Rat-e Grumble Rumbles in Blood n Jungle
& The Rest o’ye Fools [ Pardon the French ]

From the Greatful Dead
             & Friends

Yuh know, Muppets who struggle
     with these kinda concepts . . .
bore Folks like memes yurh,
     while memes go to work . . . lulz
& the ones get it [ in some way at least ]
    or are like super geeks as well
I Love You, fuck the rest 
    Inc. Spiritual Techno Thieves 
or alike . . .
    You are Pirate Bait for Blake

[ Funny as fuck innit . . .
   my belly grumbles in sonica
I swear I’m missing sumfink ] 🤔
   anyway, #anythinggoes

Just rememe’bur you are reading . 
It’s many different hats & skulls here talkin .
I meme seriously, SkulliDully
what do you fink ? Tricky Dickies
Do you have any idea what
Being an Empath & Medium
IT is all abeut . & blah blah blah 
I’m gun . With A bee. Eat you .

Strange Alive or Dead
that muppets think . 
People just dissapear or sum’fin kk_

You know your Body is a Vehicle 
And WE WILL activate IT if you do not co-op

Tick Took Tock Trip Tip

The Wolves Howl AG.in
And Circles in Woods
Holding White Rabbits
& Pinned Holes Dilated Lost
Know What I’m Churp’sin?


You Corpo Fucks.

Hand over [ Please ]
the #CorpoCash
to the poor NOW 
or the bunniees [ Tricky Dicky & Corpo Friends ]
Gets it . [ Again & Again ]

For A War & The Endless & Evil Ongoing .
That You have not yet been held to account for .
or brought to justice for or even faced trail yet for . 

[ ...& You Are Next
] Terrified YET?


& We Will Cackle y’all 
    into yr #CorpoHell

and I will carve your name into it
With BlackBloodQ’EllaPens
        Written In Moons
Reept’h Fawks, inside yr own CorpoSkulls
5 Ⓐ Time into Wine, the 40’s headburst
of Thymes walk’sin thr’ow Blood into Sand
FoundSinSoul’d with Rusti Wire Needles
YOU CORPO FREAKS on my dead dogs leash
at the end of TIME

I will pop your empty CorpoLies
Of Markets N’Tears
WithOuts Stars
Not even hips to prey for
in dead words of nothing but hate & Fear of change
To beem stoned in Sin & yr own PsychoCorpoFascism
While you think doom into more words of Locust
to describe your own same hell without love
in blood written letter after letter on repeat to transcend
devils own scripts out words to find your lost Generation
Only to sell their souls to your own livid picket,
Blood soaked arrogance, in thin empty blotted papers
and years in washed ingnorant TV Media CorpoHorror Stories
Forever tuned to the sound of dead channels in Hell

And 60’s of Rolls in thunder
wid’th spark your own Fire
Sluts on Drones, no Lovers in sight
and pee on yr own stirless’thh
his throw’n of nodeftdoom watching
sulphe’thring with no care or morsal of empathy
Like Hearts dead pot, nofin’k or spring old debt
your Robots Drum while spun’gthhh
his own ramp’ethirium dammed tag’d,
Oblivion Creed Snake’dHead identified
his tha’them evilcorpobossesss hith’sssssss
all in vain, never to screeeeeen AGin .

You will Bee chasing
Rip Tear Shreada
Black Holes in Sound,
Colour to Pixie Traps
In the Archives of History
And those who gave a dam .

Understand Memes ?

    I am the Whips of BloodFire Eyes
Even Ten Thousand Black Dust’ed Memes
For’got’h, FlatLined, Never Breathe’d AGin
    Lost in  Souls, Carved in Wood Circles
Burried Alive in Deep, Sands’own & Dunes
    The Last Cup of Tea for all DeadMADmen .

I just drop the words
I keep h’ear-ing [  Spooky like’ D ]
out of dummi #CorpoRobots
into Whurls of’t
     Blood Sonica Dreams
Rollin paths of Promise
Roses BloodN’Bone Th’rown, Sow’n
into my’thn own hand
LowKey Locks, Death Knocks
at Heaven’th sent’ed
The Sever’dmeth Gate
of No Future
as I remove my’nOOwn
     #EmpathPirateSkull em’omen  
No Rights, H‘ear’,  waitin’
to breathe agin in your end
     Sacrifice Th’oath Own,
raise fist in air, flesh in my bones
. Gold . Red . Prāṇāyāma
Bless’ed Black Poison
To Jewels Ends .


sᴀᴍᴜʀᴀɪ sᴋᴜʟʟ ʀᴏᴏᴛ
       ᴛᴏᴋʏᴏ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍsᴛʏʟᴇʀ

     Okay Dear
          [ Pirates Own
              Black Tail n’Fin
                  Blood Barrel ParaDice
                       Rouls in Flowers ]

And I will pluck the Harps
of your Own’th Clover
     From your DarkEmptySoul
     To Watch the Clocks
of My’th Own’dreaded Spy .
No More Lost In Mirrors .

