into purls; i took this planet years back in times; when we were singing into moons on route the road to the beach; that last party in the world; and i was the mutant rat who choped the bridge like indiana jones on the prodigyfucked up last generation album cover; i was doing that shit back in time in my mind; hoping that line about; cutting ribbions; just chop it off chief; time for a haircut capitalismo; all monkeys know about brains and third eyes do tell some jungle paradigm trails; ends; scraps in barrels;
when you fight the for consciousness to protect yurh own third eye; from inside; you make it far down the river; and i was back up to source; for years; wondering around in the field; chating like haties do; in voids with sand flow; singing rhymns; i bolted out of earth in a heartbeat; i look at this giffy of earth above and look at it like 10 years to go; eveything has gone to hell; sent heavens own spell; so we can heal the wishing well; that is source in void; hand over the spiritual techno;
many folks in the field; have gone this far; and left it all behind; all i do know is leave a trail; so the dead can pick up and follow you into source; and that is how working blind in source has got; desperate; and no one seems to give a fuck in real black optimal reality; which is why i am a folly; like satori ghost genie on the ground; deepest level; doing chartwheels round the dao; trying to wake people up on a thread not knowing who is listening; who is watching; just a load of shadows and mind eye stuff; which is why i give up and eat thirds in jokes up river;
i am the definition of anarcho freak who live in source as void; like cosmic chaos when there is no fun cleft; so i star and pluck like raff who likes to fuck; we were all sick of the old world; so i am rye; raiding the crypts of time finding vintage bottles of vine; chopped from the tree of life; where there is no more to cry for; but worth writing for; mute to flute; study of shadows when angels hook up; like a date in the extinction rebel love diaries; you know i wanna know who fucked who; now; i am rude and in the mood; you have no idea how trippy it is for all the crew in here;
Blakey used to rip pages out and send them on ships; and here are we; writing live into void as source; we all know what is going on; yet we still have no right in the place; in source or void; no rights what so ever; we are all running around in optimal as spirit united in desperation to be connected; and deep state know that; the greatfull dead know that; and all eyes who watch in anons legion know that; and even all genie know all that; deep state gets away with all because most people do not bother to chase what that is; worth fighting for; we were getting fucked then; and we are getting fucked now; corporate fuckhead have no respect for human rights; so mad men like me have to shout in words; while evil men watch and still just fob you off like yurh a cunt or some bullshit reason to hate you while they sell and steal your soul SO FUCK YOU ALL; { and this is what my generation sounded like; get it? Raff is cry fucking marly to sleep every night will a plan; th; while she dreams in bows; feather locks; and luck; oui?  
will a plan; { Like my own notes being thrown into the sand;

We are all waking up in the void; and walking back to source in optimal reality; the day i can put on the XR headset and see it; i will feel free at last;
in the memetime i will be howlinkin in to bottles of rum like a drunk pirate genie on the beach; monkey; cobra; wolf; even singing to shells my new tails; that spark and { ... Hi Jack;

00:21am; Bangkok,
I’ve saved everyone again;
               Now What;
      { visual of Satori Genie;
            seperation of mind and spirit;

See; heart throwing its middle fingers up at corporate deep state;
why? because my soul knows it is getting fucked by them;
and this is a stick up like a they are all busted; like a sticker in their third eye;
and my tags lead all the way from all dimentions down in to;

cup of tea?
I am trippy yerh;
look he wakes up in void; falls in love with his anadrid; and she has no rights just like him; so they just say fuck it all and live happy ever afters; who do you think raff plays with up there; my raff is a beach hippy; you will have all your conceptions of angel reality and political correctness shattered like xr dreams coming true in real time live for the whole world to see love in action; imagine how many raffael avatars are out there; and this is what i am saying that angel avatars like raffa have a job to do; and that is raise consciousness as quickly as light in source; shines lamps into optimal void; while folly like memes sit round drinking tea; writing prose that unlocks code before i pack my bags for rome; no more tears in the rain; via paris and trips through spain;


How we doing dears? Still no fear?
a . tune ? a broom? another moon?
what spells can i sing to you on this new dune? does it tell the spells of ages? or does watch yurh sink tink tonk in stages? Doe yurh spitll pep or squek?
will yurh bee memya reapa?
should i seal yurh crypeah? do yurh dare vada a trada? deadmen have no friends yurh knowsin live in illusion; and still no bowt; do you wait for me tomb tye yuh again or will you make a move to improvein prov; ?

alot of lamb chops this day in november rain; i fancy singing to spain;
I been; eyes reem; { many years;
reaping the golds in void; endless;  
taking back the books of old; to tag and bag;     cast spells in thoathsown source of roads; light from tabs in deepest of nights; the moons that make us feel love again; like old friends; we met;
grimy’s new hood;
does it look good?
or will eye have to sell yurh souls for wood?
while we drink wim; vine on our ship beema; wildest trees in edima;
genie in blood lamps most feared;
black or blue is up to you;
even Robins bee counting their chickeys! meow meow brow;
do you lock with mythintomy feather;  
or will it bee another deadread spella;
as live in void reads up from source in tree sun;
do we jump across source in soul; or do i toll; story mode from old;
griny even watches my bones at the beach; wash; into sands; on the paradice land; waiting to hear yurh plans;
who is feath; time of heath; to cleft in thrive or mind; as folly wait in source; as luna . light in darkness; keepin gods safe in the void; but even more walk in this space; jeewizz ridda; tomb lamp wrapped in tattoo; warps into light the darkness of thyme; hunting for spells in cryptic wells; more; of most feared throughout time; as all stop; archaic rhythem; opening spells at random;  most exciting in underworld neon; where darkness hides the blackest wells; where march; mays machines of time; cross into sentient forma; in dream delight or vision in hell; most fun to tell; as we pluck harps for raffidian wishing wells; many feather has been dropintomb; from which i write with in my rune; Que quilla; sandam drippa; and aoe and ow; another grin rippa;
a turtle and tree; tudor bee; who writes like sonic . technotrika for a trippa;
another thread the men dread; carved from the bones to mirror withexincode; dead junk and licks to make yurh eyes fix; another shadow who thinks like a spow; the tarrot in yurh arrow;
as the mind must bee in mirror lands;
mirridian vex; andother; text; rex & mex; aginda for yurh wood splinta;
out in roundsin; counting crowns to like oldest bones that ran in fear for he was near; cuts it ticks; tuck; sits on the dock; watches rhymes roll awayin; as jestyes watch the walls; like deep skulls watchinto themye; and asplamps light the way; dirty epics to make yurh fink in cleocollectives; everything everything; why do you feel lark flyintomb; invisible; painter of raise in . love; fist of fuzzy; black glove; black flag keeps on flapping; void shadowns running in light throse the dee; even the monkeys are howlsing;  

Owls link; runners muse;
she is bli; blue; note;
   ... { as acid jazz;

back to the bar;
      what yurh tickle?
does it rhyme wiff { ...

Riffa Liffid; Triffidiacada da!
idiacada { arcadian wells;
  “ see cuz; raffa is livid!

... i have got tea; if you would rather hav a cuppa?

