Nov’ 1984BE

𝙽𝚞𝚖𝚋𝚎𝚛: 𝙼𝙲𝙼𝙻𝚇𝚇𝚇𝙸𝚅 𝟸𝟾𝟷𝟷𝟾𝟺/𝟸𝟻𝟸𝟾

Let me run through it again, chief. “ᴀʀᴛ ɪs ᴀɴ“ - ʀᴇᴀʟ ↻ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴᎶ. Ⓐ[s]a[n] artist[s], eye’ [we] continued to trade dēëė-sign’ėd hats in various stylēs for 10/6 to various fictional corporate entities that had no heart, no soul & no morals - also known as artificial persons for a millennia and were treated as superhuman. The shift from the “shadows” of the black trade towards corpo<-rat-e entities, as mirrored by the index. Also know as “Operation Rock” - You do understand?, what that memes to dreams & ends, as was the plan, following the tradition on the trail. And you do also understand chief how Paradigms split like twine in skull like th’irds, boolld like web rooll’d. W’hat’s re:mains now in slide this fella’s ssss’oil soul’d sun d’rum _ _ _ _ isss anyone’s guess -   Synthesis of Satori ⚠️ Artis𝚝, Tėlė-Empåthïc Medium, 5D ䷀ Arcturian Hybrid & Folk Folly Zen Mystic.⠔ånd then Anarchist Zēntërtåinėr - Black Court Jester & Tao Pirate. Counter Culture Geeza, Gēëėʞ, memeologist, metameme thinker, SpiriϮᏟᏒᎩᎵȶ Gatekeeper & LoneWolf. Lightworker - Dark Don, RawLuck & Freeጠåsonι¢ ė=inventor. Psychadelic psychonaut & soulsurėfin oo ◄⎈ mechanic. Rebel economist, visionary archaic techno spiritual strategist, creative evolutionary paradigm shifter & worldly Technopagan sculpting the Zeitgeist & Spirit of the Age - working with The Greatful Dead, The Invisibles, Zelda Zonk ☂ & various Lords of Time, Akira, The Beats & The Dead Poets Gang, The Casper Crew & Clubbed to Death Ravers + The Bees & Tree Lovers from Hell on Earth in Heaven's own kitche’n, Anon-profits, charities, art & design collectives, innovation-driveñ agencies, global corporations, startups & ïndė-pën|dēnts. Bored of game of corpo drones, corpoblackmirrors & the world of evil men . Meme’s EyeBrains not subjected to recent corpo garb’age, but. & memeZenmind Miss < the 80s but. This is not a game or 11:11 Black Riddler Joke for Ⓐ Ꮥyncrowdog & Zēntërtåinmėnt; just the remains of Satori Shadows, Island Memories & The Dēëėvine  Comidēëė Wood Ratrap wēëė Setup years ago for All Corporations & Evil Men. Dreadlocks & Feathers raffadaffadrilla’d chief? Don’t Panic - intergalactic traveller, what you are looking at here are the signs of all tomorrow's parties with the Wild Ones -  They’ve been preparing folks like memes for the afterlife & beehonda. . . .  Eyėzėn & I ... we tålk & tåke [IT] planet Earth survival very seriouslyinëėd. Every single last G dēëėtrail round the Moon down the Sands in XR Holy HourGlasses & Back ... Working In LiveTime[Inside] & living without DeadTime [Outside] Just another Cräzy Peaceful  -=DeadLivin’ Hippy. No Risk just anin-voice. I’m kinda like a wrathful busy anarcho muppet deity, sat by the river of battery acid circa 1984BE with many invisible arms & friends... & I get upset even if I accidentally step on an ant . . . so you can imagine how I feel about governments who drop bombs & dump waste into the oceans & poison the sky & destroy the land & all that evil jazz as the evi’dent’ce in dead wash up on the beaches as if it bees the nuclear win’fall & out of nam’s own bread for you corpopoliticalfas’cista to screem, ‘god bless america’ to another god who is angry as doomblood with you & yurh hand on just another book of deadhearts that you rape & all as we all watch yurh evileyes on bankers livid picket pockets, as yu’even th’inks we for’get n’dare’d to’eve’n chew fudge and eve’nspit in the holy gard’en faces of deepest down where you watch from above in hell, folly fokes like me’me who give a dam look down at yurh corpotriffidstombss. Burhh laters & good folks read memes now - obviously these accidental fascist Fok!x’s in the depths of governments & deep states have cool maps & files for the star gang, all good artists on this planet have em’... McKenna did... it should bee on yurh list of peaceful goals if you ask me chaps, get on the ★ map, I think it’s good practice to beehive like t’hey are watching everyday, and jump like eyes run lulz. See all my meme webs fire ringding’out? That’s bee’cause I am Ⓐ gypsy ↻ black spider snake monkey wolf very dangerousss, get