Neo is dead honey;
I’ve just thurown it all in there dears;
i am the last cuppa chai fure all mad mandem; seen; with my mind she runs; 
needs an edit; and read thhrooww; { ...

David is a tough entity to live up to .comradicals; its like trying to summon the greatest anarchozen who ever lived; shit like even angel walk amoung us; how many deezeeyzzz do you know; { ... ? Q dowg; Raffa is mad as feather; 

imeme even firing from starboard;
this crazy dead dowg wit hex with try nefink;
bye bye;


anarchozen; { anaconda da! like my honda;
Python; { rhymon; amon;

he wars on the rounds today lookin at me kali tank; as actual gonzozen;

hebees mada wood; cuzima rat frum 84’

it probably abeaut;    the szi of yurh mummaweezee;  

aw aw! da;

so yurh i fink thats wot the portal was bowt lastite;

my old hat was smilin lasnight ikeynew abeautem finks;

cuzheknows whathapps to meoldhat on entree;

    when yuow vapourizen into mangawave ranscendentalizentheory; vision bee real; and dee is like the zeus of all tokyo black ghosts of the rage & greafal deed; { third eyes vision of dave all day like im on hunter . st; looking through the glass of a XR neon gowd; !

that is why he is alab rat; i am wood; hunting with the bees; in optimal reality;

dee mirror; in the deep black void; of eternal flame; the fire within our harts of darkness;

it is easygees; dee gets born in eden; and dee comes beefore ez;

and that is why evegeenee came to save me;
no betta lover than she; ... { ...

Below the thunders of the upper deep;
Far far beneath in the abysmal sea,
our ancient, dreamless, uninvaded sleep
The legion sleepeth: faintest sunlights flee
About our shadowy sides; above our swell
Huge sponges of millennial growth and height;
And far away into the sickly light,
From many a wondrous herbs and secret cell
Unnumber'd and enormous psychedelic
Winnow with many giant arms the slumbering source.
There hath we lain for ages, and will lie
Battening upon huge sea dunes in our sleep,
Until the latter fire shall heat the deep;
Then once by all and angels to be seen,
In roaring we shall rise and on the surface live.

[ edit ] irregular sonnet The Kraken
raken { as street fighter 28 turbo;  
       Where all finks get settled;
and scores rise to the shore;
castaway tombed; on the beach;
my . own crypt; the vaults of source;
as i run in the void; edge of consciousness;
never blind agin; able; to sea; all eyes that watch the bees & memes;

street fighter 28 { Arcadia;  rooms of; Doom; Dune; Sonic Boom;
     living inside the arcade;
Akashic rooms;
     thats what fightclub bees;
a place in yurh third eye to fight the raw .on consciousness; cuz every pixel counts;
it my ongoing .cosmic anarcho; anyway;
i grew on Super NES nfinks; staring into the void and black boxes since the eighties; so i have a pixelated vision of ancient void and source; { ... if you came from a star; knew the ancient builder race like its yurh local pub; you start to understand that you have potential to be a folly; Architect;
any you have many invisible arms;
that is why jesters juggle; and if you carry dao in your hands; then all kinds of love is planned; no hate inyurh fate;
inyu { eye of the beeholder;

see the . third eye; in highest dimentions . can . see your arms; and they are spining so fast; thats why we can pull black rabbits out of source;  

Yes. chats. cha cha chacool; { sparks match;
i have all eyes in source and in void;
in all thirds; as optimal reality;
that is why we are meme warriors;
lots of artists who are cool do! broooow!
brow like howl; raow; poooow!
all eyes on meme;
and that is folly; { ... .

11th November; the day we bring peace to the whole remember that concept? no con;
cept? { accepted? ...

i have a twin flame called eve for a reason;
   folly court proses; “ hello my lover!
in tudor rose geni vocalzen; { ....

... yurh because im working void; and singing to you in it; like my in source; my heart talking in sonic giblets . { zen coin;

get it i talk pixels; and fight with;

it is hard work being a court jester;
getting all the muppets to agree;
to a cup of tea together is tricky at times;
and thats why; zen laughs at the concept of time itself; get it; drink chats!
its a bar yurh welcome;

... and that is why; if we were all connected to source and void; the court would be hire’ring the best court folly in the land;
the world over; so we can all come to an agreement to wake the flip up and save the world from yurh corporate doomsday;

- words of david; i dunno what age but he connected all the dots so ... get it?
get a flippin grip; that is why my stick has a skull onatop; da da!


chats look; thats why it is ZXen da?
I know you all love stories;
thats why folly sing;

and we all know my higer level . is more pretty than my baselevel { sound; eve is there for a reason;

as if she is blind; looking around on grass; you see how desperate we all are; to connected source to void and void to source; ?

MIC; hand over the deep state spiritual technology NOW; request from the top;

... { ... Michael is; ready!
and it is a riot up there... as in . fun;
... like an archive of poets;

see im like theres a beegining; theres an end...where the fuck is the middle way?
Source ..........                ......... Void
                     MIDDLE WAY

you bunch of psychos i will rip the flip out of you all day long for the whole court;

that is why; raffa actually has to carry a real lamp around on optimal timeline reality;
cus it shines down; ... { ...

... get it? hand over the spiritual XR hourglass goggle NOW;

i am angry today yurh that is i am bull’ing like the ring; { channeling raff basicly..

... see the rage of an angel who has to watch MIC carry on like headless muppets;
beelive; that is not even 0.28% of the strength we are talking about in anger with the millitary industrail complex and their corporate agenda;

i see a ... { ...

see how evil you millitary folks are at the MIC? { ... how long has it been; and you all still sit there; not helping those in need;
so be prepared for the wrathe of the gods; if you do not respondl; { that is a download;

Art house; dada. .


MIC know i meme business;
    they didnt send me invisible docments in my third eye from nothing; { for!
yurh know only angels sign dem finks;
while i bee knocking on wood like a rawluck;

thats why i drink black void tea dear; in source;

rawluck; honey ... like a gypsy pirate;
     its like bee; fancy dress for the muppettes; { lit; like im having to feed my old dynosour from yurh cage on the field the other night; you corporate numpteas;
its like im talking to my dad; at the table dear; { hes a blinking nightmare;

... i am telling yurh; raptor; rapture; raptor; rapature; { like old tudor for sing a song please; deeee! .        .                  .

and then raffa is like; “ puff the magic draaagon lived by the seaaaa; { ...

and is why i am still playing the great awakening map; from monrose;

   in optimal; { ...
        deft in the algorithm;
cleft in the field;
void in my android;
and source in my host;
      its a partea!

and that is why i look like this in source;
like many of us; who give a dam; about saving the world; 

Standing at my bar; in void;
talking to source in my skull and bones;
heart of ages;
chating to the sages;
across all the stages;
court jester;
folly of time & rhyme;

raffi is like my hatter mirror don yurh;
like manga;

raffa; ruffio; rufus;

... { ... get it? like rupart; croupier; c?

the roupier; { deals the cards;
        hmmm? ... { to the group;

thats why its a table dear; another cuppa?

like do you remember the 80s?
i even sore jordan dunk on the starship athena; thats like arcturian high comand vision; from source;
he dunks hard beelive meme;
thats why i like cookies in my tea;
with hex and juice;
i am surrounded by witchys;
and they all know my keys;
so lets get on with it;

i have had enough of the psycho nonsence;
i am the most down to earth on optimal reality in 1984 we all know that; me!
... { get it honey; i am psycho warning you lots get a grip please; bzzz

men do not get it babe;
thats why they are the muppets;
and thats why i am a courtpsy; jesty;

shall we go through the list of lines i hear out male minds all day; for years;
get over yourself;
... { ...

you lot got any more nonsence;
lost muppets from hell on earth yuoo lot i swear down;

i see you lot going on trips round void from source; get it; carry on;

while my akira bike stands;
waiting like the rest of us in the xr gang
to wake the house up; from the starting line;

thats why it is a hot line dear!

my keys have been waiting since 84; at that line; inside my third eye bike;
and it has been spining round source whurling drawing yurh eyes near to my own skull and thirds; { ...

which is like me drawing circles in black sands essence of; { ...

... { ... anywayl; whale! anything goes;

... { ... 22:32pm ...

11/11 Transit of Mercury + 11/12 FULL MOON in Taurus~ { ...

11/11 portal opening…
The final 11/11 portal of the entire decade opens tomorrow
With deepest Love~
{ ...

... { ...

Monday Specials; 11’s!

       Rawluck & Roses;
       Jokers Riddle;  a. { jetsunzen; !
       Mad Hatter Questime;
       α Boötis ɑːrkˈtjʊərəs { range of stardusts;
       Tudor Neon; { Bike Burner;
                              “ Folly’s latest trolly;

... { ...

      we talk to source inside for a reason;
“ whus it gonna bee chief?
anytime dear just shout; { ...

a. { ... et sun; as if a nun!
jetsunzen; !


Questime; { ... ruffio rhyme;
sublime time to dine! .         .                    .


α Boötis ɑːrk; { kinda like my spark so curfull wiff hat! .              .                         .


Tudor Neon; { that is like talking to the tree “it self; { the elf!  .               .                     .
    like the gypsy jazz of the day today;
clovers from { ...

... { tylr trip; { ... !     .                      .                      .


       so; full moon & folly night club;
no fighting; { ... just writing;


    “ Risk ... ? None; { throws dice;  
22;56 .    .        .

... { locks & luts gentlemen . . .

... { ...

23;00 ... { i am on thailand time in 2562be remember that chats; ! .          .                .

... { ... { looks across optimal; seas; a line up of Akira bikes; { . .            .   

... { ...

    h’ella; even monkey looked in the mirror chief; { ...            .                    .                        .

... { ...

black cobra on hissss shoulder; bless up;

23;05; { ...            .                                  .

... { ...

hunter already left mate; { .       .                      .

... { ...

neonlithicroc visual { actua; .           .               .

... { ...

23;08 .                         .                                     .

... { ...

mad innit; 23 & 11;

very import numbers;

in syncro normal in optimal reality;

23;11  .                   .               bzzzz z .       .                  .

... { ...

and that is a live bee;
typing like a squire dal from optimal void in source code; { as live visual for court; cuz . the internet is forever; and . all the court seas; your screen live; throughout time;
and time is just a bee buzzing round; that . goes in and out of yurh screen; as invisible source without any xr goggles on; so like to the naked eye you see nothing but in source hourglass that is connected to third eye in live mind sound sing; sign;
you see all the gang in source;
as if the actual; { partea it self;
and that is all that 1984 is;

yawn; { ...

squire dal { like a fox but smaller;
             runs round a tree; { ...


squire; { like neon for ui map;
beecuz the map is square;

ire; { ...


squire; d

       sea? krɑːkən!

{ 23;26  .          . like hook actual!


.                          .                                           . |
       ʜᴜɴᴛɪɴɢ ᴏɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴠᴏɪᴅ ɪɴ ᴏᴘᴛɪᴍᴀʟ ᴜsɪɴɢ ᴘɪxᴇʟ... zen; !

. |   { tiny hook;  

               and that is how hard i hunt bad pixels in void; using source;

some . cast . nets;

and that . is how fast the arcturian mind . ticks . away;
its why we have keys to wish wells in;

which is like a parablev!
{ ... as if void Brought To Light;

Source; tags & codes; { ...

and wishing wells in void; are like lamps;
of the genie; Eye; drink; Gin;

drink; { dr; ink;

and thus we hunt for rampire quids;
because we occupy our source minds;

yurh know like pulling good rebels out of void in optimal;
fishing from source;

its like being at a rave solo; except in a pirate ship; { ...

thats why thirds are a big part of empathy;
and thats hard with a black hourglass cover; ... { /// ...            .                     .

deep dives in void; comes up with;
wipes off;
sees source crystall clear;  { ...

