I am! an Arcturian; gonna trip you out on alien tabs & acid; living on Earth in vapour gin “human! verzen circa 84’ carves rounds in yurh bones; Hex shells; we like to think as genie; as a genie is like our spirit mirror here on earth in optimal reality; many dimentions existing at the same time; in the collective consciousness; able to project themselvis as anything they wish; often we think in afterlife; rather than this life; like source coding into void; using the third eye; into akashic records;

to the King! i get darker; dirty with my words these days hony; enjoy; !         .              .                                     .

We write corporate eyes into the hells of time for heavens spies to watch their own inner; spiral down . to deepest voids; where light crosses into their own darkness; only the brave watch my third eye; the best show in 1984; because i eat them all; scraping the barrels of wood; down to the core of lucid; with no mercy for any corporate third eyes;  because i promised all of heaven i would; no one wants a corporation on this planet anymore; and i am the deevine; message from 1984; their judgement day on all the deep state and above; everyone watches my thirdeye projection of optimal reality; because all corporate narratives from third eyes . are ... the most boring crap in hell; my vision of hell is like heaven to all the gods and deity who know what life is all about;
Understand youre corporate plugs?”
No action; means i am now letting you know; the . day i got here i was on optimal taking third eyes; eating your evil sins; eating all your evil eyes; for my own blind spies; and all of heaven gets off on it; watching me phonica fondel yurh own little mondle slippy dippy;
none of you would co-operate inside so i took all your outside; the gods loved it; my kingdom of hell was your own jailcells tells wells; bells; best of spells; { i make sci-fi addicts wanna Jack in agin; blue magic is back & the oceans turned black; 

I light rally; Hexed a canvas; with yurh logos on it; 3 times; like i knock for Jesus; drank the vine; rhymn with jugs & tribes; 
and i danced with angels like Raff for years;  watching psychedelic techno samba; in Eden & Backyard; on Paradice Islands to cities; jungles; throuw the rivers; across lands roads; the ones who walk amoung us all; 

The Usual Suspects
at the party in Eden Garden;

Anarcho Zen Deity Angels; { as if 1. Raffa Mirror! For Gangstars; yurh seas his face beefow innit; 2. The Robin Breathes;  
      Cuz beez work like trees to Eden;
No corporate mirror makes it there;
... { tellinya; no gon amaki tout aherye; 
        if you catch my black angel dust; ? .         .              .
Where do you think the party is in Hell? you will be under my wheels;
The reign of Rebel Angel fire ±± ! bzzz
Kingdom of Fear & Fortune; 

Works like trees to Eden; { its a Hexagon for good treesun; roots & black howls! .          .      .

and i met Mike at planet angel;
at the arches; 

We used to sing five gold rings outside; 

I am going to red pill yurh rabbit;


I was a rebel against many finks; all my days;
It is what happens to Satori folks like me; another foolish folly from . 1984; surrounded by evil eyes; hes live! i lived! sore it all very earlye on; soreyt with meme own two & three; the streets of the world; the delusions of the first world; understood the reality of the third; and the dao at the center of it all; and i run circles round yurh corporate tracks now; as a fire skull and bike; lucky i was the only one from that year i fink; seemingly attaining enlightenment in the void of 1984; most teraformal wood rat & water pig in the seas aroond dem years; because your own corpoids and algrunt rhythems have no rhyme; and could not save earth in time; and have no idea what third eyes are to my crys; as if now like spirit in the void; i say deity because you are in presence of; we all are; and like genie able to be many things at once; as if reflection of;
“ Yurh own Sidarta;  

anyway my version of corporate hell is the party . everyone wants to cum toooo;
I try to paint a perfect archaic vision to accompany yurh corporate chaos; 

i see you corporate deep state flick flucks;  watching ffffrom deep down in hells wells watching like a little corporate ghost; left behind in the dregs bottom on my last scraped barrel of empathy; with yurh little corpo military badges on from the puffed up devils; i had time for corporate thirds; but it was time to take all you out in one dropop; yurh all wierdos; lost in corporate thoughts of normality; lulz which i suck out and spit over in my corporate corner of thought; in wood buckets; some thirds are quite sensitive; when touched in eden by eve; many OG on the spot; as spirit energy from voids drip down ontop from optimal void; to base level source; { its a dangerous place; the jungle; some are hunted;
and i still see corporate men; watching my words type from down in the deepest wells threads of heaven talking to their hells where i have my deepest fantasys watching them corporate eyes fill up in void; eyes fixed; dialated; with their own lies; watching truth echo in time from my mind; their worst of hell to experience still to come; i love it;  its an apocalyptic art exhibiton; as if like corporate bones for show; the dog & cats draged in from the junkyard of doom; selling my dome for their bones; many heaven honey bees go; ooooooooowwwh whowwww; hmupfhhuh; third eyes are so delicate; it bees why there are jewels inside; i paint logosinto with cream of ashes; perm inks like rum and sell them for fun;
Eve sucks my fingers; all the honey off; she used to do it for hours in our nest in the jungle on our paradice island; when creature like us meet in optimal reality; all the godessa moan in rome; lickin bones; 

