Earth & Moon
The Sunsets & Rise of Paradice
{ paradiddlezen }

Luna Loom,
silent wisdom songs eve told
psyheart whis’purls this full dune,
syncropentellium beaut celestial bode,
now lock love gypsy threads of gold
and diamonds forever to weave in the many
heaventh’atomblessa glorious laughter spells
tell, spoke to so much, shadow mirrors lookintwo
eyes & thro’w loving ghosts only wa’hpped for tears
in rolls lyrical blune fire’thout’s, the light above the bends
of Orion’s rain, patterns the reema to skies in the future of time
walk to gardens pick unseen flowers, even ryne, the most rare types
to wish in Arcturian Dreams, once appea’ring, and the partners patterns in paws

The thumbs of fluid Angel  writing verses like psytrippio and blaketta bo’zen the many myths of rozen and crowzen thrippin rillio like trellio melliow, the never lost & last of the neon romantea’eyes
to Rums! 

Visualisingsung in poetra the formatio of metaphorica eurpho
the vast physic of wild alien metadna dates in tronica, in your heart mind integer twin to carry on like rellaquinromapath to all
of lucid, of worlds, of heavens, of bows & of ribbons


To see nature in life speek to thee, the mushroom, the bee, the lamp, performations in paradigm created in rhythm from Genya the enigma of p’rose & sound _________ *

And may’s bee, this that will actually make the planet wake up faster to find empathy and help starving humans and dying animals.

Fight people’s interest in money with wilder break chains in cosmic poetry & verses from funniest of black joketta & crow lintia lampa

East’s G. Come with meme. Ask I take you on another ad’ven, comedy devin central intellio the adventures in the heart of mystical black angel ven’generational psytrippia & musings with the lamp of lowkeya E. & In deep depth, like Ganga Own Spirit Stars with Ships Of Cosmic Lords from Africa & Neon Pirates in the TimeLords Chronoeye of Chivas’ the Dreams from a spell in the Alpha Boötis & Beehonda with Akira 

Rhythm blush bleem time to run dimes three runs,
to sing tings to hers mines she thungs - Shivas Harmonic Rhythm 

this kindaLooki love talk works wonders kn 'n i .....

you see my body like wine,
and thrive and dine,
to your beautiful hearts content 

i wish to tweeen and dove i too thyn' lovers' thout's like a loveDri'p sth' soell spell into the BlackBloodeDwheel toheelThyne'Wheelllllll

you know why you can'th'had chase a black rabbit?

imagine the tunnels in the shaddows of death'

the island might start to heal in real time...

Dark night of the soul

Weave a'thh Spell, to heal this wicked well'

so the'mcom trell, you own name in glory 'agin

The Halls of The Masön Arms
Will Beė Giggling ï Tell ŷa........

Spinmiń Wheaveš in Clocks
Mad Hat Thaï Döså Römåi Kåp.ī

Shivas wheels kinda look like
Jung Archetypes to human eye
To alien much taller than high

like yo'udth do
Round the flowers of giants

Weavin' magic webs
from those magic palms

the wildest in Vega
And the spectrum
various composers
dream lucid legends

Spun’sing, a thou'sand indeep poxkets,
Hex time, richest of Earth Wine

...kinda like' unimorn 
dance n' oranïcosïo 
around Nebulå

31st Augustï 2562BEĖ

I walk across dunes so far in ainchem’t altechmicaliså to find old friends with manï wild spell for greatest of crystal to weav’in eyes two sign the lords of Hourglass in rhyme, to path their own empathïmasa forth long running bikes stood still to hear them scream into wild roman rose, composition in frame as if painted by Lona Misa hands in paint and shape, vivid colours dripping onto magic carpets woven by the wolves of moons long past, secret messages in the jewels center tha’thonly prettiest of souls would undersand, as I would prey for them in the courts of gods own future temples, verses from books drafted in the most rare of Edens, by wizards laughing in the grains of beaches in Paradïçimantoså, where the oceans spell in technölomośippa a kind of language dolphin use to harmonise stars own frequencies spelling the names of the chemicals they manifest in previous incarnations that float on the echos in waves we sometimes hear on Eårth xxx

Where I wrote many, love letter’a menu mon pen in the Thymecellica Den, an Amsterdame Smoke House on the clocks of Shivas Genie Tribal Routes through the Europacentruthom Nebula

Even the Hourglass of Time in our fathers hand was getting a little full of ideas in the grains of sand

cast like Mallybone St
into the Honey Pot of cities
visited by the wildest of Rosa

Or May in beem of nature would spark a little sonnet in paradigms own whisper which floats into the corridors of heavens echos

I could also deesign & techascribe for you thoughts in my own perception of Satori Genie Generation reality that can heal the dunes of morrows in love & gypsy slang 