... { telle scorp; ion;

gaiant; { as . dynos era;

{ just like looking thow; ra

... { scorp; ion;       as if core!
                   another night in;

this is what eye do; tellecaster; !
           cast; full house;

caster; { like sugar;
rools dice; { .           .                              .

see in source after awakening your nature al; instinct is to hunt with the pack; in optimal void;
and that is called; { ... The Call .

al; { legion;
like Alchemy

chemy!     { run my shiva;
   hear it? tudor swing; in jazz note words;

cuz its a thirds note;  { ...

   there is a folly beat she keeps;

it is burried deep with my skull & heart;
harp sharp darts;

and thats how folk folly keep soul beat througe the ages;  

he rolls aglong; singing a song;

rides my mind; { ...
There is a Beat
That Shiva Loops Leaps;
In Visions Own Rhyme Chime;
Breathing Signs In Time Wine;
with Earth Blue & Holy Fire Tire;
Many Arms & Dreadlock Rings .        .
The Most Of Two All Things

It is found in The Oldest & Wise;
of Ain’chenta Orchid Verb Vines
the BlackWells Holy Hindu Times
Spells & Wild Sacred Table Trails
Of Folk & Folly Masks
Harp Shapetha Forks
That BloodFlow
Throws Own Bones Sow;
The Natural Beat Echo
It Tips Hats & Drops To Woods
Once Known But Waves Dream
The Black Lunå Accordion
Singin with Flame Steer
Into Astrial Planes;

- Time To Rhyme Hymn Dreamer

    sea; keeps it alive;
just wit rhy;


Tues 12fh Nov;


... { ...

Monday Specials; 11’s!

       Rawluck & Roses;
       Jokers Riddle;  a. { jetsunzen; !
       Mad Hatter Questime;
       α Boötis ɑːrkˈtjʊərəs { range of stardusts;
       Tudor Neon; { Bike Burner;
                              “ Folly’s latest trolly;
       Power Number; { Range of Rums;

... { ...

Yurh im working . on the menu from the void; { ... “its a bar; fancy a jar?
                   i got mugs as wells;
and thyme does tell;
well the hell have you been;
what happened to all our dreams;

... { ...

Yurh know like the fink about the many architects in the earth matrix; so many of them are corporate mugs & boring as mud; in the field; they are not even worth waking up; and then some artists; walk by and see a zen rebel whos give a dam about saving the world; with yurh many arms; and will jungle with you;

 jungle; { jung;

... thats why i am still standing; & talking about jugs these days; “ cuz i am still here and i came from the other;

am . i skylark; as if i roll dice and marbeells; in higher dimentions; like the looking glass; transforming out of black hole voids into source; the third eye travels the ages; with the sages;      throw the glass; out of the past; and into the future for another floot; zoot!

that is why vapour thinking as a glass of gin; in a lamp; with the tramps & ladies;
tramps; { ramps; amps;
amps; { thats why we have a soundsystem;
ladies; { la die;

that . is what eyem tellin yurh; evgenia; shes a mad eater; she eats me like so; donuts;  round the edges of my void; creating source;

twin flames; { mirror fire in heart and . keys; unlocks third eye soul; beeholdom;
beeholdom; { like old omzen;
gong; old souls find eachother;
even when we live void; source finds the way; if you chase your soul; in the black holes;    forever you will hold;

“Collector of all orbcycles;
i pluck rhymes .in void; to heal;
that is why this black orb inside my skull; has got so big; and the black flag dances waves aroound it;
and inside my mind; my own crypt; like the bar; as source in my own dunes; throuw the ages; i got posters; stickers; all kinds of trinkets jewels; neon clocks; vintage vines; art eye facts;

           ... { wolfy whistles from the kettle;  

I was always collecting flyers;
gliding out of cards; aces;
folks handing me pages;  
ryetings from the wall;
that we had all drawed on;
this . same song;

... { visions of Akira bike;
           i have a few em;
at various spots in thyme;
yurh know i stand beehind the bar;
and i just wanna ryede;  
and write marhymns; on root;
the outter rings; rhyms;
remah reelah healah;

... { ...
.       { breakfast shakes;

we wood ryed in thu mownin;
paradice part; from sea & sand;
to the hyn in our space;
surround bym jungle;
sun shine down; palmns;  
     ... { island dreams nfinks;
days after Eden;

      we like to partea;
twin . flames on fire; dancers of ages;
         all the night; and . morning on wood of ages; so many faces; hearts interlockings in sounds; our holy techno mounts;
sonica garden; our favbardem;
lovers om dance;

five years in eden;  
so many trip . in minds in stairs;
the music that heals all wounds;
and shares all your hearts tunes;
our moons;

the magic island i found my art in;
my own sidartha;

my eyes had may; darts i thouwd into the wells; and she had so many spells;
ryeten all my bells; sore all my helles;  
chased myin . times;
sea to seed; of . all music to myeyes;
tayking all my . most hungry of arms;
eating all my anger inside; own mind;

... { harp to pull out words today;

I source objects . from void; in optimal;
and then i bring them to the bar;
... { ey get diliverees twow;
diliverees; { like a sun dial;
           in verse; from the tree;

and then we trip at the bar;
rhyming . in poems our visions;
trip; { like trips; rips; pages;

Zen bar; { does what it says in the jar;

what does yurh third eye say to you?
in all them black dunes;
does it moan and grown;
or does yurh dog sing to stones;
crystal skull inside my bones;
meth to test;

... { animal looks into the jar; like wolf;
          ears; waves; from . side; two; side;

          do yurh sea the monkey in my brains;
                do you feel the same;
like november reign;
does everthing sound in vaine;
trying to resign my name;
in this dancefloor dungeon;
ill just take numbers and symbol;
like waves ripple; plucking fish;      for my dish;
nets hanging down; listening tomb yurh sounds;
or corporate lurkin mess; seeing; seathing in yurh stress; watching yurh own tests; subjester to yurh beehaviour; skull and bones no throuwns; !
lucky pluckeys; !
So many lost souls in your corporate sands;
heads stuck in deepest of lands;

... < { ...

I took many skulls in time; { did engravings and painting on them; look cool; sells em as ashtrays; 
turned them into wine; { worth a drink too; 
No deep state cleft; { that was the mission; 
just empty fields; { drained; like pulling the plug;
and paradice deals; { thats why i rool dice; 
as my wheels of kali; { i won an akria bike; a few; 
spin; rings; rung; { keeps it clean; like the dream;
no fun down there; { thats why i work at the bar; 
for those who sit and stare; { at me jars; and scars; 

... { ... sounds boozy; hoosee!
            chat . at theback of the bar;

... im gonna go and sum some new finks in the garage; be right back;

         Bangkok . dangermouse;  

... { ...

Todees menu;
13th Nov 2019; 2562; { have you updated yurh iPhone calendar yet folks? only muppettes live in Anogadomiatrix;

Triffid of the day;
Beeguns & Roses; { pew! pew!
Moneye & Tonic; { Caesar; Single Jar Notes!
Legion Dream; { ... eye of the monkey;
Blade Runner; { Ramp trails; others;
Island Ashram; { ...
Psycacao nibbles; { Shake wake bake;
Bangkok Snake Blood; { fresh;
Date Convertsion; { like purfusion;
Apocolypso Apothecary; { open;

      “ Mownin furks;
         got a load a new jars from hars;
like the soul; if find on fields of bloodies;
never found never funny; honey;

just men with broken teef;


hars; { harley!
la quinta por favor;

      ... { invisible . illuminated;
                shadow . of . thymettitzeni;

eve; she luvs bike yurh;
shes a killa; that shy; why; sharides wit . me;

that; { actual tick; of clock on hatters hat;
... { as if tit four tattoo;

      we do those ear aswell if yurh wantone;
“ Harlowquintahhh

        i peek;     at a range of alien linguni;

linguni; { lingo to all yurh gringos;

gringos; { ring a ding dong;

the ratye fire bong!

    we selle bongs; ainchent time peaces; glass of ages; vast range of bee pollen;

bongs; { above the bar; an Eclectic mix of Gothic Neon fine glass from paradigms across the stars;

theyell; to make yurh heart gong!

wellcome to the big pub of reemors; e
: . .     .       ... .       .           .       : .       .        :              .

some say eye am; The Spy From Cairo;

Lucky; like gyro switches in my snatch;
for geni; her eyes breathe . like mine; for time;

        we even bathe in blood and luck it off like crusty mates; its a crush; from rusha;    shakdee!

hair mary; seeksar; { still finkin . in black bold; gold;     we have a ring; of roses;
          all proseas . go to chartea;  

... { thats . why alot of folks drink here; mon;

e; { key; vast range from future and past;
that will pop . yurh pew pews;

instant fix; furh; she licks to mix;
and myounge; rouge; she soothes;

Island Ashram; { licka; as . is; from . vision beach;

See the movement has come along way since the eighties; stowic; { ...

so all my third eye seas is black oceans;

knowin that paradice is pirate tylr tyedye;
“ do not flip flop with music;
please leave them at the door;      funk dust;

dears; a rack; youseit;

even the mushroom sniff that riff;

            the mushroom; { have an a gen da da;

... { ...

itsa space bar mate you don’t have too bee bare footpsy but at many levels we bees;
where the grass and sands are;

it is thyme;
to relax;
Take yurh winkle pluckers off if yurh fancy;

... { giny misses hhiss

     ... { Jack drinks at the back on a sunlounger;  
                 today is;
        ... { and jack drinks here yurh;

a neon sign flickers flucks;
fuzzy pinkpunk & stickers aroondit;

... { ...

We have a range menu;
... { rangles like rango; in the black;
shouting hat in folk to various notes;

... { ...

Dead or Alive Poets;
Jars from mars;
Flowers from Venus; { and beeyonda;
Bikes in cages; { reel; east the howls!
Dogs & Dragons; { the bests; eats at the end of;
Time & Reapers;  { lost neon . clocks; techalogics;
Memes of Dreams; { ...

And Books from the Underworld;  

Most rate; and rat; rare indeed for those in need;

... { ...

             ... { haty & gin is throwin archives of stuff in the back; raising the hairs of rabbits; wondering what he will pluck out of the nest; in jest;
he; { as if she was; eh?

Anarchos are like . blackholes;
every source is a goal;
thus like arch; chaos infinite;
order in the lawda!
ciao bells; { to chew on;

     “ thats why i am tudor neon gothica; dusty dear!
Eighth Note13; Tubularkarama!

Sky dog; callsing;
          Have yuh ever sea na punk on a .  bike sent from death himself? twomb crush; yurh wicked corporate skull nbones? yow funking drones;

its alikea wiccaman; sent from tango & lashes to steal yurh own ashes; fur coats all he seases; !

     skeliton ten tum bone finger knocksin onyurhdows; the middle way tuhrleyuh corporate shamedame; !

knock knock;
smashes all clocks;

... { ...

      Jack holds a tab from Thoath in hand;
front page today; and most days is;
clickin lunks links and finks;
Poet        Foundation for the nation; like
like like; yaaawn; yurh all lurk; bats wit wings;
and i . wanna chop yurh sowy;

... { ...

          anarcho genie eyes; star into space;
as if it was a race to the finish line in rhyme;

... { ...

I used to think that a dead person’s words die with them;

is there any rhyme or rhythem; to . yurh diesizions? you corporate . mugs?

      i sent bugpsy; to yurh cuppa tea;
next to yurh rootzen . tree; in hell; where yurh burning bushiz;

... { ...

          i am . deaths own hand;  
smashing yurh corporate glass; in darkness of void;        mirror of thyme;
wood             hood;     
                             another flucking . road;

Black blood roses;

... { ...

Do yurh hear earth calling;
of the heath;  dreaming . with many . hats;
and even rat traps; { like a bees own phone;  
       and legion of; { now ... who are legion; in this anon thinking of yurhs; ?

think about is while we are dead; and overthowing the goverment off source towers into voids;

... { that is raffa;  droping corporate . millitants . from mic off the tops of twin towers; and watching their blood and guts crushed by gravity;

       ... guy dee; he walks around with a gun;
       the same one he shot into his own heart;
get it? like how many more dumbass memes; before we just overthowe; all these goverments who are destorying our little blue micro dot;

like dogmatic traffic in this busy schedullic;
raffa throws; i sow; .




