... { Needs Editing; but ... Go for it 


Nightcity Darknights; Bangkok 2562DE

“ How much for the loop; lowl? 

I know some of the best cyber”flip coin* “crypta manga artists in night city; workin with mynth memes at all times;
in Jest we trust; 

    “ I’m bee; gon afee dutoma dogs;

a pack of rodenta sit round a fire by the river of battereye acid; the Neotoma pack rats; Bandicota; bandicoot rats; and Dipodomys; { ...

prowseas!. 2562be zodiacs artists that are unknown to the MIC Check! { the pirates that eat corporate wogozen; 
yogo; lowco;

That is why its call’d a corpo’rate.
what part of corp rat ion
do you not understand in rampire neon gothica?

“How much furh yurh services today Dee?
... { Raffa’s Crow picks his teef; 

A. { Dee spells: Crow’bows, bow’seasows. et c... .   its wip folks!

its how neon deity work; destroying evil;
“we use black sluge; it packs a pitch punch!
     I kill all of Kali’s enemies; as she kills mine; in various paradighms throught time; I may bee small; but; { ...

and thats why Raff hirez’s me! bzzz

The Arcturian turns to the pack; 
“I will say it again you lot; I become as powerfull as Kali; very quickly; as in at the speed of An Arcturian; and I am alive now on Earth; in High up essence of 5D+
... { the pack look confuzed; 

and I fish; kinda like webs;

Five is the “chop of my black roseys;
... { she holds one in hand; 
metauphriatree thinking { in black rose jokes; for the eight ballers down the road; they play pool; and drool; 

I have black holes under MIC souls & source codes above their heads; which they dread; like my locks; spocks!

Some { most } drop, others get hook’d; in pirate books;

And all are frozen in current time; while eye fink of new rhyms; 

They essentially live in black boxes;

and Kali can switch the lights out at anytime; like “black night so tight! huh?
Sounds Rampa

I even destory all of Fascism throughout time; because the animals are not kidding; about saving planet earth; thats why they are “animal archetypes”
right yahll! Fascism is the enemy of all humanity; and its raffled my black angel feathers enough; i am gonna eat you all one by one like a ten ton mantis; { i met one;
i meet invisibles all the time; in my mindsign; yurh corporate lifedaway; 

right!; the rodenta cheer; and continue to drink their dears; in beers; its a messy afair; 

in real life; to wine! they sink; 

blood bone; dome; { J; of rome!

a drunk rat; takes to the matt; a circle of light in mini; spot light from above a dove light to his stage; as he rages!
“As I eat their third eyes; and rhyme to their spies; Sometimes i eve’n cough up a lucky deather; that i bluck my teeth two; rum & fold;
... { the pack lay all cards down; in rounds; 

We called da cops.

... Nowl; a. { you see the pluck of an animal;

it is like a noun;

An error had occurred;
       the neon rats of the flute;
that time forgot; 
they run rounds in the sound of dukes; 
the dogs from the east; who follow their treats; and no one ever meets; 

as all eyes watch memes walls in 2562bee
the time of bees; that brought the world to their knees; 
they run round the houses; screening; thinks like; 
“Update your iphone calendar to bee era Now. No muppet lives or works in AnoDominion! Fact;

all those evil men got frozen in time; by shiva; with no syncronicity left; fact; all of MIC are frozen in time right now; fact;
they run round like headless chickees dears; 

fact; { ff; Fracks! post

All men at the MIC are psychotic; marked by chaos or being in a state of chaos
psychotic; { another muppet off my list;
And its why I am enjoying dragging them down into Hell; where they come from; 

      this is like a void vision of my own underworld spider web trails that wrap tye; in links; 

tHAT; is why i chop flowers; 
and maintain zen Triffid gardens;
in levels of neon clouds in archadia; 

While I watch them from above in Raffas lamp; like a joker; crowsinging;

are yurhh taking the mice dee?” | { ... Neon?