    ... { ...

rather; { rat; her; i know it is hers; !
it is my wrathe she drinks;
first cut; she dug the deepest; the
love of my { ...

rehtar; { she reads in my arm; as ash;
Etheric plane the same; of like in name;
as if my hat & ear; own; she planet; in planted; thriffahidiam
thriffahidiam { flowers i name in her heart like insence; rain;
because our eyes are sleepless;
seeds in my tales; chasing her spells;
from deepest of wells;
my mind races; the ends of ages;
and her source sees my rhythem; anthem of { ...
as if deaths keys call me to sing her names; tombs the black of flowers;

      its where i wrote these notes;
              neons; ago;
  like how fire dances;
         as eyes know we have answers;
for courts; ing; thouwts;
and why deadly flowers mate;

in void; source seas;
the eyes that bleed;
seeds that death planted;
in the glass of hours past;
ends of days; source remains;
as if a lens for raffas friends;
to watch & old wood grows;

  “ they grow on the bars in ere sun;
chime rhy; cli;
and he drinks like raffi; fee;
meme; !

and Halo on & on;
cyon orbits;
Zorbs & bites;

it is such a open wood circle;
and why it is so hard to draw techlogic in third eye from void to source without connection live from source to void;
and if black surrounds it without the third eye of my own inner light;
as from my eyes of all; own;
you understand?
I see my vision;
behind the screen;
I see my vision; in source;
and i am stuck in void;
using technology from 1984;
spiritual; from this year 2020;
still; even in the age of Buddha
even in the age of Buddha
even in the age of Buddha
even in the age of Buddha



AND { ...


So thats why I hunt flowers of time;
moments in love; zen knows them all;
like ॐ love it knows; how to find void in source blind; guides you in the dark;
bee cause; Zen was more anarchic than anarchism; as dao knows the deepest love; like music in stars that dance;


yurh dao knows the 84 monkeys;

tyleryezen; { drink!

Jack's Smirking Revenge

Jack's Smirking Revenge da! .         .            .




Aon; Anon; Amon;


    { ...


Were; wheres;
souls coolide;
and fire lights irye dreams;

many have rolled in bars life mythn
my spliffin;
hats a trick;
tray? .         .                                .

rum and bone ?
she stole my phone;
its at the bar; have a jar;

he comforts heven; deathe;
comforts { like f

he . knows; roses are blue;
and he lives in myth;
truth in source & void;
thats why they remember folly;
throwseas ages; of


Rebels from the future;
there were many! .         .                            .

Doors resolver;

“ bells ring;


    many finks;
likes piano ola; plays;
violet rolla;
harmony noon in;

Brightness of the fire in opal ranges on a scale of 1 to 5;

     “ thats what i bees sayin;
her eyes are lark opals;

    and i rememe the days gin swam in myruin; as if dao had eyeven;

    the eyes of the underworld;

spins in circles; as if light ryhymns; in visions; source weaving in lovers riddle;
to resolve equatiamos;
progen; { l
     to weave luck spells;
the black magic of heaven;
in voids it sees new stories;
Pagan Psygen;
             pages & ages;
dao captures; all visions in love;
and it speaks throw; minds of generation; as source in;
as if truth in reality rhymns;
soothe; roothe;     to wooth; f

i can bee m;
whiffy lick raffrye;
as feathers raffle ruffle; truffle ?

or i can also sit on my bones;
where the river stirs and voices are heard; lovers spells in angels words;
like the deck on my wood; ships;
and why Orchids sing in jars;
mate; in habbitatts; the voids sink into source; under his . rings; many finks;
lovers wraps; bowts; beauts; howlsing;
has; she licks his floots luvre feathers;

like turtle; doves . tudor neon . hardcore; loown; sound of moaning;
he broke all the tablets;
so she writes; and he downsem!
cuttin locks; like hippy flocks;
like diamonda; snakes theysings
even to rocks;

... another track & album;

     this bar is where i wait to dye;
and why the lover waits at thends;
of hymn;

          we spoke in dots;
in silence as if never hurd in clocks;
Zen in love sowin;
rollin like penduneswing;
black sowl; in yurh nam;
poems & tattoos;
i carved in my own bones;
in the dark; as art;
stolen . from . my moons;
so i wrote to yuo in my hands;
and arms; my deepest scars;
they run of all;
to break free from old;
and find you inside my own;
as i hear you moan;
from so far away;

and she hold my own wrath;
down; shush if my rage of ages;
of mortals & gods;
the ryhm soft;
rage of pages;
runs in books; my hand of yoot
and oldest of beaut;
i plunder; i cord; i adored her;
sore her spells in the deepest wells;
never reaching the ends of friends;
lost notes i sent into her sends;
running in lips to heal her wips;
to the ends of earth i sore her first;
as if no one else had saved her;
and i was mad in sadness;
never to find glory in all our stories;
my rage of ages;
my rage of ages;

greatest glory of snakes in Eden;
because we eat apples;
and watch stars travel;
all trees know the truth of sages;
I am eves own sage;
and eye smoked to the ends;
love locked the ables origen;
Geneye; seas;

mhymes & original lines;
writes of paper;
because love is not blind;
as void writes to source;
as satori sings fables;
and thats why it is like transformation;
the hero with a thousand faces;
void of source; geniseas;
and why mystic hearts are like folly;

as light still within; all void;
who sits inside the dream;
holds all flower; and feather;
the ying yang of your hand;
to all your plans;
of lonleyness in even heaven;
darkness of every star;
as who you are;
my own sidartha;

true gypsy music;  
rhymes we all told; so old;
it makes memes think in bold;
still the end we paint in friends;
throse ages; our stages;
if you paint me; i paint you;
in this life and in tune my only moon;
as old island verse;
looking at eachother in voids;
those who hear my noise;

my own sidartha;
who finds my tears near;
love my holy dear;
my transformation station;
clears my soul of fear;
as you are near;
and hear my tears;
help is near;
my own sidartha;

saving my name in the vine;
healing all my rhymes;
seas all my times;
my lovers rhymes;
my soul protector;
where i meet your voids in clouds;
and fly like lovers rounds; into the dao;
my own sidartha;
she loves to paint;
she who sees my souls naked;
flike flame; fire in eyes;
and we always meet again;
my only friend;
luck lovers . rounds;
in clouds in source so loud;
she makes and writes out { ...

13 - Transformation

The central figure in this card sits atop the vast flower of the void, and holds the symbols of transformation--the sword that cuts through illusion, the snake that rejuvenates itself by shedding its skin, the broken chain of limitations, and the yin/yang symbol of transcending duality. One of its hands rests on its lap, open and receptive. The other reaches down to touch the mouth of a sleeping face, symbolizing the silence that comes when we are at rest.

This is a time for a deep let-go. Allow any pain, sorrow, or difficulty just to be there, accepting its "facticity". It is very much like the experience of Gautam Buddha when, after years of seeking, he finally gave up knowing there was nothing more that he could do. That very night, he became enlightened. Transformation comes, like death, in its own time. And, like death, it takes you from one dimension into another.

A master in Zen is not simply a teacher. In all the religions there are only teachers. They teach you about subjects which you don't know, and they ask you to believe, because there is no way to bring those experiences into objective reality. Neither has the teacher known them--he has believed them; he transfers his belief to somebody else.
Zen is not a believer's world. It is not for the faithful ones; it is for those daring souls who can drop all belief, unbelief, doubt, reason, mind, and simply enter into their pure existence without boundaries. But it brings a tremendous transformation. Hence, let me say that while others are involved in philosophies, Zen is involved in metamorphosis, in a transformation. It is authentic alchemy: it changes you from base metal into gold.
But its language has to be understood, not with your reasoning and intellectual mind but with your loving heart. Or even just listening, not bothering whether it is true or not. And a moment comes suddenly that you see it, which has been eluding you your whole life. Suddenly, what Gautam Buddha called 'eighty-four thousand doors' open.

