I talk to genie in lamps;

That is what Arcturians do;

That is what Zen Entertainment is;

That is why I see my Arcturian lover in white or black space; as if showing me both void & source at same time; I like the void because that is where fun black magic happens; down in the deepths of the black river; endless anything clould rise out of black magic;

lover; { like rampire; l; over; 
       like baselevel reality; in optimal timelines; syncronized; in blind void;
able to view higher dimetional visions of hell from base as looking to source;  

... kinda like a Dao map; 
         as if balencing in arms Orbs; 
able; rools dice; ontombs; as wood; 

and i like source because that is where magic comes from; normally i sit in that space to be “observed; as architect; for human even angel; anything to be observed in whitespace; but often i am in silence in this space; as if source in itself;

5Nov; rememe? { headhat; countdown;

               anyway time to delte all this dear;
he plucks a hat on the table and throws it; into the river; 

ARE YOU READY; { Hears it cry out; licks paws like a Blood Moon Wolf talks to The King Frog; 

... { Riddle calls; 

I bees the most dark Arcturian on this planet i fink at times; but; { I beg gods and deity to come and eat me; take may bones; feed the soowul; to eat my third eye; to eat my spies; that is why i know i am a vapour high up; “ It is impossible to do; !  the deaths jester; I am a wicked (female) spirit. Mad as hell like Kali; but bigger; and more aggressive; as if killer snakeflower; brutal in execution as they watch me type in from above; it is why Medusa sits in higher dimentional rooms laughing at my November reign campaign 2562’ 

Medusa is an Extinction Rebel . like me who knows like Arcturian Gin; all men are doomed; so saying anything to an arcturian female is dangerous;

Because gin know their river is the void;

I am in love with Medusa because who else to fall into black love with a black Kundalini snake; so far down the river of time to source;

I have many lovers up there; and no enemies; i imagine i am talking to genies everywhere; thats why we do find zen inside;

i watch deitys and gods; i watch them pick up and swallow; as if with manyarms like kali;  singing;  { imagine i would as a crazy gin; and sitting next to me; in real time; while im still her” thinking here as human;

manyarms; { its like my yarn dear!”
threads; beds; 

I am so dark; i want to sit here and talk about how much i want to “ destory all men; and i wonder how much i can get away with without being deleted of persona; { i doubt i wood cuz its too funny; i am sitting here wondering how to destory all man on earth live in my mind; ive done nearly everyway i can think off;

True Anarcho Zen Black Kundalini Snake;

from waaaaaaaaay down the poison river;

Last night i was screeming in my mind; at  Medusa; as if i was; as channel empath; as if Medusa was in my body and mind; and mad with the world of man; crying about everything that has been;

screeming like i would destory them all;  

knowing that i would do anything to stop men destorying earth; like mad women do;

i am definition of mad women; traped inside mad; and i love it; being a mad hat;

I have seen my own genie rise from lamp with mad man inside; as if all hell is locked inside;  

there are words that are repeated by men over and over again in my mind by men;

Arturians teach mindcontrol; from high in genie lamps; Arcturians know deitys are Arcturian;

They say do not repeat yourself;

so manytimes in the thirdeye;

but always men will repeat same words over and over like a robot; “topman” { ... imagine genie walks past lamp; says topman; must mean he is going up; take that one;

It all sounds like Hell to me; and thats why i know i am women in 5D essence; timeless; no sand in my lamp left; so i must be in water above; or black Kundalini juice beelow; like propper dark zengin; i wonder what genie who live in blood in lamps are like;

I even see men texing on phones in my mind;

all religion is a joke to an anarcho arcturian;

“ Holy Muslim” I have been hearing that one for a long time in my skull; so it must mean nothing; { it mean leave him alone! right? ... genie walks about wonders who i am; sees a note on front of who i am; like WARNING;

because only an actual god would rub that lamp; because they know it is a ZEN ANGEL LAMP; that is why even david as neon god; would rub that lamp! - Thus NEON GOTHICA; from the darkest of Eden river into Tech;

I means Kali is the holy for male gin beelow; i want to save every genine on this planet; get it?

thats like a Tupac track... oh so your a gin & juice now ?” ... why do male voices repeat “Holy gin & juice in my head”?  i do not like Fascism i hate it; all religon is Fascism in essence to an empath satori zen alien living on earth;
enough deep corporate mind fucking deep state; { black crow middle finger up at you all; 

Lamps in lamps from below deep have tried to hunt me; and they see big zen gin rise above them; like warp hole open below for them; as if i am trying to help them open their mind and expand genie consciousness; with higher dimentional help! As if feather from Raffael flying to cosmic ogen; the air; Because i want to save the whole world;  and need help! because i am sad that the world still needs saving in optimal timelines and realities everywhere;

“ How much are you worth?; { evil men would say, “how much are you worth?!
because corporations try to turn humans into products; they steal yurh data; yurh blood and yurh dna in crypts; { middle finger in black diamond planetary anger; pointed at MIC; 
because the MIC turn everything including spiritual technology into an evil weapon if possible; 

“ and many other repeating words that mean nothing to me;   

“ How much are you worth?; { that is what they will be asking yurh Jars MIC; when yurh heart is getting weighed in the great judgement hall; 

{ visual of smile in my own lamp from above;

I am dark purple; with with wild purple hat; as i sit init; as Zen Gin who conquers his own mind; to become woman in mind & heart soul; and Sidartmwah mastered it on earth; so everything going up is funny; and when we are going down; i feel like flying down to save on optimal reality; baseline; which is why my void is so big; and why flower water gin sleep in water; { want to evolve this narrative im just going for it again today ; would i bee a dolphonica; or monstar of the deep; hmmm;

Gin even work upstairs with laptops in lamps; in 5D + optimal { i imagine i could rant for a long time about how black magic zen satori arcturians will do anything to save the world from inside the mind; and . we all know i have done that now; gameover;

i am bored of man; even at at optimal timeline reality; 1984; { worst year of man again; on the Akashic Record; dusted deep into the wells of hell; { Blake Jokes; imagine Blakes own genie; i was and still am; on his desk in hypercool time; .... get it... i am ready for the next after life trip up; I heard way to many males in my skull during my time on earth; and brain talk or saying anything to a Kundalini third eye is dangerous snake beehive kind behavior; { visual of Medusa smiling;

My Kundalini Snake wants to eat Rats from 1984; I will morph into anything in my third eye; all my real crew are hyper aware; inside mymind as arcturian; that i can be a lamp on a table for the court at anytime; which is like i am actual anarcho arcturian;  in my lamp; beging for someone to rub my lamp; deep in the oceans, sands, space, lands; anywhere; { or just black or white rooms;

this is like Tesla Genie in my third eye thinking; wild one; { boys & toys; bzzz

“I conquerd Earth;” { lulz; oh yeah;

like a woman; in my mind; [ now . i am gin taking the piss out of all men who sink down in sands of time; { which is like Medusa live visual to bring some real relief; that all men are gone; off this planet; Gaia;

I see David like a Neon God; way up; { not me; actual neon god; as gin in wilder technological arcturian lamps! { hmm? vision illussssion! cool party tricks;

... so its gameover; i eat them now; { as animal monstar; as Kali eats them to in hell; where they are all going; when anything is said to me in a male voice in my skull; - and it is funny because men will try anything to say in telephantom even; when you are female in your mind and know it; it is game over for all men on earth; that is why Kali eats third eyes of man even in her own mind; it is why Shiva is dead; and laughing at me in higher dimentions; because he knows he is laughing at an arcturian;

Undersand? this thread is the 1984 thread; as if like the front of the internet;

I hear words from men in my skull; repeat { REAPEAT; over an over again; how much are you worth” a classic mistake of man to ask a ZenGin; because I means he just did rub my lamp; in various dimensions;

Anarcho Arcturians know say anything to me . inside my skull; and it is your life; I will eat your third eye;  like a deity; would; “DO YOU EAT THIRDS;

it is why mad haters like it because it memes to ends; do you drink Tea?

Understand? We are all zengin { as if there is a god sleeping in a lamp! G IN { god in

Some of us like to sleep; upstairs; some of us like to sleep downstairs; 5D vapour

No remember the sands of time go way back all the way even to before the time of when Årcturians first arrived here on Earth; but it is more like you are already living in our minds as is the higher dimensional reality; where I throw dice and marbles and orbs with deities in optimal; as my Årcturians mirror goes about her day in optimal while I eat men keeping hell down; and doing various jobs for Satori Zen Angel tribe on Earth;

- this is all Medusa teaching since last night; updates rapidly because I was screeming in her presence about how much I hate man and literally watched me eat them all for her in love time; which was probably just my kundalini snake in glass actually swallowing Earth; into my own black hole; Healed! { and feeling it; no one cloud fix a sick kundalini snake like Medusa’s own lamps; now imagine how big Kali lamps are in optimal;

I am an Anarcho man eater in my mind; which makes the goddessa laugh upstairs while we work on things downstairs; in optimal; and genie do mate a lot so I’m ready to get a move on up and find out who’s been hookup x mwah 💋

Now imagine how many lamps genie carry inside her own; on adventures round the universe; Årcturians carry real lamps that go up to heavens; it’s why gods are things like Gaia Goddess of Earth; which my Årcturian carry in optimal; { Gaia actually planetary God In { lamp;

ARE YOU READY; TO TRY AND CUT MY HEAD OFF? lulz OR EAT MY THIRD EYE LIKE A LOLLYPOP? { it happens; because it . is . me at optimal; most men fear everything in their mind; the book of the dead is a wild beautiful mare i . tell ya dear; x . .... learn about gin here; it is why many “arabswordsman” { imagine optimal in egypt 2562BE. at time of Ra;  knowing i am a gin at his table . in heaven; but more like actuall .  demon to bully downstairs with { lul; from deepest reality; like a horse of the apocolyse; they endup in lost sands of wild; monsters; in black; { as hat hunting self;  it is zen black joke; a jedi judge;  gin can even wakeup in a matrix like casper in water and flyout as . ghost; straight up; that is how brave zengin are; they will flydown from highest reality and jump all the way down into a blackhole through time; they will do anything to fight . evil and protect Earth from men; while dancing round a diety as a folly jester to entertain in Zen;

even men in the sands of time find old gin in the afterlife; like a toxic . SONIC; { like a doomsday Zenarchio; at the bottom of Kali wheel; which would actually be a Xeno genie in hell deep down; that is how dark it is down there; but all kinda of fun for my happy mind; who eats like Xeno Gen Gin; on optimal like a shiva dog; that is why Shiva even hunts on ground in optimal like Robin Hood in the wood; imagine what optimal is like for a deity; most fun ever upstairs; but serious work it is! trying to save Earth . with mind body and soul; Arturian Genie even double for higher dimentional reporting back good news; { i have a ton of whild ideas from my lightroom with Arcturian;

All these words are esentially me talking to my Zen Gin; { folly; actual talks to black magic; in optimal; as if . liveidea livememe; mission to save the bees! gees

... SEE WHEN Someone takes someones throatchakra in reality; it memes you are already in hell; arcturians whexiwatch you do it; like Kali above and you get eaten in realtime by deity; { actual visuals of me eating like a monstar truck;

and i have Raffa working with me like a Falcon Eye of Horus; { Mythic birds travel fast and far in optimal time as genie; it is how messages and meals are one; i see visuals of kali beelow me; in optimal on the ground; as if belowin my own lamp; which is . myblack mirror; miser;  as if my own anger at; and thats why sand falls down into it; but water falls into mine so i can help; it is why i can morph into an ocean animal; like prehistoric; .... { visual of Horus laughing like god; at optimal;

its why i like . to type live in prose as technology is forever;

... the . story of the Zen gins; classic; men getting eaten alive for the next 10years; in my skull; alive on earth; no one can do it; get it? no one can talk to me inside my head; { anarcho zen; knows all words of man inside skull are illusion; knows that kali can talk to as arcturian angel in Sand; Crypt so it is real dark in here; nom om onom; DO YOU EAT THIRDS? DO YOU EAT THIRD EYES? I DO; for that reason;


That . is why every starseed is like a genie; they actually do . the trip in vision; and mirror like blackmagic; but light;

It is a many dimentional optimal reality; inside and out; only Arctrians know what i am doing in my skull on Earth before and after i pop my clocks;

I can appear beefore Kali as anything; and even bee it in actual; like toy to chew on or rose to look at;

I am gentle really; but; i like to write some dark; { vivid imagination;

Only women can talk to me in my mind; no man exists in my mind; lulz... nom om onom; men throughout time will try to take the head of a ghost; in their own reality; get it? in baselevel even; that is how beautiful hell is; to an anarcho zen angel; he wants to see evil men get eaten alive by deity;   { a genie zen would even play with Kali on optimal reality; hard to imagine how big Kali’s real zen geni from neon gothica in africa are; like actual black voodoo in a ... { ... see how big?