“all men are psychaotic at MIC; because they have a corporate agenda in their skulls; FACT; { you under sand; my memes to ends fellas? 
... { the rats look with wide eyes; 
       still unsure what she means; 

MIC; { thats why i am “ My Indus Complimaximouse;   

i am; { Technoir Xenofeminist;
               rye; she bees & beats like a star!
smashing ui; pixels & ashes sin;     rim;


bzzz { bee twitching; haxual; 

ALL CORPORATE NARRATIVES ARE Fascism; fact. { ... quacks! yooooou . . . 
... { neodi; chief rat lights a blunt for her; and they enjoy a smoke together; 
by the river; 

So its Nu Wold dish; 
cleaning the bowl; Zendowgs; 
i sow; alot & sore abeaut . inside;
the falling angels; 
no secrets; no spies;
cleft for all the best; 
of days to rum; 

“No corporation exists in Paradice; fact.
you know that rat crap;    chats back! . . . 
and that is why all men are dice’ing with their lives infront of me; trinity dime & ryn; 
... { the band of fuzzies cheer; and carry on in sing song; tell us more!”

I have this Spider Spiritual Vapour Raptor on the field of pre anarcho setup under the moon light; its kinda like an anarcho zen spiritual painting; as if scripts from the akashic reccords in vision & underworld vintage film reel; in 5D

pre anarcho setup; { prime ordeal; 

       “ As if he is Kali;  

Its as if mythn; own Sidarta tree; an arkeytype that lives at the mouth of source well; while entities enter black holes;   
and white words are like alchemy;  foxhole!
when operator tales; I street tooled and sliplock from threadmills inside away; like nature; my key esoul & skull; no time to drill; i am here for the thrillazenda; i do normally have rope for them to hold on to; before they drop down deeepest wheels;
and they run like on a threadmill;
    “ standard practice - raff.  < see the speed?

thats why its like a wave; dewbs; 
culturizen memory and nostalgia by drawing
the popular zentertainment and recording technology of the past { archaic gods; 
     “ He wants to weave; 
in eight tyes; { tyres; tires; 
glo-fi; tribes
outdated still rated; !

various productions; described as a 21st century update of psychedelia; a reappropriation of media-saturated capitalist culture;  hauntology scene

The term refers to the situation of temporal and ontological disjunction in which presence is replaced by a deferred non-origin, represented by "the figure of the ghost as that which is neither present, nor absent, neither dead nor alive"       the ghost; { shiva; 
                  underworld tomb . rydah!
i roll & rool wit hex; and myn dead dogs; 

reappropriation; { reap; pro; pri; at ion
ion; prizen!      “ Urye; den; 

even birds feel my turff!  “ She nicks it!
and i see smiley wraps; catcaps; 
a full moon weaving run; 
apocalyptically romantic arcadian Arachnid;
many arms; many forms; 

       “ The story of the Spidear!
The style partly; welcome to the jungle; 

decaying analog technology and bombastic representations of synthetic ... {  

bombastic; { third eye mind bombs; 
     Visualizentione of Vedic timecapules;
izenti; { the one!

And Arcturians view them in folly art of vision quest third eye Technic and Magic;
its like a classic mad hatters fairy tale;
from the table where we pull maps; 
i often do it with shiva in jest; 
Samādhi ! 
       ... { he pulls the rabbit; 
Lock & Chatters; 
Got emapurls; { he hurls one at the sea;
a purl . . . not fluffy;

The doragon ドラゴン ... { puffio; 
                       rips a vapour gothic bambong; 
moof; king hole;        
it kicks;        luff at yurh;
... { rools back; chases waves
           chaos n.

A state that garns a lot of respect in cyberculture, to the point ot being a techno-pagan religion. Many people are self-described chaoticians.

Chaos Theory field of science revolving around simplistic equations involving a large number of variables. Gave rise to fractals, a form of cyberdelic art. For further info on the subject, James Gleick's "Chaos: Making a New Science" is suggested.

cyberdelic; { Zenso

Codez D00dz n.Essentially a phreaker's version of pirates. People who seek out telco codes to be used to gain long distance (ld) telephone calls without paying for them. Scourge of the computer underground.