it? What you are dealing’ here wit’H folks, eyes, who know how to connect toombs’ two & of your skull with spiritual techno that is 500 years more advanced than what we have access to in the public and they even know how to flip a switch in the darkest of deep rooted skullcode tree, from the other side of life to death and back, the Croupier’s were most fame’d for it, they of’ten & wore masks like fawkey, cool huh?... while many of the corporate flavour of’t deadmuppet wonder’d how to sell it to you “the game” first in a sick product or worse a weapon, before using it for anything that is of real value to a starving black elephant in Africa or Vietnam veteran on skidrow, thats why we put their faces on cards, while we would deal, even with death’s own, the Smoke & Mirrors Gold Pirate Reserve, on occasion ‘mind. Yuh know, eye’ wond’e’rings & things, as black cats lick’d milk & their bangles keept time, the internet is Forever, but was’ Elephants for’ever, wurh Bees for’ever? We were so mad with these politicians and deep state military terrorists, we just carried on lark, skyin’ & we ė-gy’psyf’licked many endlesscorpo slugs off the pa’radigm soul grid, into the Arcadian Machines to live pixel off’wheels & back down into hell slow for entertainment, I reem, just with my third eye alone at thymes own aud’isence, like the plank used to beem, hungry for their ends down, while we had to watch them destroying our planet & for fucking with us in general yur kno’ we carved many grooves in vinyl that still walk and rooll across the web in hypereema, underworld sands drawin’ in plates like fate, as many still stood over slee’pins amen breaks but wide awake, like Blake would have quellapen’d in orbs & thoutcapellatapes & as we still do with Calligraphy. Eve’n the sadhus giggle wit’h like perplexrion’ the mystical props’ & tees of the black donuts in witch we left behind’ all the bad guys, and we did all for the ladies of ainchenta who stir’d into black bells many wild spell to end the men of hell... damit chief like once I even sore a Xenomorph pop out of my blade, the same like in twine, the one i used to carve the canvas in links above, it was second the stage, and appear’d, shot out & across while i was doing a bish’op in rapid fire, circles on the wood, it filp’d round and over as if through mirrors, hyperglint like a reflex eye’on, & round like a doubble c’left in my own number 15, it was like liquitex, A Qell wrapping round, and the sonica soundwave from source af’ten pressure on those flat sheets from micro maps makes the perfect macro paradigm flip, it’s barely detected by even the ash’ records to avoid lower entity disc’overing, that bees & why we call it a discLowKat, theres even an Akira stamp on this rec’orb that Groove’dsssss it, as I would get the same reap’eating cards, unfolding in double Clefts ones forwar’d from the Oracle, but it was Eve’s number, luckey’s. And it sounds like the crunch man when hands would unweave lock from xenohymn’sleeps as the black kundalini travels for so long, when it stretch’ez across from micro to macro in a jump and rip coils towards its enemy it’s like the hand of god let loose out of the darkest of lamp, and thymes own smoke blows across like stars fall to in V format, 5 rings spread across a triffid tree when it’s flat sectioned you can see how many years they jump in baselines, they were known in Rome as a butterfly mantis, which I always thought was an odd number because they used to look more like a blind spider, there must have been more hybrids later down the lines & the mantis I spoke to, she looked more like those on Earth, she never told me her name. Imagine what the real spiritech Dukebox looks like, sssitin’in the Arcturian Gang Star Genie record library of righteous V for ravengenie’sea... Anyway, I’m pretty down to Earth abeaut all this stuff, you know that other & wise I wood in satta, like light I find it bee’way more middle meme infull & inter’e’sting to think abeau’out than the usual getting to know you corpo chip chop shop... rememėber rememėber, ideas & meme memories in the heart & skull, is fork & field. G’in & Bee Here Now... what shall we all talksin about?  

ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄᴏ - ᴘᴏʟɪᴛɪᴄᴏ - ᴛᴇᴄʜɴᴏ - ᴇᴄᴏ - ᴘsʏᴄʜᴏ - ʙᴏɴᴇs

AG.in & the cosmic Freebooters “we” re’inside early on. All’ways Back from the Future with new Hex codes to mother locked down & planet Earth safe’d, it was lick’d like gone fishin’ at Kristies in Source with Shamrocks, auctions and open sails, of the finest feather pluck’d art, antiques & interiors, jewelry & watches, wine, trinkets, jewels & dianamemes that they all brought back from trips on the rounds & hyper loops with Akira. It was super lucid dreamscape, like a drop of the acid at the back of Eden that was brew’d from the most distant lights, we were never worried about the bad guys then, it was all over for them...was not joking when eye said they got cleft by the beehin’doos, they were some of the most fear’d of pirates on Earth, and they took all those who were  destorying her to get “doom”sent’id, which ment their souls had a paradigm mark’d for life, that oldest of wolves hunt, like i described beeflore, that circle in palms own twurlin holes, Stretching all the way back to Doom’s front doors, and his own list of most wanted in hell, no lie’k i said man, where they get dragged back to, the wanted walls were huge, way bigger than any wall ive seen on Earth at human baselevel, and timekeepers with deaths anatechalogs would often sit at the tops, kinda reminded me of the old york photo with tea dunkers, and they had scrolls rolled down all the way to they deepwells, and there were endless missing in deep field, “clocks spun, rev’d” & to’mb’d by invisibleee’d monsstarsss n’shit, many sweet raven’gents havine’ their way wit em’ rememebur them, chief? Every tom dick & harry met their ends, you know that abeaut’ the old stories of triffids with esoteric quotes, most frightening, they was splitting in soul time & Lik’d gools following bee’dives in reaper’hymns, Indus-tree-als’aid of key things, to BIG “use the monrose vintage black camera & shoot the reelss on G’s watch, the deadly asss’p & pluck the best wit’hex ones who c’hip c’hopzen wood at the G’ate.” Al was al’ways Ⓐ ˈfɛəroʊ chief. Anyway . . . T’wash oceans’ Dēëėvine missions in Art by design, thunk the Lords of Anark’ey. Cup of Tea Gēëė? Wēëė Won the Great Meme Wars on those f’ellås. .  .    . one lamp? or two tramps ❦ .   .      .  You know the word meme got very old & boring, my skull kinda aches with satori yawns even thinking about the word, let alone talk in spun sun’gs about, the zen river writers had many more words to describe such things in micromac formats. We can go into more detail on dates, I’ve prep’d the short version for the record . . . and I’m keeping a graveyard of words from nights in the garage posting on the wall of bricks, I knock’em down after and I throw away here, with grinny.

ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴏᴛ ᴀ sᴍᴏᴋᴇ? 