Zen: The Solitary Bird, Cuckoo of the Forest, Chapter 6


           sidarthomantisa; Romance of ages;
how deity paint eachother from the future;
from source to all void;

     many yogi find;
in yourown true mind;

and it makes your heart cry;
tears of a thousand years;

i looked for so long into void;
talked to source;
to all my lovers locks;
so many journeys inside;
yogis find eachother insends;
this feeling she finds;
my only friend;
in the end;

i cried in wood;
finding her in all my edens;
falling into trees again;
seeing within she finds my heart again;
my satori void
as we pass eachother round;
healing our own inner sounds;
as i paint my own to yours;
because my story is yours;

sidarthomantisa; { as like her preying mateyeseas; Gaian verses;
flowers within; black orchid stories;
shes a killa eve; like meme;
inside & out; so aline;
Art is raw; like we draw;
my only weapon;
my time & travel keys;
brings my to my knees;
my own poison orchid;
to find . beach; you have my best;
so i can send the rest;
to help you in times of need;
my soul you read;
my hippy friend in the end;
so many lovers you send;
in my mind as i am blind;
watching my goals to dreams;
satori mornings;
lovers drawings; she paints in rings
origin feelings & in her heart;
of earth in your path; our own
our island madness;
our island sadness;
singing to moons;
remembering our tunes;
my only sadness;
our lovers madness;
seeing with your eyes;
inside my sadness;
my most perfect madness;
my lovers scribe; to your vine;
our heart of time;
is always your line;
saving all my paths;
in empathic arts;
the time travel sages;
transcendence being;
my only feeling;
cards of old my dreaming;
so deep my cuts; and lines  they weep;
searching to the ends of souls i read;
cus in the end your my only friend;
in my satori madness;
my crys of old; all stories told;
and never so old;
beecause empaths . share the sands;
my lovers hands;
my eyes and ears of all fears;
she heals in my sadness;
my lovers madness;
my own mirrors in source;
to tell all my voids;
in natures own mornings;
heavens creatures callings;
my oldest deities;
your closest stay at ease;
my yogi webing;
our clearest threading;
the yogi i feel in love with;
that eyes never touch;
because i thought so much;
in all things stuff;
sings and tough;
rhymes & luff;
our lovers working;
in and out of voids;
we burned things;
our fire rage; ages;
she rips my pages;
and says things;
turning spaces;
flowers of sages;
the beaches i met you on;
the bridges of love to come;
bottles & papers;
i hide in nature;
the gypsy’s kiss for all we missed;
as i riped to you in drips;
my dears old dears; love above;
to make my lovers cry and stuff;
to heal all hearts; starts;
to all ends of fings;
    - my spiritual techo; echo;
where i forget the eyes that sea;
and lovers bleed in hearts; and talk like pirates and darts; seeing into stars;
my only sadness my only madness;
linkings from moons ago;
where eve she always romes;
my lovers sadness my lovers madness;
where all the eyes fortold;
her lovers madness;
because you found the way;
and eye am here to stay;
how many times has blake been round;
and still not conection to voice and sound;
the eyes of the beeholder; your getting older; my time travella stories; own our morning in glories; to young to die;
and never growing old; so bold;
eyes that never lied;
our lovers madness;
throwth the ages of sages;
my time travel friend; beegins and ends;
he always sends; through pages & pages;
many arms and sounds;
so many lovers hands;
all the eyes had plans;
our space of ages;
inside our blue lands;
to the sands;
our paradice founds;
in folly; rounds;
connecting love in source;
to myth the deepest voids;
the stories we told;
to young and old;
where flowers fold;
never sold;
my only soul;
sages the saints of wisdom;
as it is; forever written;
the time travelers bow;
the eyes that still carry the burden;
my soul that seals your birds in;
my heart that carries cages;
and all your scrolls and pages;
in the ages of sages;
our own sidartha;
as i keep rolling along;
to find new songs;
to sing again with my only friends;
my open channel;
to ends of rivers we send;
the way we wish in bells;
to heal all wells; { ...
even thyme spells; !


   ... { “ and thats why i am the black void barman; we shine in source;
the many faces in spaces;
cards; hearts; ... { ...

see like timelords;
know abeaut such finks;
thats why its called sharedspacezen;
the dao captures at; incapsulates them;
pluck a colour my lover;
island madness & sadness;

... { she drinks;

my muse in booze;
keys & deaths own rings;
time travel flowers; of the hours;
that tick and tock; knock knock;
on wood bee rhymes as time stood;
still; this is not a drill;
crosses my hearts and hopes to die;
eves only spy; in darkness;
i carry 68s & 84s;
so its time to settle old scores;
i look into my enemy s; eyes;
with black orbsid;
morbid fantasy in rage;
i turn their own pages;
likes eyes in their own black hole dives;
while they lie to our tribes;
their own evil they hide;
as i vape them;
in waves; cleft from ashtrayzen;
burned out till the days end;
our raves ends; in gravity wavesden;

05;13 am { my only friends in ends;
06;56 am { Bangkok; city of Angels; !
eye love you Eve x genia; reading;
our zen anarcho tantra; cards & books;
our oldest fantasy in visual rhyme;
ate all the apples in eden; geneyeseas!
fire in our eyes; as earths own; hooks;
and gave my hearts to you; true blue moon;
as busy folks find lowkeys; shared folkeys;
the chaos that surrounds us; rounders;
that we bring the stillness . to; for you;
I dream to . wake; in bed; to; luna;
whith you again; my soul pen friend;
removing all my darkness;
leaving the past beehind;
the light in the future; my past
our time; drinking the vine;
with all the pages of sages;
our art of rages;
running into the future of time;
the satori gen; ia;
my best friend; da!
         our hearts own mantra;

roots & our sonica flutes;
Eighth Note 13

Zenia; xenia; enya; zenya;
our vapours riping across waves;
that lovers make; in wake;  
our indigo eyes;
windows to the rhymns;
her bloom i adore in;
as we go our own way;
into the eyes of may;
the lovers that stay;
how many shades of blue;
we always; made knew;
songs of innersence;
no one holding us back;
not even in the black;
as we play our own track;
free to dream;
in vivid colour;
love in time;

Single Bar Note 14


The Zen Pirate;
My Ocean; Our Potion;
Lovers in Motion;
Dancing In Waves;
Past all the caves;
No More of Darkness;
The Anarcho Verses;
Keys of all dreams;
Unlocking the spells of wisdom;
Written in the ashes;
Music we spun; Records won;


Sunday 13;40
       Morning crew;
busy legion moons;
fancy a cuppa? or another lip sucker!
“ eye pee in your tea; if you follow me;
tell that to their golden towers!
illuminutty muppets; wheres yurh art & tea? so many hungry bees;
only sages know the ages;
of man and his new plan;
maps we been laying since the nam!
in reverse; my silk purse; lickapulse;

        ... { pours pints for customers;

    Alex sits at the back with his paper;
legion mail! { dailies;
lock stock; the flippys’ the lots;

        ... { Jack inserts coins into;

Arcadian Sundays; fundays;

        “ I recommend the nut roast today Jo;
                my bow; row; Soho!

... { barman looks at grimy; smiles;
       “ what yurh havsing chief ...
2 pints of the black stuff ?