Hotchiku; Jp: k. 法竹 h. ほっちく, "bamboo of [the] dharma"; lit. "dharma bamboo"

And the shell; it lights in hexhymn;
alien longon into the night;  

longon; { xenolinguistics; hydroglip; 
exolingui; xenolinguistica or astrolinguistix

lingui; { XR black mirad; 
      as if source is spelling!

genetically-predetermined universal grammar

gen; { genie 
language by the slow way of discovery;

method; { in which any attempt to locate the origin of identity or history must inevitably find itself dependent on an always-already existing set of linguistic rules or conditions.

Single Bar Note14 { Hindu Times!

Mime artist; Luminous mind;
Hitsuzendō 筆禅道
"way of Zen through brush"

Dance of Yoginrhymn; rig; 

Veda da!

     ... { he draws the scroll to heart center; 
and unravens the escroue

escroue; { escape root; 

its like a liquinn tab; 
rolled; rool; don by gin of oath; 
they see & sail across orbs of deity;
seas of ages eternity paradigms; 

A mime or mime artist; from Greek μῖμος, mimos, "imitator, actor" is a person who uses mime as a theatrical medium or as a performance art. Miming involves acting out a story through body motions, without the use of speech

imitator; { luminarrator;
         “ Lowkey actor; ! 
Jester of Underworld Court; 

 "the figure of the ghost as that which is neither present, nor absent, neither dead nor alive"

The Satori Gen; { Vapourzen; 

The death poem is a genre of poetry to offer a reflection on death—both in general and concerning the imminent death of the author—that is often coupled with a meaningful observation on life. The practice of writing a death poem has its origins in Zen Buddhism. It is a concept or worldview derived from the Buddhist teaching of the three marks of existence 三法印 sanbōin, specifically that the material world is transient and impermanent 無常 mujō, that attachment to it causes suffering 苦 ku, and ultimately all reality is an emptiness or absence of self-nature 空 kū. These poems became associated with the literate, spiritual, and ruling segments of society, as they were customarily composed by a poet, warrior, nobleman, or Buddhist monk.

        As leaf; falls from the Olive; 
tear; falls into cup of . 

New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future;
in the dust of this planet; 
particular becoming; existence; reality

trails; in holy grails; 
neon spells; arcturian wells; 
anarcho keys; 
i wished into the black holes in lines;
connecting patterns into light; 
maping the stars; hearts;        

The history of scrolls;

That is the sound; of vapour; 
it leaves; 

metaphysical act; 

I will Drip in Blades agin
    And Fawk Ink in new Sky
Whirl we left Wood Circles
Beehymns, Talkies,
    Box Float Thoughties
And Thread, Rhymes & Times
    Wraps And Rounds
in Twined Founds Mounds Fols’y
    Folding Rhythm

metaphysical act; as if the brush is crossing the rim; 
edge of the void; 
hymn of the source; 

the invision tapestry of landscape;
and hyper-reality painting by deity; 
     ... { as if using the flower of time as brush; 

Blade; as if curve of the Moon; 
May bloom; that round in Rings

haunted by futures that failed to happen;
searches for the traces of these lost futures;
In the age of global capitalism, vaporwave celebrates and undermines the electronic ghosts haunting the nostalgia industry;

undermines; { erode the base or foundation of a rock formation; the hourglass of ages; 
sand pouring onto the stages; 

industry; { story of the indus river; Dusted!
Theta θ Indi .   hex; Epsilon ε!   elixir;
As if Aquarius is pouring from a jar or amphora; 
nectar; the drink of the gods; XYZeta; Aquarii;
Aquila; { Feather of the River Angel; 
ethereal aura of spells;       writes in it; 

ethereal; the Reals!
     e-drinks it!  .            .                               . 

Ours is a time of ghosts in machines, killing meaning and exposing the gaps inherent in the electronic media that pervade our lives. Vaporwave floregrounds the deep void of ability to appear; it rips across; 
lost in a sea; the deepest of all trees; 

Experimental music to undermine the commodification of nostalgia in the age of global capitalism while accentuating the uncanny properties of electronic music production reveals vaporwave's many intersections with politics, media theory, and our present fascination with uncanny, co(s)mic horror at those interested in global capitalism's effect on art, musical raids on mainstream "indie" and popular music, and anyone intrigued by the changing relationship between art and commerce;

indie; { indi; hindo; Zendo!