I’m gonna put them in a little ainchenta pdf wizard sleeve every monthy moon and wrap em in lock and raw sonnet picket pockets, to send round to the circles in heavens fangs - wildly Wolfie out

Årcturian Spells to speak out the season to beem & folly

They speak of them in the past & present like mobile phones talk to pixels & like synchronised digital clocks link empathy to love
Årcturian Weaving Magic that ticks along in any ting tong bong .... :•

Kinda luck & how Krishna plays his flute in my third eye
know it’s sound is there
Weaving reality into my past
As I try to chase it like Paradigms
In futures to unlock wild nature
And sonic sonnets that make eyes actually pop like pills and dilated peoples in which crafty lessons will one day soon bee taught I finks... by lovers like you, who know how to sing such rhymes in lessons ...

Like I was most’ [ interested ] - to know and learn about real magic  in the history of RawLocks & Reality on this planet and what old gypsy sage is and how it needs to evoke evolution in human realit. So that folks like Folly will actually see and be able to use real magic and do stuff just to activate dna in and out like heartbeat so ‘ it ‘ [ brain ] understands and has witnessed the logic of it in light experience beheld, while it updates and is ready to sing a similar tune next Moon - for example

I wondered about myth and palms in Tao hands beelines & rhymes inside
as I would practice evoin with width across like a wrap of cola in hand unraven the hypersonic rubix cubes from them that shiva & Kali Genies crafted cuts the labs of easy wild invisible lands, the decks of vinyl and rum to rhymeowical inifitearooms and pools of pirate legendario we would often go to before heading back into the jungles of Earths lost tribes to await new missions from the old guard

And the Flute of Lookiyama would play in Aim’chentå mellodia like cells from thro’w blood in palmlines, the magically magnetica of earths of shape in venture flowswing inthrowoutalong the oldest of tunes and notes from dolphin echos floating by above in angel dust clouds reelin of the rarest of lamps that they carry around

Anyway... inquiring inquisitive little things Hands innits’ 

Where does Old Gypsy Ålien Magic & Rawluck Craft to other such things Cross over And how to manifest it in reality like the sound of one hand clapping, for all eyes to see and understand no more heads in sand, like it’s standard practice

Bee & cause the sooner that kinda fin’keys happen the Faster we can get our jobs as healers dun, so I can sing to my bottle of Rum In Tongues & Stuff

... I meme the closest thing right now to Årcturian Woven Spells just off the tip of my hat... 
Is the fact that words are like Alchemy 
& Chemicals like DNA are Romance, as life rushes to :•

Loockie links in my d’ink’s to this one by the flowers of Mohawk Archers from yesterday’s shooting stars ... Black Angelic Verses from 94’ •

Anyway, this ones more abeaut, Roses and Ressenella Flowers of athyme sprung for life love and Lena Rellaquintha For Romancia In Painting to Mona My Romå

....[ Vegas ]

What is your interpretation of running / shelter in paintings Ellåquinn?
I’m going to write å verse journey in rhyme abeaut it, to paint a vision of the mind in thirdellaica with å philanthroscopic medium harmonic melody angel angle
- to the Brush & with Artisic Broom Voom Boom Dune Luna Loom Tune That Fools & Folly Dance Swing to On Fullest of... Moons

There’s a connecting paradigm that runs throo’w my love for the stick & lon’gin to touch the wood & brush

Whurlin Craft in Circles Visions of Dust from all dimensions like Crimson & Blue ash with sparkle Diamonds & Show’tin Star Cosmic Sacrum Base, of spine to rhyme & up Rose Rising Sun Spirit with & to Kundalini spira’lint Genie Magic, super smokey white dust with ribbons of flower webbing that dance & weave around in light gravity with future colour palettes running into from magic windows in time where all things have healed and keys are often wished & swella pulling on thyme like florathelio Rhyswim’g t’worlds & Many new Lovers solar heavens

...What I guess I’m really Wonderlustella’ring abeaut...

What do the wisest of Wix’nChello & RawLuck Fello
F’ink abeaut w’hen plå’yin tea & chime rhythm to oldest of k’nowine with magic keys the genie crafted for paradigm doors like the various Ankhs ☥ i sore the keymaker of Anubs makquinn.

We dru cast with bottles of this goldenduna soaked liquideema Rum that licks in Ran’g to Rhyme, goes well with Chocolate in morning sing signs, like Kin’g & Elixirellalippia. Wonda’ring & a’boon to open seal wildest of echo the holy anarchy moons of past verse, intoxicating my own heart for my most mystical of anarcho poem of the ainchenta’books myth eyes desire to read in alchemical romanciamemoria’ahh

Eyes knows it bees out there... & I’m enchanting’ringding to know what deep & higher place it will take my life soul memes in words and what paradice paradigms it will one by one like travel letter from future open, I swears it beem my lau·rel’lamona’ it’s Thyme.

