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A Billion People
& The Blackspot Collective

Osho + Radio


The Anarchist Library


       & “ Master Directory ... { Jestea!?”

Do not panic;
     but ... this is a drill ...

The Arcturians, Pleiadians & Cosmic Friends ...
I do not rememeburr who . fucked who & who wrote w’hat
         ... but ...
            “ Pirate Map & Directory of NO Jokes Geza; { ...
         ... { Handy inspiration for the scrolls and manuscripts”   
                 and stencils & stuff!”

            Have you met the gang?”
“ The Reaperzillazenzth on the fields
     have the funniest Jokes
                  I tellthee Chief ...

  “ Heath is ledge in Heavenge Courth;
             King of Jacks!” ...
“ And he has feathers jest like Raphael & the rest of the Anarchy Angels that walk amoung us in the field of invisible pure land Zen ... 

Tagin’ walls; 
             scryptin doors; { ...

Now is the time
       to find each other
                  and assemble . . .

The meme wars are raging.
  The grand narrative battles of our time
     are being fought with pixels
      and bandwidth.

But clever videos and gifs are not enough.
        To win the future,
        you have to be able to turn ideas
          into action . . .
to turn your memes into reality ...