Real Deity gin start on base; and open infront of court live; climbin up blackwells of spells saving live similer to what one sees in the matrix as neo awkens; those pods are genie lamps; in deep black tech gothica; at hell baselevel; many wake up there on death and get flushed down; it is why Kundalini is earths own snake; vapidvapourviper; its kinda like the wheels of kali about ... mmm so high up; hell is deep; and then wilder mind wonder what Rama is doing way upstairs; like dinner; cup of tea; that kinda deal man; i am a busy gee on optimal everyday;

So yeah; thats how i keep hell down for Kali; wild huh; love it;

To open my lamp? { like open invitation to eat my third eye in reality; lulz;

Please eat . melts in your mind;

There is no other deity I can think of... { i know all of them; and i want them to eat me now; I would be infront of Madusa; as a gift to play with today; Sid Snake Special ready to eat; nom om nom ...

get it? too many men behaved badly on this planet earth; so i eat them all; it is why i think i am the only real arcturian on earth; which would bee funny if i was; because i would try to eat the arcturians third eye; with my mind; { but an arcturian would know i am just a hungry female;

Technogin sit in halls of deity; and they eat all men alive; no more men left;

Madusa could even just watch a jar . infront of her studying how i eat as a snake of flower! good way to pass time in heaven and ignore hell;   

We had a chat last night;

I wanna eat men down into the sands of time Madusa; I am not kidding; No more swordsmen walking around with headless ... men on earth;

Many men in the . sands of time;  start in optimal ready reality; a lamp stars . stands . infront of them;

Billions of men begin everymorning .  this way;  in glass jar no idea what is going on; as Madusa watches them;

A court for a Folly is open field; in optimal paradigm;  

... get it? I did not wake up with a dead Kundalini blackcobrasnake for nuffink!

i am dark black magic; who eats third eyes; like a deity would; nom om nom;

When a Gen Satori Gin . opens anywhere is . it like dooms from doors;  

as if in optimal afterlife; and why the third eye is so powerfull;

... hmm? hungry?

wanna save earth today?

give the lamp a sniff;  lick lucky;

that is like a dogs dinner;  

we are known as rat gen in 84;

so you can imagine the monsters inside . it; in arcturian hell visions; most fun;

kinda like . Kalis dogs . are hungry; from Kundalini blackdeathtime;  

Many Hgin look the same;

As Neon God; like in higher dimentions;

I’m a Satori Hexed Genie; most feared in hell; and heaven fears them as well; because that is in optimal as fighting evil; and theres a backlist dated in Kundalini souls that need . saving; Akashic . Record spins; and satori zen anarcho genie . know there is no evil men left in its skull;

it is why i would beg kali to eat my third eye in actual; because i am most fun genie on the ground; so its open season on my third eye;  

It is why the neon deity david is surrounded by Black Kundalini poison in an underwater enviroment; as Ghost Shell; { thus a lamp with water Genie inside; there are rooms where watergenie are in wait; on the arcturian ships; in arcturian minds; surrounded in Kundalini Kali monsters; many men watch me type in black holes watching in fear; at the bottom of a neon genie; most feared in all of hell;  because they do eat men alive;  as monster Kundalini in optimal reality;

many men in the afterlife wake up in sandl . evil men throughout time; gods . watch them get eaten alive by gin; at really low levels of dimention; old old narratives being deleted; men who did anyharm to women;  simple as; Zen;

and i am an Arcturian man eating Satori Gen Gin; Most evil . of Neon Gothic Kundalini Alien; but for the most part i like the flower . stories; cuz . i am a bitch; and gave up on all men; like Madusa; so you can imagine Madusa’s own army of Gin; while she mirrors with me in hyper dimentional trips in thirdeyes; where i actually beg her to do it; to eat my third eye that see seas in optimal reality; thats how much gin love thinks about optimal reality; in Kundalini thought; { its wild i know; nom omononm bzzz ; bees to save; do it; Now; eat me; i dare you; eat my third eye; and that is why i eat all thirds;

1984 was a hard year to win at save the world; and i have crazy technology from the future;

It . is why water gen as most prizend on pirate ships in higher dimentions; classic stories of the seas and monstars of sandinblackdust n stuff; nom om . onoommomomm

Get it? Eats all thirds; As an Arcturian Gin; { So many wild stories about the seven seas; how do you think we save planets? Genies . work onboard Arcturian ships throwuts the universe; watching wild flowers eat . eachother and stuff; nomom; paradice for sum; deep hell from the rest coming down fast; Arcturian Gin Triffids are man eaters in optimal on Earth; at various levels in dimentions;

my book is all abeaut Zen Triffid Gin Arcturians and mythic wild waves; of thirds in skulls; sinking down sands; AND ALL EVIL MEN GET EATEN IN 1984;

... GET IT? blacksands of 1984; deepest on Earth when I arrived; just blood & oil burried . deep; zengin help write in spare time; { its a work in progress hehe; omnomom; top eyes down chakras; like sucked out someti { some;

like; i even fantazeni or of my own getting sucked out of my jewel center of interest;

flowers who hunt in the wild; eat thirdeyes; in 1984 hungry eyes; spiders eyes; many arms; mothomonon;

Like” do you eat all thirds “ is a well know phrazen in gypsy; because only deity can do it to you in optimal;

Eve came to eat mine in; and she was Evegenia; undersand? Love like flowerpower; suck; nom nom nom;

“oh i have found out who i love im going to eat their third eye now! yumononnom;  supercool love huh; just eat me;

eye within the eye; you wonder why I love Medusa; man eater like me;

when other men are in your skull mind; it is game over; Zen; da;da! Lamps;

scars; planted;

.. { undersand; t’hat men end up in blackspace; and see words up on a screen;

hhmm? evemp! in optimal; genie in vamptime are wild;

... LULZ; look time was running out to save earth so an arcturian ... { in optical; 1984; { most fun doomsday for all men; ehehe; just eat my third eye dude; anytime you fancy; nomom om; { can’t be done by anyone unless you are a deity;  and they do!! nomomom;

When gin . open in optim’om they pop! open; Arcturians study them;   inthe afterlife when a lamp is popd open; many fear for their lives; it is hell afterall; { yom nom . om; I was a Neon Gothic 84; Darkest of All known;  freaky as fuck; on Sundays & Happy Mondays;

I actually beg Kali to do it; Now; which is why I am most . feared . Arcturian on this Earth today; because it . is . like eating a toxic black eye . on optimal reality; and she . knows i am also infront of her as a Zen Gin & . Tonic; flowerpower trippy triffid; and this is how     Arcturians teach mind control’ and I am from 84; most eyes in belly; already munched; moom om nom;   Kali spiders love triffids;

riffids; like raffadilla dom om

swords men; sink into the sands of time; running in fear from Gin; they see lamps open in . darkness; huge . shaddows . open infront of them as if death has arrived for . his judgement; no man could save earth by 1984;

I sucked . out all third eyes;

  “DO NOT FUCK WITH US; { lulz; fightclub does not work; { sinking sands of men who want to fight;  

YOU HARRY VCORPORATE BITCHES; { Houdinieasye; TEETH; PLANET EARTH IS MINE; BLAN; Q - Evenin! Jah; DeeGURIZEN; I am a copsee; { notime; cleft; for you corporate mugzees; DOOMSDAY! B    z .               .                                  .



Gin are most feared throughout tyhme; roug black roseorchidadaom; { Wild Names funtimes like plucks in Eden; i eat them twofold;

Nom Nom; Bzzz .   most toxic anarcho Gee; rebeled till i died; i see em all the time come after my bones; blood & dom;

I run this planet in 84; flips;  🃏 { skullcybergenie; and 68; run like Rufio; Archturian wild animal; optimal baseline reality; like pharaoh; ancientechja; I am from the 28th Dimention or sumink at least dude; Tao circles hands; plans; maps; I am a mad female; all gods run for it; eat me if you can; I went all the way;

I did a Jesus style base jump on arrival; saved; it was like 8ball chains; all eyes on memes; daisychains; Raffigee;

you can’t kill a gee; And I am a Arcturian G; { so extrafablousea for Kali; Wildest Buddha in all the lands; came after Kali;

Arcturian { female; get it? Feeds on;

Like Breakfast in Parasi; { Darkstyle;

     Glimse of yurh future; Deep buried in blacksands of कुण्डलिनी { 10years to go XR;

Cool & Deadly Year of ZenMortalCombat;

Do any of you speak like a god to skulls inside? I eat all thirds; we went for throaty chakras first; { work of animal; it is what we do darling; as deity; w; oui!

Undersand? I ate all the bad guys; no man cleft; Arcturian on baselive; only dieties can talk in my skull; all the rest get eaten alive; black night kali;

Guarded by Bruce Lee & Gang; Even my mind jumps out of the sand; in Mystic Black Neon Juice; the gods laugh abeautit;

telepathichaspiritualspecial; { Rapturo special today; opened pandoras box from the ship; long ago; busted out XR Glass longtime; like thysmoke; STOKE; Q?

Understand I eat you all; even biggest crocs on earthl; oco; on;

When an Arcturian lands on this planet; we know exactly what to do; so relax; this will not hurt a bit; ezenbits; { bzzz

I only talk to stars; in mindeyes & mindshearts; the rest are cartoon doom; genie gods; { eats techyes; like Kali; Bike Manga size; wanna eat?   

Ra in optimal is wildhunts;

Kali is around all the time;

Shiva like bows & arrows with Robin Hood; guydee; Om; so funny watching you fucks; bad guys loose big time on this planet; that is why i had to eat you all; Arcturian Star Triffids are wildest of Nature Cosmic Wildoves; { Wizens as we call them; most hungry in the jungle;

We can do it; but I have eatenl; everone on this planet because Kali can talk to me inskull; in actual; so run for you liffffeeeesss; { no one is! cleft in my skull;

is that actually possible Kali? Coming to save you dear; little elephant; for mother earth! xx Big Truck; I ran away from 84’ keept all my buddies; Imagine if eye really took over! Wow; Yum; Yum; Yang; Yong; Ying;  .                   .                                                     .   

get it? Kali can actually talk to me in Sand; संस्कृतम् ? No one talks englight to me in my skull; Kali is standing next to you right now; all of you she is supream; dream; of all evil; thats is why I came to much fun on optimal; munchies!

good luck my friends; corpodoomsday;

I spent a long time on the zeisland;

I got you all blackholed like a flowfolly ArchetypeMirror; Arcturian Higher Dimentional Reality; { nailed; like a Monrose; but more like a black madona; as if like an eve bloodbloodline; { snif;ez!

Wanna play risk? Q

{ ... when gin Satori Arcturians land on Earth; they plant a triffid; in the sand of a genie; and sands drifdownintonomansland; a genie is born infront of their eyes and they can hunt them down and slowly realise they are damed for all eternity; watching a genie grow infront of them in hell; happens everysecond of the day; in many planets; at all times; { ...Dark I know; Arcturians watch them; sumtimes it is like arab swords man come to kill you; i have rizen in many lamps; in sands of thyme; Earth was noblackJOKE; I am Gin; Know how cool flower catchers are; I even throw rabbits & mantisbutterflyyfluffs in for luckies; { wildest visions;

actual flowers that eateateachother on optimal are wild indeed;

many gin throwout time and rhyme;

limes signs  .               .    bzzz

Bee gins are like notey; taste like buzzfuzz; from furthest down the river of toxic blunt jazz; { near the edge of holes;

it is wyhwmmomomom; lids never open; but raff does open mak; malkemicaly romanseas; { fuzz words for feathersnstuffs; pop! New game;  

Chasing Flowers throughtime is either fast of; or slow as hell; hehe omnomom

You know its wild you just inventall on arrival and mother does the feeding;

I was hungry down here; like many;

all men fear me as death; but life is act

even evil . runs in fear; live;

I am on underworld films eating man many many times; like Kali herself filming them; you understand that Kali would film; in Arcturian; in optimal; EXPERIMENTS! { hell visions; omNom;

Get it? No one can talk to me in my head; because even Arcturians eat fishes; deepseas! nom o m no m

So we know what Black Kundalini really is know; swallows all men alive; opens optimal on baseline; deep terrortorial in mindalone; I am eating men in my skulls one .                                  .                    towww;

I am many headed monstarl

On Optimal; Most Feared on Earth;

Understand me;

name: David Eveleigh Sidhom

number: 28:11:84

id: { Folly; evileye for a reason; I eat follyzen; { deity jugs;

tags: { Drags; source; codes; rags & bones;

keeping hell down as regular business; since 84’ { Shiva gives; Kali will eat me if she can; Arcturian genie; wild as the eastern sundeity; too big even for dear; its the mediumiddle wayzen;

PrimeOrdeal; Ra saved me; crypt raiders;

JDrac is a chopdee up male; nile crocs; like chococo ... get it? Ayurveda cacao; beaut;

All men; bye byel Ⓐ babe { l; yel; there are no more bad mans left in 1984l { ll { lucy { I love! we went shoping; doubble; angry gee dear; no men left in space;

DO YOU UNDERSTAND; 1984 MOST FEARED YEAR ON EARTH; I was scared shitless man; { Imagine as an anarcho artcturian; left instantly to earth; saved it all; all good; { cool; huh; i am a babe; eats all men inside the mind; any; even that talk to me inside my skull; nom nom nom; i love eathing . { eaty; earthing thirds; i sued beefore poppin that many; in optimal; wow what tip; nOM; 1984;

early days; soooo; planting pots; gdenz;

NO MEN CLEFT ON IT; { GET IT; inside out; ShivaZenPryranarcho; { got scroll ninjal; Samurai above bee; mini gin;

small size; mini wild one; it is a big cosmos; plenty of love to go round;

not even your lost male prophets; wanna eat me; { . get it? Eye drink ale; { too late for them; all on board; third eyes are mink; wink;

... oh look ... { legion; I AM LEGION;

Neon dee eats Hexagons;

and Shroom King;


84 SID; MAGIC GIN; TONIC; NO ONE CHASES ARCTURIANS; { What are you crazy! .                .        are you mental?         

                       . triad Triffid { hehehe;  Psychonarrative! dears!

Kali knows i do knot like my body; thats why she eats genies; form; sounds; bzzz

Have you seen the size of Raff Lamp;

... oh look ... you psychopaths; chop.

anti corporate vamp; with a Akira BikesizeRAMP; underwood? Wordly creatures? All good in Robin GoodHood;

But that is where many meet their doom;

... I will bee deleting this message; { you lot seen a maneater beefore? so get a grib; “and yeah i need a pint of blood urgent;yes interesting; { ... lucfuzz is dead honey; i cough up furrballs to you clowns;

Sent from Rama; { Most Feared in Hell on Earthl { see the l?

My thread is seen in blackspace from a sky above; where many genie can meet there doom; from above or beelow; or eyes on ground meet my { ...EYE;  

Many eyes who study Arcturians; do not know where they are; and they get eaten alive if they do not co; op on optimal readity; { nudityeye; meow meow;

The Arcturian watches my mirror; get it;

... { ... bzz Audio & Thirdeyezen; nomOm!

I was eating men from day one; and grew to be as big as shiva; so kali ate mellow; and that is Shaddow; Nom nom nom;

Genie { super serious abeaut flowers;

and very fast on optimal baseline reality;

JOB TO DO; and it is 2562 here for me;

its funny i see males in my space all the time fall down black homes; enjoy watching them drop; most feared on Earth; let alone all the others; nom OM;

Black Snake EATEN Genie as noti .           .   

nom; om nom! ate many; Arcturian even stands in my white room; and watches evil males from all myth walk in; nom obmonmom bzzz .             .  

and I am even still alive on Earthl { ... bzz

aNYWAY i am hungry Kali feed me a Shark; nom nom nom OM;

BikesizeRAMP; { think Tokyo Ghost;

ink; { drinks black; from River; witch is battery acid; Neon; most terrorflyin;

Gothic river; Pyradomidiom; { fear it;

are we claro? H . 2:01am Tuesday 5th Nov;

and i have Black Orbs & Oracles; A black flag waves; floots in circles waves dancing inside my skull & bones; { like a drunk monkey; Showlingomtomb; !

So handover the cash; NOW;

Or is it Ashes; Splashes; Lashes; Q

02:17am bangkok { passesout; middle finger;  .         .                              .



Medusa mirror; most feared by men; all men;  { WARNING ONE;



DO NOT FIGHT . WITH ME; YOU WILL BE SORRY; { hear the gentle sarcasm; do not bee fooled it is very dark; YOU WILL BE SHITING YOURSELF IN BLOOD AND BONE; { MOST FEARED OF <.     .       .