I will BloodDoom
slap you all BlackHoleDown
inslide your own CorpoTribes
Lost Vampire eternity in Arcadia
to Rage ups’on forth’
fun no truth fin’hidden
your own sinful lust
for CorpoBloodMoney
Shame on all
of’t yr rooten mindwith
bend in bands
no goals
other than evils
ownership of Earth
I B’curse you all for life
for keep’sin secrets
A Sonic Hellma
BlackHex on all your Houses .
Too’th Sin Fast to Slow
Stopped in Hells Paradigma
yr own Bo’www
in Drips in pixel doom’th
Your damaged goods
with no hoods
Clefted in
your demise
demon felt eyes
And your useless round tables
filled with Fools Gold but none å Souls
who I will Bee Sold in Spiders Tomb .


Don’t Breathe, Evillian Men
I bite the Apples of Yr own watches
In the Gardens of Hells never known
to any souls paradigmassin
that walked towards your door
the blood paved’th written in silk
webbed deep streets lick’d
where heros once Rome’death
in Eyes Locks in trance fixation
beeflore your own End .

& Edens Eve with’ sigh Relics Remedium
Lust Theeomsa Aromasa
Neuthamouros ounda faithem
newma Wild Flowers
founded at the End of theirs to Beegin
the cool wicked ways of ancient time
a road ren’areema
       spin’sin Holy Ribbons
       into Lovers Bowwws

[ & Howl in yr Night, 
  The Deep’est Colour Curlin
       Warp’eth Rosario Lint,
          RoundSin Orchidiam
            Bloomina Neon ‘a Cleft’lockia
           Endless & Sacred Lamps ]

As Sand Drips
      into GlassHoles
Like Tears,
       with No Fear

and Wild Holy Unions
      in Circles will cheer
only in mindseat
‘ Why Do Bloods Bleed In Eyes . . . .  .     .        .  
#TooMuch But never Enough
#Challenging But always longing
#BeeHiveInVain But Never Kicked
to Ends own Fame
                Cont . . .  .  .    .    .’ Faithless Again
[ Doom Carved In Akira Spins ]

You were saying something abeaut
Bestssssssss intentions ? . .. .  ..      . 
[I will bury you in wood boxes ]

And Knock on Skulls
Even to Think out loud

And old friends laugh
at Secret Doors, to Spirits
Hands raised onwards
to Worlds Never Known
But Should Have Been

I am Death .
The Destroyer of Worlds

& yet S’hee knocks again .

Running in my Dreams

... Even One
     or Two
plus 10x5
in reverse spell,
     old friends
        metal’itham toon .
        will hunt them down
          in Psychedelic Nightmares
              if your do not             { ... your!       once. twice.
                   hand over
                  the CorpoCash

And I will kick yer arse
like a Dangerous Sonic Detective
[ The Black Satori Blood Angel Rat from 1984 ]
                               & Water Pig { i am a bitch ] x

        World Meme Champion Dowg !!!

Welcome to Techno Hell
      with No Jungle Heaven
         [ This is the Road ]

... hand over the cash
MotherFuckers .

Or you will meet
A Hunter’s Wheels
In the Forests of No Return .

Even Blake Is Riddlin’
in Lost Neon Books
Like, fucking Astologicalli’ in my third eye
With 5.28’CalibrettaFawkNSpoons
Novembers’ Blood In Rain.
[ Where I’bee from chappies,
      like Fuck. Sort it out. FAST ] Cheers.

And I’m tearing off digitari prose like he used to for pirates, Sonictelempåthicallī connected this time to get you all out of bed onto decks in ships not yet sailed. Dig?

Like fuckin’skulliNbones Moldem dune Thuggari’om
Dudes. Get you act straight, like myth in hooks

Like fuck knows what TM Duke is cookin’ up.
MushroomZen? . DMT? Maps ?
It’s like a black rivers’ night in paradise Paris 68’

FFS, Mystics are getting bored of yer SKITZOID Bull Voimt.
Wake up. this is 2020AD And yer still on living in Nazi BeeDoom
calling mystics Lab rats to test your phony pillpoppers on with Doggies crying in the background.
And that’s why I stay FurnGulli, like a flower grounder in Grind, Bumps.
It’s 2562BE [ the official date In Thailand ]
Where we respect the Buddha, no jokes. the only true hero there ever was.
[ the lord unchallenged ] It’s so bloody obvious, and he’s even sponsored a lot of your dead hero’s to clean up this mess your leaving beehind.

Once again it’s pethetic how you treat mystics and try to stop the development of the yogi mind. With your bullshit rules. Rules. Sounds a Corporate invention dunnit assholea.