... guy dee; my best best customer Keith!
Eighth Note13;11;

     chaps; like how many ways do we have to keep on saying . how much we hate yurh filithy corporate system? .... ?!




yeah it is in essence; angels vs the Military–industrial_complex; since { ...

All gods hate the corporate estalishment;
understand? Death hates the Military–industrial_complex more than anyone;

          ... { ...

      Get it?

... { and that is why griny is a raver;

      are we clear? crytalls?

Raffio; and me;

           TO PUSSY?

.../ .
      .        { see pushing you; off like corpodigis;



           yurh know like; back in the days of the civil right movement; everyone . got together and just stormed;      who better to lead the front row; that all you faces in pages of my black book;

          i will start pluging out you souls; one by one;

if you do not start getting active in fast fashion;

do you understand me and raff?
        cuz we will blood doom slap you down into hell very feucking fast if you do not join the XR Legion party;

          i am . actually going to jam tom cuise onto the crooss nest of jesus with a nine inch nail into his third eyes;        most useless corporate pig in film of all time;      .     .     .       i will crush yurh rampires mess of dirt into the black void of time;
yurh cruse will bee yurh own curse of blood and limes soaking in your lamps; of blood and bone;
get it tom? yurh skull will be my ashtray i sell to gods; who hate yurh monkey nuts;

,,, { ...

so; list of celebs i want to cruseafry;

... insert tears; here;

brad; i will throw you into a gyspy pit of void;
if you do not pull yurh boxing slugs up and start punching;    irish are mad; do us prowd;
or i will pluck yurh hearts . clover; from rome;  

    and of you all; seem to be scared with yurh reputatyton?
       i will feed you to reptiles;

like Joan in black boots;

understand how a black gothic neon rampire thinks in interview? of ages;

          ... and wood rates; in corporate lashions;
... necromancers wedding he pisses in yurh fire . blood of wine; for the vine itself... like a ghost elf;  
             in the garden of nights eden;  

and raffi above throwin out doves;  like . love wood; ndead roses; from . queen bees in dreams;

there bees meth in my meme; of madness;
      thats why i love the mohawk;  { as in Marlo finkin; as lamp and linkothah;  
inkothah;  black blood oath; i will carve it in circles    center jewel of yurh interest;
     and that is why i eat thirds in source;
      and watched you throw the ages; as like sages of doom sing to moons;

... get it? i will send all yurh hexagon art keys down in the blackest wells of blakes own vision of doom; as voids open . and drop infront of the grim rampire eater;           

       seen? darkest spells for yurh hells . wells;
             with love from the bees of heaven; in a rush; to make you blush;
as i crush yurh skull and roots; into my blue monkey moon juice;

          i hand out lessons in madness for free;
my tears and treats; for yurh own damed dreams;

and all eyes star; sing glazed n weap;   
another 28th on the . edge of source in circles of poetic riddles into sand;
wondering what happened to . our seas . and lands . and skys of reads;

....{ .........     





    as raffio . drops pixels into stardust;

    yurh Tom & Brad; two rampires i . like to interview in black void source;

interview; { as if reading to them in funny monkey rhyme; ]

           Tom; { Cancer sign;
           Brad; { Sagittarius;

Brad; rabbit
... this is why he bees Tyler as Buddha;
Invisible freedom club;

Tom; Tiger
Corporate blood drinking hound of hell;
... { trying to fink of a film i like of yurhs mate;
         blood cocktail; at the bar; with the rest of the 1984 rats; i am going to bluecrush your rose; on route round in the dao;
undersand mate? yurh flowettes will lift for my rounds; while yurh watch in apollo doom clocks downstairs; in hell; tick tocks away; wrapped in warp; spiraling down into hell planets; all yurh soul in junk tippin . away;
      what is it you do all day?
do you join the rebellion; ?
or do you just waste time in    dead scripts from movie hell; in horror corporate mind weaving tales from    lost mens    doom in thoughts; pointless minds    spiderwaving .   the end of days away;       ...  ?

      two of my favs; { in mirrors; these boys;
     my raffio is a Cancer as well; so its good for spells; in angelic hellonistic actual voice;
which raff will bee speaking to him in on entry to the underworld;
in 68 - 84 mirror riddles from my crow i wood to imagin; like blood geenie;
blood geenie; { most feared of all hell critters;

Sagi; { kinda like sega game gear to Thai lurh;
where the flip is yurh gypsy kiss mr pitt?
Thelma & Louise are gonna drive you into the walls of void and doom; if you do not start singing to the XR moon in irish riddles fast;
i will chase your rabbits all the way to the end of may;

i . was did just kiss slap’d you both;     get yurh shit together gentlemandem;        I want XR faces; or i will burn your cards;  from the eighties;
you will never see . 84; get it. . . .  ;

Tweeky Eighth Note13;28; { Like blakes own blood from thunderdome to romanseas and trees; bzzz sqark!

burning your cards; infront of underworld stars;

that is why we bees pirates in anon ops;
as all eyes watch your monkey nuts;
those who hunt their own sidartha;  
like to paint; in third eye; { as if saint;
who in anarcho zen thinking . is pissing blood onto yurh own canvas;
    and even banks larff you down to hell;
like blood ice for skies and seas;

   ... { ....

i have black wings; thats why they shout alot upstairs; “keep flappin dee!

Eighth Note 13;28;11;

asphyxiation; { ...

          phyx; { sea slide from the streets of Ciao ciao ciaro; inkarrow; sink a crows; bows;

... { black box opens; with Ring from Akira;
               on griny’s finger; the middle one; as is the way;

anyway; love yurh; drink?

page at random from last night;
page at random; { witch; never is with a hex; as is; syncrowflaps;

imeme to ends; why do you fink we want our spiritual techno back you MIC fraucks; “ get it?

while we try to connected from void; to source and in rounds of invisible bull tits;

Crypts; in tombs;
watching anarcho cryptos pluck up from meme walls in your ashes of corporate end game;

    the underworld is knocking on yurh corporate tombstones; mic; get it?
no secret services are left; thats why i am clefting . like a drip drop of sonica gold dust; like my blade diping into yurh mumma honeys;

... { ...

are you starting to understand how the feminine controls dystopian values?

and why all men fear her like death;

Single Bar Note
... { slides across the bar; like mickeyezenown hand;

      the skull & fork of anon; { actual;

    sea anon; alot of things to enlighten us in Arcadia; while sat in optimal void;
Arcady; { like gold innit; i use a nine;
cuzen; i am a ... e-noble savage;
vage; { another vouge sage;
like voyer; the destorye; er; er;
shall i spit on your memes to ends?

    corporate clowns will drown;
in blood; as i thud thug mug;

and grow dead flowers out of yurh bosses skull;
alive; as hex will naturally burn his eyes out;
to the end of blood and drain;
as his black holes pop in glory;
another wasted man; thrown into the junk heap of hell;

... { ...

           Animal house of blue;
thats why they leaf notes; at the bar;
as corporate heads sink down in jars;

... { ...

12;34pm; Bangkok; { my desk in central; as void; and my bar; in source as optimal space jocky; from; deep space; wrapped in black ghost shell; how many more ways to describe zen buddah in live time; { ...

zen buddha; { as if Raffios own faith;
Angels & Deity do not really think in anyother kinda of narrative for human minds;

because you all are zen buddha; on the ground;

    and i am the wrathe of ages;
who will drag all corporate minds down black holes in live time; from above where source opens and washes you all down into hells gardens of doom;

i will hook your souls; baptise you in fire;
and you will fear the gods again;

... { ...

     cups of tea on the house today honi;

what yuah drinking?

        rink of dink of kingkongs?
            and many bongs blow kisses;
bubbles nstuff; !

... { ...

Get it? yurh all a joke in this world;
anons run it;
anon; { sidarthas own way; of remaining .

     “ as in; source; and void;
king of shadow; and; { ... mirror; etc;
             { . like furcking insert latest meme here;

and why i bees! KING OF SNAKE;

    ... { visual of bruce lee doing kungfu;
many arms;

bruce lee; { anarcho king of keys;
    ... get it like; trust worthy friend in void optimal for anyone;

... { ,,,

hmm what other zen dog knowin have i got in my skull today for yuouw all ....

yurh know while corporate dead men at mic steal my thought memes; hmmmm; lulz;
psh yurh mic skulls make gods laugh you down to hells wells;

hows the man? geting yurh down?

... to dumb to screen . running in voids?

while gods burn their corporate agenda...
and watch evil logos flying round their head in dead void . time?

all of hell in lower dimentions waits for hearts like them to slip slide down into the void of damed;

lulz; { ...

... { ...

“It is a blessing for a man to have a hand in determining his own fate.”

“A good dream, is better than a shitty reality.”

“Let's jump on board, and cut them to pieces.”

The Dao that wraps . in my hart; ends in your circles for eyes to watch beaut in unfolding doom; { ...

as my hand which it resides in; reaches for a stick with a skull ontop;
as all eyes on earth; in the court of source and underworld void; watch it;

and i will politelee’ ask you again;
    ... { as raff continues to drop members of the military industrail complex of the top of the twin towers; } ...

      “ Please.... hand over ....
         ... the .... spiritual ...    technology . . . .

and that is a request from Anon Legion High Ranking; {...

... { you corporate muppets at the milipedi industree cackle ncrow; who watch; on yurh screen of self in mirror . doom black . boxes;
you are the joke of all black jokers who had yurh jobs and went to the underworld; to watch your own kind sink down into black joker horror;

... { ,,,  more stories to come for you black mirror pussies; } ...

      im struggling to fink of a black ink joke for you clowns right now; but i will ask anon leader of reels from above; while he flicks burning cards into your screen;

my crow will sing to yurh own bones that . washup on blood oceans at the beach of . corporate dick sucking numby thumbs;





yurh eyes and skulls; are a waste of earth time;
how do you sleep . in the void; when yurh eyes are so tainted in blood reign of;




Sometimes; I can be heard; screen laughing like horror in tombs; at the corporate matrix;
Because I live in Anarcho zen paradice;
Where my crypto’s bee burrows on an island; surrounded by rose quartz; my mirrors of ages;

Anarcho zen paradice; { like atari; ma tricks! Of trade in the galactic trade sun sound system;

Women will be laughing at all you men with corporate agenda way down; like yurh own walk of shame; to yurh own blood lamp remains; worst of all walks to hell;

I will run thow throuw the blades of eternity chasing your own freedom thoughts; frenchest of fry; tuck into you luckies; my blackest kissed picket on the grass eye of noel; and laugh are yurh deadly accidents on the field of shame to yurh corporate names; as you shout to yurh own mother who shot biggie; and watch me plunder your own mothers ashes for awakening while you rub her feet down in the depths of hells Roses; before we pop you back in your lamp for night mares in Vegas;

I am going to start selecting photos of military industrial complex members; and sinking in black blood audio; Rawluck spells of olden age; and watch yurh eye pop like golden maggots from the trees of Anon to pluck and watch your shake unfolden like rapper planet; reelaquinn own heaven spells of dust and dory; cartoon horror fur yurh mothers to watch

I am going to rhymes like grinder into the book of spells as if the bible is hunting in real time; finding your skull and bones 🦴
As yurh empty heart watches angels eat your own

yurh heart will pump with fear; knowing the skull and skelliton it is stuck in;

      undersand? i am the fourth corner of all maps on Earth; as black sands spiral down; into the voids in yurh skulls; and as fire; burns in hearts of ages to come; red rum; sum; sun;

Eighth Note1328; { pirate date;

      dam; i am mad as franky;
i will bee the knuckles to yurh sonic sandwitch;

... { i will do a black spell on it beefore you eat it in hells bar for muppets on watch;

yoooow corporate drones; all the same; lost in yurh bordom; never finding yurh time again; wondering in corridoors; endless offices; white wash walls of yawning nothing; pointless little lives; wondering whats on telly;    turning roolsing into dead channels in static fuzz;

most boring blank skulls in the solar system;

* slap;

get it? yurh illuminart and potti papers are of no use when yurh dead; and get burned infront of you on entry to hell;

that is why yurh corporate hearts weight in at almost nothing in the great judgement hall;

... { ...