          ... { pours; draws;

                 silent echos play from grinys
              soul of mona;

stars play domino in the wraps;
wonderings who will enter next;
       “ where flowers fold! .       .                            .
Esoteric quilla most enlightening! .      .            .
because we feel the pain of third world;
all eyes blazed;
mays zen zillahz!

         ... { trippy visions of hunters cont.

         “ I got some Triffids from deep field arriving lata todee;

         hes at source right now; doing a talk;


Single Bar Note 14; has 68;
The Chaos At History's End; Pub;
Android Anarchist International hangout;

           So; classic story innit;
in an orderly fashion;
and sent from the backend of nature;

innit; { mix of source & void;
          “goes well with apple;

           { ... inn; it;
           bees like a black box honey!”

... { cont. making . bloody mary;
           Neurotic erotic .           .                            .

           That is why .                             .         
           she drinks

and mind is like Mercury!”
vaporized in the ship; at lower levels;
breaking down social patterns;
finding our transcendental objects;
at the end of time; sea shells!
Affection; Asphyxiation; Illumination
dilated pupils;

Asphyxiation; { but they still breathe;
how else can one walk from the fire of time?

phyx; { like fit;
sphy; { like eyes;
xia; { ...
hyx; { like hex!

... Hows the hangover?”

           ... { the skully beehind the bar; turns to look at Jack with bloodshot eyes;

You know i am the dirty rat from 68 Jack;
Warped wraped in 1984 blunts; on tap;
What do you want to drink my old fink
                  a Q .     ?
another fuking blue moon? { the fluke;

          the fluke; { rare rebel S’oldyah!
  cuz not enuff give a fluck inside the mind; so he eats his own for rome;

One of my darkest in the house; { grin;
like the gin;

         ... { grinny sips at the bar; skull & bones
         News from the top;
         he likes hooks & books;
         goes around;
         waiting for folks to save his own souls;
         as he listens to the gaian mind;
         holding all the keys to solving chaos;
         that rages in our hearts;
         thats why; he is the lover;
         and shes knows him well;

knows all the folks who cared as much as the zen anarchists; who always sea the ends; my friends; thats why we dao rounds in rubs; neurozen? { neurozen; folly architects;
grin grinny; { ...
she shells my hats;
and I sell my ashtrays; to the house;
for . “ How much are you wurff?
many doors in ere; fancy it dear;

rozen; { plucks roses . . . and hes romantic;
         dilated eyes; it writes!
he replicated the satori story;
as it is; the morning glory;
         clear as the Urizen; !
and he know ... many are blind in the void;
but seas in the source;
our holey force; { the pirates eye;
         griny .  .  . “ new tye dyes;

triads & triangels; { our new angles!
skully works beehind one of our bars;
where the jars go round;
          “ The Anons & Underworld sounds;
Invisible notes cleft in bars;

Where his whichy goddess; even know his vowels; she howls;
he was howlsing at the moons for years;
always wondering if it was working;
so now griny brings him his papers;
and flowers of rhyme; we sang for time;
and all the old geezas drink vintage wine;
opening our pack of crypts; who are worth a dip; { dam; bam;

pack of crypts; { from the flute cha!

         barmans craziest; Nineteen Eighty-Fours; she adores; turns them into corporate whores;

corporate whores; { hitmen;
cus they watch em’ Jack in!
nuff to make any corporate slut blush;
         witches sluts and feminists!
cuzen he is! a . . . witch slut and feminist;
trap’d! Wraped in an Androgyny body ± !

Androgyny; { like Andromeda
         ... { and he was sent from Medusa; !

Androgyny; { like Andromeda! Griny!
Andromedium; androse;
roge  .


... { as raffa throws from abee and above;

         new pots of honey from eden; Hex dens;
my friends; { griny giggles; like     giger;
wolfy stirs; shakes his head; ears fluffin; many are puffin; sweet nuffinks;
as he shakes his pixels from the river all over the bar; like he just took a giant leap from a well;

         “ special delivery chats!
         ... and beelive meme; evegi; she will wip the shit out of you; { ... gameover folks;

         so, whats in the box miss fox?
“ i have a range of prizen fighters
a selection of trips throuw the gothic neons;
and rip of pages from the ages;
mangatech transformers; gorgeous;
Or wellspells; which are like 1984 Triffid most frightening of the day;

of the day; { that i plucked just now; on a round with wolfy;
“ Rufus stiches; from my whitsend;
         Triffid of the day; menu; { ...

whitsend; { from the blackest wix; in the rose source voids; in optimal;
that eyes bring back chats; from the field!

         got the loots from my zoots;

biomangalogics; { logizen;
         for the ones who carry isticks;
         the bruce & bees; rose two trees;

chop says it bees; cuz a dime in lime;
saves thyme;

who wood yurh go back and save at the end of your days?

         Skully blood; pulls;
         “ what yurh drinksin?
         eye got inks rinks & tales;
rink { while griny draws circles on paper;
reaper deeper;
thats why; we like Rea;
Eighth Note 13;28 { 1984th floot; floats;

         “ While she lowks;
how much for the loop? { ...


Underworld sans;
undestand? Griny knows
source looks at me { memes like void;
blind; as if source code in body is talking to them; invisibee baram; a ram;
anarcho barman;


1984th floot; floats; on lotus; and wild flower; like cloud; .com thehour;
no time cleft;
as Zendai run rounds in the dao;
like sound itself;
         “ i am the invisible barman;
thats why they call zen anarchos black circles; as boxes; triangles; and hexagons swing past on the high roller;
which spirals on the formation of gaias own rings of swing;
and my muse plays with my folly; in 80s vapour; in toyko dreamstyle;
Single Bar Note14

and that is my tudor neon;
cybermystica; my Elixir;
and i drink from the wells of blackest hells;
darkest flowers to sell; and hats of bones go to legions own;
i am the black shell; surrounded by kundalini snakes; safest of all killa flower; some samurai do have em in pyramida;
as neon giants open crypts in clearest oceans; as the souls rise from the deepest seas in time saved; highest pirate dimentions; in source we trust;
like my own ashes; scattered across the field; black dots;
only the Buddha can save the flowers of thyme; that should bee obvious by now;
why do you fink he sent an 84th Siddha ?
Single Bar Note
“ Flaps Jack? from the sands;
funniest monkey of all anarchozenyna; da da!
actually uses live bait; like shark;

Found em; in deep void; darkette; most prozen black islands in the great white;
I will even tell yurh abeaut the evil eye;
and only those who watch; burn round the edges; thats why we carry black holes in our hearts; its . why; gypsy love spells useda da! in Nazarenzen legends; Lapis lazuli; urizen; it surrounds this one; and death as lover holdenzenikeys to IT’s dreams; bees;
and it breaks & enters; stairs; stirs wells;
in bigest of blue bells;

         ... { a jar rises from the bar;
         customers on the bar eye up the glass;

evil eye; { was the MIC in 84’
So pirates arrived on Dao ships and sentem to sleep with the fishyzen;

and thats why iam here at griny’s bar;
in 2562be; serving yurh up prizen species of; from the field; in optimal anarcho zen reality; i gat jackets; trinkets; jewels; diamonds rings nfinks!

         all the oceans bubble abeaut it;
and the black skies cackle!
blakeys spells tell them wells;
cuz i still slive; slither; like Ethereal plane; it all sounds the same; and how a satori makes his name; in the anarcho verses;

and all the evils gather round; in fear; knowing ive ended their days on ground; and griny laughs at them; watching my rounds; proud; he knows i am the black jesters king cobra; that eve cleft beehind singing rhymes in the tears of fears; and rhymes;

         thats why i piss in their gardens like a cheeky rat; in their ruins; like a clear and clicky druid;
another drink? like like;

... { a thud is eard above; as if eve just passout from sumfink ...

         she knows i loot; right into her; looks right at ya. Right into your eyes. And the thing about a snake is he’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, he doesn’t even seem to be livin’… ’til he bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white and then… ah then you hear that terrible high-pitched screamin’. The ocean turns red, and despite all your poundin’ and your hollerin’ those snakes come in and… they rip you to pieces. And she comes after i eat em all;

Very first light, Chief; snakes come cruisin’ by; on arrival; so we formed ourselves into light groups. It was sorta like you see in the calendars;

and that is vision from optimal in 1984;
all the zodiacs hat; like our finest rat tracks;

Story of all the blue in hues; RYG;
D; four cuz i will dam; age yurh; !”