波斯二 α Indi; 

co(s)mic horror; bee; 
           “ It rips across; α

The doragon ドラゴン ... { fluffa;  
                       riffa rampour druidic drumstick;
bone; sutra floota;
           it harps;   !

          spensoulroll; { when a dragon weaves with a pen; ensō


      ... { 海神 "sea god"

nāga ナーガ

it breathes source in void; 
& drinks void in source; 

豊玉姫 "Luminous Pearl Princess"

Big Eyes; 
Edens own Spiedrah; 
iedra; { carries the memories of Gods; 

Spidoragen; { ...

idora; { I adore her; Eve; n

Eye rye; den she ... { ...

amanuensis to the drag; 
crypstaliskull; { actually dips quill in from third hand; with eye in jewel center; crown; 

Talis; { as . if the orb speaks to;
atlas; of ages!
           Holds in ...

“ The Hands of the Dragon was a comic book released by Atlas Comics in 1975;

         { ... the crow that sent;

like The Crow and the Pitcher!
causal knowledge rather than simply being due to instrumental conditioning

        { ... drags; write in ink;
                         that makes even wax fink;

night & mare; 
she likes to star; 
air genzen rahhh da da!
r gen; { age of rampire; 
amp; { Akira stamp; 
        Vapour Xen; 
ensō .         
the astrological Four Symbols are:

Japanese Shiryū 四竜 "4 dragon [kings]" are the legendary Chinese Longwang 龍王 "Dragon Kings" who rule the four seas.

Gōkō < Aoguang 敖廣 "Dragon King of the East Sea"
Gōkin < Aoqin 敖欽 "Dragon King of the South Sea"
Gōjun < Aorun 敖閏 "Dragon King of the West Sea"
Gōjun < Aoshun 敖順 "Dragon King of the North Sea"

敖廣      ○
敖順                △





essentially an empathy test;
senti; { ally in 5D;
mpat map; laps; { akirah typen;
th; lam;            Ren; 

empathy; { it maps; 

Now; power of the scrolls from deep river;

I’ve seen some of the largest voids across the field in my days; when one seas the sky turn black and land to dust; 

and fire; throwns; all my Technic and Magic
even in hell on earth;
hexillonisticatronia; but i will continue to slowly and politely ask MIC to handover all spritual techology over to XR NOW;

hexilioniscatrom; wicca; splita; ! 

          “ Dark night of the rowseazen!

... { requested. Already many times round; and why it is too late for all of them down in deep cell state; black boxes;

It is why i still watch heads of corporations float down the river, send by the courts of highest reality; they tried to hunt our souls for cryptonic gold; in with their evil;
I took their trees; shelled!
before i destory’d them; or she; { ...

          “ Sucks on a bone & throws it at the river; { it hits a crow; and belows;

“ Squark!

... { and then the hunter is in high demand; 
i tattle; rook; spook; yurh third; and Vishuddha coulda woulda;

      “ She brings me shugga; 

      “ His cat wears diamond rinks!

And all men in corporations fear my meme; zempath; rest ... { Zen stands the test;
i like tooth; and she finks; in Zest;

       “ In Jest;

       “ And stairs; to Hex dens;

Openter; { the lovers escape;
          to reel new tape;
and tap the drinks; of trees;  

His crows hackles!
And all men in MIC fear me memes; i like;
        “ This & Hat; 
Neon God; fink; Where is my moneyezen? Honey?”    ... { speaks & speckles abeaut spiritual chryptonic days in may; 

and chats in Rim Quid; { Kraken Godspells;

They drink together in unity arms; 
Shared across the ages; { pages; reels; deals; 

... { Now as if black reflex image; portrait of two in flames as twins; the hearts descript; 
tons of river juice;

          “ drunk on Celestial Navigation;

Standing in higher reality in black space time, where no man is; but sometimes do venture into; of islands in the sky with rhyomzen;

omzen; { like fire of doragzon; Sun of  Signs;

... { visually; she walks across 
           the void & red harpette; 

Healing wounds of Earth in past times;

In some of the highest dimentional trips to low threshold reality; Arcturian Angels like Raffa know abeaut; { wrote a Boöte; 