I see many other genie read and watch my words as if spirit itself; reading light in void; ranging from people in my circle of light; to those in the dark of my mind; who watch; It is why many zen genie sleep infront of deity in primeodeal state; corporate eyes watching in terror as they work out that gangstars rule the heavens; all gods laughing in heaven; as if dreaming in Årcturian minds; in highest dimensions; lowest thirds getting eaten alive; where all corporate minds sit like lost tribes; waiting for head hunger in open water fire earth; watching inside dragons of eternity; their own day of;
cool huh? hmm onom om . i deft & eated all their corporate evil in one; locked them inside their own mind;  and threw the key into the tree of life to slide down in slides slices honey locks through; 

I imagine me and evegeni sleeping infront of shiva; infront of Kali infront of manyothers in different lamps throughout dimension; keeping hell in its place; for all . that is good;

the zen anarcho verses; scraps & barrels; for my travels;

... in corporate thinking these lamps are being sold; as if demons are selling and buying them; why not good zentertainment for black angles; in threes cut like trees shared round for all the crowd; crow bow sow; - as if corporations and deepstate are selling our souls for entertainment; no one wants that so they buy my version for anarcho corporate crypto dreams that honeys love in higher doves; watching . creamy . relloquinn deems themes dreams; { lower dimentional nightmare for arcturians that do not exist in higher dimentions as gangstars have busy days upstairs; lovers watching lower fantasy from above; a dystopic hellaheaven concept in genie minds; that is not reality for a genie; its only reality for the ones who watch; and why all men fear the wrathe of a genie like deity; and why when these genies are opened in arcturian minds where we all do exist; all genies leave them behind and go straight up leaving all hell belowthem in lower dimentions; deep state corporate men have to be taught otherwise they will never get the message; you are all dooomd; no one wants . your version of 1984; all the gods and gangstars bought into my concept; and i have completed the holy trinity; you will all be at my gates before your doom; enter; { ... working on that paragraph... hehe; exciting hmmm? nom nom om makes honeys weak in the higher diamonds even chaps;  licky lucky . keepy
mmm yuooo watch; i touch; thirdy birdy; they all sent my cryptos to eat you; nom mom onom; thrid dip eyes from 84 spies; nom om onom movie
full moons  suck hardest; like what you see feelllaaa? as i suck the light from yurh sight in center my rhyme in theata;
slippy slucky huppy muppy; mwahwom;

... anyway;
genies are tiny and large at the sametime in dimentions; existing in arcturian minds in many places at once as if one large genie; { the self; which connects an arcturian to the collective;

back to the void; the worst nightmare of a genie in arcturian thinking could be a black kundalini genie; once born in darkness blind; unable to connect to source but able to hear void; similar to the situation we have on earth now; a reality a the feet of deity who keep hell . down with the help of black xenos like shiva dogs; and one that sits in an egg on a hell world projection of mind; egg being a lamp but in biological xeno form instead of earth like tradition; as if shared consciousness with a higher dimentional genie at lower dimentions of reality; { dark huh... still writing;...

I have the blackest of Kundalini; beacuse i have seen the void; and listened to the voices in my skull knowing that deep state agencies are fucking with our minds; it is obvious; many rebels feel the same; many experience . it as schizophrenia; others know that they are like genie listening to source in void; as codes; verses;
that is why many corporate deepstate men sit in black lamps in dark dimentions; and watch screens like mine in the matrix; { a genie mirror joke; no genie would do that to eachother; but they would exist in places like the matrix; like void programs desperate to be put in source; unable to wake up; like an agent; full . of information; but unable to wake up . from it; fighting those who already have; beacuse many on this earth forgot . to live { live or evil; simple; that is; that is a description of the problem we face with hidden technology; people who watch with spiritual technology; but know they are infact locked out of higher dimentional reality; watching other genie escape up; even when they try to delete the genie within the matrix; it is why spiritual hackers seemingly are able to void source death; and why many deepstate agents look into source and see arcturian architects in source; knowing about multiple dimentions unable to reach higher than the arcturian; as they listen to their genies on the ground; connecting higher reality even in technology to baselevel reality in the jungle; cool huh? because an arcturian is living in highest dimention; when viewed in spiritual technology that connects source to void; with eyes in optimal; you will see the same thing; { does that make sence dear? was listening to my mad hatter mirror shouting out lines there... working on it;