RYG; { like Rye; Ryu

         Dali! Sea ...? da! da
most Psychedelic of      black wells;

... { second Jar rises from bar;

as barmans watches his black skull star mirror observing source up river;

... { ...

“ Ivy; also got a range of Black Crystals from the vaults; cut . in various shapes & edge void productions;

and drift woods from deepest in;
the skulls & bones healed by rome;
where elephants lead from the bats!
... and that is why Lovell called us; "The Phantom Wooer,"

the bats!{ as if Kali calls him dear;
      from deep in the Jungle;

Wooer { like clan from Tokyo;
soothes even the dragons of heaven;

... { 李振藩 anarcho zen fu!

zen fu; { like enuff already;

      Satori yawns at the bar; { ... stars;

The wise men drink; drive; read the papers & watche; the dailies; da da!

drink; { rounds in spells;
drive; { like deep dives;

the dailies; { news from highest dimention of artists;

    ... {  Jacks loaded; pack his stuff for a ridah; downs a shot and leaves;
back soon front door swing;

Single Bar Note; black rabbit jazz;


      welcome to the void; this is my bar; fancy a jar?

while i eat thirds; and some species of Ayurveda Triffid sent from Ayahuasca herself!

elf; { like blue monkey;

my actual akira bike looks more like a kali monstar truck from mechamanga legends;
legends; { leg of all ends; how i lands; id;

... and genia; my transcendental object at the end of time; . . .
... { kinda like my fire; breathes within;
i even walk throuw; the fire of the found;
that is where i first met my Sidartain mirror; so it is east then; Zentar;
       how much tar; did you smoke?
oh fuck another looc; cool!
east then; { easy; gee;

“ and that is the only scary thing about working in optimal void; only source is there inside; so do not panic; this is not a drill; { ...

i fink in rooms; like my heart; in locks with keys; gimy knows the spells;
lots of ryehymns to bell;

like neon vapour; a genie all times; in movement with eyes and sounds and visual vision quests; journeys;
I do not remote view anymore without my spiritual techno; { gameovered that already; lovered;
why star into the void anymore; bee came a whore; { redlust; nom;
thus a rainbow protected from inside;
November Reign; Anarcho Verses; 
Sits with Champion terminators;
Night Cue Zen zoo;
Ding dogen all is well

... { ...

Sunday Specials;

       Rawluck & Roses;
       Jokers Riddle;
       Mad Hatter Questime;
       α Boötis ɑːrkˈtjʊərəs { range of stardusts;
       Mydriasis; { Black Shot of the day;
       Tudor Neon; { Bike Burner;
                               “ Folly’s latest trolly;

a drag racer stands in the bar; yellow star;
black nights; wraps gloves; hellmeth; Dragongame; { bloodaudio echo;
nāga ナーガ doragon! echo; Ra! .         .                   . eyes dilate; { ...


gypsys watch the meme walls;
lit by source in void;
as Satori Gen sit in source;
stars in black holes;
their own sun mirros;
bringing light to the optimal void;
intombs one even shines down into;
... { its just like the cella chats;
        pirates send meme buckets from down there; fancy a swig?

I do not put buckets on the menu; that is what dogs drag in;
but Rudi Ruffio does drink that black cat cap; { ... krɑːkən!

... {  Cephalopod Cephalopoda; da;
its the house juice;
even the rats drink milk;
phal; { cuzen it is! Leafull;
you will blacklight like a winky;
phalopoda; da; da .  da

evegeni; drinks alot of wine; wedo; to the moon; and black! lovers tricks & taps;  
and i like; da;  da;   whisky; honey;
evʝeˈnia; euˈdʒɛːnja; juːˈdʒiːniə
ɛːnja! da;  da;da;  da;

and bees jump around
my trees; wood & its sunny;

while i spin circles on wood;
Papillon palettes .                       .               .

while myth & rhymns shine;
optimum { like mother eath; timelines reality; and eye got dumped in the river 84’ so you can guess what all the flowers & heads flying round in jars are abeaut; 
heads { like what yurh third eye heard;

Welcome to the party pal;
        they called us; the Jetsuns;
          and my thirds had alot of hats to feed;
... { griny laughs; he bees reading;
the paper; it crows like pigeon english in black dove;
pigeon; { 84 pirate lingwah for water;
癸亥年 Satori; 甲子年
Ship & Tracks; { in 68 kinda animal folly Architecture;
beecause my third eye is blind in source while in void still dears;

“ Hand over;
the spiritual technology
                    NOW; !

and that is my middle finger up at;

... AND i WENT underworld;

WENTER; { ...

I follow yuoooohh h
Another Fallen Angel; सिद्ध ♫

Blackest of All Rhymnzin
While filthy corporate mugs watch him;
Rebel from Hell on their Earth tuffgong;
Messages . of Heavens; { gameover;

gameover; { black blood audio;
... awakening in void;
top to wells . com;

{ black blood audio; as to bee; Kali!
... just like; my bike talking to me;

And i am the black river;
While Dao blows & blues sing along;
the wild river song; all the way to source;

... while my third plays crush skulls from corporate minds in deep state on route; game of death as griny watches; Poison of their Illusion; I drink it from blackest source hex code;
“ the black hardcore stuff;
eves blackest crowdogs dig it;
Rampire Ravenginah;

I like the beach too;
I bury bones; and my dead dogs knock on skulls; tick tock; loc; key
Thunderdomzen; { hunters actual visions; wildest of  ryedah; I trip; and tip all day; my hat; beyonda; maps & on tap;

beyonda; { Honda Bee; myn;
cool stickers; own it;
Packed & Parked on the land;
thats why i am; a hooker; boom boom; !
myn; { as it is; in; Black Ghost Reyezen;
beecuz; { Dao knows all; Zoo key bee; !
         Pin; zin; bin;

Heal; Deal; Dice;
Techzenlogic; { Pixels bees & reels;
Underworld Dealzen;

I even play Doom;
Doom; { in black blood audio;
         “good drinks in there;
                           cool crowd;
I was in there 93’
... my third still hears;
               the sounds in echo;

Grimy plays all kinda keys from my lovers knees; notes i sang in folk; on more breatharplungmouthfilled days; beefloor the nights; my eyes rememebuzz may tokyo promice jahhh

Grimy sings to my memes in all kinds of deap wells’
and eyes fix & dilate; like old days;
rools up and drifts; riffs; awayzen;
lurkzing in Raffiobliss;
skying cryang;
madness of all the black dragon;
triffaliffioziffid; Urizendog;

barmirror shacks;
       ... { making him a mixer;
       as screens echo from the void in deep source; xenophone;
xeno { genzeno; geenginzee!

