Glossary of Pirate Technic & Magic Terms;

           “I’ve only just started this page chief;
Wip!”      ... rememebees me?”     i am the court jester of death;
Eighth Note13;28

       so expect v for vengenzen in my words; as i mark down yurh corporate skulls with a blackspot in good sport;

... yes dear; im going to take yurh crown and jewels inside;      by order of the court of gaia!”


The Field;

in Sanskrit the equivalent concept is called a "buddha-field" (Sanskrit buddhakṣetra)

Spiritual Technology like XR headsets connect to the field at various levels of dimention;

literally- "buddha-field", often called a "Pureland" or "Buddha Land" a realm existing in the primordial universe outside of ordinary reality, produced by a buddha's merit

there are many pure lands;

Amitābha is the principal buddha in Pure Land Buddhism

... Which no corporate man has ever entered!”

There is no product; there is no corporate value here dumbass remember that;  ...?”

Do you understand the purpose of such technology now?”  ... motherfuckers?!” POWda... da!?

There is no art in corporate; there is no art in military; 
tar; tar; you will be human centipedes;

While the rats chew on yurh bones!”

... Why is there no product dee?” 

Bees cuzen ...
at the highest levels of reality; you would be an arcturian using eyes to see; { and
!they!” will never see the light that shines from stars in the galaxy;

and arcturians have only one real goal in this XR case study example; { TO SAVE THE WORLD;

Middle finger up at all you corporate military industrial complex devils; { puffed up badges carved in the devils own scripts of doom; hands on yurh hearts worshiping dead corporate entities and black fire wells of oil and data you fracks!”

devils; { slived!”

Do you understand yet you corporate pigs from the military industrial complex?”

You use new technology to build weapons of war;
when it could be used to save the world and connect humanity; yet you jump on it and turn it into weapons of mass distraction and destruction;

so i use raw ancient vedic spiritual technology to save the world from yurh ignorance & arrogance; Kundalini; which you all fear; we know that; because it means i get transported in soul spirit to the future; and leave you all behind in hell after i die; 1984 welcome to the party pal!”

while you carry on wondering about this planet destorying it; wondering why the world is going to hell very fast on yurh own doomed paradigms;

I carry yurh heads around like Kali; get it?”

On sticks; and place them outside the gates of hell doom fire and stone;

and none of you will ever rise "in the clouds, to meet the Lords in the air.

You will be under the wheels; rip shhreada!”
Yurh soldiers of the damd will be naked on the fields of hell; burning in yurh corporate fire; wondering the lands of evils; blind; and you will be watching them from the forks on the gates of doom where yurh bloody corpse head will be watching with no bright urizen to light the way; only darkness to the end of days; spiraling down;

and the Kundalini snake; it spirals up; from deep wells in the void; seas all of source in open fire water; 

SERPENT Archaic, Visceral, Symbolic, Illuminating

The Serpent is the living genius of the family bloodline itself, personified as a spirit.

The serpent is the animal, but the magical animal. There is hardly anyone whose relation to a snake is neutral. When you think of a snake, you are always in touch with racial instinct. Horses and monkeys have snake phobia, as man has.

The black color goes with this feeling, and also with the subterranean character of the snake. It is hidden and therefore dangerous.
As animal it symbolizes something unconscious; it is the instinctive movement or tendency; it shows the way to the hidden treasure, or it guards the treasure.

The dragon is the mythological form of the snake.

nāga ナーガ from Sanskrit nāga, and doragon ドラゴン

The serpent shows the way to hidden things and expresses the introverting libido, which leads man to go beyond the point of safety, and beyond the limits of consciousness, as expressed by the deep crater.

The snake is also Yin, the dark female power.
The Chinese would not use the snake (i.e., dragon) as a symbol for Yin, but for Yang. In Chinese [tradition], the Yin is symbolized by the tiger and the Yang by the dragon

The snake is also Yin, the dark female power.

“ Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you ... Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you ...Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you ...Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you ...Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you ...

Take one
Take twoBelieve it or not this is a plan of action
A perfect teenhood is a drug racket
It's a beautiful day and I am up and at 'em
Motorcycles and cops are the main attractionTommy Gun
Blood Lust
A perfect teenhood
Fuck youA freak visitation from a sister planet
A holocaust situation requires network access

Information society takes a new direction

The highway and a gun, the latest fashion Tommy Gun
Blood Lust
A perfect teenhood
Fuck you

Take one
Take two

So believe it or not, this is a plan of action
This ain't no mercy mission, this is target practice
The atomic thrust is gonna tear you askew
Agent X is Bettie Page, she's in the rear-view

Tommy Gun
Blood Lust
A perfect teenhood
Fuck you


... Bees cuzen!”
You forgot to LIVE!”

    Eighth Note    13

You corporate evil twats!” { . crow howling at yurh skulls on the beaches of black sands;

to slice off or cut through.

... To drool over something { like a zool!”