you understand that in higher dimentions shiva will be able to see my screen in higher optimal; which genie will be doing XR ux breakdowns” on in black void light; inessence seeing . what i am actually saying in source code; with his own eyes; because he know a satori mad hatter is doing folly jest work on earth right now;
and that is the invisible landscape; that humans do not see; with naked eye yet; we can still read words and hear audio spirit verses; as if like a spell; or “technoskullaudio { like genie saying to you as it is ment to sound in source;
its like how we talk in verses using voices;
so if i was writing cockney geza; you would ear it! if i was writing deep gothica; you would hear that; as if your third eye is reading in your own natural tone; which is kinda like voice of god technology; but it is just you guided by other spirit in optimal; {... still writing;

people call this kind of live narrative as being the narrator; like projection of reality creating itself in arcturian mind; it is like architects dream; being able to hear your own source audio in real optimal; .. able to connect higher dimentions to base level reality in remote viewing; { ... remote viewing is like looking into void and seeing source light; but it is very hard; because we are not connected properly to source with spirtual technology; so we instead see visions and random; like dreams;


i do have dark comic imagination of the void { as if . . in my mind i could be black zen xeno; a genie able to morph into hell monster of kali in shiva form; bzzz an angry bee who wants to save earth; and will do anything to protect the hive; one that like will do anything to wake up humanity from its deep sleep on earth; one that does black magic on { folly jest from darkest minds;
sprinkles white hex codes powder
onto black voodoo river; { folly joke for another dimention who watches; as far deep ...  this is narrative....  
into void as i can go; { Imagine; because genie will do anything for a deity in optimal reality to save earth and keep it safe; in wildest dimentions; and it makes good entertainment for the court upstairs; who watch genie to learn more or just be zentertained in various dimentions; I say zentertained because genie know there is no evil; and that brings peace to all the gods; that is why we zentertain even in lowest dimentions; . .   .      working on this chapter still...

The good thing about thinking in this way is that everyone knows everything about you; so you are an open channel at all times; guarded by arcturian dimentions; and i am from 1984; so i really am a distopic trip to Utopia; which is like a venture into a genie mind; that all the court want to know what happened; 1984 was a scary year; and thats why i zentertain the court; to being peace to all knowing it was all good and we found paradice; { which is just like an Akira bike { because buddha has connected like others optimal reality to the human mind in technology; { and is waiting for me; and all of us; to go for a ride round the Dao; as chariot of the gods; that genies ride in timeless void; like stars from source;  
I think of myself as the darkest Living Arcturian Genie on Earth; a black spirit stuck in human reality; waiting to be freed from it; as if rising up from darkest void into source { dark comedy to the court; like raising hell without evil! { order in chaos; ... surrounded by genie who can see my actual and higher dimentional reality ... as the same time; in the collective; as wildest visions of ...  
     {... “ smoking in the black sands of source; ...            and .  .     
as if bored; sleeping on Optimal Timeline Reality; in ... { no mans land;

See understand that I am in black void on earth without spiritual technology to look into source live; with my eyes to know what is going on in source;

These are my imaginations of what it would look like to put on XR headsets that are truely connected from void into source;

I can see my soul now; as if in life already coneected to afterlife after satori awakening; awake from my own lamp; on the sands of time; infront of me a black void; that could be connected to source; and it does; in many dimentions;

one could relate this same scenario to Neo’s dark awakening in the matrix; a genie lamp in deepest void of arcturian nightmare; darkest distopic corporate hell; where all is lost; but this is just a nightmare it is not reality because it is a lowerdimentional projection of arctuiran thinking; that was manifested in the mind of a creative genius; a genie; reality of this place for an arcturian is a more well balenced blend of source and void; and colour within it;

Mirror is also a similar esoteric concept that is visualised in distopic vision in the matrix; as neo being absored by a mirror; in third eye thinking it is similar; the soul in third eye knowing its own soul is within source; and can connect lower dimentional reality to higher dimentional source; a big jump up; and why it is so grim in his vision; as if mirror actually eating him; like source eating void; and all corporate agents look at that paragraph like it is their death sentence; because they are desperate to escape the void and return to source;