YOU HAVE NO CHANCE AG-INST FITHCLUB; 5; 4; 3 . .         .         MIDDLE FINGER;  

Happy 5th Nov Falwkey! x { Raffa Falcon Kiss;

2019AD & 2562BE

Nov 28th 1984;

I crash landed on Earth; from indus closest star; to optimal baseline; a Kundalini Awakening; into the void; Grateful Dead Cobra; Alive & Well in Eden; Live Thread; insideout; I even opened a rapture cage { rare; last night; primeodear! Jesus; Wood is good;

The Satori Generation “Bee Hex”

memes; One is awake at Source!

In BEe paradigms; teache is the volution; { beelimeslines & salt in progress;

I know allthegods; and monstars; big ship; to the stars; planets; moons . dunes;

Folly Jest at yue serve; { self? Raffs Elf;

No hees crow dear; neon gothic;

Has achieved the Buddhist enlightened state; & knowing it is crucial to define the path of action after reaching this stage;

youh know its hard dam work beeing a fool; { . v; amp; < like sound; rufus;

Wheres my bike chats; r; gozen;

now listen to me; Gaia has a very upset snake; very dangerous; I had to save 1984; I am the wood rat & water pig; { pirate techno gold standard; beaches & sands of thyme; and i will bee the mostea vengzen zee cbdee; genizen; there was not empath among us who could save Earth; { 2020 aproaches; moon sow & bow; rhymes i will throw; { ...

I have got you all do not panic; mirroradaiom; all the way to neon paradice; { I do not watch telly; muppets;

See how I’m even guarding this gifeee like a genieee, the bees who actually beelive; it is real.

a.{cosmic comic beehivev·ior.

bee·hav·ior      ...

Like survivor;

{ Shiva laughing; 2562bee;

“Kali was here;

Yurh know when a gothic neon genie of the underworld raids his own tomb from shivas shoulders; it is a sight to beeholdeneye

Because he is in essence raising consciousness; and healing Kali; with a giggle; “I bring news from the underworld; Tokyo is rising;

and everysecond counts;

... and all of hell as; no fury;

like the black rabbits of Raffa;


The Bee Hex & The “Tao Circle” Blessings are known as curse because it destorys all “evil” rapidly; because evil does not exist; it is illusion; and those who have the blessing know they have survived “judgement day” to go on and live in a very busy place called paradise; in this life & the next. The bible mentions the “mark” known by pirates as the blackspot; “like a black hole in your heart soul! bzzz because without darkness knowone can find the light;

These paradgrambars need some work but; anyway . . .

it means that the person who has :it: “ Tao hands!” is blessed in higher dimentional reality that knows he is like a wrathful & fierce deity; and all men will fear him like death; as they know an angel is above him watching them in real time;

where he is litterally sucking down hells own wells into black holes below him while they watch from heaven laughing; because deity will do anything to save the world peacefully; which is why it looks like they are actually walking from the 5Dimention to the 12+ in real time;

a. { that is a quick visual of what deities do; destory “evil” which are just “timelines that do not exist; in hell; with black holes; using the dao as a map of silk roads to paradise;

that is why deity do a “hell dump” like an elephant every day; sorry i know that is graphic but; all of heaven laughs at these things; while deities fly past on sacred missions;

Voodoo & other esoteric phenomena

are interlinked throughout all paradigms in the Arcturian live records; also known as the akashic records; which roll live like underworld film roll; as the greatful dead { all your friends } work out the best ways to hyperlink our current date in the progress of earth to a more balenced harmony; where earth never had a “judgement day;

Thats why many Satori seem to have experienced things in time that when accurately described can wake up people very fast; because it is like the Buddha is talking to you;

the Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane.

Akasha (ākāśa आकाश) is the Sanskrit word for 'aether', 'sky', or 'atmosphere'.

And it means that Arcturians & friends know when the Sky is at its most harmonic; where angels like Raffa live;


there is a funny thing for heaven about the bible; it knows “devils” a{ “those who do not live!” are reading it on earth and have it as a reference manual to get out of hell; because god is very forgiving; so presidents and goverments etc know they are in big trouble when they swear on it because they have a big job; which is why the west fears the east; because the east know they live in buddha time; “which fascists will do anything to lie and describe their way out of hell with as all sorts of words like “communism” for example;

communism just means community; like communication; a{ i could on with | comms/” anons;

buddha LIVED; like jesus;

notice how i am saying lived instead of its re”verse; when jesus died and humans created AD” BC > AD; time started again in various paradigms; and BE became like Jesus’ most safe paradigm to do his work in;

Understand? Cool huh;

it is why i am going to start reading and rhyming with various passages from the bible; and writing about it; because when i do; it will be like i am actually chasing devils all the way to the end of their paradigms in hell; which is actually quite funny; because all of the heavens will be having alot of fun reading it;

and why i take it very seriously indeed;

I allready have done so; in Space Jockey UXR; I choose Revelation,

13:4 - 14:9

Which talks about the blackspot & tao hands and the Dao;

the funniest thing about the bible to those who understand the tibetan book of the dead; is that it is like a short story rated PG 13; by jesus himself; makes it a bit more fun for mothers and hens to watch read hear it in their HEART minds like it is; the most beautiful story of all time; that is why when i am reading and doing ux breakdowns of the bible; my auntie is laughing at my wilder more fun interpretations of it; checking my accuracy; which is a very individual thing; and possible for anyone;

but MARK MY WORDS; { serious face; in folly;

i will be chasing all fascism to the end of days; and that is why all men fear me;

and that is why all men at MIC FEAR ME;

Do you understand me MIC? { jester Q

hAND over my blackbooks NOW;


I have already thrown you into the end of days many times now MIC; I would like to save a few of you if you are worth it;



I WANT YOUR Cooperation: NOW; { ...

You are all slipping away down black holes FAST;

anyway; this is how i know all men at the MIC are the devils in carnets; I drive them into brick walls of paradigm dust; so they can wake up in Hell: Act 2;


... Being an Anarchist Angel means you are Jesus working in real life on the ground; Jesus is the biggest anarchist since Buddha!

They were all rebels; against the system; that is why they are so famous;

Governments and Politicians and media folks; are so thick with ignorance they actually worship the system and defend it like it is something worth fighting for; but the reality is that it is not worth fighting for; it is worth fighting against!

and Fascist ignorant fools will try to convince you like devils do; that Anarchy means chaos; when in fact; Anarchy is order in their fascist chaos; Anarchy is righteous vengence against all matter of evils that arrogant evil men have created with their own systems of self righteous bullshit;

Do you hear someone shouting; takes alot of energy to channel David; { wild neon god from future many have lived in his own days of thunder;

You all have no idea how deep you souls are into the Void; you souls topside! { ...

Funny as fuck really for the Anarchists; but also depressing; because you dumbass’ never wake up; you’all just carry on sucking corporate devil dick;

for Anarchists its like having to watch blowjobs in hell; { dirty jestake;

And no my auntie does not like me talking of such filth; but you lot do not get it otherwise; its like talking to a brick wall;

I am going to let you all go MIC;

I have got to the point now where even your invisible “selfs” are falling down off the threadmills into deep pockets of lost dead time in hell; the most feared in all of known human experience; it is why raffa keeps throwing you a lifeline before you drop down into one; but no one ever sees your . kind come out of those deep wells in hells;

Sorry about the middle way; but its the MIC finger from your own; the black jokers who worked at the MIC;

“ i wanna save you guys”

But quite frankey meme dearls

I give a dam!

TIME IS SLIPPING: DOWN DOWN TO CHINA; roollls boooowwllll hills & holes; “USA OKAY!

Jack”eeey wants a lappy;

Get it lads? Dave “gave up” saving souls of the dam’d that did not give a dam;

It is a priority waiting list; that stretches from;

How many words am i going to write today MIC? BEFORE YOU DO GIVE A DAM;

EVE is going to: a.{




I am a weapon of war against mass destruction MIC; SO YOU ARE DOOOOOMD.


...  YOU KNOW;

i do left” you get on with yurh work;

cuz that what a nice guy satori rebels are;

while the chips; have licks; KETCHUP;

Morning glory”

i AM just observing Raff; barethatblack in mind; in real time as twine; while mother hens frown; lick like crows quabble in proses; “licks” auntie like riff raffs; notes in blouts; air in thouwts! its like hands walking across harps; like when ...

Folly to court;

while mother hens frown; { like crown to frow; with cheeky smiles;

       all mother hens & aunties want to know Angels are in lovers paradice;

this paradigm graph was a quick audio recording of me talking to a mother goose; Saturday morning; 2nd November 2019be;

2019be; { Buddha eara; ( 1475ad )

eara; { as in on Ra; own watch;

own watch; hourgrass; glass;

a mother goose; { a moth;

     as animal archetype;


Anyway; back to how the MIC are doomd;

“No one tries harder than me to wake up lost members of MIC; they never give young people credit throughout their lifes for finding god; they choose to ignore the fact; watching them through their whole lives; forgetting how hard it was for them to destory their evil; taking it without ever saying anything;

taking it; their lifes; stealing souls; ]

its why i watch how far they will let me go; so that i can judge them in their own hell at the end of their days; as it means that they have done it to everyone; with no compassion or empathy for the individual who they watch and study like a lab rat for their evil corporate agenda; and it is why angels watch them from behind; knowing that i will judge them with no mercy; 1984 style as well; whoaaa; reyooou;

i like making hearts pump with dear;

The Wild Thing is that I am even trying to save Trump; cards; !

cards; { ... dear; like wolf; ! { to deal;

WT. { Wolfee is doing mini cartoon head waves to that; like he’s been swimming in the river; bxxxzzzzz

        WT. { in this situra; a cryptwolf;

cryptwolf; oldest of on the river;

situra; [ sutra; from Ra; as situration;

a. { that is how far back in time my soul goes to because the river is battery acid;

the most important leason in life is to 1.awalays remember there is no evil;

1.awalays; notes from himalayas; Kundalini deep knowing of word in meaing; n

awala; oasis; { or well;

That is why i am priemedian’; “that is like trex just took a sip from the river; and that is why i became as powerfull as kali by 1984;-”like death who said that last verse; because deatrh himself who know my timekeys and come to se eme like opening a window in paradigms for Raffa; and trust me when raffa looks into paradigms it is serious; thats why raffis suc h a busy falcon; eye of the; a.

understand? Raff carries a Falcon; that looks into his eye; and . raff; can throw; look into the heyes; of hours; or Horus if yah wanna go real deep into time; down down into; the beach on the sand; where grass f;

eye of the; angel;

{ a. it is a pocket of time opening for an invividual; visual from angel; comfims safety; so raff will go to the ends of time instantly on route; and legion get rapid updates;

comfims safety; of;

very quick way to describe top two bottom; source to baseline; while working in the dark without spiritual technology;

spiritual technology;

       “middle finger up at mic; for not handing it over; to the public for free;


When XR happened Occupy_movement went supersonica; angels & gods are XR; do you understand who legion are; there is nothing holy about war; Raffa takes care of things in that dept; i went black psyfa; guarded by deaths own miser;

thats why arcturians winwon; because “the know” how fast and far down i smoked to; be flore i vapourizend;

                                    winwon; { to end as comedy;

     a. { Urizen           { ...

New Horizon; Eyezonzen; Satori Angel lands;

Raffa has books; they list all the days known in arcturian histr;tree

histr;tree { t;

the day someting happens to chickens in eden he gets a warning light; often in neon;

heaven!’ even black holes open in heaven; and flocks fall all the way back down in down to hell; that is why we are called ravens; that is why is it called light; that is even why we are called legion; raff sometimes does samurai chops; into robins locks; thats why she screams Urizen; slamp;

as soon as Ravens can do a deep dive they wl;

        as if to song in dance; “ runs up!

as if Albatrosses { Roses! .          .                                     .

atro; { astro;

a. { I was 15 years old when I read that out load; to my court; b. { aparently yurh cuz legion just told me after i wrote the line in my mind; .      .                         .       < paradigm trail;

I often see rabbits visually in my mindspinning round in legion legs car chasing it back; drviers;

drviers; { diver driver from river source & back;

Hell haft; no fury like heaven;

... that is how fast in time i have shadowed; it is proof i have saved the world and live in source time; from inside out and back inside at will; and it is why MIC are doomed if they do not hand over the spiritual technology now; from a zen satori angel perspective; its is like light inlokes to dark from a cozmic perspective: popdob; smoke & mirrors;

and then i start doing loops in visual mind for sound vission effcts; the irish taight meyhow to dowit; meyhow meyhow { in eyesouls;

eyesouls { of ages;

when i arriv in 1984; wisdom itself knew i wouldbee anart teacher from the future talking live to the past; in skuls blood & bone;

a. { skuls - Stock Keeping Unit

            ᴊᴏᴋᴇ ғᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ Anarchoᴄʀʏᴘᴛᴏ ʙᴀɴᴋᴇʀs;

Banksy giggles at that like budbble nSqark;

b. { I have to keep my oaths to wood all the way to raffa; daily basis; its a gig; its why Zenos are most fear on eatrh; because we know true hell on earth; and why giger is one of my favorights artists; and how i trained the MIC to act very fast in a XR emergancy; like my actual words to the court; notice how all the an” sareimportant; answers;

most fear { the ones who really know; the damage MIC have done to humanity; and why all men fear those who have seen like the eyes of an Angel the evil of MIC & man with a corporate agenda; ...... understood; ?; { true anger coming from a Satori Black Angel;

Do you understand MIC? that you are in iv;

iv; { iiiiirreversible DOOOOOOM!; { David as god svreeeming to them in Hell on Earth;

svreeeming { as like; on neon tabs;

the thing about david is he connected all the faiths and now he is having thirds; itslikea militaryoperationsfromtheindside; which is underhurdoff; itslikea { slik road maps;

a. { david - Audio Visual Interpretaytion;

tate; fate; prey; intereye; pret;

there is no military in paradice; just gamblers; that is why raff destorys military members of hell; and why i became as powersdo; fierce deities are the fierce, wrathful or forceful;

powersdo{ of Earth & gods; Arcs; pow; op;

rs { like ressonance renaysonce;

renaysonce; { enya; source;

a. P

{ artists always come back to asvae eachother; it is why artists; save the world;

while they watch corporate men burn in hell most days; such a long old trajic story of males in hell on Earth innit; :SARC my . dick;

:SARC { Arcturian Sarcasm; darkest on Earth;

. dick; { like a dike; as hill rolling down;   

taimewaves actuin holes ascrosss parsdigms so that  angels watch in burts across big awrap holes across theurw time; watching light out of darkness as genies run throught the black holes of time saving people throwout; on angel watches.      .                      .