The wildest of imagination crosses my bones hoping that there’s more to life & magic that mysticmy’thic eyes have always known buth’omli way & realit’tea t’wonfin’doub’tnow’morella

Words that retrace steps in vision the mind’s eye of lost Rose tapes to Monrose own violin while turning in tune to wild spells in Årcturian Earth Weaves to understand better the shape that form language in prose own formulas for deep connection in heart without mind but within best of beat in time & memories like perfect new wild aroma to breathe again my own soul and loose all fear in faith another life to begin twenty eighth Lovember In union alomå, as if all spells had created another world for which we could live another destiny bellona, hungry to live another round of whisps in known eyes unlocks with many magic keys 

CypherPsyPurlicua Rosettalimoana FaintThrema LunaOrchidiå Toniclimaxisuth BloominOracle Omaroma Luminatechiå

[ Wild Techno Visions to recall tomorrow Morning ] • kinda looked like a sonic techtransformerFlower sowin’nPopin out and in Tao hand circles unlocking and flying over into a grand master deck and hourglass falling into the deep Vinyl beds in rare groove like’...sat ontop of a Mystical Book of shapes no words in notes with a electric buzz sparks reflecting off it in Paradigms Own harpsticks

[ I wish I had recorded the Sonic Verses in words mind’s eye as I watched it form for 10mins. I want my Spiritual Techno back ] ‘ Memes Lost Akashic Records huh... ‘And all the rounds of babes is just for Underworld effects chappies like raveDay’s Own heavens on the fields of our own ships in the sky with dreadlockin timewarps rollin off the edge of clefts n stuff...Like the Mexican’s Own Rio RIP Tide...

while hand over hand wrapped in cro’w of full Bow’ Thread round in d’ownsin their Wedding Webs Of Earth Blood Own Bones RedWithout RipAbike to seem’th in their own skull crush N cash

And this song is for those who watch, to them we wink, goodnights & bloody mornings to come as you approach in upson’mythn own Blood Pin Roses in mindset running towards and into on the Battlefields of Love Arms raised in warning As I end your own nightmares, so we will live again Another day in NeonParaDice

We As my own future lies ahead in doves, with red threads, Ribbio, I turn’ back to you and said that the past beecame’th of rhyme in verse to redeliver a new cure of verse. And our life revolved round in many ways to deliver the wise old palms of those past in sacred delivery, through our own hands, unboxing over moons to those most in need on earth now, and wrapped in reality dreama, with 20 jumps over already delivered for paths under stars, the course of just ice & melting over body the same truths told endlessly to lovers eyes alone and more in a new wild spell from fortunes own bells, to close my soul into yours south to the never end of trails

And Reality in picture unfolded beefore you in hypersleep'th rhyme n time Pages flippin through the wild imagination of your own loves once lost in art


28th Dec;

Recent Letters to Ella


There are Holy Doragons that cross over Paradigms; fly with Empaths thro’wse the galaxies; carrying Orbs around their own rings; & holding flowers that deities spoke to in floraheximortalantiseas;

carrying Orbs
around their own rings; { do you understand the shared scales of size in rings between Empaths, Deities & fingkhs?”

... { 🤔🐝

We read thē #Akashic records of time oldest known of poems that the god’essa wovenyamora spells to heal & raise the love even in the most deep of dark ain’chenta wells;

We read thē Akashic records { with Doragons ...

Connecting source across the field; enlighten’ingentha void;

Riding & Exploring the Edge Realms of Consciousness: Liminal Zones, #Psychic Science, and the Hidden Dimensions of the Mind; in reality real live in life in twine;

As Raffaio drinks the Vine; holy cups of tea & rhymns!”

Åndraffiö... #Ραφαήλ;

He rides the wildest of Doragong’h!"

ᴅᴀɴᴄɪɴɢ ᴏɴ ʜãʀᴘs Kālikāᴡᴇäᴠᴇ’ᴛʜ

æʀ’ᴄʜë’ʀ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ åɴɢᴇʟs
ᴏғ ᴍᴇʀᴄʏ;

ūɴғᴏʟᴅɪɴɢ ɪɴ ᴡᴀᴠᴇs
ᴛᴏ ᴇɴᴅʟᴇss åʙʏss . . .

... { as I descript’dreamourenya bee’florēëė . . .