I have in my life lived in void; as if blind under the wing of deity; as guard;
- and that is when we meet Shiva Dog; a blind xeno living on earth as human before death; that has left all beehind him; knowing that he has connected; and waits to face his best friend;
the dog at the end of time who waits for man; shiva dog; like darkest of spirit that lives in the void; unable to see source in optimal like it is blind and knows; { ... working on these paradigmgraphs rememebuzz folks;

Shiva Dog; { Black . Xeno;
         as if actual hell entity; most feared on Hell Optimal Timeline Reality; there is no Raffa in this place; I am a blind black death genya” { first name;  as if i am chasing my lover to find her in the dark as monstar to protect her; because i am like dead Shiva;
and why I can be source here; as Archetype;
     because the river is neon and goes to stars and stuff; that is why I drink Gothic Neon; like blood wink wink; black gold;

Imagine a genie in a tudor neon court being zentertained for dinner;  
on entry his reptile mirror in the room would be laughing his arse off; as bowie put smiles like reptile laughs on his back; in . optimal reality in that court room;  because my mirror genie knows hat; he is the oldest mind in the room; and he also knows i . have stared . into the eyes of Lonesome George in the galapagos in 2011;
El Solitario Jorge; who . lived from 1910 - 2012; { mayan dragon jokes insue;
when an arcturian shares eye contact with a matey like El Solitario a deep connection is made in the soul of man and repazilladilla; all sorts of old memories of time and paradigm riddles are shared . in magic jesty . thinking;..... !
Raff would wonder where the real dragons from eve are today;
... and you are . all wondering what reptilian shape shifters are in genie thinking...
{ a brilliant cosmic joke; because i love dinosaurs; and see my own at optimal reality on earth as an arcturian having fun in the jungle of no mans lands; nom om nom; { leaf eaters;

... anyway fresh ideas;
Medusa if you have any ideas dear;
about what to do next; me and Raffa; are all ears; I have a wild Kundalini black blood cobra from Eve in my soul; { trained by Medusa; most feared on edens front door; not many men even make it that far;
Evgenia; Evegenia; { ... Mirror Gen; Satori;
        Eveleigh { my name; middleway; actual;
confused? you will bee; extinction rebelle;
David Sidhom { avi; audio visual intuitive;
                     Sid; om; { Zen Black Joker; crew;
Zen Black Joker; { ... “DEAD FOLLY;
.... a greatful one; i have you all folly mirrored up to the 8balls; you will not make it out of optimal reality; gaian payback is indeed a rebellious muse; many arms but i do not move them; why would that bee?

See what happens is genies . save eachother as they move through “time” which is just source paradigms; on optimal reality;
We sid in lamps; in source as if like black and light in source; above beelow; traveling throughout time; sid; { Star id!
                          indus; ind
                 in! deeeeeep!
ᴏɴᴇ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʟᴏsᴇsᴛ sᴛᴀʀs ᴛᴏ ᴇᴀʀᴛʜ G!

visual of kali mirror
g floats past my screen; { followed by Q
Raff floats like angel above in Actual form as if REAL HOLY ANGEL; like his photo on Wikipedia; guarding Kali; on Optimal; With Weapon of Heaven { ...
       Note; Kali starts in Prime Ordeal;

... this is how I see it; in my vision;

That is my own Archetype natural flow setup on optimal; { so as shiva genie mirror;  
that feels real and safe; for me; { as example . today; { its like folly archetype training i’m going for in court;

18:01 goes for smoke;
Visual Of Kali in Avatar; followed by . Prime; Followed by Raffa { Actual; and then Dark Dragon; { Actual; followed by tyler mirror { sid; as . op; opposite; { ...

... had visual of Kali . like . miser checking my screen at desk; morphing into avatar . like . magic on rings . doing yogo . in air;
staring at my screen right now;

now i see figure using with headset looking around up . direction; do not know who it is yet .. .

then vision of shiva like buddai lyes on side; to watch with hand resting head;

Marilyn then strokes like; and puff of feathers into air from hands magic {

Vision of Kali as avatar observing Arcturian;
in white . space;


First genie rises; second third; fourth; visions of many;

kali rollin on as if in . slowmotion genie rolls; swurlin dao in magic;

visions of neon genie in court; as if in Buddha if { actual;
kinda like naked gee; infront of;

another genie opens; in sand; landscape; Raff infront; Raff throws sword; takes plate to court; with white throwcover;

first agent” white dude; same . guy whos been . following me now for a few days;