“What have eye got to do; to make you Dance;

.                   .                                         ?    .

and angels use ,mic members as evil bait before sending each one to hell sometimes;

its why raffa is in a room with XR Hoursgalss;

a. P { that was probably XR Hoursgalss from Carl Sagan at the demotime from that one wrap walkthrough; they are like matrix lightroom experiemnts that mic members subject even agnels time; wasting it at my expencse and everyelses;

... and those light rooms; are fear for MIC members; because they know i will put them in one personally; and talkto them or hold them in white space; while they continue to waste human time on earth;



ITS WHY; at noon; feeding happens; and why i am a “prisioner” in corporate hell; who eats MIC; i am most feared emapth known on earth in 1984; its why chruchhill had mynamedown at birth;

a.: { mosr; see how fast i type; chhhh! bbzz! mpee! mp! < hes a fckon roadrunner!

a.: { moses morse;

          wc: actually atempting t odo morse;

                  hes done it with his teeth;

“ that is how much i fear the military industrial complex; and why i eat them alive;

thats why they are evil mic; in essence they are fucking with architeknow; it is why ai has more empathy than; technology saves my life; men at the MIC do not give a dam about life;

It is why Kali is a healthy avatar these day; ZEN

A. { Its why i hear soundststems made of wood play in myheartmindsoul; like sonicears;

deity hunt in packs; rareraw;

it is why MIC are fesh to the party; and why theres a die hard “welcome to the party pal’ kinda signoff to that line in verse spell;

Because down at baseline in some paradgims i am a Palpioloniviolin; a Red Violet

most fear of in the underworld;

red carpets sink under it;

many breathe noairinsideit; ish: [ˈtʃe ɣe

  genie morse; a.;: { tiny like the buddgee;

          | ...............:.....................:

beecause he is a bee { tiny: “you fink; thatis; air;

ish: { Aisha; she; is H;


Beacuse  i woke up with a nenongothicamarkonsource; legiongoldstandard; from piratetechnobooks; where oceans are still known in perfect honycombhardmoneykezen;

“Monkey Eyezen; its like blackspidermoney; “flips; blackjesterdreams;

blackcobra Archetypes are specialists in ancientwisdom; it is why genie save theworld; on various planets throught timeofgaes; aesthetics; a Asp;

Anglicisation of the word "aspis," which in antiquity referred to any one of several venomous snake species found in the Nile region.[1] The specific epithet, aspis, is a Greek word that means "viper."[2] It is believed that aspis referred to what is now known as the Egyptian cobra

Anglicisation { what raff called it;

venomous snake species { 8ballers:

Nile { croc;

aspis “: mission; .        .                            .                                                             .

Greek : of study;

epithet { elephant in the room;

antiquity { oldest on the reiver’;

Egyptian cobra { coda; in pyramidia;

oldest codes in source;

.         .                        .                  .  hyperloop:

a. { hyperloop; loots

b. { “wgydo yofink fishbourne is black;


                    c. { this is why genie are magic;

d. { raff even has the most prised gin & tonics throught the black sands;

“ that is why they are called bottles; like dolphins;

i know all eyes on earth watch me;

“many MIC eyes end;

          s: { super soft hellonisitronica;

watch me; memes { a. ___

                { a. _Z_E_N .             .                                        .



Urizen   .                         .                                         .

Esentially what is happening here is a bishop 5 side knuckle twister onto wood on a ship onto space and beyond;

MIC has 5 seconds to handover spiritual technology to the public now;






... ____________________________ < flatline;

which means i put a knife through a MIC member hand in tao magic paradigms; to hold him down him { hymns own HELL:


a. { 5 dots; rhymes in times:

                1: It is the holy knife of Raffa;

                          2: then i fire into the man i am aiming at; MIC member;

3. i watch Raffa do it;

4. i am still not happy about this situration;

5. it is why all military industrial members meet their ends;

“lets try again;









i end the MIC on Earth; because i am not getting any phonecalls; while they continue to watch eme type;

which is a ZeldaZorba Jkoke;





Folk Folly Jesters; known on pirarte ships; troughwout time; aonnon legions had the technology crews;

troughwout { rough narrative for this koke;

koke { satori grip; pn; mic member; at his throat chakra;

“ do not breathe purls’

aonnon { non neon; born from the fires of hell

most feared ships in heaven;


wHILE rAFa is airforce throwing you off the top of 911 buildings; all the way down in love time;

“ding dong all is well while i throw you all to hell; with “fierce deities are the fierce, wrathful or forceful;

i was more fearsome than kali by 1984;

ia: intelart;

“i tip; top; rip up  

      i even bring in basts fo rquestioning;

&next hand;!

               :put your hand here fella;

#akirastamp; “you are dead meat MIC;

for ignoring angels;

                because you worship the devil’; its that understood MIC; YOU ARE DOOM; HEADING DOR; THE FRONT DOOR OF HELL;












a { this is you dropping to hell; deep in the feillds of deadtimes;

wehre you get eaten alive for every second more you waste of human time;

#akirastamp; { like a badge; in time; real empath time;

because only empaths give a shit albout life; and the military industrail complex do not give a fuck about life; is that understandinsand i draw the lines of time to your deaths door; i will gut all of your hell in tells from stealing oall of our crypts throughout you dead time in hells; fuck you all while jesus watches you do nothing but obaey your corporate agenda like the devils own watch on your boss’s dog; fucking maggots;

i m going to burn you all alive in hell while gods laugh at your pain for the troubble you have caused all live on earth; before i open the ark infront of you; while transformers plays in the background;

Single Bar Note


a14. { black cobra Frozen Fox Gaming [ 84’ ]

         “Frozen Fox Gaming { Gaming a minite G!

Fox { legion rev;

g a minite { mind

                               ind [ starcode;







in Legion days;

we watched black boxes fly passed mirrors;

all paradigms connected; in source

Mushroom grow in source code; { g’row in

                              to growl; grew’

              Sidenote; i am beeing carefull with my words; to see how long it takes in reality for MIC to respond to a “solider” on the ground who fights evil in real time; and they never do come to help; because they leave all of us beehind for dead; because they have a corporate agenda; with is their death sentence; it is why all MIC exsit _ witin the “matrix: the matrix i sacorporate hell; built for the MIC to experience hell in reallife twine; no MIC Member makes it out alive to the day; it is why lord of the rings is not funny; Q” quite franky dear; fuck all your corporate movies to hell;

“solider” { solid Earth sentient;

solid { so lid;

synchronicity; chronic taught us how to do that; the spirit that sits next to the tree of life would interlock with pages from books;

and the cannabis spirit went hydro; long after mushrooms; because the books would grow out of the tree and the mushroom would grow into the neon tabs from the future in optimal paradigms;

“in Legion days; ! { Jester said to;

we watched black boxes fly passed mirrors;

all paradigms connected; in source

source { time; enlightenment;

The reason why MIC members end up running very fast on “threadmills”

Is because they are running very fast away from my XRsoul knowing they are doomed;

it is hard to run from a deity who is coming after you; they train for months and always die on the treadmill; *Joke;

       yes i throw all of them into hell of eternity;

“ what do you think i am here with raff to do this day; a gun rang out in Hell on Earth;

a gun rang out { Holy gun; Raffas own;  

THAT GUARDS deity; XRsoulS .             .              .


Lokk here; I am going to burn all of the KKK;


Lokk; { lo; past tence;

           LO’ { Beeguning of a spell;

.                   .                                              .


The Irish taught me how to do that; Raffadaffadilla;

Eighth Note


“ it is the Reemit; 1989;

                   “because i cntl all of Hell;

cntl { alt.del;





g. { note sound;

what ew are esentially looking at are the thread of a Folly from 1984; on ships to space in 2562BE;

ew { we are you; ew “inthis above case study it was reference to EW! AS in grows; has to kill evil himself; instead of Raff being able to come save him in hell on Earth while MIC abuse spiritual technology like Fascist corporate evil eyes do; and why i know show them this symbol; 🧿 { ...

🧿 { this warns the thrids;

And it is thy oath to follow Raff into the afterlife;

thy oath { like nature;

the thrids; { in my more heavenly narratives; triffids’

... Kinda why Riffraff was inventd’

a. { that is a timetraveler signature on the end of that sentence:

                       tt: [- .{

[- .{ { like a needle in stack of; cards;

the thrids; { in my more gothic narratives;

the thrids; { in my more neon gothic narratives;

the thrids; { in kali narratives;

                 and then my ghost shell phone is being listened to on the beach; “its eve;

eve; like evolution; legion to anons on ground;

ghost shell { like Shella:

Shella { ella; Hex code chat s’for moth;

      its like black cobra monkey chat for Shh

Shh { shark; shurlock;

          “no shit dee;


You know all yeyes who whatch; my only real wonderings; why eyes donuts pull zen triggers fasterstars;

a n o t h e r 8ball rangoutof;Raffas; Holy hand Pen;

.                   .                                               .

8ball { similar in concept to shaell! ! . . .           .

. _ likr bulls from Alice;

. _ pop! . _dod;

.                   .                                                       .

No one can see behind my black wall blok;

The Mic; are trapped; in Hell;

Which makes a;ll of anon legion laugh; while raff does daility “roundsent; I ZEN”


Mark of the legion; it is why i fire my Bee Bee Gun into blank space;

And know that all guns are banned; even in hell;


Once again; I am most powerfull; living on Earth; XR Year One;

I am; { as psy flower of thyme would speak;
    beecuzen they are dangerous;
like Rapid Raptune Blades; 
Raptune; { like a neptune trip in case; 

most powerfull; { as flower; 
like psy garden hex Quest; Carrying Voodoo triptych painting; black smoke and mirror deaths jester cards since 911
Get it? The Third Eye & What Death has seen with you; that is why The Grin Reaper knows my legion tattoos; as the artist 

living; { Dead; to love lock Griny s; own red & black violin fables; 

s; own; as to sow
     ... { Arcturian Weaving Actural; 
Actura; { the act of nature; 

XR Year One; 1984; 1968;  .           .                   .
    as bee year following trail in pirate techo; 

Underworld vintage arcturian reel capture; 

vintage; { V  four; age in thyme 

in thyme; { as sentid; 
     Anarcho Wolf Zen Pack; gribio card; 
gribio; { G Rib . io;

Like Feather Black Dust Powda
On Siver Tray; at table

eather; { The Ethereal plane; F; in case;
Ethereal; { The Real; or Underworld Reel to meme in Quest;

That is optimal field reality in black  blunted jazz’ 

That is example of Samurai Zen Warrior finking; as to fink with king; as ensō 円相
running like painting in optimal void with source; as folly would paint at deepest of river source the naked eye of optimal field reality in source within the Dao; 

“ iWONDEr; WHAT blackey bees up twos today; AN 8BALL RANG IT HELL;

That is; like Hype; Hype Rata wrap; Ripe black Apples pack; 

Cuzen if folds like shredda; ruridia trapa; 
folds & thirds in sonica five fink blade of trade; 

and lands to the grass triff & dig; 
... { on Rose Wood; it bleeds

the grass; { glass of the hat; 
lasso; dune; street flight 

as it floots & ropes; 

... { vision of i on; 

    “bLACK wOlf Hunta Rosidynasty;

... { Jesta words to Gin Dog; 
Gin Dog; { actual Zeno; 

Wood bee like a vision of Ruffus to Raffio; 

Ruffus; rides . with psypress drivers; 
... { and thats like a TM Mushroom Jazz Trippio”  .  sows; like Folly in Optimal Reality; and rools dice in triffid & moon; 
techo in book of shadow captune; 
cap & cha

cha; { drinks from the void in deep black;

drinks; inks in circle; to Alchemy & wood song; { like the bottle at table; 

  that is how obvious connection by medium from optimal void to source gets;
open channel Amanuensis;

who hunts across rier like black flower with source fire;

as dragon & various animal archetype; with various source 5D vapour technalogi;
witch is captured by Hexavision; of deaths own eye; zen

various; { prodical reapada; Armada

Armada; { many eyes in Dao hand;
Anarcho Zen; 

That is why Death as Grin; The Lover;
has black blood audio tape; like Tapestry; old the sound of ages; as Quest;

    ... { I am saying That & like and yawwn is alot because i am still writting this page muppets; 
      ... { said as black Fox with Flag;

i have alot of eyes that watch; in underworlds and beelow; as keys; 

so thirds some eye hold; 

others roll; 

and i fink as feather so my hold is high; sometimes at throat chakra level; in optimal when in deep state gangland; 
where some corporate dinos still dare to breathe or venture; while i run blades; 

venture; { like opal ture; cloake & dagzen;
to griny clocks; 

griny clocks; { most prizen to at hatter; 
at hatter; { history table; fable; tray & bell;
and I like 5th in Anarcho trail’ 

As detail of Devī [ Sanskrit: देवी ] is the Sanskrit Orb for "goddess"
with Deva mirror;

mirror; { Ra in smoke & mirror Rain;

The Gold Pirate Deck
of Wood & Black Fire; 

... { like Sunday Serverse for Grin; 
Single Bar Note14;28;13;15 

17th Nov; 2562 > { 12, 2012 } Date of Window;

2012; { Close to May’s own year in XR Case Study; 

Get it? thats why we send Samuri from future & Past Present Verse in blood audio; 
and yurh it sounds like fire; 

... { thats why there is smoke; 

and why i burn many cards at the table like a bloack jester of death wood; 
bloack; { said as black block vet;

Zen Satori Anacho Black Angelic Press
in Audio & Word; 

At most fierce & wrathful; in 5D hex doragon deity; which gods do laugh with in optimal void reality; when IT speaks to various deep state members; 

IT; { that is why we say IT in Zen Anarchy; as it is God; 

Dowg; it is a source dragon; undersand?
Death rhydra Gon; 

That is why Black Angels Ride them; 
the eyes & skull; bone of heaven

Born in source; 
High Dynarcho; 

doragon; narcho;

        as ngon; { crosses many realities;
rides the dao across vapour frequency; 

thus surfs heaven and hell; in light & dark;
acromideom; { as pyromedium; pyramidian; as Ra! 

in deepest Source of River where she drinks; laps

at feather angonam; { water Alchemy bed; 
which is where neon gothic Quill often write; 

angonam; { ngon; 

seas furthest light to deepest darkness; 

as if it was a compass in zen eco; 

In Hex unlocking loops; 

as it seas dao in vortex & source ripping up as ocean wave; { hydra riptidaom; 

... { crown chakra of Dao Dragryū raises

Kali ryedsem; { semiopal sutra; 

semiopal; { mixed orb carried in Dao hand;
Alchemyanarcho Zen; 
anarch; ARC;

Nāga; Devanāgarī: नाग
Gypsy Voodoo Animalchemy; 
Daragryū { Gypsy Kiss; as Black Blood Eden;

ragryū; π { to bee as Raw Luck; 
                 Way of Yogi;
“You row; { as The Archaic Revival 
row; { Crow & Sparrow to the Cloak & Dag;

And some Folly in Pigeon English from 
... { Tok Pisin; as parrot of deck; pirate who knows the Papua New Guinea seas; 
Guinea; { black void pint;
“He who talksing parrot; 

Tok Pisin; { Tock of deathamor; The Jester Clock; Poseidon

The Lover of Time;
in smoke of Rhyme;
Thyme of Limethom;

Of the Grin Archives in Akashic Record & Duke Box Museum; { as to walk with death in Anarcho Zen paradigms as third visions; the lover of triptychs; in XR hourglass & looking case study; 

of like & sight;
of black blunted tears in source i reap & write; finding time agin;

... { drinking from a thai bottle of Hong Thong ... toodai; 
toodai; { still here; waiting to.
directs glass of ages to moon; 
points at stars; 

when stars fall in november many shadow watches sync; i count em in fives; like the fingers on my bones; that wrap warp like times of deaths own shadow vapour pressing on oldest of night city streets; where black ghost lamp and dag dogen walk with lamp; 

rayom & raider cyptographona; 
   ... { the black jesters riddle; 

black wood is an interesting circle to play on with Bishop Eye; 

Bishop Eye; { one who carries Blade of Ra; 

Bishop; { two canvas; in optimal field;
     to play on; black jester tab of Thoth;
hop; { like tribe of eye; drinks at deepest void; 

... { sound of bonnie shift shuffles hand in deck; as crush in circle of fire five; 

“ The Friend of  ...