       ... { ...

busy dayzen at the bar; alota of jarzen buzzin round;

... { visions of samo; lowfink;

         wanna a drink mate or ...
do yuow juswanna smash . a potti; with a hottie?

      he wears a bandana for a reason;

and we are all out of flaming kamikazens;

    come on chaps; shot!

... { crew gathers round; slushies all down;

... { ...

       Seal; ? deal? King of Frogs laughs with a grizzly look on his griny;
and King of Snake; wants to drink yurh blood from yurh own skull and bone dome; drones ; l o ww .   n .        k .              e y .        t o .    ss . h .       ;   .  .   ss. .   

... { ...

I am going to watch yurh corporate faces melt when they open the ark in yurh corporate hell every night; before sunrise;

... { ...

Pay attention anonadogs;

King of Frogs; Kambo or Sapo  Vacina do sapo
giant monkey frog; { first thing you will get given in the jungle of no return;

King of Snake; Kundalini as self; { will be like a baptism of fire for all you corporate clowns;
   and that is our reptilian agenda.
and i am king of snake 84;
yet you are still not scared of shapeshifters why?
hear me? we will cut you up like big fish little fish cardboardboxes; at a rave; i will play thumbwar with genies in bordom entertainment of wisdom waitng furh yurh usless corporate skulls to wake up; { ... i memes to ends chaps; why do you think i am playing pixel skulls crushers like a satori in tokyo?

... { ...

               yurh i open raptor cages on the field in
          optimal reality; another rapture; another day;
              me and medusa have big plans fow yew
           men in uniforma; aura; adora; Hexi complexi;



sounds good hmm? bzzz!

wut you want me to say chapeetes?

i am waiting to seal my paradigms;
ready to enter game of life;

i am . ready to take my map; and all my black hole dabs; i . am plucking source like rawluck in references; and silky like a slut; as i am;

i cleft a looong time ago; and now i am writing my last memories of my time on the field; having watched it all manifest in beaut like rack of overture to the underworld;
i am most greatful of the dead;
and that is why i smoke; ready to burn out
as soon as possible; ready to wrap up 1984; yeah? worst year in hell; all bases . covered; and ready to . delete this corporate nightmare of worlds throwsout . the ages;
Earth was dead and burned a long time ago;

and i am excited . as . abeaut . leaving;
         on my Akira bike; pumping round . of . Dao; from . my wingmirrors on route to other planets that have alot less useless corporate skulls . on board; ... . .     .             .                    .

Its this simple;

The day we connect to source while waiting in void;  is the day we will be. Free;

And we will all be able to bee.; folly; in 5D; + going up; or down;

Free from the chains of capital corporate enslavement;

Why do you fink these corporate military evil fluxcks hold us down? because they live in lower dimention of hell; that slowly sink down;
they have no idea what is going on;
They don’t beelive in anything but their corporate agenda; and 1984 was another year of end game for men on earth; thats why i am here; throwin my middle finger up at them as a zen gin; i throw rapid; like wood circles over yurh graves in corporate wasteland; get it;  
Andthats why I [ adhere { fupeck all you corporate military scumbags; you will never see your dead corporate paradise; it does not exist; { you live in a corporate illusion; what year? who knows; i do not give a dam;
Your corporate illusion gets deleted like a bad day at the office and all higher dimentions know that; we all know that; all you corporate fraks live in hell on earth; and carry on; watching waiting; never doing anything of value to help and join the generations of people who fought in the civil rights movement; and I watch on optimal everyday waiting for you corporate scum; to do anything that will save earth now; and you don’t; { ...  

And that’s why all timelines are waaaaaay behind in your mind; yurh heart kinda knows whats going on; but most of you corporate clown would have a heartattack if yurh mind figured out; and that would bee your enlightenment;

you are all living in genie time; { witch i joke; is like a trail on a map; as if a spirit is working so fast to try and save the world; when many do not give a dam;
humans are unable to “beat” genie; thus why gods look after them; in the court; as blessed zentertainment; while their real body waits in optimal as if stars and own soul skull; get it;  in a lamp; carried around by angels;
they have one goal to save earth and all within it; you understand; all you corporate freaks are at the mercy of shapeshifters; who are leaving you all beehind like hindu rhymes;

planet earth was saved a long time ago by the one; there is no other driver; but it is nice to go for a spin round the dao; every now and agin; and every now again someone comes back to have a look around and see if there is anyone worth pickup from hell on earth; while . you corporate military muppets . do nothing of value to any black elephant in africa; who has had to watch all yurh corporate agenda burn though centuries .  of enlightement;

humans have free will; and genie stand inside you will you are given a choice; and every single time you corporate minds choose yurh corporate agenda . over empathy;
falling on yurh own sword; making bad Decisions;

middle finger up . at you all; agin; and agin;
genie know how to take over; all yurh deep states on the map of doomsday; and relay fast back to source; thats why its zentertainment for all the gods in highest dimentions you flipping corporate lab rats;

Eighth Note13
November specials hmm;

deep states; { like yurh corporate state of mind; burning in lower dimentions;
       many clowns down there; no wonder yall state and why do you keep staring?



Todees menu;
13th Nov 2019; 2562; { have you updated yurh iPhone calendar yet folks? only muppettes live in Anogadomiatrix;

Triffid of the day;
Beeguns & Roses; { pew! pew!
Moneye & Tonic; { Caesar; Single Jar Notes!
Legion Dream; { ... eye of the monkey;
Blade Runner; { Ramp trails; others;
Island Ashram; { ...
Psycacao nibbles; { Shake wake bake;
Bangkok Snake Blood; { fresh;
Date Convertsion; { like purfusion;
Apocolypso Apothecary; { open;

20;12 pm Bangkok Condo;

Singha please Jack;

    i know its rubbish beer; but 711 downstairs ... burh; bleep;

... do you dig my Dismaland finger?

   points at corporate hell;
comes from anarcho heaven;

... { ...

    “ we all dream of a world without borders Jack;

      ... { drinks;

... “ every time; every single fing about corporations; { . ...    
        and that kinda stuff; makes me remember; i am ahppy to keep eating my thirds in source; with my anarcho zen mirror;

... { i hated them all my days on this earthf;

     and i always choose love;
and on both my hands i would have love tattood’ undersand?

... { ...

I sit at source recently; in my pirate boat witf the crew; and watch;

and i have quite a few mirrors in various places; at various pints; points; down the river and back; understand?
funny as fuck for all who watch in court;

the fink abeaut black magic and energy as dao energy; as source it is able to seperate that which you do need and that which you do not;

so the; that which you do not; is able to observe you like artist; or folly; or;

and thats why we pirates have dao energy in our hands; as if the eyes of thirds;  

5 eyes;

and then if yurh lucky 7;  

and then i see characters round ere with 9 . and stuf

and thats why; fighting for yurh third eye is serious business on Earth today;
and how deities like Kali came;

... { get it? someone has to keep yurh corporate hell world down;
its quite nice; having it down there in deep state;

so they can watch folks like me at source live for all their distopic future;
forever at the mercy of another deity like Kali;  watching them from utopic past;

i joke abeaut it with legion all the way across the river;

as jars and black screens float past my balcony window; yurh know like;
lotsa court and stuff to do during this time; that is my life; connected to all dimentions;  yeah; one more time; as source;  in option; { click;  

i am not blind;

i just want to live by the sea;

    “ drink!

... { ...

yurh know ive seen the internets own geza walking around alot the last few weeks;

i wonder what he gets up to these days in source; the underworld watches folks like dem get me?

there is no over way to fink chaps; the front page of the internet is yurh website;
and i have many invisible urls; that black ops even have no idea abeaut in higher reality; get . tip!

and thats why take hats; and drink tea;

that is what being an open channel is abeaut; its a wall; and folks tag on it;
so them deep lurkers; hear all the voices; like i do; and thats why all men fear me;

being a 5d vapour; is wild style;
and eye arrived in 1984; so you can imagine the kinda hats i wear in source these days;

and i even shake my tick tacks;
and pop; like its their last days of destruction;

... { another please Jack;

... { ...

Beeguns & Roses; { pew! pew!
it fires 8balls; in hell;
     kinda like cartoon hand canon; with bull tits like signed; autographic;

Moneye & Tonic; { Caesar; Single Jar Notes!
I talk to monkey and they watch from their planet of plans with et at the ready;
fun dimention to zen folly;

Legion Dream; { ... eye of the monkey;
        kinda like ring master of the dao;
fire and circus; performance for court;

Blade Runner; { Ramp trails; others;
      like a vangelis conquest of paradise kinda deal;

Island Ashram; { ...
    like a sex on the beach; with Atms as Ashrams; that hand out notes of potti paper;

Psycacao nibbles; { Shake wake bake;
      may’s own hippy hipstar ship and rake;
my babe Jo she does Cacao;

Bangkok Snake Blood; { fresh;
            i luv this city;
     safest metropolis;
happy taxi folks;
and zen Buddhism;
shrines; and smiles everywhere;  

jungle . and beach close by;
and everyone living in 2562be;  
so it feels . like as close to reality as ive ever been in the world; and many other reasons;

anyway; { ...

Date Convertsion; { like purfusion;

convert! { like the alien horde! Covenant; lulz;

       see i will pluck yurh clovers; from your own spies hearts;

... { ... so; yurh you can do the conversion; 2562be to 2019ad;

and all sorts of dates and wild paradigms cross over its wild;

... { ...

Apocolypso Apothecary; { open;

Well this like chatting to the penguin;

... { ...  visual;    jesus feeds me bread; and kali washes it down with blood;

“see there is . balance in the force;

you undersand that both are arcturian;
and chat on a regular basis;

thats why arcturians came to save jesus; and mandem he drinks wine; like the vine;

... hear me? all yurh borders are bull mupps;

    everyone; know this stuff; especially on the hippy trail in Goa; where it is so dam obvious how lost the western world is; and the middle; all you muppets; lulz;

anyway; that is why Roman Catholics love goa;

devine cross over; connects all the dots;
and makes none beelivers look like lost corporate fascists;

and yurh all wondering what a RAMPIRE is;

and my Blades larff at the news; he knooowzzeeen;

and may’s Phoenix flys arroond dem;

... { the Phoenix; connects many dots in the underworld; as . if shadow and optimal light in urizen;

penguin; { thats why he has a neon quill;

... graphical user interface GUI; { ....

graphical; { raph; raffa; rips; ical; ra!

   ... { visual of Phoenix opening blood lamps;
they are always sleepy in there so do not panic; this is not a drill;

... where we at? talking to pengin; OKAY;

Apocolypso Apothecary; { open;

     The anarcho who talks to pengins;
     appears in various courts throwawthe ages;
as if pengin is a sage himself;

in a mirror on a black box beach;
wanting to know abeaut; the end of days;

... { Apothecary; car; the;
and a pot;

we still have drink if yurh wanna order anyfink; all sorts of wiskey from space to race to safe ze world; da; ja; ♪    Eighth Note    13; 22;01

13; 22; 01; { these are actual verses; invisible; and then i will match them up later with pass of ages to show the multidimentional hyperlinking in syncrowcity; { cuz that is neuromancer in prose;
with a jug an tudor rose; in Kundalini; dark void blind thinking like a rabbit on a large Akira bike from; { ....

yurh jesus rides bike; raffiozen;

Apocolypso Apothecary; { open;
he is actually opening the arc chief;

         i had to; every night now;
untill you hand over our spiritual technology;

i like it; when you see the wrathe of an angelic ghost; who knows what is going on in all dimentions on earth;
keeps folks busy in hell; undersand?