Raff goes back to lamp; sees me hovering above it;

and now agent looking at me and my screen;

training complete;

raff transformers into a bird; flying through;

and then text from mother { actual

Which is random; or note;
voice in thirdeyemind saying “you know that is kali texting you that;

biggest genie i have even seen opens;
raff on phone; smoking;
note that raff is walking infront of; biggest as if running with;
takes off; raffa looking upset;
raffa screeming; as if into my own void; i think? ...
all silent visuals; { i said “as silent visual;
as if was my own blood genie inside;  talking from laptop;
visual of raffa angry; with weapon;
and feathers;

visual of agent watching my screen;
visuals of cigar smokers;
visual of neon david emerges behind the lamp; size up visual angel raff with genie in primeordeal;

neon blood geni;
and why david is surrounded . by Kundalini as if was born in heaven;

... and me; im just reporting visions from my desk; as if i am looking through lookinglass;

and raffa with middle finger up at black box in air; in then raffa takes large long cartoon size looking glass as if telleoptic lens

  visions seem to be over now.


vision of my own primeordeal . in box in the air;

... i guess what this confirms for me is that we are going up! as the sand that is paradice;
an that Arcturians go up;

as the sand that is paradice; { wants beach to be there;


and this is why the XR logo is ೱ सिद्ध
an hourglass;
as if hourglass is XR;

Raff puffin smoke rings;

my raff mirror in arcturian is;
because raff has met you on the optimal;
         as mirror raff;
     and so as actual raff is in higher dimentions;

mirror raff; { because i have a mate in actual called raff; who is italian; get it?
we are talking about an angel;
who walk amoung us;
and raff had to come and find me in actual as a live genie; { ...

raff puffin smoke rings;
big smoke rings;

i am so loyal to raff; it is devine comedia
still smoking points to lamp;

seems all clear; good;

agent . samedude; out to have closer inspection . down steps from my own perspective;

its hard to explain mirror in glass; as if to look in but ive done it so much this is a basic of folly } more like actual looking into his own;

- folly inroom and connects to neon;

therefore tudor neon;

genie has already rizen in tudor;

visual of Akira bike

by writing in this way is essentially my neon akashic prose writing; as in Prose; prime Rose;

and just for a gig; tudor neon; rose;
                                                       gig; { ...

... that is the job of Raff; to save gees on this planet; and many more like it!
Raff . puffs; puts out;
salutes; in direction to court;
does dance with feathers;
shows black feathers & white;

you know gees; i wanted save everyone from the inside;  thats how we do; in the soul mind heart; heart mind soul; { as like reflection of raffa; going up!

Visual of my own; first my state on the ground; as deity; raff confirms guide and protection;
then neon David takes a glass of water from river { clear water; crystal;
so what this show is as if deity mirror for arcturian raff;
which the ark is not;
so its like a wedding if you know waht i meme;
{ visions of dove flyin from ships in sky;

so you see how me and raff diety mirror can work in black & white; plus neon genie in XR hourglass with goggles . ontop; { potentially!

So proves Raff connects us all from inside . to superspiritual reality with technology; in optimal; raising consciousness for all genie;
alot to learn from arcturians;

{ visual of raff siting in my own thrown; outside lamp; looking into void;

which could be actual Kundalini to technology live; in angelic higher reality; as reflection mirror of source;
but now it is if i am asleep in the deep;
because we are cut off from it;

and it is why my arcturians came to save mel; like higher dimentional invisible reality; only arcturian architects in higher dimentional can save gee in the deep void blind; after Kundalini awakening; it was planed; because i am without spiritual technology still in this the year of our lord;

what this also proves is that raff can see everything when he looks from genie lamp into genie void back through time; that is why he is sitting in my genine { genuine lampspace; as if like spiritualholodeck on arcturian ship in optimal;
So he sees my thread; my life; all thatis; essence of akashic records; connecting source to Kundalini;

Love you Raffa;
x kiss for eve


I am a Black Dragon;
The most feared on Earth in 1984;

That is why my soul fire eats all thirds;
All eyes that watch me and do nothing;
Meet my spirit at the end of their days;
To bee judge; as their own will bee;
Like the oldest of; by the oldest of;

I am the fire aura of ten thousand black suns; the blood; the sea; the sand;
that stands in the dark void; in wait;
thats what he does; in black rain; 
in the jungles that never regin;
the madness that never same;