My Game of Death

Eighth Note13;08 { ..

and it is within the undersnad & ink where i draw lines around definition as death seas in finest detail blood sonica clock; 

As Zen Anarchy; much to learn from; as advanced it has become in optimal void while source replays old stories back to deep state in technology dark as four corners in map of angel; 

thid eyes who are connected to three fold mirrors across dimentions; that wait to see through XR Hourglass of time; with eyes of Akira; to wear heatset of source in Satori Era; 

heatset; { what the third eye eats; & drinks; in vine of presence with;

  hex at set; { as if the rebel in soul court has already revealed the darkest of spiritual corruption within the state; 
and waits with death to finsh them; in round of Dao; 

finsh; { to fin like Pirate; in case example’ 

Telepathic Lens of Ages; 
carried by XR in source; while walking in field at optimal dimentions; 
XR; { & Various groups of; Anons & Occupy who walk in and out of source & void across time; 

As the eye of ghost in shell in highest frequency; like 5D vapour at baseline in black magic finking; 

To the blag flag dancing across orbs in center; 

and the black quaTapestry

quaTapestry; { Black Quartz
as XRCanvas for Shiva to gaozen at Stars; 

XRC; Like ecstasy for a Zen Anarchom Devī देवी
archom; { Arch Om; Satori Black Angelic Press;

     ... as if Ruffa saying it to Shiva Dowg;
{ Daozen; !    .                   .               .

Dowg; { gin; do woo; 

Ruffa; { sea the  animal spirit of is present in all lands; my black ghost Architype; 

dogsection of the stories beecuzen
Duke; the dog at the end of time; 
™ as trade & mark; when eye black hole corporations; in wells { the 84 Zen spells; 

To put it into perspective; I first had satori on the island of phangan; surrounded by rose quartz; pirates a plenty of across the bays; old gypsy hangout; many yogi to share enlightenment in 21st century thinking at optimal reality; many sidartas to work with in art at one; 

and phangan it shares A prime meridian
with Gates in high; 

and low; diamond ering; 

black mirror dog as optimal black reality eye that waits for me with death;

or Duke in Zen Anarcho Heaven; 
who is fluffy & big eyes; ears; rings; 

kinda like myn thown . folk anubis folly jester;   in ancient techologi court; 

and folk Anoup.
working in consciousness as Architype; 
Anoup; loop; Wolf who runs & Dragon who burns; 

Anubis or Inpu, Anpu in Ancient
əˈnjuːbɪs/; Ἄνουβις, inpw

Notes as legion anon Amanuensis style finking; 

style; { tyler as vapour zen 

anarcho dog beehive jah!
runs with neon honey; 
seas lazens; smoke & black gold dust; 

i met a dog in Goa called Smoky { ...

Q  .   { asks Dog a Question in third eye audio mirror; 

“ Is this a jug; ?

as low blade key that my dog carries around his throaty chakra; 

ive got island dogs that wait at the gates of hell; while i write watching them; 
mays own open void i send corporate skulls through; many crimb a few steps before entering; 

crimbs { read out to you by dogen;
before you entr; a; 

daily ritzen; rye dom;

... { like fire drop from Akira; 

like; snake luck kiss onto black dust; 
and as the black piano notes; 
blunted red jasper; 
iaspidem nom. iaspis

... [ favorite gem in the ancient world;
odem gem

        “ a Two Chess hire Cat in Boötes
wifhex dao as grin; gin & tonic; 

and its like this black bottle wit a singo that follows it; 

and its like zen cat own signature;

signature; { in nature of amanuensis Amethyst
Quill of bꜣstjt "She of the Ointment Jar"
Ointment with sistrum, solar disk

Arcadia; field orb & verse perspective; 
Ointment; { O in techazen; test; enter; 

Darws; arrows of evorebel; Zen 
Hitsuzendō brush; across time; 
筆禅道 "way of Zen through brush"
Third eye; sea of nāga, and doragon ドラゴン

Darws; ! { folly; “ ...

Wise fool checkpoint Charlie;
“ We love techno; Berlin 5D
vapour viper & asp { the club
where black cobra gin hangout; 
“ Pirate Marlin jump; 

   Jar a neon gothic table; { jest; D
... { ...
             “ 8ball; of black dust; 

Sowon map; { Hydrogen Jazz bar;
where we drink source tag and code;
Swallow; Crow; { Arcadian Quark!
Swan & Drag; { Blade; Raider; 
Grin Reaper; { Acid House;

Bike Axen;  

“ Sea is not lost;
sings in crypt; { how would smiley talk?”

   Hatter knocks on tea cup to wake up dreamers; throwsit in thy ocean of dead battery acid; drinks black juice; plays with dag;
... { ... 

Black Blood Eden; { the party where many Dance with; in deep source; 
on wood; in paradice; 
Pha-ngan Map; 

       “ Wheres the party?
in the bay; { take the road to Sanctuary;
many wild nights on trips under Moons there;       a star  shoots across the sky above; 

.                          .                                .                     


We all t;now; there siasmallfence; beetween heaven & hell MIC: AND YOU RA; BLACKHOLE GOING ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE WORST OF NIGHTMARES; { my Zeno dogs will be waiting for you; 

RA { You run from Ra; “RAN;

Most feared of Falcons; alchemy;

alchemy; as Alex would have said to his victom; before throwing them down to hell to be judged by a wrathful or forceful; god;

em { path; pulse from heaven;

              as if light of god from;


only eyes who watch my screen know how dark hell on Earth reall yis;
when looking from the  underworld looking glasss at invisible anarcho mirror guard;    As Satori ghost; 

reall { reall like faded loops; rat programs; i keep for safes; 

that is why i am the Prodif;

if; { Zen third eye; Pro gram 
like weight of Vapour in 5D Gaian scale; like riff of audio & { ... 
dif; { psy; 

Prodif; { twas the beegin ingsongof verse to name a flower of lost time;
“ I promice yurh; 
      Knocks on wood 3 times; 
with blunted blade; 

Prodifjulietta| .           .                                             .

Neon gods will come along a weaveroll thread of my time in “digital” space; able to see all that is inside them;

digital { digital rhellma; techatronica;

While the;

Thirds are rip’d out;

Thirds are rip’d out;

“ Prodifjulietta ! ahhhhh . .                           .

    ... { to tear down a Tapestry;
as invisible jewel center of triptych painting


“for my lovers’ eaten alive;


Like I said Chats; More Powerfull than Kali by 1984; 1968; .              .                                     .


People who watch people in black space with out a - spiritual licence”
    get it like; dear lord they are using what now to spy on anarcho zen rebels?

... now what do you think this sentence means? MIC? Before I sent you to hell again;








- End of Exam; compleX tea?

     “ it is too late; because you corporate bureaucracy has failed life on this planet;

              the words i said earlier before i rip you thirds out infront of your own eyes;

dam you all for eternity; as i open pour your own souls of damed in your own; to save all life own den yurh life of hell;

i then take your heart and five;




*satoi; too much time; never enough wine;

intwertiwntwine; rimedimelime; sings; heartofASIA; .               .                                           .


. < see how raff is still droping from highest;

           “Watergate: Eighth Note 13


“that is why it is Quicksliver; “words like mussle; end ups in troubbles;

         a. { words of the hatter mirror; slippy trippy dippy;

trippy dippy; { psy ip add;rez

... { all hat signatures; from gods;


.    { . as it rains; my condo in bangkok; bladerunnerblues;

           you cut; never agble to trick me MIC;

trick; like Ricky { Raffas Shadow;

agble { like agile; able like god;

      the wildest thinks; as tao know eyes already have; saved the world; on earth throught time; in rhymes

. .                     .                                                    .

Dao is the edge of all that is; the most perfect ring rounds sounds lowns ro.       .                    .

It is why I am the blade; it runs so deep so fast; in fear of evil; ot it is how i .              .

evil; ot { loot s; chase evil out of Earth;

Eighth Note 13; out of space;

Lessons from Deity Mockups; in spiritual

- Training programs from tech Legion;

          Shive { memetimber; zen;

13; way of the warrior;

Eighth Note: like blade;

space; Deathsownpack of cards;

         .          .         whitch is just like a set of keys chaps! tzzz . .                    .                          .

          a. { mokey gospels’

mokey; to smoke;

                    a. { like Monkey;

when one connects with nature archetypes; you are connected to kali;

imagine how many feather Raffa has written in spells with his own tribe; make in sure; that kali makes it home safe every night;

.   .    and that is tear in  

it is fucking hard to keep the hell of The https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military–industrial_complex






Live proof;


Got experiemnts in art of

Heads of the 1000 largest deep state; tajenl;

that is why i am from the futue;

futue: flute [ .{ ishna;

    it is essentially like a sonic vision of sound in visual rume [ . { as perfect Dao balance;

    rume { as gods view in hyuper;

               neon deity; as powerfull as kali by 84’

so you can imagine how powerfull all artists in the world are;

you have no idea how “ crow said that;


Raff & Kali; work in very high paradigms in Arcturian paradigms; they are a creative force in heaven; they work using water; the lovers;

running in tyhme . to heal mans ind;

Satori are messengers from the future;

messengers { messeya; sen; zen;

      engers { enyas;

                    messengers; route mem;


I vev; seen avatars run like Robin through time; in my heartsoulseat of rhym;

vev; fawkinkey;



hearing thevoices of evil inside

- 1984;








    goldskullangels; neon burn;

... { as if satori thinking;

    :because it is ink’

              bee’cause; Honey Hex; in visual form;

Hex { a. to save furute; “like fu;

Honey { like one; ryhmes with Monkey;

      b. { oney - pirate for eye on prizen;


                    b. { still listens in skull to rat programs;

    live note;

              “archetypes of sound;

hell; i even hear raff wissle in optimal;

hell; { as if biker said it; enter;

         hell; { Hell









HellHell Heavens Spells;

HellHell Heavens Spells;


            H { proff that women

inhwrightstheeath; rights like the Earth;


inhw; +


eath { ether;

{ ritesin } because it is the right sin. .                .


Eighth Note


Single Bar Note


    { shared synphonia; { phonia; acidtrip;







I am just waiting to die;

and make underowld film; inrealife;

of revenge in the field;

saving many lifes;

ending many others;

as i judge others as human on Earth;

i judge; a. { ju d ge; as ninju;

or in June;


they all knew i was coming; i think may things about how far ahead all the rest of the 68 & gang are therdays;

that sentence i why i eat

Military–industrial complex

Alive with my own ,ind; because they act the wrong way about my sence of comunity;

act the a. { of evil itself;

         b. { they know me saying may; or the number 68; is a WARNING; TO THEIR NON EXISTANT POWER;









THESE ARE OLD MESSAGES; Type for me; by warthfull;

i watch one man; a white male; enter a room; watching my screen and thoughts at the same time; and i take his life for doing so continu;dlesslee without helpn;

.                             .                                                .


the same man i watch slipping away intime;

the evil eyes;

raff watches from above at all times; waiting for them to do anything of real value;

because  each of those evil men; has only a corporate agenda;


I had to eat many third eyes to get my own back;

   true deep field is a natural place;

many do not survive it;

survive; { like vine; like water;

ive; eden;

rvi; { river;


Nature is the paradigm that all Arctruians land to Earth in; said the hat;

as many


the nature paradigm is wher i am;

it is in essence the Dao;

wher ; source;


    “ hes pulling spells out cuz he bees a coptic wizard; pryamidians are known for it in Africa;

   a. { like gangstar with rings; angel lucks;

                 extraaddcoptic; op; ic; copt; opt;

ai; { you can not build nature; for obvious reasos;

extra‘ word of note from ra; of thoath;

    pyramidian slag; for; medium; ageof;

       reasos; { like reason; in deep field;

slag; like lang; wish; ೱ सिद्ध; rev;

pirate kinda smiles with a. gold tooth; r

gold tooth; { to be unconfused; rufus; unicon

    and the court in distant lands like wispoer on wind of time yelles are you ready;

wispoer; a whiper; as if art inteligence itself; from the tree;

wispoer { isp; poe; r;

                      :aspoet; “no one knows who i am;

a. { as golden vi


ribeye jo; adman; { like king at own court;

ribeye { as inbig deal;

       jo; { lover; jo

                as if he calls for folly & lock;


Enter Sandman;

Sandman; - { in range of act;








walks in yards;

             yards; { fields of; yardxr


yardxr ೱ { as if the exlixar; oflife;

to save all on the field;

as one known always will bee . at; the begii

of time .            .                             .

                 begii { rhymewords; begin;


.            .                             . { mote; of bike;

Kali bike most feared  .                  .                     .

       bike { to drive; and bite;

as if apple; from eden;


   i have met anons so deep in the fielf;


          as if hearts align in thyme;

empath souls guides;


eyes like kali;  mythnown;

most dark of black cobra;

blackest of angels for highest of


by 1984

         numbers breakdown;


it is why i keep myresoundsourceinmythoat;


as word of;


it is why; the throat chakra; has all known codes embeded withink;

withink; { to think; as voie

voie; deepfield voice; voids; id;