I got forty thousand kotoba so far. It was all on LCD tabs, the latest stuff, but we kept many traditional books, which were all varied in presentation and technology from old to new, I had a.AnarchoTechno𝖎𝖗ė & Black Rose Bud’Books sh’elf get it? for many Arc years, C’hops we d’rank so much, we had to get the job done, & unrooted many, the wildest vines, that spoke in blackdustkeys, like visions kinda like the blades that run. It was Ⓐ ᴄʀᴏss ʀᴇᴀʟɪᴛʏ & ᴇxᴛᴇɴᴅᴇᴅ sᴇʀɪᴇs ᴏғ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟs & ᴘᴏᴇᴛʀʏ that were always being created, endless . . . You know Indus he’s known as the river, because he drinks battery acid with folks like Hunter.  It was the strangest thing for You & Meem  it still gives me old salt eyes, that I always knew deep like the wood and we were always doing shots on it, with lime to the skies & Zodiac’s following the   linės-s’in fate with Blakēëėe & the most fear’d of {へびつかいざ} BlackHexCode ᏦuᏁᎠᎪᏞᎥᏁᎥ ŞຖคkēŞ on last doors, where Hatter would often bee seeeen, he was always charming, no ssup’rise, with general leafy’access to the Akashic Records, where many ancient memes are stored huh, they carried the most rare flutes that sung to multiple dimentions & the Starships, sɪᴅʀᴀᴛ & the Athena, two different ships that worked in a kinda of interlinking memory, the regular hangout, all sorts going on there chief - crew o’bees bu’zenwitn’H;keys saving everyone, inc. them’ corpomuppettes & normies plus the old folks who we wish’d well & still had no idea witchat is going up, bless em. .   .     .  I sore Winston a few weeks ago, he was sat at his desk in the circle room, where they have the Roses & Orchids on that edge & the mantus prey to & piece, their Katana long swords, many signed in neon gold inlay that glows when called, I would see him in visions with Blakey, at this church on a hilltop village in Eden where they gamble for Rows, they were like Rings, wraped around dreadlocks often with Raffa’s own sow’d in, you know the angels would do cool stuff like that. You know, I went quite far up the River, chief... that’s why I’m back here, after one rebels enough and stops following the flow of life down into the ends of time you get sent’id and sent back to rhyme, and that is why the black Jester crow’n spoke to me in myth, myow’n memes to ends, wit’hin d’his riddle; When the moon is out, towards the night I howl. When the rabbits about, these forests I prowl. My cousins are angry, you might say they're sure. But you might tame me, if you have the right fire. As the river travels, I go the opposite. Or You're confused if you think I'm a game bird, or even the wisest bird of all, but we so share our letters.

You know my invisible middle name chief; Eveleigh; 
thats why i eat evil eyes innit geza; the folk part of my name and reign
            ... { innit... the void;    ... { reign; 84-68 + ... unknown pleasures; 

share our letters { ... his crow speaks; “because he is in love with his muse & inspirational goddesses; Kali to hith Shiva; { ...   Evegenia;      a visual displays above the port of a dragon and tiger in wraps & rounds dancing across source; codes in alien language follow them across . the seas . lands and skies; while the wolves walk . with shepherds . from source; deepest void; to the source again over many moons; above and beelow;
alongside the bed; the stars illuminating the field;  

              ... when you see lovers dancing in Eden;
even wood pulls shapes out; 

        “ anyway chief; what else...
   he pulls his hat off and throws it on the table; 

 ... Hybirdian; the offspring; the creatures of Arcadia; 
         and the angels who walk among mortals on Earth;
meeting in eyes; leaving messages; notes on the walls; paintings; tags; codes; source roads to V for victoreamah;     carving circles in hearts;
the ones who throw . bricks of . mortalica into yurh corporate windows of hell and doom fire blood tombstones and sands; the ones who set fire to yurh dead corporate entities in hell; the ones who stand together and fight for the planet; as evil men watch on dead channels in the void;
as the red carpets weave; unreeling in blissoma; blooms of flowers unfolding; the field of optimapathensō; lead by the armys of lightsenti; many arms; held high against yurh corporate darkness; the ridian that clears the path in holy rage; 

optimapathensō; { as angels light the way; anarchozen; on the streets of glory;  wheels of the dao spin in their waves & wake; the love of good and all that is;

- The sun souls; { of the Dia;
       that moons forth told; { of the night;
and fortune would aid the brave;