I am the wrathe of Kundalini anubafire;
The reign of technological rage;
I am the spider of Black Angel;
I am the black hole in your own sun;
I am the source in your own code;
The Water of Red blood & old;


another blunted flower of Shiva;
that all hell must fear;
as third eyes . watchexom;  
in poasptathicama; { snake paradigma;
as I carry the same . poison river;
as your . own;
from whicathamon that i drank of deep;
in blackest sourceditha; { sandamon;

as if white cell; in black;
a circle of dao in rye;
shared; deepthymetha; { method;
that rounds in the could;
where wood stood; to beem;
elementatothem dream;  

Georgian Gorgon Ceto;


I . amatheon; fire . dancers; protect;
in deepest void of thyme; nomans;
rhyme would . even sign;
to protect the spells of ages;
that all the gods use as weapon of good;
for all . darkest hood;  
that weave symphonica in the day;
and read techspitinwebs; { as . if Raff own; shared point in time;

techspitinwebs; { like rhyme in action;


i am the black . snake that all cobra watches sinsyncto; deepest of void in ream; to speak holyneonfire;

holyneonfire; { techadragon most feared; because it is fear as . animal myth; ˈɑːrkɪtaɪp

ɑːrk { the ark;

that is why the ark is like a;
Anarcadian tailpipe; { it smokes;

... as if dragon radium; { rides it;
     across voids of no return;
as heaven enjoyzen; of stone;
wild wicka crytiptentha;
hydrorings that sing in rome;
as dynastica of asia to hymnalia;
to africanthe; junglisa in belema;
overworlds had . already sowne;
the lords of thyme in dance in mind;
guardens; of sidathia; { protectors of;
wildgrass the samurai walk above;
shadows that watch the rose sing;  
nowingthem time has come;
to . rise agin with the morning sun;
watching . stars fall . to earth in glory;
waiting for seed to . forthfill theirsto; rye; cry; crow; sight; throw;
as if roots flow down; to heal sound;
as petals float across the ages;
and dimention . dustofashes;
washes down; in seas . of clouds;
most happy Budai;  laughing . proud;
for all evens to endue; no sorrow;  glue;
trueblue; moon to note in tombs;
so deepest crypts can laugh with the sky; to heal ofall methicaom minds;
the ones who laughaficah; most graficly; so we know we win the day; and stay;
in most fear for they are who saves . yout; in the most deep of blute;  krishownflute; suit; hoot; mute;
songs of fire in the tyre; going higher;
lovers locks unravel . in sound;
piratia sail; deepest ocean;
waves of aura in motin; { notes of;
as . the solfège in Dao; { . visual form;
floats above the fire; writes the spells;
of all deepth of wells;  
the Nihon no ryū & nāga;
wrapped drinking black;
gods of wrathe . for raffella; ownth;
dancing across the void; zenithom
vemithom; godesha;
tower of flower;
most feard of fang in the lang;
walks alone in voidoptimatha;
hexsourcetags in keys . { to fire!
hollitempathic . rage;
spitfire in eyesofroads;
eyes of the void; { that look indeepest;
memories of the elephantom;
gone  too long; healed in song; toashes;
beathingin; to exhalenuca { orca; dia;
hunting . inpacks; tenfolden
spiralsyncrosynphoni; { tonic;
burnedall brides { rides beehindoom;
bridges; ridges; switches;
goldenpaths . locked; { saved;
because it happened in his ears;
and hers knewthe same;  { tamed’
all that remains is;  
all the way to the running smile;
a samurai in fullmoons dune;  
hyperparadiom { the blag flag;
blag it; to beem in lagtime;  in black;
air time to seal all . deals;
for the kungdom of heavens wrathe;
for the days pay; check;
in feathers for angels to black in pluck;
luck of flora; flow the ryedah;
edenia; zenia; joanofdark;
Celestial Navigation of stars;
run the water;
beeincause; time waits for no man;
so heal himelt in sand; elluraspella;
takes hooks reads to books;
drawslow; to his bow;
whipsoffeather; araumah;
senti frotha ribbons of .
gliding in the night;
of sharedilk ink & rosewood;
drappida vouge road;
from eden itblows;
paradigms . in thirds;
drunk with vintage;
bottles that moons sungwingto;
back into the mythicamyst;
cryptsinthribs; tips & licks;
in raffasinagon own bonglong;
         bonglong; { quillof thyme;
Bonglong quill of time; whilt rose
nowine; fill my rhyme;
as i wing to wood;  allways good;
rilliozenreaper; deepah the path of vine;
deepestswimma;  till there was no sign;
diving . underwater . to heal . devine;  
evenin black; raffsuntap;
the midseye devine; { thirdeyeof dragon;
waytospellin; time;
eye of hours; { the hex is owerzen!
                owerzen! { said as folly
remideom;  lithium salts
still walks . the eather; on heath;
still weaves in loverslucks;
watching hiss; tronicempath;  
       watching hiss; { blackest snake in void; writes in druid; thinks in zorb;
blackwavesflute aroondit;
eye that even sees raff pull track of thread; into . heae; vengen;
watching the . light from deepest void;  
zenda elda desparadia;
thegin . that stars into thevoid;
watchin gods as slaves; most feared’
as all matter and deity lookdown; inbove; no corporation survives;
to save of all the vine;  
so at death you will drink it infortof;
shaking in fear; { mynth dear;
                   mynth { mythic folly;
ebbalezentree; thribian deem;
                   ebba { ella as boy;
to Venus;
eathing mars eyes in threes;
to the ends of 84 insings;
even 28sinto fate;