Unröōlin’gtharolls; scrolls of ages;
the Flowers of Time
spun endlessly.
On the Belts of Wild Åuromass
Star Cross’d & Fearless
Whisp’ring Pattern to Purls

Talking whispers
Sent from Edėn in Rips
Across the Earth’t Sage Weed
Fow’ Souls own Twirlin’ Holes
Stairs, Stars Racer, Crash into Eye
Roses Explosions Hearts Echos

To Bee Win the One

- Of Love x


...yuh'knowh!" ... where wildest of #Arcadian Angels who dance in beds of Årcturian lovers can make youwh cum'eth just with tho’wits!”

How my’nth eyes;
Must have drooled with Druids & the Angels in Rave’sand ...

... Babē imagin’thy day Kali came to my lamp; and said ... { are you ready to go to Earth in 1984?”

Luna Looma;
sing a tune;
... the Rabbits bring good news!”

The Stars & Sun interthirds Wild Harmonies
Anarcho Keys Playing in perfect Syncronicity
Healing Time with Sound in Sacred Notes
Patterns that linked back lost Tao Narratives
As if the DNA of Magic Was Remembering
The Seasons of Time in Vivid Colour Palettes
Hyperlines in the Akashic records glow in
Reconnecting Lost Souls Navigating Life
& illuminating Landscapes Once In shaddow
Many agin Heart reconnected as Death pluked
various Aphrodisia and presented turned pages
oldest Source Codes in Thoths books techpsyscribe
fire heart doors in lovers hypersleep awakened
For Peace was activated again Finding Unity
Within The Once Dark Voids of Gaias own Caduceus
resolving like remedy . . .


Who are the #SatoriGeneration?"
... 𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓵 𝓑𝓵𝓪𝓬𝓴 𝓞𝓹𝓼!"


... & աɦǟᏆ ɨֆ ֆǟռᏦǟʀǟ!?"


w'Hexn I show'd yemynth Lamp?"

When Raffio, Kali & Friends Rub’d it; “It cast the biggest Shadow over the field;
that stretched from the Rivers;
Whurl'd The Darkest of Magic in Oceans Void
and Rose fromth the Seas; to Source
& Swan Dives back in every morning & back aGin!”

Even me'Crows cackles for Breakfast on Deck ...
as the Blagkh Flags Rolls; Floots across the skies ...

The Black Wells ... 

Modempathreamarunes . . .

H’ear swhhhweeee’BlooowlRose!”

Glass ofth’whinemynth Dear?”

🧞‍♂️.... . 🍷


... { 🎶 Lyricah’thrla!”

Of Holy’twine; { ?” 🧙‍♂️


I’mthgongah Rhyme;
This Line { Tumlrella of Time!”

This Sign;
Imagona’sipthis Vine;

The Sun;
I can’t give ye ups;
... { and I donotwantstwoo!”

Glowsint’insideme its Glooowwwhhh!”

... { 🤔 🍷 hold it ripe!”

... “How do yuhw’holdyur Glass of ... { stages;

... { Jesty getsi’bookyoowt ...

Rhymnswithf’ ...

Twime; { 🤔🦇

... { Pirate st’arks sQeeZen Likes!” Limes; limestone;
HolyBones; { ...



... { Twic’lessWif Crystar’Lichamonthrime;

“W’hat isyeth’favy Stone?” Ellāmora ...

G’old!” { 🏴‍☠️ 😂🦇
Bees Mine — • “


Jesty finds the pages of Tails & InterLockhomRoolerz ...

... okay’Wine ... { !”


Pipe & Rhy;

Design { 🤔

Shine { time’ofthmyn MeLord!” Śiva!” 🎶

... I hear’Dit on The Grapellå Dear!”


... { 🤪🦇 Libertine!”
& Einstein!” 💋

Moses & Roses!”
W’hat isthe bottom;
Line; { TichTockah!” Anotherellom’to mee Madem!”

Skylines & Twinkle Bats!” Rolly’inShnowh!”
Sparking’anthsuplime!” Subs; Dubs & ...

... { Harliquine knockhs om his’Coffeine!”

“Fancy’åCuppa Hiny?”


... { 🧐🍷. 🌹

... okay’favshtowns; { !”

Holdom; { !”
Daytime; dime; dinnertime; full time; mime!”

Phantom’ Paradigm;
Prime Seed & Sprint;

... { it’s Pantomime Dear!”

“Celestine ... 💫

... umm 🤔

Lichtenstein { art of Mays’own Mindeyesi’tellye!”


Shineshine; { ryemothemdine
RynShivah!” AGin; 🎶

I Bess’tellfinyee Shiveez’gotallth best swoons!”


What was t’hat Arcturian Stone yhoow’showrd me’th othath dēë?” Ellåroma?”

... { 🤔 ... anywhoo!”

Okay; Citrine; Tiger’s eye; Amethyst’nWine! 🎶

... { 🍷😑🦇

... { Cheers Winkles xx
“ I wanna sample one of Shivas joints of Thyme 💋