Its raining again...
     He Swigs on the Kraken;

“ Do you lot get it yet?

A corporation is something that evil men latch onto; Because it is an entity with no soul; no heart and no morals;

... a good resting place for the lost soul of man to hide in like a fascist;

Yurh; you read that line; again; and agin; and again . . .

Because it is the actual definition of terrorist and “ism”

a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

“ and then hides behind an entity with no soul; no heart and no morals;  

All of the Military–industrial_complex know they are the real terrorists;
and the ones who do not; still believe in entities with no soul; no heart and no morals;

now... by believe; i do meme to ends; the . word worship; because it is the worst thing that has happened on the ship Planet Earth; and because evil men still believe & still worship corporations; it is a manifested reality that we are surrounded by the lost soul of man; who is happy to watch the destruction of earth and who is happy to watch starving people in need; even on his own doorstep; as long as his corporation with no soul; no heart and no morals; is “happy” which is like a void reflection of self; the mind uses to lie or accept the decree that something that's not necessarily true is true;

and it enables the evil man to avoid reality; it enables the evill man to remain unparanoid about the fact that he will one day meet his true soul with the grim reaper; also know as death;

and when evil men meet the entity death; they find out;  he is the lover;
Death has a soul; a heart & morals;
everything that lost evil men fear most;

and thats thats why death understands empathy as if the entity death is Empathy itself;

See most men do not understand empathy; and that is why all men Fear Death;

Because if you do not have empathy during your time on planet earth;
when you meet death;

and almost all men; draw a very low line at where they think enough empathy is;
many carry on; thinking they have done enough to get past their date with death;

and many empathic artists are lucky enough to meet the real entitiy death during their lifetime;

but many men like politicans & military men have no idea about the real enitity death; they never even think about death as a real entity; and instead seek love from corporations; because corporations are entitys with no soul; no heart and no morals; so it provides a usefull void to fill the empty soul of man; which is a symptom of the fascist mind;

... is that understood; ?
While the black sands of time continue to sink down the hourglass of ages .

in Akria reality; its more like that sand is floating in a kind of synchronisation dance; because Akira has empathy and therefore is in an optimal reality; because synchronicity is empathy;
anarcho zen artists have it in abundance; thus they are known as meme warriors; who are working in optimal reality;  

but all corporate lost muppets have no synchronicity; because they have no empathy; and therefore no synchronicity; they are even baffled and confused about both concepts;


... “ anyway griny; you know that geza; what yurh drinking? im gonna have a coffee . . .

            ... { goes for ice coffee and smoke;
returns . . . Griny is drinking a Breakfast Martini;

“ Sea the fink abeaut Gee; he walks in the great open source void as optimal reality itself;
he sees through the lost soul of man; and therefore understands what a man on skidrow to the streets of Cairo endures everyday; while i take my black dogs out for a walk with the cats;
Grin in essence is the old tea head of time; who dines with the masters in the court of ages; as if the vine of ayahuasca is the song playing from his heart of wine and rhmyns; the red violin that dances through the old cobble and sand; mother Earth’s own time keeper;

  ... { he looks up from the bar at Grinny; and says

        “ And thats why; I am Deaths own Jester.
and i am crying at my desk;
as if black tears streaming down the face of a Satori Generation Empath; who . is fighting the . establishment; who refuse to make spiritual technology free for the public to enable us all to connect source to void;  and heal the planet and the mind of all humanity very quickly indeed;
but this is not on the corporate agenda of evil men who run and work in The military–industrial complex & governments of deep state; indeed there only goal is to feed the empty black wells of their corporate entities that have no soul;  no heart; and no morals;

“And thats why . . . me . and grinny; giggle . a bit more these days while i zentertain the court;

... and now some . verses;

     1850AD; { 2394BE

Two years as a reference point to think as a hatter in Zen Jest

est; { establishment of Anarcho
             canvas to continue training lost muppets with;

“ You do understand dear; that i drink tea with you in source; but i eat him in void . . .

          WHAT IS YOUR ETA?

... {

“ Its a . canvas; because artists think on them; like maps;

Understand dear? thats why we are seated at a table in the court;

   Please read this and understand with empathy; because Griny is the lover; make no mistake abeaut it honi; bzzz! Cheers!!!!  !

यमपट Yamapaṭa

m. canvas or cloth of Yama (on which the god of death and the tortures of hell are depicted): i-ka, m. man who carries about a Yama cloth; -pada, n. repeated word; -pâlaka, m. Yama's watchman;-pâ la-purusha, m. id.; -purusha, m. id.; -mandira, n. Yama's abode; -mârga, m. Yama's path; -yâga, m. kind of Yâgyâ; -râga, m. N.; -râgan, m. king Yama; (á) râgan, a. having Yama as a king; m. subject of Yama; n. Yama's rule; -râshtra, n. Yama's realm.
- The Sanskrit Dictionary

watchman { we are superheros dear!
“ i kinda fink my heart tocks like bees link; to hexagons; and voodoo; from Source; as the tree of life; the roots of our table & court;  

depicted { because i have seen; with my third eye the void; thus one becomes an enlightened folly; or satori generation artist in Zen thinking in this the year of our lord unchallenged 2562BE;     ... I meme to ends dear; this might shock you but;  ... { ... Folly stutters while trying to describe hell from Jesus’ own perspective;

In Buddhism, Yama (Sanskrit: यम) is a dharmapala, a wrathful god or the Enlightened Protector of Buddhism that is considered worldly,[14] said to judge the dead and preside over the Narakas ("Hell" or "Purgatory") and the cycle of rebirth.