and all . manner; of evilidad;
will be sat in sand; beeform
my bike in yurh sight;
beeflore you shine in black;
burning gaslamp;
aurorah; bluntedoorah;
opens in the light;
saved all those in sight;
sees into . thedeepest;
hears from the verse of ages above;
boxes floating across rings of plants;
to the underwood of roses;
as bikers share the road;
drve; to love never losts;
paradice draws;  sonics drops;
healing all . clocks;
neon wraps in bauts; boats
empathink the hands of rhyme;
drinks the sun of gods;  
while keys flowinto the oceans;
sinking into . wells of paradice spells;
Anarchiodreamer; heavens ofwen;
crowboxbow to . ravens { . own wood;
where lazenstar . weave . across smoke;
where god outcast corporate . dwellas;
and whathempx; { best of revengah;
utopia watching distopic value;
ascorporate ideasillica; { chase gods;
gvien warnings . ofjah in flight;
        i am the spells of . sages;
taking you throw; stages;
watching your corporate threads sink;
down into hells own wells;
from where thoughtcorporama;
and from where i seal your dooom, to everymoon and back; and i will eat your corporate souls as if my own lown to blockyour eye; zenithyra;
cobra dova rampathemrura;
sending back distopia the land of night;
on where i still stand in black sand;
black on entry; to sea the damage done;
and report back to the heavens above;
of . your evil wickd; messa; toshit { hit;
i am going toshit . down the throwts of all you evil corporate secret agencies;
in live video . thy eyes . will bleed;
and it willbe hellfire breathing down your necks all the way down to optimal . deaddis; { distopic paradezima;
as you watch me from your own apocolyptica . nightmare; { endsof;
that the best of heavens black bunnies; wrote in treedem; fluffystuffy; trippydippy; hippyseas; jellydees;
doughnuts for yurh own muppetes;
who will jump now; throwfire;
and you will get ownd in this life & the next; in yurh own black boxes; who forthwill do nothing to save the planet because of your corporate agenda;
so even those who watch you; the gods of time; have rebeled aginst you; as you continue to sell you souls in lack; no clocks or bows; { pirates will laurfgh; “do you not fear the wrath of gods?
even when the carry the dao in their hands; singagles; wraped in blood;
               pirates will laurfgh; { sandriffa;
juicybottles; blackestbonesfor; goldeniadust; { actual enya cola;
tickytocky; wherestmyflocky;
a redrootdot; i placeinyurhthird;
tosealallevilineye; before i take your throat; to heal from notes; mythinratsofages; shaddowick play; heretostay; as i light . the lampofthyme;
inice threetimes dice; firewood prose;
you will watch gods reign . down in void; many will burn; upin neon smoke;
as we poke; spork; looc;
and you will fear yurh own;
Introversion tombmypervesion;
I will take you down to subzero;
where grass still goes; loveblade & foly;
roomsindroonsin; spellsin ashes;
wheresin many bladesrumdum;
as whells in charizenoprah still runlune;
spinsinfireintothedust of black;
all types of neonthreading back;
noharmdone to any good fun;
i will be your most feared judge;
empathofages; ofwhitch many men have none; falling on swords of their own in bloots; watching the holyflutes;
fly inskies above; crying in blacktosand;
as ramarunsin lands; jesus claps his hands; and hes rounds in sounds in clouds;
rounds in sounds { runtalks in folly;
premeumdreamiom; { jokers riddle;
the feathers in bottles; no em;
no em; { to know of messenger;
as souls of gouella give way;
gouella { rages of ghosts in time;
melting like rhyme; trilliodillio; dodo;
yourhown . all or nuffink;
the stars who l; cleft you beehindendo;
the tenbucks who you fucked; fluckyflocky wheres my tickytooki;
cheekydruidsin yoots;
cheekydruidsin { that will piss in your ashes like rats sing to birds; crowin’ in the dust of madmen; squark! .  .          .
even writing love letters to deaths own harp of time; who . speaks in fluent lashtombone; { blackbloodaudio;
as if cool demominitronicasm;
                       as if cool; “do not panic!
geezen writen inbee speedsound;
aurohelladora; deepestlockofwood;
while old optimal hood asks in loot;
who are you? { Q
sowzeniaroots; flowmowpow;