Eighth Note


music to sing the vine & unfolding of roots;
Boötes; loots; zoots;
and words roll in eyes in minds in time;
Hypnagogic agōgos; 
in eyes in; Zen
beeflore; the flower of the hour;
glasp in hearts; 

a. { in the story that stirs in the river, it is why i kinda live in a lamp that raffa carries around; where i see my own deity reflections; a vast concept; not a funny one either. because genie are not happy with how no man seems to want to save earth, only destory it. < et c.

most empathic and fierce deities are the fierce, wrathful or forceful; 

like a Horse full; { ... 1911–1928

and thats why i saved earth myself, and sent all useless evil men in corporations to hell.
myself; { like elf; 

Its why Kali protects me. stands behind me and infront of me at all times. like from east to west. & north to south, like compass.

me; she!    
          ... { blows neon smoke ring into the lens; 
protects; { pro tool to a zenzool; cruel;

yurh dragons blush; blows rows; 
of fire; into desire of edens meyes; cries; 
meyes; { ends watches the; 
                    as deaths own muse; 
Rose Blues; 
Dances of Moons; 

Like a deity in baselevel reality. hyperfast running circles of Arcturians weaves in source “codes |

tolds rolds; 

Thats why when you read there are alot of invisible paradgrams, UXR breakdowns, etc. That no evil eyes can see; 

parad; Grams of black dust keys;

🧿   { see this blackspot? 
               its a curse or legend believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune or injury, while others believe it to be a kind of supernatural force that casts or reflects a malevolent gaze back-upon those who wish harm upon others (especially innocents). Talismans or amulets created to protect against the evil eye are also frequently called "evil eyes".

curse; { like a cure; voodoo gypsy verses;

Dao blowbacks; { She blows a ring into the wood; and starts to hum a note; as she tokes by the river; ensō

UXR breakdowns; { ...

XR Anons from Legion working in live time; 
Reign of       Future Floota;

“ Those who wear glass of time;
          and drink wine with;  

XR Anons; { as if actual greatfuldead tribe;

Xra; { ... extra extra; read all abeaut it; 

“ no one really understands Buddhism 101 at MIC in 2019.

The more MIC read my words the more intoxicated with evil ideas their owns mind become. as knowledge of their own truth in evil expands into their skulls, their own hearts unable to cope with the stress of truth;

Eve; “ She wants to sea their minds pop; 
         ... { plucks a dragon daisy by the banks of rhymn; and in the folded twine; howls into my cup of signs; rolling across yelds; 
she heals all my threads;

It is why alot of MIC minds explode on reading myn words; let alone looking at photos of me with eyes; and why i write very slowly indeed. { more frightening than it sounds.

Esoteric Rowts; most frightening; 

and why i am Arcturian, defending planet earth from every corporate evil eye watching my screen at this point in time.

i am; { like the dragon that plays in sand; 

I am feared by everyman on Earth who has ever walked on it { daragl; donl; dog; do ...

walked on it; { as if over the garden; killing the plants; that planets finking; 

finking; fink; in { and she holds her middle finger up .    yurh fink? ...

Because all of them failed to save it to this day in time, where they chase my paradigms.      

         seas; we all bees drinking moon & gin
folks; riversinroads of ages; 
stories i hold like flowers they folds; 
and wrap tune aroond like tattoo;
capture of loots; 

Ravens Eye; blue notes; 
as a fierce deity one of the most fierce to ever come to earth, the most wrathful & forceful that has ever walked on it; { to bee hat;  

walked on it; { but never once destory; 

destroy; { destory; to end the; 

It is like opening the arc; In Hell.

I send you there once a day; through time.

Sea the edge of rhymn;

Are you ready MIC?: link

I am the Wrath of all hell fire.