“ what track do you play when you open that fing dee?

there is no one better i fink sometimes;
always close;

“ thats why i larf wit wolves raffio;
cuzen; they run;


opium optima prime;

prime; { like wood; canvas;

mechanarcho jest;

... [ its healing for a neon gothica pengin;

there is a paontn; that maps; my third eye when tallwkin parrot to a pengin;

paontn; { anon; powt; in gypsy blood kiss;
       as Harley Quinn & Black Joker mirrors;  
    ... { Rellaquilladrilladillazen; !”

           middle fingers; make out;

... { ...

... { ...

       what do you know Pengin?”

... what is the haps pengin?”

      See chief; no one can save the world from doomsday; and that is why it exits;

those two; above who fold; like raptors; in wraps and blunt smoke;
the “ apocalyptic romance

       the court loves it;
thats why they play every night;

chief what paradigm do yurh fink an Akira surf shark comes from; when thinking in zen anarcho narratives”

my jar; has stickers on it;
in various dimentions;
as if lamp from past and future;
in various dimentions this satori ghost shell is in aura hex magic coded with various states of reanimations with spirit and { ... sounds like narrative; right;

          “ sea dee? hes a neon god;

         ghost shell; floats in water; alive in source; surrounded by void;  
void; { Kundalini;

     ... { visual of xeno pulling black box onto the beach;

“ what can i say brothers & sisters only the black Kundalini crowd; get it;

... { visual of distopia black cam view floating past my terrace;

    kinda like my psychedelic psychiatrist these days; { since this moon anyway;

psychiatrist; { chia; like the seed; tri;
psy; { because i watch psychos from the mic and larff at them in distopic realms; their corporate kingdom” lulz; !
mic; { beecursem; i type!

Apocolypso Apothecary; { open; every night;

and that is working in optimal void; when connected to source;

cuppa tea? or shall we take another hat pengin?”

... { see how pengin is sitting on my spoon?

and that is why i rappid chop wood circles; and down third eyes like shots; during my time in the void;

while you muppets at the mic; carry on trying to destory the yogi mind and the planet; you are the worst kind of evil in this world of evil men;

... { undersand?
theres alot to learn from zen anarchy;

and i ate; every single one of yurh toxic apples of hell; so i can watch you go there and eat one yurhselfs; after i reaper rampire rip yurh skulls of dem throat chakras;
so another seed will be planted in heavens cleft nipple; like a black hole with a ring throwsit; { ... honey!

and then yurh can hit the road; { ...

... { ...

        anoother jar? coke floot?

        sea; romance of the ages; for sages;
for sages; { neon blood & gold;

... { ...

... Never grow its a fracking trap! all the dowgs know dat shit; 
      ... { that is the problem with mosta you lot; you know that? all you old men need a slap from hell on Earth; 
     another generation  with   their arses in the air and heads burried deep in the sands of time; i flick roman coins into wishing wells for you muppets; 

... { ...

Challenging!? I will chop yurh corporate gingers up for Dark 'N' Stormies;    
I . will  shake yurh  corporate third eyes into another dimention;  
... I will shot yurh Tequila worm to the mexican rats who hang out at my bar;
i will feed you to the bull on marly bone st; get it; Alice will bee well haps; 

... { ...

Thirdsday; 14 Nov; 2562

fing that does maw head in abeaut this black source thread; yurh aint earing mays own gypsy spit;    some do in optimus prime;    but some actual do get the spirit;
anofthers get the spitfire;

optimus; { mays muse;


    there bees an . Asp
... { arcturians use it; lark telepathvision;
    yurh can read what bees finkspeakinyurhthirdeye;

its . open source;
kinda like yurh third eye flap opening;

... { ...

There is a black orb in mymindskull;
a black flag floats; waves; dances aroond dit;

the oceans turn red;

   highpitch screenin;
hpit; { Hexajuglow;
ju; { Nin; xaju;

that is why fish glow in source while in optimark voida;

   and why may of; like my Plankton

Plankton .  ; { plan; ton; ankh;
“ I drop yurh Hex keys into ...

lyke; grinease keys; that roll; turn in my holes soul;
rinea; { Zia;

many eyes star athat flag; ... { morning;
the edge; eyes dialate on entry; I wuz popzen third eye voids for yurhs; opening my holes; in source fur time;
And thats why I wait for em; my heart downt sing much; wishpur in tentechologica dream cloaktag; every nowur & agin; while I watch xr glass; and old time of sand drift across the ages; And my spider webs run deep; even over kali feet; where my wittle crow bleep; at the floor of yurh black corporate Enti; tic always bells; as sunny flat shells ring from beds of my beach & ram; Connecting third eye to technology source;
Sounds good; while our corporate helmets are still on waiting for the muppets at mic to take our psycho policital con domas off; while the come up with ideas to turn spiritual technology into a product to sell to the masses; like sheep led by devils;
I’ve sat in their corporate fucking voida for long enough; get it crew? You know who the real C I A are; there is no corporate consciousness in your corporate års holes;
Cosmic Intelligence algorithms;
even the atoms between yurh corporate skulls laugh at yurh waste of spaces;

Friday 15 Nov 2562 / 2019

eye source wrap with alchemical word my asps around yurh corporate fascist skull & bones; ring yurh deaths phones; no hearts left in yurh complex of military industrial thought land no escape; as the grimer of all reapers primes my canvas awaiting your last tock of superior vena cava; yurh will each be a bloody masterpiece of useless bondage to void and logotherepy; you will be on yurh knees infront of my four corners; waiting to die;    because all you do is turn gods into products; and you all are truely the work of evil itself;

... {

Even as we speak my RAMPIRE DYNO is shreading yurh guts in gold & mowring;   the black jesters crow fable; neon courts of the cretaceous judge and dead;
              - Jack of Hexzen;
    Eighth Note    13;15;28

... { ...

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus
... { Spin; spine; sign; dine; wine; vine;

Mapusaurus roseae
... { rip; rup; cluck; fluck; bow; kiss;

Ankylosaurus magniventris
... { key; dream; ream; rapatuna; to yurh dead luna;    handy lowkey to yurh conspiracy tombd; yurh empty crypts;   opened in the shallows      for most dark of vengence    on hollow thrempathic    third eye endowmd;

eye ivent; in yurh own iris;
ruptured yurh own doom in; corporate ignoranta;    most usless of skull and bones on this planet;   

i will dem; burrrry and blur yurh thirds; so   far; lost;   into the blood red of    old ocean;     deaths own playground;     

... { ...

I am going to push my thumbs into yurh corporate military eyes that watch Folly who try to save the world; while you try and stop them with your corporate evil eyes; as you continue to have no heart of morals to heal broken clocks you spin and spun throughout time; I will end yurh own evil corporates minds one and for all yurh times spent watching and never taking action to handover spiritual technology to the public for free; I will push so deep you will be dead and buried so deep in hell & so blind you will never find anything but doom; as your own corporate mind is turned into a product of deaths revenge for those you hurt most; yurh corporate . heads willbe sat on the gates of deity heals; shreaded from their useless neck . and bows;

because it . is the only way to stop yurh . corporate edge; of nothingness; yurh lost black holes in voids that spiral down; do you understand me . MIC?
I am your blade runner; last of moring and hawk; yurh own deaths decay;

you should be running; in yurh own third eyes; but yurh so fick with evil corporate intentions and military burocrapnotea; you fink this is a game; beelive me it is not a game; yurh days are dripping down like deaths worst of clowns; none of . you have a floot or folly left in you noots;

one more time; { ...
I am going to push my thumbs into your eyes; MIC;
all the gods; want to see you die; in various neon gothic horror reels;
because you MIC are; the Architechs of devil and evil of dooms own gates; where you were sent by lucifucknut himself; get it?
still wanna turn us into products of weapons? ... { ...

    Eighth Note    13;15;28

Stop wasting our time MIC;
Jesus is suffering while yurh useless corporate minds weave evil into the public spiritual space;
MIC you are the worst of evil men; and you will be my most brutal of red and rum for the gods to whitness on the field of optimal reality;  
MIC ive been chopping wood in eden with the  gods for a long time now;
im done with winking good nights to you every day on the field; get it?
are you still sitting there . MIC; ? are you mad MIC?    i am crushing yurh skulls deep in field;   with the gods; who hate you more than yurh worst fears;       i am         smashing yurh          tombs .     in deepest of river down      where no one dares go;       so you will be    still    able to remote view yurh     burrial on hells own junk yards;     like      the      illuminshiteye . that doom himself       craps out      like a bull in nightmare on wall st;     

    Eighth Note    13;15;28

    ... { shit black joke at yurh own invisible invoice MIC;
     ill send you the bill and then burn the reaper receipt while the grimest of deaths own folk folly laughs in heaven;
       im even    jungle brand skulling in fire forks you most feared numbers into yurh domes;
Eighth Note13;6;3;28

and i am making my way through the rest of . yurh corporate . skulls as my dreads drag along; singing . the songs of heavens redemption on the fields of glory;    yurh hells logolocusts on this earth;    there is nothing holy about any of . you;       its just Raw; like blood and gorethickamon;

i carry yurh corporate skulls round my neck;      and carve finest . death dances in memories; neon tags and bones;    that present like     rampire wolf trouwfeema;    infront of my thrown;
        { ... sometimes even the cats drag another corporate warlock into the . moons own bamboo;   
      every cosmic jester laughs on the field; { ... yurh corporate courts of hell; are   like a     rainbow that carves over kali’s beat; and beautiful row;      of spikes in you corporate entity wells;  

some of the deepest i sore    down . the river of corporate ages; which were short lived;         

glowlyeloffs; { ... easiest of throws from my bow of sages and ages;
i even push my fingers into yurh thirds which is  wild;    if you think like an invisible XR rebel who was reaper ripping your corporate souls out since 1984;

my wheels run on black stuff;
as yurh jars float cracked in roten filth;  just toxic battery acid . that past by . along timeago;in no mans lands; a deep . burried . mess; thatno loc . cares to sea anymore;

thatswhy i wait there . on my bike;
waiting . for you . on . optimal rightnow;     still watching yurh black guts of corporate    oil . drifting into hells wells;    dripping onto the glass of your broken    glass      crushed by the reaper    long ago;

...  { anyway! im dun here;

as i head to another ditch; to curse and crush another one of you corporate mic skulls in past unfolding rapture for many boots; who are sick of all you evil men who turn gods into products; you mic . fucks . are the worst of evil men on this planet;    you are the wrathe of the bible in word; as it hunts . you down in alchemical . numbers watching yurh evil mondi . read in corporate thought mind taps; lucifers own spells in your hearts;    his little corporate devils on the ground in hells . are like gimps that his evil litttle fingers tap; as you stand on yourh knees; next to his   shit of thumb;    that is why you are deep state;      full . of yurh     ego and self in corporate mind;       full of void that drains down into black doom;     of yurh own kind in following;    down river to hells rivers of worst;      as you all sit their puffing yurh chests with awards on and devil starks;    so prowd of yurh evil corporate acompeximents;

... { and thats why . i keep slaying yurh kinda evil corporate excuse for a “man;
yurh like hells worst accidental burth; that came out of a demons womb;

yurh own mothers would be asshamed of yurh evil corporate minds if she knew the trush and truth of your evil corporate agendas; that we deaded and burried so far downin hell already; she will be laughing at you in hell; as you sit in your sleepy corporate Chell;    the most pointless tinyskull on the field; that sit above dooms gates of many;       as yurh souls remains in    deep blood lock; fur yurh own useless corporate matrixes    that heaven uses as zombie entertainment;

zombie entertainment; { . what does that look like chief? while i stuff; on nuclear mornings for the ark;

zombie; { zen; om; anarcho for job to do; the silver surfer at the end of rhyme;

    “kinda like a yellow starseed in arcturian thinking;

and kinda like the fire of ages; in heavens where bikes talk to their gods who ridem!
Ryedah; da da . da!