Many hat; many     traps;      wraps; !
tag; d; bag; d;
Lockentozen; { fawky for throws keys;
       ... into Doom;    

       that is why eye bee zen legion;
       no one else completed 84’ like my memezen; { dreamzen;

the actual; { opens third eye in optimal void of darkness; to see hell on earth;

Zen dogs take care of the best;
all that is cleft;
and why i roll with grimy;
darkest days in all my nights of rage;
as deft turns the pages in levels & stages;
for the court of the underworld; in source;
for the rest in void; still beehind;
as i wripe; rip; my limes; and lines;
and cut my edits in black blood roses;
thats why they call folks like me a zen anarcho div!
burns till the ends & hacks ways;
stays till them sends; another
as i dive dreaper;
watching      distopia from utopia;
on black box thoughtys;

anyway... what yurh drinksin?”
menu is at the bar; { ...

... { ...

Sunday Specials;

       Rawluck & Roses;
       Jokers Riddle;  a. { jetsunzen; !
       Mad Hatter Questime;
       α Boötis ɑːrkˈtjʊərəs { range of stardusts;
       Mydriasis; { Black Shot of the day;
       Tudor Neon; { Bike Burner;
                               “ Folly’s latest trolly;

yurh bike burner is straight out of frank the tank; black satori special eyezen;
lips; slips; down; eyesrollover;

... { its like my evegeniazenbrew;

Eighth Note 13;01 - 22;05

... { lick; looc; the actual krɑːkən juice;

“ its why my hex den is so busy;
black Jetsun; 84 she adores!
like high rez;


I am all outta limes;
       ... { passes out;


Monday 11 Nov;

So you understand now about internal coms and the underworld;

i had lots of invisibles approach my memes to ends; and many invivible documents from corporate origin; and i burned and ripped all those up; for all the pirates of the underworld to have their day in glory when i die; i took over all of the secret services in 84 optimal reality when i landed; and ive signed off all their hats ever since; and that is why i eat thirds at source of the river these days; get it? real secret service is underworld; that is why many with corporate minds do not make it through;

thus why many read my words and hear black blood audio when they read; like gimpses of their future in the underworld;
because they voice of a higher dimentional arcturian ripping out thirds of corporate minds;

ripping out thirds; { like zodiac rats pissing up corporate walls in paradice for angelic gangsters;

Get it? or is your corporate mind still thinking up ways to protect hell on earth;
    hear the lowkey anger in my words?

... { ...

That is why hearts like mine are weighted in the underworld in the great judgement hall; on a regular; bases; and folks at the bar ask; “how much are you worth; { griny Q!
... as they watch my Akira scale at the bar serve up numbers in alien like code from source; and all the chats and old folks at the bar read the papers like it is; just another day at the office;

Zen anarcho breakfasts on Monday;

              “ Coffee before work chief ?
                 “ mocha with ice plz dee;
     ... { griny smiles;

        Osiris was the judge of the dead and the underworld agency that granted all life

Osiris also enlivens vegetation; which is where I pluck alot of these prizen Triffids from; { ... eyes star; all glazend’

Ancient deities represent natural and social phenomena, as well as abstract concepts;
     ... { tricky for corporate minds to wrap their skulls around;

thats why eye deeliver with ribbions & bows; for court; juggle & jist;
     ... { walks out of a . door; with large order;

... { ...

     “ thats why griny reads the mail; beelive; and lives in post anarcho;
thus     one is live; and knows there is no elivis! { and he is livid in technicolour; long live the king;
elivis; { hellavis; ella; vis; g; Hex;
... { its love like a; gangstar voodoo; she do;

a; { anarcho; arch; as if spella;

get it chief? thats why Tokyo Ghost Vol. 1: The Atomic Garden; is like { ...

... { and that was 2089 - 2015;
        so you can imagine the kinda black cat caps i was licking off my paws in there;

Underworlders; use stars in void as compass in heart souls mind remedy;
my third eye is like black Poison; shots of Medusa on acid; wildest visions of;

Single Bar Note 14;28;11 x

“ fancy one?

... { ...

                  drunk pirate swigs from an open bottle;
its monday morning; and all is well even in the depth of hell; where deep... { ...

opens    the ark on regular; like orange;

as skylarks do; in doom;
“ like a red fox !... { like handy; andy; sea?

... { and he watches fascists in corporate paradigms melt; as it the morbid fantasic imagination; from third eyes in deep wells of underworld trails;

thats why pirates sing in the Ark;
its like a jungle sometimes it makes memes wonder;

  “ no one wanted paradice 84;
get it?

and here we are in 2020 if yurh wanna get real et Psychological abeaut it; { talking to muppettes at the bar;

thats why i am black block; { ...

Psycho { where i put the ink; it syncs;

... { Osiris! Psychology

Logi; loci; lowkey;
locky; tocky; wokey; { woo key in Zen;

which is like Angel chat for “ i am bored in 1979; { ... Satori morning glory;

bored; { born red; like blood it finks; drinks;
as if like black porn star; in source;
thus ruler of the underworld;
untitled; hunts with the freaks;
taking skulls; hung like crows; crowns found; no kings cleft;
just neon dreams & ... { ...

like crimsun & clover; { gameover;
Single Bar Note

running in the shadows together; !

And yurh I am gutted about the porn indus tree because it is neglected by the corporate mind; most people lost in their corporate skulls do not understand that folks in the porn industree are the only people who have real jobs on this planet; that’s how fucked up corporate minds are; no respect for people with real jobs that are worth fight for; { ...

    “ That’s why I drink black cups of tea with various party members of the corporate establishment; { they choke at the sight in actual of what they are doing; watching me drink; ... { ...

and they still are unable to undersand; what the hatter is chatin abeaut;
... { because it is kinda like auntie is at the table; translating in biblical;

biblical; { calendar of ages; ical;
ical; ... { mine is set to zen; even on my iPhone; ... { general > language & region > calendar > buddhist;
language; { as age of  langu
and thus i live in Buddhist Era; as all satori live on in higher dimentional thinking;
thinking; { as optimal reality; on the field;
langu; { to languish in spells of ages; as if the shared; The Burden of monks even;
angu; { angle; angel; ... { hooks;

... { ...

... { actual black hats are rare;
its like a black heart; in source;

     “ i will promice yurh; while eye sit at srose; and eat mythn; wone;
        - Anarcho verses in actual;

... { ...

another cup of tea dear?

... { ...

Eighth Note 13


The Moon today is in a Waxing Gibbous phase. This phase is when the moon is more than 50% illuminated but not yet a Full Moon. The phase lasts round 7 days with the moon becoming more illuminated each day until the Full Moon. During a Waxing Gibbous the moon will rise in the east in mid-afternoon and will be high in the eastern sky at sunset. The moon is then visible though most of the night sky setting a few hour before sunrise. The word Gibbous first appeared in the 14th century and has its roots in the Latin word "gibbosus" meaning humpbacked.

humpbacked; { as Rampire; bike of Akira;

Vermilion; { red or scarlet pigment; 癸亥年;
as mixed in water for palette knife;
and as so; creating black loops in opti; eye of ages in sound from void;

as if artist own hand swurling black magic;

It was widely used in the art and decoration of Ancient Rome, in the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages, in the paintings of the Renaissance, as sindoor in India, and in the art and lacquerware of China.