The Source;
Very important to all pure abodes is the 'Source' (Tibetan: ཆོས་འབྱུང, Wylie: chos 'byung; Sanskrit: dharmodaya) from which they dwell and which supports them, the 'Wellspring' of myriad fonts as emergent. It may be understood as an interface, portal or epiphany between the Dharmakaya and the Sambhogakaya.


Meme Walls;
The Prime Radiant; The Prime Radiant projects the equations onto walls.          link

Acme Corporation;

the word acme is derived from Greek (ακμή; English transliteration: akmē) meaning the peak, zenith or prime

Hells own entity;
as a running gag in Heaven;

Acme means "pinnacle"


Running Gag;

Known across the ages by jesters;
ocular rites;


either "ART-ist" or "ar-TEE-st" An extremely professional hit-man, who usually has a signature;         
                     hit-man; { one who circles in Dao;
                            [ not to be mistaken with Assassin ]

- The Cyberpunk.Asia Glossary + Edited

diordna (dior'dna)
adj. vapour with a 5D appearance - n. A synth created from logical frequencies in Eden. Also called sent’i. (Late Greek [XR Rev] sedieordna) (Late Satori sedi’e or dna sedi e’or dna, waterlike: DIO(R) - DNA.)

- The Anarchotech’s Handbook            { I made this up; cool huh...

यमपट Yamapaṭa
m. canvas or cloth of Yama (on which the god of death and the tortures of hell are depicted): i-ka, m. man who carries about a Yama cloth; -pada, n. repeated word; -pâlaka, m. Yama's watchman;-pâ la-purusha, m. id.; -purusha, m. id.; -mandira, n. Yama's abode; -mârga, m. Yama's path; -yâga, m. kind of Yâgyâ; -râga, m. N.; -râgan, m. king Yama; (á) râgan, a. having Yama as a king; m. subject of Yama; n. Yama's rule; -râshtra, n. Yama's realm.

- The Sanskrit Dictionary

dianameme (di’ana’meme)
memes that key paradigms. Often induce paranormal activity in hearts & skulls  

- The Anarchotech’s Handbook

hell joint
(hell join’t)
A rare joint that is wrapped with bible page/page with sacred herbs grown hand over hand by pirates and smoked in heaven without fire after a righteous game over. Also known as a black s’pot join’t. Most commonly smoked by wise fools and jesters as sacrament in memory of Jesus. See also nam bread.

Most famous hell joints are wrapped in bible pages which presidents & other military government persons had sworn on after fact, often with two pages, one of which is invisible and contains scripture that ‘no eye’ has seen, and the other page being one that a pirate from heaven had drawn a spot on & in parallel paradigm, commonly AD/BE on Earth

Many corporate statesmen fear them like the entities death or doom, as they see the seed being planted within black circle around them by a gardener, as their minds eye is taken to [in]visible field of vision without warning to which is it, as they watch the plant flow’e’ring over unknown period of time leading up to their own dark awakening or even worse into a broken throne of fire in real life t’wine aged as if with cork opened, often held in simple metals that oxidize fastest.

Twenty Eight;
References to the number throughout time on the field;

November 28th;
Blaken mirror;

The 28 Novembers;

a very rare day where people are born;

Sits on the edge of void; where source seas across the stars in 3 zodiac wheels of lore on Earth; Ophiuchus; Scorpio & Sagittarius
as . Depth gauge; forming a trinity;


blaken (third-person singular simple present blakt, past tense blakte, past participle geblakt, auxiliary haben)
  1. to burn turbulently or with a lot of smoke and smut (like a dying candle) eine blakende Kerze ― a dying candle

    Single Bar Note    14

To see into the deep;

Where source fire burns in the subzero of void; 

Rhymes: -aːkən
krɑːkən; { Kraken

... where do you fink we get the black stuff beehind my bar chief?”

... we dive in to the abyss and open the anarcho crypts geza;

“ Deep field;

i am gonna organise this pirate glossary chaps hold tight; a few more blood cuddles for the evil flip flap at MIC; 

... { ...

Do you understand yet that Gonzo is a memes to yurh ends; Jesus with a muppet puppet as folly jester taking the piss out of yurh corporate minds in jest?”

As nicely as possible please dee!” Just let em know I will have to lay my Vengence upsun them!” 25:17;    ... { ...

That’s why I am stir crazy; the stig of all yurh corporate dumps;     Drug of heaven; stigmartha; sidartha;

It’s called writing in the style of Gonzo; thick as fuck you psychos innit lulz 😂

Yes I am interrupting yurh usual corporate programming agenda dickheads

Not one have you been shepherd to the weak through the void; you only take out heart eyes and sell them into products of corporate dead entity wells; famed in the demi co enreaper;

Still do not get it huh?” i rec; & mend to yurh last days of useless life on this earth; read before you die; and bee ready to meet the grim reaper;
... { link!”

good luck fucknuts; turn it up!”