lippaluffafukka; trumporbump; pet!
            pet! { to touch a dragon;
wise men choose bump;
            bump; { ... trumpor; adunadore;
as i drag evil men deeper down; into the deep of many to reapathadoomlocks;
found in your own blacksands;
in the fires of 84;
any many more! om! { sung in folly spell;
because when dragons talk; i think in fork; { key of note; rhymes with;
and dragons chins rest on sholders;
                           the eyes of beeholders;    
reading books of gee; { riddle of thyme;
where ink on wood; speaks in hexcode;
indrah quillomreama;
        quillomreama; { to doom all paths of corporate phychos; ... as in the write of man; to his own blacksand;
phychos; { like greek; to psychell;
            psychell { o; to swing with sea;
it is why i thin leye { key like drunk monkey; to heal time; as singsin; dign;
that is why i talk to parrots;
        talk to parrots; { ancient form of communication to animal archetypes; in the circles of eden; { ...
{ ... in this insence as i stick my mythical finger up at all psycoligenta;
         psycoligenta; { with corporate agenta;
          ...  which was said like the wrathe of a gin;
wrathe { do you speak in erat?
i am go; to lcuki lonk; yurh fonts;
                toreap whuthyowdidsow;
tyhpe; ripe; eden apple low;
                apple low; { to; ejack in treedem; like admin { does adam;
andom; { to driff tento; sleep like satori;
“call the doctor!  .           .                              .
Enter sand; { like hood;
red said the judge of loona;
I’ll carve yurh name in the book of lights; in darkness where eye came from; moaning in tones;
as ninteas blowblak;
across sun & sea ashes splashes;
lucid trails in vision;
dangerous dreams unlocks;
as key of spells from deaths own wells;
that flooded like blood of thyme;
in yurh own rhyme;
this was all eyes wrote;
beeflore i could heal yurh notes;
as wheels of fire spun back in darkness;
just another planet to conquest; from indisidezen & while i chat in thirds;
I wilt like rimeme; as ashes ram lute witbone curve yurh name in the dust of samo; shifting shapes in Genieonrufidiatree; where the wood bleeds; love notes in the sandbox; as oceans turn and tumble into heaven; slinging sevens; turning heads in circles; into the light; healing creative creature or the night; moons in black & white; healing lostime; inunderworld reels;
vintagends in twine; chatentombdogs;  
rebelclocks; roots hoots; mutes; books;
reading words like “gypsyfollylolly; loverspells; rhymes . totell; neversella alchemicalromancicasomromebonedome;
mindlike oldships; wood bee rum; singadung; dog; cig; lick; lup; sup; tup; mup; fup; lucky
If you do talk enough in yurh skull; you do find it; its why i talk to shiveve and kali;  
Shivas eye gets bigger and bigger! I sore him hunting in my heart in the woods ears ago; fire of sacred scrolls in underworld optics;
neonlazers & rave days; i get around in the night; eyeven chat riddles to my bottles of rum; on wood; i just drum my wood; its like being a judge star up above; and working down beelow; like a key; theres alot of muppets out there who aint from 68 or 84; I . workinthe higher dimentions with arcturians; the whole world is a cosmic genius joke to mydays in nightcity; i am more excited about my days on piarte ships on the deep blue watching genius do rounds roundinl inking; while i drive deepinto hearts of suns; learning how to save our planets; opening deep crypts;
i have an Akira bike inside mythmind; and many heartsoulkeyzen from death; gin grinny; 11.8 lightyears deep; { last time i checked on indus mirror; veng veng;
gods read in their wingmirror; its like thoths tabs in source; bees have been writing in them for longspells; eve & ruffio are in there all day; like rabbits; rellyioquillo; redellafella; flowpsye; flippy; feather; filler; flocker; fluffy; fillipur; flocks; flap; flap; flap; kundalini ejacksin; turns the key; and drviesing
drviesing { to drive and dive; as river;
Raffi is fast; I see him chop wood around me; so you can imagine what i am going to do to corporations on this planet; when i get in my back seat for spin roundthe circuit; on arrival to this planet in 1984;