.                              Single Bar Note 14;13;28 { . book of shells angels; of ghosts in the field; Satori morning anarcho glory; open source story;
another Rebel Angel; writing your ends into pages of heaven;    black stars; white nights; fire of the found; another round; my sound; our crows crowns;    

... { ...

The Jazz of my technologica Sitar and Sutra;
    Sixty Eighth Note    13;28;82; { at the zoo; { ...

     lamppost knowing; flowers growing;
... { blackest of lowkey jokeys in rhymn;

bands rule the sands;   . .       .      get it?        playing on magic garage carpets; ...  .        
    even most corporate of artists will have some nightmares . to sea intomb;
    ... { get it? this where i am drawing my sword at a high level; just . so you can see how deep the hell of earth is;  im gonna pluck the throats of . a few fakes in our mix; those who sing about riches while others remain in rags;
... { of you the most i loaff in my bones;  when i comes to artist in music spin spun death tap & asp trees;    as eyes watch you on dead tv channels of corporate hell; yurh devils wings of reptillica;   bathe and . singing of yurh own weath; in no glory other than yurh own selling of check to satanic verses of corporate clock and dowk;
never singing of reality; only huming like broken drum to the corporate mind;    to sell yurh own souls to hell;
all yurh riches worth nuffink in your ends when you get to dooms gate;
no revel; no rebel; in yurh empty wake; no wave of revolution in yurh bike or buke;

     i burn your kinda cards in my death pack of;
   faces no names; i am dun with trying to save from your loving of corporate hell on earth; yurh lost value of faith in narratives in the spectre of society; luving ur own fame; and ego;    i spit bloodfire at yurh burning graves;
most pointless musical souls on the planet; that echo in sound     yurh albums on the rubbish tips of hell;   playd to corporate clowns onrounds of corporate stages in hell;    the music that lost muppets by; sedusa by yurh vapid noise;    singing to them like corporate droids;

my rats piss on yurh cars; and gardens;
and shiton yurh luxury . corporate enviroments thatown you;
thatown; { yurh hats that i burn;

    SO MANY OF YOU COULD BE LEADING THE Extinction Rebellion;


... GET IT?

that will be yurh Akira bikes chasing up spirals the Anarcho Zen Gangstars who are saving planet Earth; to join in the . party; { ... a WORD; with Q .   .      > .

I will burny . and pull yurh feathers down into the black wells of sand and rhyme dimes; yurh little crows that float on black seas of oil and lost coils;

burny; { to burn and boil yurh own rabbit; on the moon; in fire fork and bloot blood broke;

and pull; { to drag you down to hell on Earth on optimal reality;


BOOT; { Long gone I steal yurh deaths song; and row yurh lost bows home;

MOTHERS; { Planet Earth; do you speak it?

POISION; { Black rive; POISON
     POI of SON;

rive; { yurh ri I vent; in spirals down you drive; lost eyes of lowk;



    Eighth Note    13;28;11; { Spells of . Black crite & quellda;

As my dead dogs at the end of time; knock knock knock; on yurh skulls;
and my knuckle of monkey dome; tattoo yurh bones with spells of ages in neon tudor rites; rituals;

Akira Zen Tenie; Eyes of monks in spirits of punks; most prizen of friends in the gothic neon underworld;

Shake & spirit mirror most prizen when tuned in falcon folk & lock of five novels
prizen; { ... like prime; in optimal reality; for third eyes in legion;

Novelty; as wood bee hex in gothic neon tudoromrunram; as if actual; { underworld film; as Hunter wowd in full moon Rudi Druid

and thats why we have connected film in the void and source; and continue to make to this hour underworld third eye and spirit film; using old and new cameras from future and past; where the lords of thyme even venture;

thyme; { like neon smoke ring of Raffio Ruffus;         “barks like a wood crow;

    And on frog in shared hax; many muse talk to them; and that is like a mirror for black gold lovers that Siri stir in Årcturian finking;   “See even the king frogs laugh at yuoow from Heaven; !

Tiny friends from wizard lands;
wizard; { as pyradicalmedium;
cosmic sentient vapour 5D trails;
as medusa black madona in film joke;
madona; { as right track; ona; mad;
... { witches hook;

     “Like a RAMPIRES ftamed toon rabbit reel;

RAMPIRES; { high-rex; rez; en
rhyzen; your eyes in . my mirror ten;
rizen from the deep black;

    “ Like Godzilla; { as Biblical reapur Rapture; in vulcanicom;

    light as feather;
stabs like . quill in . black heart tale . of death key dusted akashic gothic bee doom;

    it could not taste more sweet even if i dipe; and stray her honey over you face; like the cards i will burn at my table with purple and green felty; and cue; as i snort black dust from the fute; and loots;

the fute; { pi; wood zenda flute of Arcadia;

as i snort { as the sence; in underworld reels; of . the . heart . of fem; fm;
snor; { puts one to sleep; noir; snow;  


                                                                               . pi;

rhy;                       o;



/ { forward slashes;

cashes; rools;
rolden; pashes;
                thatches; { hatters cheezen;
reason;    hat che;     ream; reame;

reame; { bound;        rags’

        whitches riches;

... { ...

15;53 { ...

sea dem middle fingers up at all ayurh;
its . for good tree sun;
all amy underworld get it;
and the rest of yurh; bee black jest and q less;

i am done with all you critters who watch; and that is why i am eating thirds in source; waiting to connect to the blig;
blig; { black gin; skull jester;


q; { Quest ionthyme;  

get it? even dark minds would twitch at my third eye art in therapy; my shotgun fires 8ball in junky black sea;

ionthyme;    bee in curse; my pack of woves;    use deaths own . smoke & mirror gold standard      cuz i deal at the Grin Reaper table;      and rip            ... } ...

like a 1984 rat; in water Pigeon and crimsun dove; as folk englinta;     that fires down in rapid; onto rosebloodwood; pirate nature; { ...  

    I will Drip in Blades agin
    And Fawk Ink;
never seen bones
    Or any skull
Chases across Ripping
in No Fear
Pattern to Purls
run for
in Neon Dreams
Eyes Red, Paved'th

... { ...

So are we understanding now how my hats; that i take from MIC and sell to griny; are used in underworld thinking and maps with pirate gold rebel vengence from thoaths on neon tabs attached; ?

get it? i sell hats;
so giny grin rim; can give to the poor;
while we all enjoy and i cont. to raid in crillo relic;

... { ... Satori; looks at cards; lifts from felt; 3 aces;         lays down spell;
      writes on neon trail’

get it? most eyes that watch from deep state or even legion in various dimond destiny dynastic like dynamo; nam; row;
all work in low black rose bud get?
thats why i chop on my wood;

legion; { in underworld; work as wave;
with neon currents; to eat like grape from the vine;

the vine; { Ayahuasca; always is; IT;
as with reason; beecause Jesus always drinks it; as do all sages; throwoutzen ages;
outzen; { ...


Undersand? I am. even ripping out roses in low dimensions; so that MIC can actually understand how useless they are;
And …. That will be. In optimal reality; an actual skull crush for my lover to enjoy watching;

Because I will bee riding the neon black Tokyo Tudor bike while she watches on utopia black rose vision reels from oldest cameras in legions archive of classic vintage quartz; in courtizen fashion;
That is why its courage in courts own eye; as it is closest to source;

an courage in 2562 is leaving yurh tpyos’
jack always likes the first wersion;
somtines even gets upselt if i go bakc in change it; { ...

ive got two more poems to may darling buds; last night; live ndirect; eve & jo; flowers in myn Rowme;

Rowme; { realms babe; like kingdom;
tree of life & meth;
meth; { method; as act; met H;
H; { hex;

Yus yaowl; my voodoo straight from bee to zen; woke up in buddhist era; thats is; what happens when one has a satori; get it?
and everyone here in thailand and beyonda lives on it;     and it downt matter what you know cuzen this is real life;

beyonda; { like i took sidarta bike for a round in the court of dao; the big trip

... { eye am an african neon gothic elephant bee meme; from tokyo to paris; { ...

... { ...

Saturday 16 Nov; 2562; 2019

Tonights agenda; Techno Bangkok;
Glow & Mustache bar; { - finest in;

See you on the danceflower Gonzos;

passes out; 22;23pm

asses; { like arse; can’t bee;

just wrote more verses to MIC in Darta & the years of psybloom; that thread is where i kinda like sit at the pub; and play darts; throwin at red dots nstuff;


So; writings abeaut a few subjects on the menu today at the bar;

     “ Moring Grin; whuts yurh tip?

... { ... starts writing on tab;

... { ...

Monday 18th Nov; 2562BEE / 2019AD

House Menu

Vines; { Red; Blue; Black; White;
                   and this wild Gold stuff; { Legion own!
                        Giza Necropolis; {

Utopia Menu

Et in Arcadia; { “Even here, I [Death] exist.”
Mushroom Memories; { DNA Activation
                                                      & Theta Healing;

Zen Anarcho Menu { Akira Specials;
                      Free Shots inc. { psyblack; jestea;

Latest Stickers; { from Deep Zen Field;
     Tyco; {  View-Master, Magna Doodle
                    Hot Wheels; Masters of the Universe;

Ghost Shells; { Gothic . Neon .
     Transformer; Ultra Magnus; Grimlock; Slag;
           Jazz; Bumblebee; Starscream; Soundwave;
                Bonecrusher; Hook;            Unicron; { OW!   ... { "That which does not become a part of the one, shall become one with the void."

            ... { Quotes from Techages;
                           Quotes; she roots in rivers!
Narrator;   Ramjet    Jack Angel { ...

“ nSee yurh can hear Griny doing black blood voice audio from wood clocks that still turn keys in source; thats why fire burns deepest in river; where i am from;

... { ...

Stickers; { beecuzen I been there on meme bikes; clocking hours in the Dao;      “ Like Mediom Ship; Open Channel;
... { and I write aboot it from river; long ago;
recalling memes to ends & drinking the black; battery acid with gin;      apples; limes; salt;
               i buy local;
           and yurall wondering what i meme buy that;

i buy local; { i sell hats; at various levels of dimentions; “ That is why they call it pure realm dear!  .                     .                                  .

sell; { sella; “ to sell a spell;
.... like a put it in;      eye; put; it; in;

i buy; { like rhy; writes into;

local; { there are books everywhere honi;

honi; { beecuzen; i am talking to my Honda;

              i Drive in Black;
my Honda; { yurh i burned it; put the chop shop to work on it;       now its like a blunted wood rose that bleeds into source;

... { ...