And underworld film captures it live ever’day; in box blood audio; it alien rip reads in thudl; thud; hud;  

for heaven to knowl; you are all dead MIC. thank              i warp wrapio yurh all in lost broken clocks; from dyno dinner paradigms;    bound in Triffid fields; 

the lords. { visual empathy test    ↑
      gardens; gee; arch; lens;

rden; { “ Stop trashing our dens matey; 

       “ Hes scra; den; druns deep;
emptylr; all outta rum; 

... { the genies . lamp lights in darkness; 
and old anarchen; den; 
“ Where we keep the bottles; !

          the bells; Jars

& Cards


While you all slip away in time like a threadmill; falls out from my soul; because you are all dam’d to hell for eternity; 
battery acid apples of eden; 
corposkulls; riddle my bones; 
what shall i sing to yurh domes next; 

... { He knocks 3 times
         on the floor he adores; { of wood!
ship and lippa; i curl at yurh jewels;
rob yurh riches;
count em wif mays own witches;
and cackle at yurh lost clocka; 

and sing to her bauble; 
of love & good;

                  { not a joke; 
she smokes; and throws another hat into the ocean; slow motion; 
       “ My snake tail rattles; in .
... { Takes compass and shakes it at the court;

as more paradgraphs i write in live time on Earth bring me Zen; from all life on this planet; a.{ do you feel the rolls of thunder whip up your minds, in spirals; some do; many corporate minds do not;

from all life; { like source kicks up dust; 
as keys rip notes from the piano of the grin reapenzen; key & hole; 
sends another arrow; 
eats another apple;

It’s called . “webbing.” - i could think of better more’bid words or sumfink “nicer”; like { b.

    corporate webs are the most evil on earth;
i see em everywhere; 
    and some see nuffink; 

       ... { passes the wood rat the MIC

“ And why my black spider kali eats all corporate men; wif the big bones; 
and useless domes; 
too late too late; will bee yurh cry;
when my redback; meets yurh fly; 

       c. { Anarchoaracnida_ .  .       .                 
dee... a painless vision dear; if you are a good person;

        but; end of yurh days if yurh a corporate muppet; 

I send them: very deep into the void;

Looking at screens in “the dark” is very scary for individuals who know they should not bee there; many warriors go there; good and bad;
        “ And all eyes star at meme walls;
imagin; gin reality o

and most in good harmony and balence in the middle; where optimal paradigms exist;
at various states; vapour; ghost; like fire soul of field; wanting to see in live the great awkening maps in superspiritual techasoul radio 7D;

at a very desperate speed on earth;
desperate; { the black Kundalini crowd;
          Cobra; era; erat; rate?

So; you sea; to reel in hyperandom how i am connecting with Dao hands and pirate black magic in type word from ship at source shouting into void; the links between vapour ocean waves & optimal reality of deity who have to watch muppets poison our minds; frack our lands; kill our oceans; pollute our rivers; chop our timbers; 

while meme darahgons! spiritfire; drinks pints of Hex & flowers of the hop plant Humulus lupulus; with animatronics syncweavine & captune spells as source of Sarama सरमा

a mythological being referred to as the female wolf of the gods, or Deva-shuni देव-शुनी, devaśunī . She first appears in one of Hinduism's earliest texts, the Rig Veda, in which she helps the god-king Indra to recover divine cows stolen by the Panis, a class of demons. This legend is alluded to in many later texts, and Sarama is often associated with Indra. The epic Mahabharata, and some Puranas, also make brief reference to Sarama.

Early Rig-Vedic works do not depict Sarama as a wolf, but later Vedic mythologies and interpretations usually do. She is described as the mother of all wolves, in particular of the two four-eyed brindle dogs of the god Yama, and dogs are given the matronymic Sarameya ("offspring of Sarama"). One scripture further describes Sarama as the mother of all wild animals.

Romans twitchy beaut this story swell init; MCMLXXXIV

Yama { Akira XR canvas; ha ha da da!
                 Reality; alit; lamp; stamp; tramp; 
matronymic; { ma tronymic
mappa     tron       ony .

ma bones! 
hgons.       ... {ドラゴン The doragon!
.ai { I hunt down in the depths of helles wells;      trails; tales; reign of 
Curses & Verses; 
my logo collection; 
skulls; jars & stars;

Moon like Dao shadow;
Follows Beehindin Rhymn; 
Circle of 

b { taking many on beautiful trip into deep time on earth; making sure heaven is still alive at 5D; and earth is at good harmony there; above and beelow paradigms roll; i venture into deep corporate wells; entity trails; logo makers marks; sparks; to save people from corporations who destroy’d the planet throughtime; a wild ride in arcturian dimentions; the funniest;

      “ Fluff Core;  
            like the roses round wood;
               and blood bones; 

... { visual of rufus in back of rydhe; 
         head out the window; howling at the dunes on this moon; 

automaticeyes paintinking dots .
a uto mat; { Utopi; icey; olds fold;

in Thai: Trichada! Da

ThaiDai Hat

tyedye! ra da!