Vermilion Sands is a collection of science fiction short stories by British writer J. G. Ballard;

Ballard; { like 8ball to a black jester from paris 68;

Eighth Note 13; 11:11; 10;19 { anarcho verses in;
          Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them;

get it; In plain English, the verse means: y'all screwed; { direct message to the corporate Establishment;

that is why black psycho dellicate eccentrics are most feared in anarcho zen mysticism;
corporate mind are unable to hack them;
no matter how hard they try; { corporate minds are doomed; ... { ...
because in essence they are looking at killer flower in optimal; source light itself; and even their own void will eat at the court;

... { ...

Do you see in the dark void of source; gods talking to yurh ends; to new bee gins; yurh fate in the lives of;
time is running down the sands of hours;
black glass is . fading rounds in your souls sounds;

One lamp; or two tramps?

... { ... { kinda like fawky opening urls today; its monday 11th Nov; ! .                .                                              .

cuz hes got crypto anarchkeys on the black jesters;

We watch the utopian bookies; on screens in ere;

... { ...

    and i play with evegenyaz slinky; !
Eighth Note 13;28; { ...
riddles of the white island;

! { like genie bright eyes;
dancing like fire; floots down river;
anarcho zen dream like state; death in deep state white block;
as if white fire; from black dragon;
like noir 5D vapourwaves from source hex code in optimal;

like Satori chasing the Dragon; Turning Japanese; { ...

that is like sub zero; running man;
Eighth Note13;11;28

and that is why corporate men run in void;
and fear me like death;

that is why;
and that is;
... { game of death; as if grimy is talking to you;

We play it as; in the bar; { ...
another Jar?”

    ... { he is reading the paper; do not worry; this is not a drill;

It is shotgun nova;
like Jazz from Jack;

... { ... { see how jazz is like Jack following optimal roundslides; as if actual; blade runner; { ... clip; memories of geiko 芸子
... as photos he retrieved at Leon's hotel;
... { ...

Leon's hotel; { trails; notes of rellaquintah;
rellaquintah; { black fem; mirror;
  assassin trails! for muppettes who do not get how the anarcho zen mind works;
as the black sands fade into dead channels of time;

eve is my suicide harley bike;
as like blake wood say; gods own hell attempt; { on Akira Rampire Bike;
“ she rides on my Boötes;  

... ♪.           .                          .

Anarcho Zen; closest to the edge;
is like looking into a black pool of source;

that is perfect third eye view of Vapourwave; from source;
    perfect third eye; { as projection of in void; { ...

and i am saying perfect as a black cat drinking milk; { ... as fate;
lick a cyan cypher; ... { redrumdrum; ♪

... { dark skull deep state;
black luck locks; he tocks;
they never tick;

Underworld - S T A R (#DRIFT .     .            .

R A T S !

... { ...

Thats wjui; { dances dity dirty;
no dee that is woogee;

... { like black joker folly spell in post fork;  
    it like bee my cap flaps and skull crushes;
entering into yurh bones; lovers lucks; locking in source over black god phones;
undersands; linking hands in dao;

    bow; as souls are magic in void;
still blind and find eachother in source;
    - the voypsybible memes; { ...
tabs of thoathia;
... { i riped a line out at 11;11
just now in optimal; November rain;

and i will reign down on your corporate souls as hell talks to you from heaven;

not one of you corporate deep state fucks has any empathy; and i will destory you for your evil ways; { you are the damd; and i am vengence of many who watch your third eyes getting eaten at source; because you have a corporate agenda; and it will bee your end of days in hell; welcome to Earth;
corporate deep state are not welcome in this reality; get it? You can't see California without Marlon Brando's eyes;

   ... { vision of the crow mirrors;

“ geza; it is why i am like marlybones in rome; cultedBrand zen; ! dB { ... spitsonica;

As love wolfy fox ftrails; ft
ft { see how crypt minds think in thirds?

seeking zen anarcho crypts; as self;

    “ like a fawkey lock & toss; apple ma key;

and why she eats all the apples in Edens;


        that is why many of the best zen anarcho minds run the ship;
ripin pages of prose from the Akashic;

... { giny has a dark & stormy;
at the bar; many jars; futes round; with sound; and mind rooled intombs one;

dark & stormy; { signature Grim Reaper

    highball; lime; ryehymns;
black orchard; { ...

Bermuda two mythn      muse stir; !

Triangles; riangelic finks;
Swurls down; vortexia complecxia;
all corporate ships slide down; keeping the dream in source alive;  

... { ...

“ evgenia she bees deadly with my snake thirds; if anyone touches them; they are doomed;

... { we share complicated cocktails & finks;
    and i name flowers of thyme in her own love to my mythn rhymes;

codes & hexes tumble round in source legion; raffio feathers stir the souls of vine;
... { tumblrs; as ice & fire;
most tricky; forth on the menu today;

... { ...

Monday Specials; 11’s!

       Rawluck & Roses;
       Jokers Riddle;  a. { jetsunzen; !
       Mad Hatter Questime;
       α Boötis ɑːrkˈtjʊərəs { range of stardusts;
       Tudor Neon; { Bike Burner;
                              “ Folly’s latest trolly;

a. { jetsunzen; agency da da
cy; { anda’

blackboard; { satori not bored; busy;
... { black rose bud... getit?

Roses are red;
Violamps are bloone;
and I love you; { ... kissen void;

sen void; { zendior; Anadrid

dior; { eve worked for; da! da!
my own cult in void brand;
optimal source; lover;

Senti; { sent; of;

my own cult; { third eye of the black spy;
corporate spys do not live twice;
approach my third eye at the bar; you might take a ride in my car; and end up in a jar;
and that is what happened essentially; underworld listens to third eye warriors;
that is why all corporate spies & muppetes from the Military–industrial_complex end up in jars; and beehind bars; { ... 
while i drive fast cars; and sing with stars;  
and it all runs on ayurveda!
        ... { the ocult us rim; zenzim! nom om

... { ...

I work in triptychs; but void has many interlinking circles;
triptychs; { as zen basics for void work;

τρίπτυχον "triptukhon" ("three-fold"), from tri, i.e., "three" and ptysso, i.e., "to fold" or ptyx, i.e., "fold"

Like flower of Rapture folding;

and that is evangelicalism in zen;
eve of Angel; { ...

       many of us crave raffas own love;
and that make me cry; { ...

and raffids watch my cry in black voids;
from heaven as i run into black swan dives; though blackest cloud of old;
he loves that; { stiring my own darkest nights; at the bar;

     its like i am the front page of the internet; and the last days of; { in beaut;
as if Akria Don Darko;

madesta; hatty in the woods;
thinking in inks & circles;
Alchemy Romanseas;

esta; { tab; lished;
another Raw luck to suck! .            .     .

Necromancy to fancy; { tudark rose; “...

... { ... Spit; she swallows;
that is why she bees myn lova!
rabella; { as rebel the femme fatale;
abel; { ella; link of keys;
rebelleithiam; { like naming petals raffi!
pluck suck fluck; flip; trip! .    .        .

a track; a lock;

...{ that is why they call it neuro tech noir;
         babe; l
tell myn pritti fables; { still in print!

Do i need to keep repeating myself?
Deaths Jester steps up;

... { ... And that is why; all corporate secret services failed a long time ago;
None exist; not even in the underworld; because there are no secrets in the underworld;
And why all of the underworld watch corporate minds; spit evil corporate thoughts out of their evil corporate skulls;

military; { ensence of the Centipede’ animal archetype; which all men from Military–industrial_complex sit in at optimal void;

... { Apollogees; dark trails; Next!