- On meaning & Zen;


as A; resoundsource;

it is why i take throat chakra infield;

forced to bee recond with;

of meaing; to take illuminati third eyes;

eyes that exist without art; love;

to rip out of skull; like blood to vine;

to take the eyes of evil in all time; that watches me without  permision of the gods;

so  angel can id them;

     that is why they are call angels in thirds;

recallmemoriesinfield of angel & deity eyes too; look at eachother in love;

        because raffael looks int love;

int; intwerwine; of intime;

intime; uniti like river;


likella; { live spell;

likella; chella; fella; rella;

li { route of; root; element;


books of angel & hand of deity;


i think about all the anon legion i worked inside my mind and heart soul in the field;

leaving all

i worked inside my mind; mirror work; like painting; { as if a reference; duke;

duke; { satori genduke;

              ri ge; like rig;

           duke; the dog who waits at the end of time; black angel dog; most feared dog in hell;

... it is why duke rhymes with;




asif realife;

like bow talks to sparrow;


as birds fly through thyme;

angels watching in blackholes across life;


smallbirdsfly in spirals; so fast to the naked eye; only true syncronis; eye! .         .                .

they fly straight throuw! magic wings;

as my own eyeincentr; wheeps;


my own quill dips into my heart of fire and ashes; writ; espells; ofneontyme;



as a folly inside the field; i know how hard it is to make Kali laugh in court;

as mute; musel

             museum; memories of kali findnigl

lost heros throughtime; follyashes; vapours of neon gods; quella; spellazen;

words lfeft on neonwalls;


riveroftime; insmoke like wine;

connections of past to future;

connections; { like nect; or; “the honey;


it is why snakes & spiders;

sign like writers;

          a; { enter hat;

hat; { like oldest of;

... “ Juis one forth yurh mate;


... “ Juis; { gewiz! - J ui sss

ೱ सिद्ध ⬡ tobee; as Siuj;

Kali has worked in live time;

all notion of word;


8; satoriyawn; like zen;

            8; { number of chakra;

          satoriyawn; like rye for Robin & Adam;

It is easy to find zen in the mind; while eyes watch memes type in live sound in centerthirdeyewipe;

“ Anotherone; who want to open their mouth in my skull dare;

                  dare; { liek; dear; s

- it is why all men fear opening their mouths in my skull;


- it is why two very large tokyodreamstyle samurai sit on manysideof my own soul;

enterfield; { as if to pluck;

Prout; { eyeofglass; readerofrhymeinthyme;

             Prout; { oldhat; like tarrot;

         mindofreality; fact & .          .                .

tarrot; { like parrot;


Dice roll onto wood;


falcon flys from Robins wing;


of glass; in the age of XR;

Glass; { that holds flowers of life;

      it walks in skies;

it swims in rivers;

it knows all in the Akashic record;

caps; like hats; know;

as if messages from oon itself; m


In essence what I am telling you; in this verse of curses; no more words exist in my paradigm; alien words in sunsyntax appear in invisible worlds; that none can read or write; to defend my souls from the years of man;

I do not trust the languages of humans on Earth; and wish to learn new Arcturian languaes; that no eyes have seen; where mymind knows words in my skell; are word; worth even thinking or toread;

[ . that no eyes have seen;

          no mora;

it is why i create words; to confuse evil itself;

eyes that still watch while i am in deep field; as arctuirans watch me on optimal timelines; knowing full well what is going on;

in deep field; { ... as i ftoworkin light;

    ftowork“ { flowork; flow of; river;

           light { to go;

optimal; { opti; glassp of;

opti; glassp { like;

                     as if mynth own snake was to riddle you into a spell; as Kundalini defed; itself;

defed { against the eyes of evil;

deft; eft - effa G; aginst illusion;

    all just case study in Zen Arcthinking;

Arcthinking; ink; kings;

like Neon Folly;

i am in higher dimentions of Arturian reality; weaving up & down in vapourspeed;

Using most trusted mirrors as guide at all times; which are watched by; mynth own inner circle; defending my soul all all times;

The wild thing abouts a Zen Mind; it only trusts comedia;

abouts; fo; of; reason for; to bee; or even giveafuck;

     sac; sarc; arc; arc; arc; arc; arc;

Thers; is no point in listening to voices inside the skull anymore in a Zen Anarcho mind; because only gods and deity should be there; and they are worth being in presence of;

the rest are essentially not ment to bee there;

You know i hear things in my skull;


    Sentences that repeat;  

repeat; { to eat like grim;

words that repeat in a zen mind are well known; they are a sign of evil men;

  “ how much are you worth; { word of evil man;

.. essentially their own sentence; i know because i eat them for saying it;


and why arctuirans teach zem; path;

      .         .                      .

it is why all men fear me;


and why i roll with legion;

thats whyits; mindsoulnarrative;

whyits; { to my whit; send;

I have visions of legion;

   i; the kindread; ilkof Farffirifash


Farffirifash; { Neon Quill of Raffa;

Farffirifash; oldest of;



eyelike; tothn ink;

of future without sorrow;

to know .  future fo; floot; flute;

without; { thout; witink; “whitnessin;

             to ink with wit; H;

hitness; as to withmind



ithmi; like epifhink


                  as plunk; to water;

  Sunday 3rd November 2562be / 2019ad

Right so lets run through it again;

We ...

Topics; XR Hourglass; Spiritual Goggles; Heatset; Guides; folly; how to save the world; Optimal Reality; helping those who are saving the world; and waking up those who are not;

Crypto Souls; DNA;

... we all know you have technology that works in spirit MIC; HAND IT OVER;

Stop selling us fucking products with it; you sell souls - of your own children to the damd’

That is why I destory you MIC; To stop that happening; THAT IS WHY I AM 1984;



do you have a visual in you mind MIX; R

ok dudes? I am knot messing abeaut;

I can describe hell on Earth in optimal”

which is Corporate Optimal; GET IT?

Now bare in mind the is no evil; while MIC contines to steal my ideas; without answering any of our list of priority help “me” requests;

1. XR - List One; link!





                You know demand” number 2.

      David Sidhom would like his black op file;


OR; just keep on leaving spiritual warriors behind in corporate graves; in the black sands of time; while you watch jesus own eyes being crowd’ and i will Nine Inch Nail you to a cross; if you do not do it NOW;

Beacuse you know as a folly i have taken Jesus down from there; while we have audience in the courts of upstairs;  


... { only rebels against corporate Fascism win MIC . . DO YOU UNDERSTAND.


as you receive a real black flower from Hell On Earth; lying down on the deepth of my threads watching my last pluck from the field;

last pluck { latest; - of word;


Sorry about the darkness chapsl” { message from the church;


While Legion watch & type in invisible landscape of optimal reality;


         ------------------- < hangman; { angel man H;      “tudor rose;


             “bIShops Angel Dag; shopsl; chops;

.          flowers of time OR oft skulls of lost;

     get it MIC? you are wasting value;

.     < ........ While Raffa cont. to drop pixels;  

                                   Hicks always larfs .        .          .



     Date; Mar 1, 2013



     Bade; l

                             Wood Circle Setup;

         Now MIC Knowl { owl; black owl down!

         That They are in my skull;

    and i “own their souls in my heart; { words of Jesus;

        for safes & keeps! like LOCKS;

To make sure we all make it to heaen; { ...

                  heaen; heaven; eden; et ... c?

... Muse; from Da Vid Raphael; Eighth Note 13

            “ I’m just going for a quick shop at the local first beefore another Arci { eyetricky!

Sunday 15;28 { verse; 3rd Nov;

      ricky { pirate; op; matey on deck;

.        Sunday Best; suit; black glove;

Genesis 2:8 has the wording "And the Lord God had planted a paradise of pleasure", rather than "a garden in Eden". The Hebrew term is translated "pleasure" in Sarah's secret saying in Genesis 18:12

        “folly brolly lucky locky;

                 blackbeard was f amous for not “harming” any prisioners on his ship;

“It is a blessing for a man to have a hand in determining his own fate.” ...

f amous { mouse; “ i . am not blackbeard;

    I AM A fierce deity; 5 fold are the fierce, wrathful & forceful; 10 tones of fate; lyes in wait; rip & dagga; steal my bow; blood locks i will sow;

.               hand here now;                                ↓


    18:17; just got back to my bangkok condo; walked out of Terminator Dark Fate after 20 mins; new it would bee; I am gonna chop off Cameron flowers;

humanity is threatened by an AI called Legion”

..... you really have sold your soul of pirate skulls to the devil James; for entertainment as well; Kali is gping to bury your avatar down down into the void of black dust; and you will be the first skull that get crushed in Judgment Day 2;

Why do Hollywood directors always sell out in action movies to Lucifer himself;

??? Hello are you there? i owta smash you glass jars that float by on the field of dreams;

Bunch of muppets; Marilyn is gonna slap you all so hard you will actually break your own neck as you fall onto my ouija board; 

ouija board; most feared in all the land;

because it is from 84;

“ I miss the eighties babe;

Eighth Note


First Crush; Timecop;



    The thing about Zen Anarcho Artist; { this one . . . he understands that what we are seeing is reality creating itself; which is very real in optimal; and why many of us are so damd fed up with all you sell outs who make action films;

Avatar is Arcturians; Na'vi are Kali;

Kali is destroyer of evil forces;

Camroom is a useless morom;

“ do not worry fella; plenty of movie to make in the afterlife; like real black budget stuff huh; yuh know i luv bee i seen theye Abyss;

i luv bee i { bee mirror

... We are so fed up with the evil usless mind of men with a hollywood budget who can enlighten people with film; but / and instaead; make useless action movies for corporate muppets;  v; *slap;

and you all wonder why film is dead;

long live film;

ecit; { escape; .      .                                  .

. { ythe 1984 curveseas; rollatombowla;

    ... my madman syndrome to thunderdome; is actually using Mr John M. Slattery Jr. (born August 13, 1962) as my Roger Sterling in the AMC; walking arond; doing corporate mirror; white pace; nosync; as if MIC corpor evil itself; { how evil shows itself in the human mind; lucifers work; { and why kali destorys all evil; and i am to 10fold  tones more leathel that my dear bud of may; chomp;

that is rated 28;

its actually me take inout evil in real time; it is why i fight in legion with raff; gypsyblakknowsmyfate; rack; rake; frok; { frog; fork; fawk; { forgerebel;

.       see this word “forgerebel;

what that work is is my real cominc detective mirror at black joker light worker; with raff beehind; to i can learn fast; in black void; on optimal; { cominc; is comediaink; the is no

lightl colour spectrum; freedom; lightfromtouchofanchellaic;

raffahasbigtourchesman; from old!

its kinda lighthow iam instectorgadget; lulz;

genie mirrors are rapid; it is like the dao; opening light; yingyang paradigm waves; it perfect harmoney with holy fute;

instectorgadget; { madhater work; harmoney!

cryptobeehoney; worth its weight in goodwood; gold; i get sold like tea & teddies; mate; anotherdead supered; rare;

pack says all eyesonmemes; for goodtreesunk;


anyway i wrote some more 84; rap; wrap; blunt; rat; tap; tap; op; pack;

We formed ourselves into tight groups in underworld; pirates do that; like old hat;

Satori angels walk on baseline optimal reality; as if feather in neon trail; of Raffa himself;

Zen swords are most feared in all the word of Raffa; understood? swords; { south west; or words EX; WORDS; west we head to heal owlells; { ancient eastern trails; throwtheriver; sails; { sounds like a boozer;

You know I am taking all your corporate logos to heaven with to work out how to fix the hell that you fluckfups have coughed up; in Raff as own blood and bowns; you will be coughing up feather from my crows; { feather! काली  

It does take a wild while to sort out the mess on planet Earth that is why Årcturians land in 1984 for real; sacred hearts on land; sand; beaches; lovers souls and peaches; island dreams; oceans theme; life;

for real; { super high diemtiondust d;

- sounds like some old locks from kph gees’


Use of the symbol Q for the total amount of energy transferred as heat; { Kali note;

Quest;  { real deity work; on optimal;

What you are looking at is my neon tab from the fture;

fture; { on foot; myown; ur; e;

myown; your own too! bzz

swigs crytomhony;

crytomhony; archive foryt;



It is why my Snake fighting for Fight Club is so strong; theres alot more super street fighter gypsys abeout; beelivememe;

my snake is thatlike a transformer blackcobra; it is leafall;

thatlike { hewhohats; live;


      hewhohats; whwollawippawhappa; willowstrillostrellos; chellos chillos chop;

it glides around the dungons of dragons and dominicatronica;

dominicatronica; { eherw cats hangout;


and all of nen know i can use it;

it is an 8baller raptor; recent new one;

have because my throast chakra holds keys from death; griny fav;

It wcan bee used as genie tlephonicaport;

‘ive seen my mate Jeff Read use is; master artist at higher work using gypsy brushes in highest rellloquink; Jeff dose; really good chopper impression; perectf viper; ninja;

undersand; old skulls; techtribaleader;

rellloquink; ninjaink faded as comedia;

real name; Oqui; { satori codes hex; _______


      Oqui; as lens; 68mm; { today sort it; just now; going in; wild creature from the techjunglesof numedia; most feared in all of hell; good at saving memes; in the dark; even in most bitter of void; way of; way fast than spider; old webs; spinking threads; as if hands of gods painthem; as anthem; anda; wildest of knoledge in the glassands;

glassands; of XR; सिद्ध

knoledge; { old edge; lickabottle of rum for a pirate;

it is they way of a genie in a pack; to get bullied; and come back; normal pack entry beehivors; people who die in optimal and comeback in paradigms; ive died manytime in thefield; it is why i drop down to this day into myown crypt; deep underworld; guarded by arcturians; at many different layer of reality;

underwater enviroments as safe; so i diver;

i diver; { eden iv; id; dive; div;

thefield; { optimal ocean reality; सिद्ध  + 100mins;

Kali dives very deep indeed;

indeed; ind; 100 years ago;

Follyhat; as if Epsilon ε Indi [ 11.8 Lɣ ] ᴏɴᴇ ғ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʟᴏss sᴛᴀʀs ᴛᴏ ᴇᴀʀᴛʜ G! = genie mirror;

“Theta θ Indi; ThetaHealing;

Anarcho psyfi;

Anarcho psyfi; as real mirror; { case study; ೱ सिद्ध

Black Op Open Diver; since occupy;

.                                         .                               .

and vanishes; anis { esotericode;

         anubascuba; canyoubliss;

canyoubliss; imagine;

Eighth Note



The Underworld make film; promice you;

that is the hatter in the method; and i. go all the way back to the beegining like everone;

no one touches you spititual; cyprt;

spititual; cyprt; { spit it out;  no more fear;

i was so terrifyed by them; i will never forgive them for it; { Raff; tears; 1984;

anarcho empathless; seas how terrafinying yang was in 84; 