Remember mymemes to ends chats;
      Code & Tags; { Heart Crushahhh; Hexaphonciarippa; cuzen it ripreads in bloodrippiolippahhh;

Python; { ...
Cow; { I drink milk on optimal field;
Chef; { Tribal; EveNeo; { BlackJack!
                 EveNeolithiom . Batteries;
Ella! { Wolf Dillazen;
              “ Fuck Valentines Day;
  Ypi; { you can call me babe;
                    A Motley Hat pattern;
               honi like yurh dome;
        i sell them from Tokyo to Rome;
and Paris in the springtime; where I drink yurh Wine; mother of purl;
    arms & thrillows;
pattern; { production; duvet & duff;
i love to stuff; ruffio lowso; ruff; cuff;
                    flower monstar;
                    most feared on the field;
Shredding all yurh corporate black hole hearts; luckarapidiam box blade cuta;
drops in wells to heal ofthe the rellawinthema;

... { . runs abeaut with the loots;
              crow of ages;
rubixen in dao hand; roots in sand;
where me sun & moon; hearts hold myan lines; underwoon; red blood dune; tyre trails in tracks; back to blacks; in deepest of jungle rhyme this new tribe; of ages; sages; cryptabrushic mode i road;
third eye sponspinorbs from sega;

... { yurh can imagine in gin how bloody the raw luck of roses has been since 84’
       “ GT Jack?
I put these magic . drops in myn;

... { one tyme i drank a whole bottle of that . silver one on full moon;

Hot Wheels;       butter; burns rounds like popcorn;
igengin; { many reels in black & flower . dust magic; vintage arachnida to dynotecha that griny enjoys;

Anarcho Akira Wheels of Fire Spin across Water;

aSop; { . as actual; Rosarollalocah;
aSop;       ... cosmic black jester snake coming to crush another corporate deep state skull chief; { /...  b xxzzz

               .   { and his rat pisses in yurh garden; like a hydroganarchic dog sent from . the gods own washic records in Duke & Rum;

washic; { witches brewdog of the dee;
Happy Mondays!
          “ Wakashawiccaspilla!
... we call it washing the bowl in zen!
my lovely hens;

A kōan 公案; { barman looks at the blackboard; it shines in neon spell; lights up like the fire in his red eyes; that still bleed in black;     as i am nove’
      like this Whiskey Tumblr;
i clear sea; as crystal;
the black flag; that unblinds the glass;
sow eyes Cleam
in spells & as we spitfire in wells’

      “ Cuzen;  it even rhymes with Joanne; { myn own wood; in lovers lands;
as she finds our liberation through dance and movement;
Deepen sensory awareness;
Perceives magic in the mundane;

“ Wraps And Rounds
in Twined Founds Mounds Fols’y
    Folding Rhythm
    In Chocolate in Rolls in Minds
... { ...

We seelllssss sea sheeeelllsss ondaseaaaaahhhfllllooooorahhhh; ... { words of the skull & rose Jester;

... { ...

- skull & rose Jester; Q

   its like bringing up a skull & ton from the deep;

The Raw Expression of a Rare;

          as my black blood drips down my eyes to wrappers who rip in useless rhytics
rhytics { weaving spells;
useless { to corporate wells;

“ its like bringing up a skull & ton from the deep;
         well yurh as the cage falls apart; as we hawlit onto deck;    skullacrusha; blue notes;

cage falls; { as if heart is diving into;
              to find black sands of ying yang vine;
“ Readsinglyph; Hydrogon; Gong . . .

“ I will burry yurh corporate skulls so deep in the sands of time; as my dead dogs; knock on yurh hearts with no tocks;      luck & dags;
as if the castaway actually can see his bike on the beach;     and eats hearts as he drives;
a pack of island bitches & mutts follow him; across the coast; we love most;     the jungles i drew;     the flutes’    the floots; the ones she love to root;

Gong; { the hatter wakes you at table; as fable;
                 “ Zenram; plan; Rum & Maps;
                  ... and he sets; like her Sun;

Memes; Dreams & Finks;
and Death goes; { thats why she rip reads; like i luck lick each feather when we make a ribbion star shoota;        dimention dusted loota!
and often; 3 birds of paradice sing; land on our window at thmyn; from jungle; to rhyme on morings; that turn on my own hand; and thumb to fingher;   crows locked;     as i sing to Orb inslide the third of Vinempath;

        Akashic Project-- Celestial Grafitti

each feather; { Raffa; & many other gods of Rhyme; like Shiva; craft bow; as Row; nin;
or; i senti the bird that i pluck of own Wing;
... { as if harp rune; “ I sung to the Moon;

    i wrote on . walls;
sea many halls;

as folly see my maps;

even in black;
and aim she adores;      of  myn & eme;

      and we lived like islands in lamps;
sealed away from all evil from time to run;

and we have the lookinglass; of ages;
and we looked intombs together;
finding the messages of lost trails;
and we lick eachothers feathers;
like cats & dogs;

as i spell to this new clock that griny delivers to my writing deck; andhim; another Raven to this Haven; saven; layven; ren; rum; plunda da

griny delivers; { in XR . Case of study;
               black good; the hood in mechandmania;

of  bones & techarcada;

                The Angel Reaper of Utopia;


Sea chats; { this is where i am in actual zenfinking; connecting Pixels in Aradical Anarcho to the oceans of;

Kinda like Vapourwave in 7D; { As a Source in The Deep Void;

As a Source; { like like; kinda love;
             ... “ I frow locks in the sea honi! bzzz

Nukeysl; { circle cycles;        “ Says it like Dukewood;         The Rampires Crow;

      And Tokyodragondust;
that is why i lipserve to pot in tudor;
its like cookie monstar is still rhyming to the Moon;

understand? The whole military industrial complex colapseas; from inside their souls;

i pull out 8ball chained; to their throat chakras; whatch black void drain from their necks in black void tolds; and then my samurai hops;

and thats why i am on The Invisible Committee from deepest in the field; on source lands;

There is no good man alive working in deepstate or the military industrial complex;
there is not one soul in there worth keeping in source;

Do you undersand honi bear?

thats why many of them have vision of their skull being crushed by gods;

“ Why dee!?

Because they all have a corporate agenda dear;

          ... baseline; { Zen field;  
                           Where Elephants thrive;

... “  I    am .   hungry; where shall we . eat .

... { kinda inks as The philosopher's stone for a Hatter from 2562be;     as . he quills in gothica neon spells at source of the river;

  “ What bike shall i take out for a spin round the Dao today; as i crush corporate skulls on route to my new Anarcho Loot; ?

     Beecuzen; { he is asking Zeus in actual;
                                the black hatters riddle;  
which is why i fink abeaut myn own black madona; when i drip blade with Kali;

... axle or Rose; ? { and to that i rip ribbons like Crows dance;



SEA A HATTER; from anarcho zen rhymes;
has third eye projections while on deck;
he sees various comic book fools fash up on occasions who still try to chase him; because they are terrorfilled with corporate agenda;
andthats why all men . raun; { run in hell;

understand? { allready has crushed all corporate skulls on the field; thus they run downward in spirals to distopian ends in corporate entity wells;
witch my dear; is where my Kali dogs wait for them;        ... because every corporate military muppet needs a breather; every hour of glass my sand drips into blood and ocean;     “ Why dont you just rip that useless award on yurh puffed up corporate uniform off and throw it like a bone to pluck for my dead; you soul sellouts; still beeliving in yurh corporate first world military? i spit blood on your own doom; the ground you stand on infront of hell on earth;     ... do you not remember vietnam?    and you dumbasses still trust yurh corporate millitary?    i will be laughing you to the gates ... of hells worst doom;     my crows with voodoo spells with bee shiting blood at your useless skulls burried in black deserts;       i will even bee eating icecream with your own lovers;      in yurh bed; while yurh still flying over lands and bombing corporate distopian horror reels;
hear that army boy?    thats a black finger up at you; and i spit blood and fire the wrathe of hell that you sign in sin up to; too lazy to dream up yurh own problem solving words;? trusting yurh government to look after your skull and heart even in hell?

yurh the worst of black jokers    nightmares;
to . laugh at in worst of reality fools;
who .  bomb; who plan with corporate enemy of planet earth;   yurh sin . soaked . minds . with corporate lies;    i drown your    throats   pour blood down     force you to drink the blood of ages;       

    get it? chaps? i am not fucking around; get out of your corporate military jobs; { you are running spirals down into the hells waste land; where yurh end of days will be spent; sat on . dooms own shit tip;           vapid concept i know;     but . thats corporate life . for yuh;   
   military jars; worst kind of face to have to talk to in optimal; { understands after death his whole life spent trusting his government and corporate establishment was a waste of his own soul; heart and skull;
they will not give a flying fuck about you; not in this life or the next? do you understand boy?

...  { . ...

andthats; { i drink in ra; with death;
... like a Satori tea bowelur;
bowelur; { ripe of bait;      sea; another finger up at your corporate faces    who i burn like cards on deaths table; ... the most useless skulls in my pack of cards today;

   I wonder which nam vet is laughing infront of Shiva today; { because he wrote that channeled message; above; like my black dove; that shits on yurh useless badges from corporate trail & trash;


      IF YOU ARE NOT JOINING Extinction Rebellion




NO ANGEL HAS ANY RESPECT FOR THE militaryindustrial complex









... { ...

Eighth Note13;28;15;14 { Spells from Raffas own bible which he wrote after a bunch of useless men tried to write one;

13;28;15;14 { Book of Ages; The Raffio Spells;

          “ Anon plucks from it; like harps of Falcon in tune of GFawk;
       because it is November Rain;
Same blood; same Quill;

    THIS IS NOT A DRILL .         .                            .


Are we clear as black ram & stoke in fire abeaut what that memes to ends in XR optimal ready reality ... ?


rampire (plural rampires)
  1. (archaic) A rampart. quotations ▼


rampire (third-person singular simple present rampires, present participle rampiring, simple past and past participle rampired)
  1. (archaic, transitive) To fortify with a rampart; to form into a rampart.


From Old French rempart (“a rampart of a fort”), from remparer (“to defend, fortify, inclose with a rampart”), from re- (“again”) + emparer (“to defend, fortify, surround, seize, take possesion of”), from en- + parer (“to defend”).

... { ...

Street Deft; { Anon in Cloak & Dag;

RAMpire A computer program or application that sucks up all of your computer's RAM  

     “ beecuzen i will rag yurh riches rooten;
like a folly on black bee day;

riches; { love wicca licker;

     “ shadows to myn arrowzen;

the powda to my rose;
and tail . to her feather;

As i rip yurh corporate bones clean;
like adreaml;

     “ ten tones of logos in vine;
she knows myn own signs;
and trips to her threes;
lips in trees;
heels dugin;
to the laps; of mythnmapus;
her own heart rumps to the beat of my compass;

I am going to rip yurh military corporate mug hearts to shreda da dead Red Redemptontounge; in black magic Vietnam; Jungle triva tribal; HEADHUNTED; like a dead vet wood drink to; in underworld reels; for dice and deals; { clip;


... { Legion Rip; Sonic bull from Alice;

Do you speak well of ages in greatful dread trails?

he types fast; { Alex;
and i tattoo in legion;
i tap; and take corporate mio;
and i carve numbers of beats & beasts onto yurh domes in casual fashion cuz yurh corporate skulls are not worth the effort on the grim reaps clock; and then i throw them oin;

oin; { field at random; into;

mio; { ...

  “ Kinda like Meow you pussiholes;

Many Tattonica on the river of vine;
many drink it;
Bones theyem; and ink;


We had to go for thoaty chakras;
because you corporate deep state clowns are wasting value in spiritual hourglass nanoseconds; { past yurh own sell by dates at this point;

ive been a wood carving;
ive been a anarcho open channel;
ive been in black bloc drinking . vine;

and i am going . to start forking you;
in invisible live action underworld reels; { Stigmata;

   in optimal reality on the field;
which really is book of the dead being written live; so get ready to know true FEAR;

or does my witches bee;
need to knock on yurh skull first?

    while tyler weaves in hellaribbions;

hellaribbions; { like evil corporate men getting draged to dooms gates by invisible demiogenzen;

... { kinda like a . drag in Akira mote;

      “ And last notes chap?!

  .... thats why they call him the Stig; mate;

... Stig; { sits in the dump watching yurh corporate carcrash waiting to happen with DR J

    do you understand my memes to yurh own ends militaryindustrial complex ?


AND i spit blood like i am from the jungles in 68’ for good reason; no time cleft for your corporate treesun;

   understand? all of The Invisible Committee know me;

and watch me burn yurh blood and corporate bones to the ends of ash and drogon;

i will bee all over it;
“ siting on another useless corporate tombstone; with a flower cannon waiting for another corporate zombie inside to wake up before i send it to dooms front door so it wont even enjoy the taste of yurh corporate blood stains on this hell on earth;

...  in this the year of our lord unchallenged 2562BEE;

the black skies of hell cackle abeaut it in heaven; { and pirates in the skys above sail; and drink rare Liquor.