There’s no such thing as SKITZODEMICA, what your talking about are mystical mind that Corpo Words have taken over to make young minds beelive they can’t be different or somethings wrong with em, don’t beelive in god we will make you pop a pill so you have no will power to use ur own empathic mind to rid the world of their evils with no will power. So fuck you all. Get a grip on your corpoBeeLives
Grow up you dumbass Corpo ingredients to piss
And I will silence you all for the way you talk so casually about mystics & skizos like your blessing the devils own CorpoPharmacurse
Your wretched souls

I will snot and snip each of your phoney beeleaves one at a time to rid this world of corporate narratives that are so deeply embedded in your lost Corpo souls
Where cars crash into your minds of lost words to describe magic human beings

Don’t call me å chipotle or you will meet memes in another post life party ready to reep in Corpo Lost golden tribes

Dig Meme?

And paradigm 84’ like shit man we got 68’ covered, but...
am I the one to create that 84’ in rounds of 90’s Tao verse?
This is not gunnabee pleasant ...
and I fancy my neck a lot more than just planet Earth and ten thou’sand luckies folks

what are you all so fuckin’ scared of?
your all a fucking joke. all of yer.
And the rest of you MIC muppets will fear us, because you know we came to save the world, while you all follow the devil into the hands of doom. and your skulls will start to wake up in the years to come, get it? or you sat there still thinking about ways to stop people who want to save the world? I’m guessin the lat’a cus thats what all your corporate pricks are like huh.

How many flippin years have spun past, and all these corpo politicunts are still destorying the planet.

where are you Corpo Connected Celeb Muppets who have power to stop them from the inside out...

We are all in the belly of the beast here folks. 

Even the best of you i loath & fear at times. So many leaders, no bulls for Alice.

Sittin’ in yer Jacks ... brrrrr!

What yer worried abeaut ? A Bull-tit ?
Too angry ? Too Cool ? Freak Power, Remember that?

Do you knot ? Bells ring in ideas with cASH Monkeys n Holla’s to Save Planet Earth and hand over cash to dem poor Folk yuh hear’ ?

im gonna pistolwhipyou with an invisiblud beegun .

I would suggest you take your year group that you were born into lads, and fess up to your responsibeeleteam’ on this planet on which you are born to save in Art & Word alone . You hurt anymore inoccent people by design and i will start jumping into different paradigm trails to save your own blood n ting to wipe of my eyesNin veins own tree of dews like drops of water into dry sand and blah blah blah. get meme?

I have an obvious obsession
with Saving the World

I sumtimes fink
that is the problem
with the world
that no one is

If your are not in it
to Save the World ...
Then what is the point?

Corporate Entities
Have No Heart No Soul & No Morals
Only Sentients Have Those.


Yet Corporations have the same rights as sentients in corpogo!vernment law.
Every single country is a corporation 
In prisioned by corporate evil men.
And its why the world is so fuck up
& also why the world has been destoryed
by evil men over and over and over.

        ?? mmmm try again dee...  


And also why we seek a reveral
of the corporate charter.


    “Do you hear a tiny bee talking ere?
    i hear many voice when i read it;  
thats why i wanna be connected to spiritual audio; { void of Gee tech!


We should be like an army against these people destroying the planet man, where are you all? 

I just put this shit RANT here unlinked, aint no point in ranting to dead corpo robot ears, nothing changes in their dead black well souls dudes.

mmm stories...
I have to go back into these corpo robot entities they create and rewire them in the afterlife for future ghosts to analog paradigm hoop in sketchy skips... like a bad, but very fuckin real rerun of T28.2562beeeee, thats how crazy i am, here’s to us.

You know fink about it Anon, every single fucking genie thing terrence mkenna said and allll the rest of the good holy crew said.
and these corpo evil fucks still never fucking listened or did anything to change their evil fucking ways man, or even used that info to fuck with us even more like evil fucking corporate fucks do... over and over and over again. So fuckem, 2012 went, and we all spent their corpo soul anarchy cryptoss n keys in folk fawkes blood and bone new golden been & Gundam warriors. chachin’G !

Transformerzen! Gee

All of My Life
All of My Kisses

You have no idea
       What you been

             Ⓐ missin’ x

While we work
      on our Bees,
             Limes & Lines x

𝓣𝓸 𝓕𝓲𝓷𝓭 𝓣𝓲𝓶𝓮 𝓐𝓖𝓲𝓷
     𝓘𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓶𝓸𝓼𝓽 𝓢𝓾𝓫𝓵𝓲𝓶𝓮
𝓢𝓾𝓹𝓮𝓻𝓷𝓪𝓽𝓾𝓻𝓪𝓵 𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓭𝓼
   𝓞𝓯 𝓡𝓲𝓭𝓭𝓵𝓮
      𝓐𝓷𝓭 𝓡𝓱𝔂𝓶𝓮

Rebels 4 Life .
[ We did a bad bad thing . . . ]  
          #XR [ Inside & Out ]

Join the Rebellion . OR D I E .

𝓘𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓛𝓲𝓯𝓮
      𝓸𝓻 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓝𝓮𝔁𝓽 .