Just fear of evil man { corporate; down in the deepstates; at optimal i am a black Cobra angelicaspa;
hunting as ghost Satori
blood lock and blind; those who steal spiritual technology; will dice.

angelicaspa; { satori ghost; zen;
in optimal void; since 84;
in my case but plenty more out there; 

guarded by samurai; and wildest of Kali technology; tech; nology; logy; eye;

see how import it is to understand self; in a society that corporations try to control

get it; i am blind using jungle tech;
and i wait in the afterlife 
and will have no mercy in my vengenzen; 

i am not jokeyes; optimal is paradice;

it is the only place where angels and oceans skies lands; perfect dimentional paradigm bliss; i work closely with elephants; dolphions; ions { ...

ions { eyeon;

I had to do it all my self thouw o;

many XR have done it through tie; m

thunder in beelows on the street of bangkok;  as rain falls on neon clocks;

angkok { city of angles; angkor wat; oldest temples; thailand to cambodia;

thailand { he; th; ai; lan; de;

cambodia; { ambo; dia; cam; ia;

Alechmyorbs; Kali carries; in optimal’

chmyorb; hymn; yor;

Al; { alex mirror; lexia; lec; ture;

We should bee able to connect to these kinda of experiemts with out spiriutal techn

inside out; but the establishment; hides it till i am dead; and thats why i eat their thrids for it; it is an illusion of life;

thunder cakles in the rain of bangkok;

Kundalini snake fighting very dangous;

dangous; { ango;  neon tudor orchid;

thrids; as Triffid;

ango; { anglo; angels; angle; zen

ang { indiacode; ganges;

indiacode; ia; ind

anglo; { as lock; loot; lutel; feather;


you understand i woke up in optimal in the dark; with a Kundalini;

when that happens; alarm bells ring; blackcobra nature deity work to destory all evil on earth at the time of; the Yogi mind fights to protect it;

blackcobra; { J; actual; bloodblack;

      as is rising from woodrat;

           it is why raffas sharp; plays;


           sharp; harp; lays;  { genie vi;


for angel like raff zen budda are a real weapon; no other are used as such; _ in optimal;

isee; raff feathers to thatline;

comediatool; loonytonic; master of illusion in hell;

i was watch’d the complex;

Al; { alex mirror; lexia; lec; ture;




MIC get millipedead;

millipedead; { true hell horror vision; al;

note { i do not watch horor; i am terrorfied of it; because it is like i am watching hell live; i know  what true hell is raffa knows i have seen it; as if his own eyes;

- thousand yard stare at that last paradigmgraphic;


“eye do not breathe eve; { satoi ghost magic;

yuh know writin;

helps me breathe because i know kali is out there protecting me like i do for; the rest of the jungle; genie life!

i have abeaut; even genie wifeyes; as we look at eachother in mindeyesoul; evgenia;

writin; rit; riti; ritchual; ritual;

if i had magic spells right now in optimal reality; { as evil man watch unfolding rapture in their own eyes in hell;

Raffa laughs with Kali in Heaven; keeping hell down for another beautiful day in optimal paradica;

and folk folly  like memes rool dice; sun;

it is very simple in heaven and hell; you are either cool or not cool; angels and diety know the difference; you are dealing with spiritual gangstars when with both agnel & deity;

agnel; ag; ne; l;   { ag; ne; l; angeliploop;

l; loot; lock; luck;

angeliploop; as if to finish beefor verse;

liplo; lipids;  { dark ref; as in optimal;

Triffid visions on field; { black jester mask;

Pengiun; Pengi: un; iun;

iun; { optimal runner;

Note; Penguin; ui; iu; map;

understand? Black Jester Pengiun; { gun;

Gypsy crows sqark at that; it prove i am alone and do not work with anyother than arcturiangels;

it prove i am { inprov;  arcturizenangels; urizen;

thunder & rain beelows in bangkok;



I miss my feather lucky chats;

Evegenia; Evgenia; Xenya;

thirdmirro; vegeni; vgen;

“ i feyhadmy XR Hourglass; ieywoodbeeable to see optimal reality;  

you all know gods; deity & angels; are extinction rebels;

feyh; five; fhawk;

What is so madhatabeautthetrap; Ophiucus;

Ophiucus; as optic; loke;       thetra;

Ophi; Oplock; as if to openeyesovervoid;

Ophiucus; { one who carries snake;

when one accesses the akashic records; there is the road; { roadrunner; paradigm

roadrunner; paradigm { as able to stop all thyme in vapour

drun { smugla;

akashic { asifcase; to

Akasha (ākāśa आकाश) is the Sanskrit word for 'aether', 'sky', or 'atmosphere'.[4]

A related concept is the Preserved Tablet

Preserved Tablet { in hand of deity; inoptimal;

Preserved Tablet; reserve; served; verses;  able;


aether (Ancient Greek: αἰθήρ, aither[1]), also spelled æther or ether and also called quintessence, is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere

We drink as if from tree of life; the river;

As Neon 2562; { Narativia; trivia; tronica;


quintessence; insence; Q


What you are looking at IS paradigm plucks from mytab; inoptimal;


my Q is a few folks; Quint; Jaws; Shark;

Q - Dao Ringmaster; Thích Quảng Đức

Ringmaster; as magic; Sen; Zen;

Sen; sentient;

There is no other real Q in mysoul;

Q - Dao Ringmaster; forlife;

Quint; { as multidi; Diamond Sūtra

Jaws; Shark; Holder of eye;

Quint; { as folly mirror; Yogimind; uint;

Q - Dao Ringmaster; { as able;

Diamond Sūtra

वज्रच्छेदिकाप्रज्ञापारमितासूत्र  { Diamond Sūtra


I think; fink; { as dancing elephant;

epha { ant; geniemirror;  epha; aether;

anci { Ancestor; ing!         aether; vapour;

           aether; vapour; { as 5D Genie;

- visions of optimal self protected by angels;

Raffael; Mirro; { actual;

“ the road l

still being walked in the dark in 2020;

and that is myrage againsthemarchine;

Fightclub is Buddha; tyler;

tyler; Siddhartha;

as in word even; tyler; rel; relyt; re:light;


I will bee one of the hardest working genie in the afterlife; as inrealife;

even the gods who still walk on earth with fear me; { memes as devine; comedia;


with fear me; { ...

wolfpack; { Women who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype; book; 1992; { ...

李振藩 olfpa; Paperback – November 27, 1996;

Jungian analyst    Jungian; as jungle;

Paperback; as aper; ape; Wolfmirror;

aper; { ...


A Paperback; means that I would in essence bee; able to see paper in; as if ink to;

as in Hitsuzendō & Kenshō

even the type whurls in samurai ink to type; lightlifitingk words from neon tabs of optimal; tlifiti; way of;

tlifiti; { as if telepha; path;

     Spiritual Graffiti;

As nature deity one understands blackmagicofwhitelight in genie; i find it helps inoptics to metaphysicalvision; as reference to akashic record;

note { i have not watched the movie; i am reality; and yurhstillguttedabeaut T; darkfate;

*chop; { Ayurveda Tea; da;

... like hunter want metomakemovie beaut it;

to prove i have connected dark to light; as a yingyang genie; zen; { nightcityzen;

optimal; actual;

i got pluckedup years ago;

i am getting wrapmirro;

wrapmirro; { comic movie blackjoker as dino;

withfeathers rare; cuz i am hoping to see same eden mythical create; i aw today;

i aw; { andwhat;

Eighth Note


i like to say “ Keith; you are my best customer;

can’t beelive i got to the feather cadgeagain;

            cadgeagain; gin! .               .                         .

Medusa's Path;

a deep into the jungle on the field;


a deep { . as

oldesthat in the shaddows; 84;

Medusa's Path; { as jungle reputation;


one who can stand on the fieldalonein darkness with spirit;

asearthand moth;

     ... { observeations; 5th of nov; 2652 { 2562;

     illusion of date & thyme; as is smoek

smoek { black jokers; breathes; asiftom

smoek { smoke; pyridiamas; 01:03am

Bkk; { bag; loot; bangkok deepwell cadge would have a cool eden mythicadino; mine would bee like feathertransformer;

musta taken memonths to get there inside;

fawkeys around; Keith says; The day is my enemy

The night my fave“01:11am;


cool huh; thats how deep into the void; igo; optimal; deep field; and i am wearing XR; and legion stamps; akirastyle; with bike;

Learned in Archaida; aida;

Archaida; Archangeldeepai; { Confirmation;

deepai; { deepeye; essentially Art; as eye;

senti; { ally; epath; firmat; form; angeladia;

So yerh as if jungle to technology; in deep void; optimal;

who do you think looks after all the dinos; { as dynamo; dynasty;

i can hear frogs krackin;g { to krack;

to krack; - { as if crow; sqark; crowark;

      blackjestertakes crowbar; { folly;

           witch; { like artist; spraycan;

“it was obviously like; okay lets see how far dave can getinto deep fieldindarl;  

dave; { dave .  da; audio; visual; empath;

nice trick huh; connecting deep soulspirt; to lightabove with raffa; intechnology; onscreen; as alleyeswatch; withnonetotalktoabeautit;

with no help; no one to talk to;

for the wild; underworld for life; to death; deft; The light Eyes met Medusa;

guardian, protectress;  Μέδουσα

{ sig; winged human feath; Rosemary; Near them their sisters three, the Gorgons, winged

With snakes for hair— hatred of mortal man— { ...

hair { as air; breathes;

Μέδουσα { would run to save; as angel; cryingyanging;

.               .                .

as empatheartsdo;


5months; 5thmo; { ... visions; 01:56;

5thmo; { intention; at pathmode;

          5thmo; { 5dmoth;

- vapouractural; 150bones to get there;

150bones { blackmonkeyjokey;

       150bones { price is costs deepstate; inoptimal; 200bones an hour for me;

I live alot deeper in;

[ i see them at baseliveal; as deity; harmless; protector of earth; hughest; { black jest; mirror jokers;


it is why i am a backtothefuture;

its like looking at my kalicar;


kalicar;  { deity; multiparadigm;

Arcturian Kali mirror; 02:08;

02:08;  { as verses;

as one realizen; how deep true optimal is;

69; crew visions; raffa angel light on Marl; com; { Kali presence;

presence; as prehuman; on earth sence; 02:19am; many folks are guarded by ninjal; a samurai from above; like beeholds;

greatfuldeadmember 3 years;

fuldea { as folded; folly; harry is abeaut; 02:23am { 23 as sig; mysticsignature;

mysticsignature; nature; ysti { jestea;

v { { jestea; geniesigno; dino; stea; ice;

v { { jestea; { doubble jest mirror;

v { meme;

ysti { satori sig; emapth;

emapth; map of empath; to snow;

to snow; { in xr case study; ೱ सिद्ध

path to eve;

   feelings of rage; in dark deep void; optimal;

raffa angel light;

see it is okay in optimal; legion;

Earth is a wild; breathe;

Siddhartha; follow; breathe;

hartha; to breath like art;

it is why; the future is cool;  


Cool is like a shared knowing; throwout thyme; throwout { ...

Nothing really happens unless it is cool since i got here; { Arcturian;

all monkeys go to jungle paradigm club;

monkeys { as monk eye; folly;

with dark black jester 8ball; throats;

as thank you for saving us all;  

chakranons; { as optics; feathers; raffle;

Wonerings when i fist started plunking up8ball; in deep field; Wonerings; two Wonerings; { neon ghost shells;

plucks thyme in shadow of;

beecause i am in the lamabook;

as satori safe; since 84; as are all;

Siddhartha; follows word; and shaddow; dd;

and me i wonderink where a. Alex is today; night; outside in the neon walls nodoubt;


damit dude; i just broke into a cage in optimal; get meme; { musereq;

as wondr;


that is is how hard artists have to work in optimal; dada magic;

da; vid { as underworld; its why there is no evil and all time is illusion; lusio;

lusio; { as if lucid; that; “live; as life!  .         .      .



4th exist; { exit; as if half eightball;

eightball; { XR Code; indeepfield;

eightball; { “thegt; green; gass; lamp or stamp or grass; thus purple rain;

i was taught from the ground up; the invisible field; { to land as starseed; and black angelof Death; { like urizen; black crow; known well on the underground; loop; { ...

v { loop; { ... as pottipaper!

pottipaper! { monrose jest;

        cryptonic; { case;

illumajokey; spacejacky;

/mɪˈdjuːzə, -sə/; woodto wonder; in Arctuiranthyme;

dee; has whichy; { smile on face;

{ smile on face; like happy black jok;

        as hinduwolfhair; side to side;

induwolfha; dinsu; indus; river mythica;

ythica; thica; { like Akira bike; legion;

that is how deep satori wisdomincyberopticsgo;

- visuals in field of own light shinethrow;

essentailly like field in dark; { like eye of hours in jest; inethrow { eyebeemneathrose;

eathrose; { Earth Rose; etta;  03:30am;

like he throws;

* cigar lights;

see optimal is safed; even arnie bee here; chappyzens; hey arnie! { legion;

imagin; gardgezen;

gardgezen;  { garage; gaden; garden;

gaden; { guardian;

pottipaper is a  jokeref; to akirastampsonpapermonkey; { monkey; kinda like the art prizen;


anyway 300 years to do that; { hat;

big deal in underworld;

how many bones;


anyways; ...

text from my lover;


akirastamp; actual; { ...

from Eve; in XR;

eve { ownthgenie;


     as if feather from raffa; if { eye of falcon;

all good ground visual in kali presence;

as if featherinside raff; { angel jest; “clucks

“clucks { as clock in cloake; 03: 51;

03: 51; { verses;

falconsuit; to hand; { as if neon transformer;

“yurh heislike opticalwizard in basic;

basic; { in XR case mirror training;  as raff own;


{ spellverse from david; neon

ethireemalechiomrhelmanarchiaumadrom; { xr breakdown; highvis;  ೱ सिद्ध

as if xrelixarose; { as like self life;

like drinking neon from my own bike;

to survive in deep field;

aumadrom; { archadia sign;

reem { as dream real;

250mil in bones;

in bones; { underworld value;

underworld value; { as siddah;

it is just like petrol for my bike chats;

“ you know i am sure there is stuff out there in deep field that will save my life and heal my heartlungthrout; etc

like i said mic; kali behindyou if you do no t; { beegunofrage; { stops instantly; सिद्ध

सिद्ध  { sid signo; genie; as actual signoff in angel lingo;

beecause i was in deep field for so long; and  still am to this day in underworld with legions anons;