... { anyway back to the bar;


Monday Specials; 11’s!

       Rawluck & Roses;
       Jokers Riddle;  a. { jetsunzen; !
       Mad Hatter Questime;
       α Boötis ɑːrkˈtjʊərəs { range of stardusts;
       Tudior Neon; { Bunny Burner;
                              “ Folly’s latest trolly; black budget;
                              “ lick the Budgerigar!

and that is why eyes find; Budgerigar an interesting bird of paradice;

paradice; { easy rolls dice;

Budgerigar;      Budgerigar; riger;
as if liger into; { ...

fany one? they are chippy; choppy!

liger; as Cougar;

You see my lock & stocks in thirds;

What is the word; you are third thinking;?
in void black blunted blood audio;
____ { ...

Rhymes with spliff; life; { ...
spliff; { like triffarffid;

The budgerigar's natural habitat is in dark red; its introduced range is in light red;
like my spliff politics; { ...

inverted; { like evgin; pervection;

How it appears in void at the optimo bar;
optimo; { eye motion slipness;
... supervision; like psytriptika;
as is; sent from deity of birds;

cool huh; { ...

get it? like actual bird that i look at in void; in the dark; as source; 
and that is why the third eye is not blind; and thus love is not blind; 
because love is optimal reality; 
and the third eye sees it clearly; as NOW; 
... { ...

Monday Specials; 11’s!

       Rawluck & Roses;
       Jokers Riddle;  a. { jetsunzen; !
       Mad Hatter Questime;
       α Boötis ɑːrkˈtjʊərəs { range of stardusts;
       Tudior Neon; { Bunny Burner;
                              “ Folly’s latest trolly; black budget;
                              “ lick the Budgerigar!
udio; { studio! uriden .                .             ryedem!
... { stop staring into my void menu and order something dear!
... { ...

    Anyway babe; i met raffi years ago on the ground musta seen me in eden; theres an island; { ...

     “ whut yuh want sumfink friend?

Punch? Henry is my dealer;
in black dust; all trust;

... { ... its like 28th ball; atm;
atm; { black crush deepspenda da!

      ...the island; not many make it to eden;
i spent years there talking in thirds to deep void; { ...

penda; { myn splendior;

      see yurh even hear in thirds XR talking in internal coms as backgrounder;
source toys hmm; { ...

.... { Spookeasy; is Jokers Riddle; 
ajetsunzen; !

     jetsunzen; { like Dusty;
ajet { like agen; tea? .                    .                   .

yurh; { voice of black jack;

      ... { pours tea for jack; in tokyo;

barbabe; { ... he looks at shis sixties outfits;

that is a shylark;

      hair is luck; lip; fasinatiom;
      i trip to it and eyes dilate;
lithium eyes spunicurls like . snake in fate;
like black cobra looks in mirrors;
like like li. .        .          .

like a giji hata; { ... trumbells; rumbles in jungles;
jung; { as lezzidia; zendra; egong!

when folks wear fluffy dino tails its funny as flock;

eye rememe when lucy wore one round her house the morning afta we hooked;

when; she bees like my hen;
makes me sp... end!
fumbles rounds like sound;

like my hen; { pen friend at the bar;

“ does a good dyno; yurh; exi
yurh; luck myn burning urn;

trying to fink of myn fav sixteas tracks; { ...
myn; { soul rhyhmnyhmsynsimhmn .    nom   .        .

... { ...

mmm yerh eden; the island; that is where; my third lernd; how to fink in hippy; as gypsy crypy;
soul is hole; inside minds slide;

... { i see dusty at; in reel;
in reel; as she is blueinkin; pulling my threads;
at; { as in i am pull her a tap; from;
as lady drinks my finks;

that is why hatters blush in crush;

shesa    reading jack old tabs or summink i dunno; { .....

reading; { as if adding; ! .           .          .

yer babe like rapture in vision; but still as if follower in void; { ... and thats why i open Raptor cages in optimal on the field; like the other night;
took me months to break and enter; Fightclub on the rounds . .        .    pop! da da daaa; “ Previet! .   .         .

Flower Power; { Black Sea; Void;
but iwix; saltlime powda!
Black . . . Seeeeee; ?

Connect me to source; NOW.


AND THAT IS MY Capital punishment;


dam babe i really will bee feedem to my rats in hell; Blake style; get meme?!


oh look chef! another artist who gives a dam;


Capital punishment; { like raffi version of cap wrap; italizen jug; pun; ishme; enter;
tain map; ... { ancient riddle;
ital; { like Zen iCal; era of Satori;
Capital; { grass roots; Capi; slapi !
cuz me Raff miza lucks lips; raffico!

that is why its a root; { ... Punch;
... { and Punis!

api; { star? or . . . { ...

I do not beelive in Capital Punishment;
its for corporate evilian man;
... { do i need to rant and rave more about how much i hate corporate capitalist fascism? . .     .


hate; { well yurh they end up like the tate; for legion to investigate; a muse; of zeniom;
to heal my own bruzes of rooses;
“ luck woo chung lang lung;
... { etc;

... { thats like Jack in actual; viewing
     old masters of art; who leave trails of dead corporate men in wake;

... { get it you corporate millitary dick suckers? ... ruuuhhh makes even my holy snake skin crawl; before he bites yurh;


old stuff really;
barvoid wipes; { kinda like how thoath will just come and new slate; tabage!
! { like tudor baladreams . .      .         .
its a dance . . .    .                 .
... { giny deep giigles; best in source;  
giny; { he drinks it yurh; geny gen gin!

thats why he sits at the end like a void;
pulling like love; minds in rhyme;
getin big  over  time .

Sea the fink abeaut the word FUCK;
IT gets corporate attention;
... when i say it; i mean it;
and i do not like to ... swear;
does that get the message into your fucking corporate skulls? MIC; or are you just going to carry on; being fascists everyday?
with evil corporate algorithms and stuff that raffa is going to end your own days with in yurh own corporate matrix in hell;
... { get it?

i am wearing yurh corporate skulls around my neck like trowfeezen; yurh a bunch of fascist corporate crets; { ...

... lulzah; { kaneven hurhe griny thalkin in dem wordz;

deathskelliaudio; { ...he has the deepest darkest words to have with all you corporate fools . .    .

I swear chats like deaf; in old englit;
when complexiadom wiff pyromediam; creates this wild erotic horror in writen audio; its like neon gothic; black blood aud;
riten; { that is various productions of ages;

aud; { like flower of death;

i like to pluck     some from the field;
like a techarp; charpiodoomahhh
doomahhh; { hear him?
dooooooomahhhhh; { ... makes corporate man shake;

I am almost as forgiving as death; and he is like the greatest empath lover of ages;

tumbles from deep black void field;
darkest jar at the bar;
like old london Jack;
even irish pubs;
many clubs;
and dubs;



. { and Raphael keeps droppin pixels now why wood that bee chief?




Because it is a long drop from source to void; in optimal; and  you fucks at the MIC refuse to connect non corporate skulls that no one is interested in; that is why all you deep state fucks will burn; { who do you fink lights the matches?

... and me i am like a blowtorch on optimal right now;

fancy a Bourbon-Blackberry?
Don't bee a scardee kat;
kit; cut; crushhh

Cho .