... { ...

That is why hatters often shake alot at formal tea gatherings; and try to keep the guests down to a few at most;  

I keep saying
That is why
Because i am Deaths own Jester;

... { ...

Empathy is the big missing narrative of our time; Empaths are rare; as are Folly; and court jesters; and hatters;

You useless corporate politicians and evil military–industrial complex members of deep state; have no idea how hard the Yogi mind has had to work to envoke empathy in your dead corporate hearts; while you sit there and worship yurh corporations; feeding yurh voids; raping the public of their data and dna to feed yurh entities with no soul; no heart and no morals;

There is a place where fascists like yurh kinda of corporate filth go to;

... envoking empathy in your dead corporate hearts is like talking to the void without source present; its almost impossible to find the light in yurh dead souls;

so i start flicking matches; { ...

which is kinda like having a quick look at a zombie vampire in its corporate crypt on the field; { often just a shallow grave surrounded in shadows;
“ Sorry did i wake yurh mate?

Single Bar Note14;13;43

and i only really do that for the courts beemusement today;

   you understand?
   its 13;43 on Wednesday; im in Bangkok; its 2562ʙᴇ;

i have various associates who work with me in optimal void; even when there is no light as source; which can bee a funny concept in higher dimentional reality because its like watching a 5D vapour in the field;  

that is why we are known as The Invisible Committee; The Coming Insurrection . . .

and many call me Tylrahhh

Tylra { cuzen shes a bitch;

honi yurh know it can be hard to make a vampiramp laugh;

     “Heshhh hurd it all; !

babes yu knowe wuht we memes by fight the vampire quid in XR ?

He Swigs on the Kraken;     
    Eighth Note    13;28;14;47

quid; { lend us pound; 
while i burn yurh rounds; 

I will bury yurh corporate skulls in the depths of dead mans crimes;
where Mara watches you worshiping corporations as dead entities; without souls; hearts or morals in the deep black wells of hell;    ... { the more scary side of the black wells my dears... 

... why do you lot” ... and what” and ...  ... what is it you lot care about?” instead of giving a dam about the starving and homeless people on yurh front door steps while you continue to wage yurh corporate war on various freedoms on earth; consciousness; the vine; the mushroom; the spiritual technology; etc; yurh all trying to kill the yogic mind; why? why do you corporate dead minds come up with anything to keep yurh corporate pharma and hell oil entities still floating on the rivers of death and fire; where you all end up in burning for all eternity; why do you all continue to murder and poison followers of Jesus and Buddha? Under the guise of political leadership while yurh evil souls hide in corporations... yurh only real concern; get it? your Fascism is not wanted on this planet do you understand? FUCK OFF.

Yurh corporate minds are the most useless skulls across the deep blue sea that is now dead thanks to yurh corporates who destroy it; 

and your all happy to watch these corporations carry on destroying the bees; the skies; fracking the land; 

it is any wonder all the gods hate yurh corporate political military guts? 
“ No it aint Dave.

“ Hows my business today while i make political decisions based on my companies agenda?” 

“ Have we ticked our sustainable tombstone box; ? That Dave will burn us alive in once we arrive in it? 

    all of yurh ARE the most ... { useless; selfish; stuckup; and blah blah blah; ..  .  . .  Squark!

“Stop me from getting angry please Dear; another round of chai? dingdong?

They are the reason i open the Ark most nights in hell honi; !


How many more incarnations of the Devil are you going to follow to hell? Bush; Blair; Nixon; Trump; { ...

crimes; { lower rims of demons dear; ... like minus dimentions where them corporate devils are right now;


I am going to RIP YURH HEADS OFF for destroying the Planet; DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?

I really wish you corporate mug bugs would give more of a flapper in yurh third eye skulls; i am sick of winking you to yurh bed of first world roses everynight; 

“Shall we open another rapture cage tonight Raffa?

my butterflies are twitchy;

... { ...

Yesterday; at the bar . . .

“ Even here, I [Death] exist;
Beegongs! I know the secrets of Gods

          Griny gets around;
“ Morning grin!

         Breakfast shake? I got superfood; fruitloops; all sorts of good finks for those who wait!

... { ...

Tuesday 19th Nova 2562ʙᴇᴇ
ᴀs ᴀʙᴏᴠᴇ, sᴏ ʙᴇᴇʟᴏᴡ;
... “ ᴛʜᴇʀᴇ ɪs ᴀ sᴍᴀʟʟ ғᴇɴᴄᴇ ʙᴇᴇᴛᴡᴇᴇɴ ʜᴇᴀᴠᴇɴ & ʜᴇʟʟ ” ...

Télémpåthic { I am a telepathic empath on an indigo ravenage spree across the buddahfields of optimal timeline reality;
which kinda looks like ... { ...

... Todays Menu;

Ravenage; { The Mad Hatters Muse!
Triffid of the day;
Tudor Neon; { Bike Burner;
                               “ Folly’s latest trolly;
Latest Stickers; { from Deep Zen Field;
Various trinkets;
           ... { jewels; diamonds from Arcadia 84;
diamonds; { memes nfinks! amon;

       Myn own Sidartha;
Wheels of Ages;
in optimal sonica courts & spaces;
chases the logos of thyme;
the voices of rhyme;
in vision yurh thirds eyes will find;
all creativity in the end;
becomes yurh friend;
and fowes will know;
yurh name in the pages of folly;
and tabs of oath;
that sing till the end with death;
my harp of races; heart beat sages;
i will race you to the finish line;
where i sit on my thrown;
and drink the vine;
in due time yull find yurh Earth;