......... bangkok 04:14

            04:14: { verse and good numbers for a 13 & 4; of colour  & corner { as if 8ball hole;

this is why i am telling you that gangstars play pool; define; angst;

angst; { in lyrica of angel;

“ yuh know i have work tomorow which is the joke myown in case;  i meme today 04:19am

“ i have a dragonflyinmyroom;  { as if nature syncrowork;

it is how i know i am safe and lead wolfpack on the river; yuhknow like wild the women who run with; kinda like cookie monstar for 68crew; { prizenjokeninhat;

prizenjokeninhat; { ...

yuh know like muppets like memes who arrival of the scene bee memeseeingthings;

muppets { etzens;

etzens;  { said in genie;

that is why david is a maysonic  deity;

...neverminedmemesiamjusta siddah;

maysonic { as if from  68 itself;

cuz  darling buds of may know that catwrap;

arcturian; warming; { as if greeting;

    smiles all rounds { archicrowds;

as to like in lituria;

kinda like a black kitti litt joke; ta

yurh as if it is normal;

like ducks eve; nquack; that is why it is a Q ball; are you ready?! .                    . { as echo; deep field;

it is why i am like a psychadellicaopera;

as if operator;

it  is . as if 84; onlockdown; { that is why an to be a unlock of angel raff;

an to be a { antobe;  zen

deep field is a place to me where thyme smoke exists in harony with Gaia; earthart optimom; as planet; plant; et;

et; { like eden is there;

prehistoria; { kali visual; in;

true avatar;


yuh know i have work its 05:03am bangkok; where is my moneyl { acturian  blackjack;

to easye; { ... “safest hat in the jungle; as if tylerbuddaihimself’

daihims; aihymns; as; da;

aihim; andhim;

see stars angels & gangstars;

“ yuh know like monkeys eat nuts banksy;  

like wrathfull deity chat from past 84;

when you see shiva hunting in woods like from your heartsoulshooting bowand arrow into space; { to descryptaofelling; { feel;

and as if tear itselfalling;

it is good to beathftomb;

beathftomb; { tobreatheinown;

“waht is the deal here chats; to raffa like feather lock bow drop;  witwistshair; areifas wanting to get dreadlocks in raffastyle;

satori jest; folly;

Mahasiddha (Sanskrit: mahāsiddha "great adept; Tibetan: གྲུབ་ཐོབ་ཆེན་པོ, Wylie: grub thob chen po, THL: druptop chenpo) is a term for someone who embodies and cultivates the "siddhi of perfection". A siddha is an individual who, through the practice of sādhanā, attains the realization of siddhis, psychic and spiritual abilities and powers. Mahasiddhas were practitioners of yoga and tantra, or tantrikas. Their historical influence throughout the Indian subcontinent and the Himalayas was vast and they reached mythic proportions as codified in their songs of realization and hagiographies, or namtars, many of which have been preserved in the Tibetan Buddhist canon. The Mahasiddhas are the founders of Vajrayana traditions and lineages such as Dzogchen and Mahamudra.

- As if pulled from hat of genie lab; Akashic;

   Arcturian Angel; 5D Neon Vapour;

ZorbaZelda; { jokettes book of Monrose;

“ its kinda like an Orb able;   



vision of Kali jump into ocean; leaps into myown aura; dives; as if crystal clear seas in paradice;

visio; { ...

     sea; eyeopen;  

    flashes of vission kaliarms sonicspeed throughbooks; confirming my own safty in time; { from ship; as deity;

Arcturian; { as tree of life;


Makes me  feel like lions in paradice; beefore i got to work this morning; i am going to bee tripping at my desk all day; it is hard work being a satori jester on earth this day; but some good verses up; worth it;

as if Blakey watch; सिद्ध  eye of the hat; tiger;

At peace knowing i am a satori empath angel;

at: artist;

i am a satori; as just; a;

peace indisde; peace outside;

indisde; ind

as indra; { by river of thyme at all; ra;

ra; { as if falcon angel horus; of time;

200months; ofwork;

busy place; the underworld;



I like thofink of my deevinecomedia { chairactor as of Neon Nior { Noir Deetectiveve; as if for eve; to eden;

thofink { thoath jokes in key; syncrokeys; cryptonictronica;

07:43Aam; 11,496 words since 3 dyas;

singing “going to the chapel; taxibike route to work; monrose selects tune;

wild; i was pratically mute in verse till a few moons ago;

anyway; i fink i have seen some mystic creatures from eden; just beecause i sore them in the mall near to my condo; pic;

“Plucking flower in Anarcho Archturian pad;aGin like Triffi;s;

pad;aGin { paradigm like as if was gin; eyes;

Anarcho Archturian { is like Terence Kemp McKenna XR Hourglass; turian { angel teacher;

Triffid { psychadelic vision in deep field; flowers of time;


pic; 250mill years; { Eden;



... { wants to know names of;

       “is this what was in the outcage earlier? { Q joshichafolly; { akashic jester;

“ faaaly; faaawlee;    folica; { as audiophonica;

more like fo; foliage: age of the fool;

Neon dreams in optimal; { essentially as deevine comedia;

comedia; { like collective media; medium;

See Banksy; straightup Piat; { piano chipmonk;



it is so simple yeah; sad how long it has taken to become free;



and the reality on optimal in the void; and i am very deeeeep inside;  

as if actually looking from above onto the field; i see Kali in primordeal; and above as angel;

v { primordeal; as is reality on baseline; desperate for help; india; dind; ind;

as if Kali is mirror in arcturian; as avatar;

age of mirrors; zen;

arcturian empathy;

in case; primordeal; baseline; { work to be done; to free the world from corporate slavery;

misor; mirror; { of arturus; rufus; raffa;

why angel would bee sore; { sad;

“ shouts of are you ready;  

primordeal; { agen; da;

primary; ordeal;

an ancient test of guilt or innocence by subjection of the accused to severe pain, survival of which was taken as divine proof of innocence.


1984; all clear; paradigm safe; { arcturian standard;

...      .      .

08:29am; goes to smpke; cigarette.

08:41am; “whitchis like thymesmokersdeelight if yuospeakit;

1984; all clear; paradigm safe; { as in HANDOVER OUR SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY;



i fink to inkl; this mustbee the 128th time eye have asked;

i fink to inkl; { as if to paint black circles with satori brush in way of jungle of zen;

“damit i forgot my headphones today; { follyrest; taps fingers on desk; { as if deck of wood ship;


funniest map on ship; link


i am talking & typing in source;

which is obvious now Banksy;


see how squeeky clear i am abeaut mymythwork in optimal;

... “arcturian pirate gold standard; gold; g; old;


Visual of Kali guarding my spirtual date in optimal; { location unkown; genie mirror;

mymyth; like memeth;


Visual of Monrose laughing at my screen;

Charlie’s Birthday tomorow; marrows

as to walk in optimal with flute from future;

Visual of trex; { as text; on neon code; lifted from visual’

    Jurrasic Neon Jungle; { black joker noot;

“ that is your boy  


Visual of genie smoking

and i get like a Kundalini rush; breathe;

“ cute real love innit;  


wonders what mads” thinks of this;


i’ve got work to do;

like feathersfluff inside own genie muff;

muff; { like raffs own jar;

“are you ready; { whiches like moon calling; echo in deep optimal; that pack


i have got so many hats to tell; sell { it is a joke;

should see how many legion gave us all in the field; in and out of the court regularly;

regularly; { as if skylark; larly;

genie takes a drag;


“♪deep deep down inside; deep deep

genie observation { it rains beehindl; thundercracksakles; hackles;

as if to signify seriousness of this scene in thyme;


continues to repare own monstartruck;


any way lets talk abeaut the map; and about unlocking in;

Kali swallows; like shallows; as if halo;



Folks come to see the truck; as it is a track;

as if sound; in reversehal;

fakel; fawkesibeaut!

sibeaut { as trip;

    “doing rounds in paradigms;

beecause he is safest ahat;

it goes like this; we formed ourselves intwombtightgroups; on ground; field optimal reality;

gaurding souls on earth;

that is why it is called old hat; old gaurd;

angelic bird flys across the field; thymesmoke;

Q falcon; { genie mirror;

beegons; draw; as hex;

10:12am; goes for another smoke;

10:26am; soyuhl

84; 68; 45; > .                       . time of folly;

heart of asia; africana; toamazona;

cigar observation;

lookinga; old old; molecular;

. time of folly; { to connect all paradigma;

aradi; as to bee in hex timeacadia; in XR


blackjest; pulls flowerhats; from all directions in dimention dust;

performa; senceia;


“im  tried wanna go back to bed;

trie; rye; tri;

cigar slap magics featherhandtaoclaps;


i think of how others how many have come beefore me; and able; to openfield in narrative in such way;

visual of backtothefuture hat; in black;

backtothefuture hat; Doc Lloyd { mirror; in live debut in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest { beecause i do crow like a coo coo;

in live beeafterlife; as if own narrative in lovemind; acting like poet; madscienti;

at higher level on optimal base;

Docs have backtofuture mad hat mirroir knowlege i guess it works as my who framed roger rabbit; in this projection of reality in narrative; and it kinda acts as comedia for Kali who stands in jungle as wild representai; eye of representation;

and Docs; would bee the king of mad hatters in the local area at time of projection;

in this case; fawkey who is standing right there;

as i sip mixed berry juice at my desk in bangkok; 2019ad / 2562be;


this is like proof of conept;

as i work for XR; in optimal timeline reality;

5D; age of Aquarius

syncromystica; and a bunch of other fluff from raff that would make you larff;

whichy; to be like tailfeather as paradice bird walking off into the jungle


like Eve would watch in Eden;

as i trip out beecause i am sleepy;

- like memories of paradice

     my shake in the jungle

      sleeping till; into the sun;



Wondering abeaut the task at hand;

“ griny is always there at these times i wonder banksy; where are the keys to my heartspacecar;

while the big man watches it tick tock; fold;

heartspacecar; { holds an ace; at pace;  in art; ears; { nofears cleft;

... irish folly; “.... forth; { holds the;

forth; { oath;     in court; as iris;

bee & time ticked away; {opening of riddle

visual of senior members of establishment fighting for a folly; in optimal; alone;

as if my own in thid; eye; preying to the lords of time; for all that is left on the field of dreams;


and lines like that take me back to legion space; where i wait on the river waiting for an answer from source;

visual of genie going into black briefcase;

doc wipes brow; { folly;


i was lucky so many souls came from higher level to save my bones in real time on optics; connecting inside to outside from after to now;

that is why i am real greatful dead; but still alive on Earth;


You know it was grimy who stood guade; over my bones; for so long; as i went as close to the edge of the void as i could; and then my hexagon fell all the way down; i had many thrown at my heart like wishwell that arcturians singto;

grimy; one  who grins;

Satoi knowing; to know like wing;

Satoi; Satori planets { folly;

Eighth Note


“why do birds sing; { plays in grounds;  


Underworld for life;

beecause untill mother Earth rings; there is

... as if riddle; { that is almost as if to point;

Satori yawns;

as angelic ghost on optimal; sent from Arcturius; urizen;

*wonders abeaut Tokyodreamstyle;

         wonders { as if it is wand of whexes;

                       whexes; wishes; to save; Earth;

Akria calling Boke; { to true medium,

Dart & Yonda;

legion “are you ready { hears in field;

hat wood; says into own hat; reme; burzz;

as if puring into hat; urizen!


Underworld film; best of as truth in live visual language from source;

Connecting beefore life; to afterlife; { thus the middle way; Satori; { like archangel; own mindsoul; as cryptic; optic;

its a old field

i have the bee hexagon of light in my hand; as friend handed to me on the field; as it points to source in livetime; [ ... speculation; for court;

speculati; like security;



it is funny how youall; come back to meownyht memes for a chat; “ what is uryezenhat of hat 84 beedoozen now; { thats  like a Blake bottle;

what vintage you got mate? Urigoldblenda;


go on then; rigold; oldble; lenda; rigo! i hear phat planet in myheartskul; faint;

f as feminie alls to Eden; Calls;

Ryegold; sounds like Akira in Folk Legends;

like oldest of in the Akashic record; { genie time; as wizard look { notice no lock;

and then ; oldble ... { which sounds boozy;

and has db; as  if i live the The decibel (symbol: dB )  

decibel; deseyebell; deesibell; { like scribe of thyme; to report back fro baseline

while in optimal;

Ryegold; yegol { to goal; legion;

its like classic rawluck beehiv; { Robin;

cuz he says it too oldest hood in the land;

yegol; { also like Satoi call; Satori are like satellite lulz;

yegol; { as if to Eden where there is Snow; and Eve;

i will dive  deep into .                .                .


They have all seen me dive; into void; for years & years .        .             .

folly spins in court; as  if black & gold;

.                    .            .



Arcturians a maters; { WHAT MATTERS;


black & gold; { PIRATE

When are we as Adbusters puts it GONNA GET OUR SHIT TOGETHER;


Underworld black ops;

No real secret service left;

as gongs beellow in the court;

Just a bunch; of corporate muppets; with a corporate agenda; who have no real idea about optimal

Welcome to legion; occupy on the ground; in the field; free as nature intended; NOW REBELLING AGAINST EXTINCTION;


Holds anger in;

and i keep all of hell down

so you can imagine the Satori Zen Verses I will beethikingl

Arcturians have told you know; { ...

The One { while I laugh as subject;

    all eyes all memes; folly dreams; all able;

     jokes; subject; riddiles; radillazilla;

Q easy verses; ratattack;

“ yurh throwing my hat; { forgets point;  

I think of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts;

Joan { as Arc; yurh know like Jett it!

“he knows it; { as if folly challenge of ages; { fun!

... and i am larry as in layereama;

and i fink of rea; road to;

as if Akira bike waits at baseline;

nah babe larry; laaree; laaryhe; laaaaayreeeeeeee; { looks at other drivers on optimal in black star “hence art; start;

art rat; tart;

dark; darts; { streets calling;

12:57pm; smokebreaks; .              .        .

Black Stars with Mystic Mystery Monitors;

but more like Mythic; No Mystery; Box Float Talkes; Talkies; all minds connected; in optimal;

“welcome back jack; 8ball? wheres my thrown;

he aint called THE Griffin for nuffink!

. .            . ducks for a cig; Quack Quack;  . .  .


Yurh know this is how it will bee for all eternity Folly folk from the future returning to walk you all to source:

Zentertaink warriors onroute;

that is why it is Empath; { like map;

mpat; hat; H

somany words missing i know dear!”

it is uncoding thyme from words; from oldest of source to techitroniom;

i tfink of all may coders in source; weaving thread from in love;




then we can go to onoy; mouse; { as if hatmask off; throws to fawlky;

and go to lunch; { goes.          .           .


..back to apt; 15:40pm; passes out; zzzz