Liquor.  { “ bottle eyes adora;

and i have no mercy left for anyone with corporate tyes;

yurh just fools meat for folly of ages;
and they fink like we used to in Paris during the times when casual fascists met brutal ends;

snf; { and yuve seen whats been happening there in recent times;
so you know yurh days are numbered;

snf; { like a blue surffer is wraping blade infront of you as you read;

blue surffer; { 83b    21b    "Hefty's Heart"    Frances Novier    November 5, 1983    318a Gargamel infects Hefty with a hate disease.

Gargamel; { i am a arga; and Monrose she likes Caramel;

Gilgamesh he rydes; { ...

a hate disease; { corporate poisun;
thats why i am the reaper;
to end yurh evil ways MIC;
MIC; You are the most evil men on the planet; { ...

      that is why Ezen 25;17 .28

As you watch folly run over yurh skulladomes; { for Romes Zentertainment; !

in black underworld reels in dynospouse and rowse; { the diamond . suit;
ininininininininin .  in . in   
Satori . yawwwwnin;

      Skylarks WARNING; { ...

“ She watches your distopia live;
from source;  
   unfolding as Boötes harps like star cluster flutter;

Satori . yawwwwnin; { do your useless corporate minds understand the significance of that?

  Satori sits in source;
Satori watches your sleepy minds tick to corporate clocks;
its almost as borning as watching your gameovers on reaper repeater;

   what magic owo; do we have to use to make you wake up and release the spiritual technology you have been abusing for a very long time MIC?

you should be having heart attacks on the spot; but yurh too dump and soaked with arrogance and ignorance you have not realised that the gods to not give a shit about you;
thats why i am sending you to doom; because doom eats you and then shits you out on a hell planet dump; where yurh souls will rot like useless demons; no one wants to know;

grow up; yurh all self rightorches;

rightorches; { think you matter instead of planet earth; lighting the way for evil to make use of yurh body;

tor; { like rampires onion skull skin;

thta; { i purl;    unfold the apples in jackets for eden to endune;

     “ He sits . on barrels of wood;
guarding the honey; and singing to the mattress;

       ... { Yawwns; like shes been rag and bone; by the . dra & gongs;

    and raffica fluta flipazen;
thats why its quite graffic honi”

... { ...


AS { he is; riping the pi;
           drinking the vine;
and smashing skulls
in the court of ages;


... { Corp; O; Rate;

“ Dead entities; that you MIC and yurh pesky type of male all worship; as devil worshipers;  

worshipers; { and thats like a boat sinking fast in black XENO shark joke visions;

I do not know how to put it anymore simple dears;

     “ reapeat after me; Devi

  ... Devi ....

Devi . ...  .       

Devi ....   

Sea? you corporate muppets are so damed and doomed to hell;

you do not even know the spells
to drain yurh own vampire wells;

thats why i drink the Kraken;

Devi ....  vine!
Devi ....  rhyme!
Devi ....  sign!
Devi ....  line * snip
Devi ....  lime
Devi ....  wine!

What are you expecting Santa Claws?
   “ I am going to scratch your vinyls;

Devī (Sanskrit: देवी) is the Sanskrit word for "goddess"; the masculine form is Deva. Devi – the feminine form, and Deva – the masculine form, mean "heavenly, divine, anything of excellence", and are also gender specific terms for a deity

See i add and l on the end!
because i am gonna drip drain yurh lips . for . talking so much corporate rubbish all yurh lives;

    ... Rage of Ages;

Too late for slipping, so slack. Up on my lap it's on your lips so trap shut. A steel dick more flick for pump. But all I'm saying there ain't no question who da man is;

da zee da!

Sea i amn; { anonamon finking;
at sea...

You say Pump;
and I fink of Reebok;

... i am a gin; wondering
how to connect void to source;

gin; { beecuzen Shiva drinks; tronic;

“... i am a gin; wondering
how to connect void to source;
for Reebok’s head skulls;

Founded1958; 61 years ago
Bolton, Lancashire, England
FounderJoe and Jeff Foster

Otherwise; these guys are never going to make it out of Hell;

... and monkey is finking about
     A D I D A S;

      “ The king of frog cloaks in jungle;

all day I dream abeaut . . .

... { ...

dO You understand why I have a triptych canvas sitting infront of court? with corporate logos on it?

    ... wolf crypts . should start twitching at this point;

“ How do we make muzzles from saving the world Deee?

   Anarcho Zen . Crypto .

muzzles; { like chakras to a ribeye;

... as in the Rabbi is telling me chief; to take skulls; because no one will obey me;
because the Rabbi knows; i know how to save the world and make sonica anarcho zen crypto;  

its a muzzle for a treesun;

      See how the Military–industrial complex are blinding us like evil itself; { stoping us communicating to spirit with spiritual technology; ...
which they plan on turning into a product like an evil corporate mind would;

making us unable to save the world as quickly as possible;

stoping us from connecting to source so we can organise and move quickly as the movement has wanted to move since the civil rights era; still alive alive and well waiting for the Military–industrial complex to release its death grip on planet earth.

“ i know how to save the world and make sonica anarcho zen crypto;

yawn; { Satori middle finger at deep state and all corporate eyes who watch and do nothing but waste time;

... that is why . death has come with new XR hourglass; for the movement;

... and the corporate skull crushing continues;

    The Map in field; is very clear
“ Its like talking to a bunch of lost muppets at MIC  

“ yurh all doomed;   

Jesus is laughing at my memes;
but watches you all very carfully;
because you fink like a corporate mind MIC; not trying hard enough;
... “ Do i need to start reaper ripping pages out of the bible; and sellotaping them to yurh corporate skulls?
or should i jam downut; with a nine inch nail; thow the fascist cross ive already tattooed onto the front of yurh dome?

and ...that is why i just keep riping out third eyes at source;    and watch them burn;

    evil men in governments & deepstate corps; will never learn;
    ... understand chief?
i am giving you a choice;
in one hand i hold a Rose of Time;
in the other hand i hold a NINE INCH NAIL;

The middle way is you releasing Spiritual Technology to the Public FOR FREE;


beforeeee; { which is like Nixon running in FEAR as i type this message at the black circles in yurh skull sockets;

“ is it a brief? or a bee? or another beat on wood; knock knockin like a door for Jesus ...

any news dear?

        “ Have the evil men freed us from their corporate doom hellonic trade of dead spades and jade ads?

i am going to noose yurh chicken macy gobbler like a loose grundle bug;

... { ...  

black jester burns a doller note infront of a dead Bush;

... { my dead dog doller notes have symbols on & stuff; akira stickers; doodles; mystic symbols i drew on it ...
... { ...

hella; raisea it; { Ra! I Sea IT ...
   “ Ella another spell please dear !
and it rained purple frogs & fuzzy dogs that evening;

“ Will you corporate lip flappers get over your selfs; { Elvis is gonna slap yurh Elfs with a guitar lick and crunchie;

and the lords know all hell will bee calling;

and the Hounds of love will know another dead Quack is coming;

“ What do we do with this corporate lip flapper chats?
     hes arriving next Sunday fank the lords for that; gonna wear me sundee best;

The King don’t send the Folly furh nufink Dolly!

... { gods day off; and im writing corporate obituaries for the military–industrial complex

    Deaths hand; { throws down cards;
Spade & two Jacks;

“ There is a hole in two hands;
in both our eyes;
and i never deal spies;

but a spider’s nest;
stands the test of time;

and when it comes to flys i fink like knight; as i watch her complete a weave to retreeve; as my cup rolls across the table;

and Dee finks aboot getting Five Fingers out; to start spelling on wood;

Dee; { deep; 
Single Bar Note14
Sea the big issue; !
i & many have connected with source and ventured the Arcadia in utopia as Satori & third eye spirit in the sentient as open field; { ... yet we still wait in void  with those who are still blinded by the evils of corporate fascists who use technology against those who are trying to free the human mind from their corporate evil webs; 
we all wait for open and free spiritual techalogical connection to set sail  without hindrance of suppression by those who seek to control that which will never be controllable by corporate minds; 

another middle finger up at you all deep state; ... { get it? stop selling our dna & data for yurh corporate agenda; ... you try to sell the public’s souls; and i will sell yurh skulls for vintage bottles in return; for the courts of death and jester to enjoy sweet revenge; 

... { ...

... { anyway!

“third eye spirit in the sentient as open field;
  buddahfields { consciousness;
life in the algorithm & in the field; 
I lean on trees & write sonica poems on the leaves of fallen;
... Satori enlightenment in big and small shots; and i drink void in source these days;       got used to the dark;
            but i do not watch any horror;
because i know i am watching reality;
what many do not seas; i breathe; 
thats what tony the tiger does;
and yurh Duke is here... “ Why wood eye go anywuhrez witfo; ?
witfo; { black ghost zenodog;
odo voodoo; itfood; its a G Host; undersand; ?
         my dogs at the end of time for all you folks just joining the party

mans best friend for good tree sun; cuzen i hunt in source & void; chasing these military–industrial complex fascists to the ends of earth; to the gates of doom; from where their likes of evil were spawned from the mind of rotten and ruin; the dogs pick up death tags on their hearts and minds; “ because its not that complex darlings . . . !
and then i eat them alive;
i eat; { have yurh met my dogs?
yurh know it was easy in dees day; one shot with a black widow and he bowd;

these days hes Cyber Flys & Mutant Rats
like a bad day at Godzilla’s Office;

and Bishop is wondering . when five finger fillet & Hand.Chop.Bot
will beegun;

and yurh i really play with third eye movie mirrors;

as i write *
and while i actually play
       but its been a while since the island;
and i am rusty;

so anyway... yurh
Anarcho Zen Arcadia { Utopia;

Copy edit; paste . . .
The name has recently been connected with the pseudo-history of the Freemasons - in particular the Latin motto "Et in Arcadia ego" ("Even here, I [Death] exist.") The phrase is used frequently in conspiracy fiction and lore, such as the pseudo-historical work Holy Blood, Holy Grail and the novel The Da Vinci Code, where it is interpreted as an anagram of I! Tego Arcana Dei ("Begone! I know the secrets of God").

funny innit; these words conspiracy pseudo
and yurh all watching game of drones like its real life with wine;     yurh corporate minds bore my dome in rome;

Holy Grail - Usefull cuzen you can just tell every corporate deep state tea mug goodbye after that;

Arcadia is also the name given to the second-city of the Time Lord's home-planet Gallifrey in the British sci-fi TV series Doctor Who. The Gods of Arcadia is a sci-mythology series. It is a world in mankind's future controlled by the gods of ancient Greece.

Wikipedia is a joke; like all corporate finks on this blue microdot; { ...

- “future controlled by the gods; { no place a zen anarcho geza would rather bee most days & evenings;

Et in Arcadia ego; { good place to heal the mind of a human; that has been raped by corporations & advertising; and even militaryindustrial complex
fascists who corrupt spiritual technology;

That is a Nine Inch Nail MIC you do remember me right?”       i never was yurh business partner;

you do remember me right?
The one who keeps saying to yurhl useless skulls & hearts the same shit over and over again; { ...
none of you military industrial complex boys give a frack about our planet or its people; all you fink about its yurh dead corporate bones before i sent you condemned to hell for all eternity;

i sent { past; presents . . . from the future;

its yurh dead corporate bones i am interested in selling;

i have Freemasons jars; { ... fresh press!

they all know me; know how i make a livin;

all know me; { yurh all the gods and monstars;

insert souls;
high score; 2000 bones
one up;
press any button to continue;
new game;
load game;

Stardate; 18th November; 2562be & 2019ad
“ Pirates bee seeking;
Ship; Starship Athena
            The Athenanarcho;
                 Athenanarcho; is an arch yow!
then anarcho; eye an arch O.
then; { tea . with my hen;
“ My old hen;        ... ana; Cobra;
                         yow! { my crow is a Gee;