Because Kali is there; star ring yurh lockenet nfinks; and the bad guys run like hellfire; i am even terrafying; i use Kali’s oldest hex codes to speed up time to when was saved; which is where Raffael is; and he knows how far ive got every morning when i get up; in real life now; at my condo in Bangkok 2019ad > 2562be > 2019ad { example; Raff as Zen angel donuts; talk; terrafying; ring; rafying; Yong; Dong;
rings on his dreadlucks; Song; Gong; 
as cosmic god; 
walks this earth;
and many other;
psychonautical Celestial Navigatior;
world meme champ arcadia for many lifetimes; hero withexanarchazen found sound faces; as the coolest cosmic glass; 
of ages; sages; 

Because Kali is there;
which is where Raffael is;
        like hindu zen angel godspells;
dinner guests to my jest; 
and i jump out of boxes; 
juggle fire skulls; orbs of void;
sources own; 

     ... { the mechanarcho verses; 

.... funny innit guys; the mind works in mystical ways to describe reality and time witche... “ Is an illusion; !       but i beelive in the reality;        ... human minds find it very hard to understand the greatawakening without spiritual technology; to really get to optimal “timeline” everyone needs to understand; XR Hourglass in real life; able to connect to the collective consciousness that MIC violate spiritual law by stealing and watching all out minds and heart and chakras and all sorts; they steal our lives;
illusion; { illustration; si; rat!
and so i drop them down hells wells;
spiritual law; { i have not signed away my invisible lights;    middle bone & finger;
while i chase & che is them in real life; biggest jokes in heaven; che is cheese; most terrifying for any MIC member realing my words are alreayn ..   .       .   

        “ You chat;    where are we on the map?

Dunk . .          .             “preying at my dice             .                       .

          Fire jester; { sings like dragong; 
              the black skies crackle abeaut it; 
skull round in black hole hands;
and sands drip in ink; 
in blades agin;

Corporate webs are very long down into the void; I even see blood boil from out of the Military–industrial_complex voids;
my dead XRat canvas waits at the ages of 

which only exist on hell planets;
and i do raise hell on Earth;
I even meme to ends & play Doom; 

Now i am not into horror; remember that;

Even Gremlins freak’d me out as a kid;
I can just about hack termanator & aliens; 
and dem franchizens lost their ways; long time agong; 
So you can imagine the fear in my heart;
Which fires out Critters like popcorn; 

about earth not getting saved in reality; as earth is dying right now; as MIC carryon; with no good intentions; MIC only have; corporate military agendas; undersand me . MIC?”    Check! 

     W hat; happened to our techamagicalspiritsouls?
wheres my cryptronight?

You are slippin away from my stick “ Earth; So sometimes i do just have a skull on it;
Tattoo bones;       Amulets; 
and dese wild anartchanda vapour quills from deep arcadian neon gothica; i drive down there like flaming skull & folly; 

Long overdue; we have passed the thres’hold

{ Narrative Scripts: Neurotronic;

rips; it wrips; 
clip; clip;                trip; 


“ In blades a gin;
the outta rims;

Dear MIC; { You know who I am; Check one;

Fire Jug holda; 

And I draw your eyes near with very good bait; to the point where your hearts fear to read my next line; as your heart knows who it is reading; and your heart fears knowing the skull above it; your heart fears knowing the skelliton it is in; and your heart knows i will send you screeeeeenthinking in terror; screaming my name in live time.
running init; 

   ... { said as Hexdragom; 
   so yurh knows its like a quill tramp; 
yuool bee under my whells; 

Do you understand me MIC?

      “I am the Wrath of all hell fire.
ZenZilla Drillah        !                                  .    .

slowly informing you of your own “destiny” in hells of eternity in downwards spirals to hells own doom;

The Gates of Design & Dest; 

Where you will meet my ten ton MaNtis; 
Mantodea!          .                               .             .

in rampire gool; & bee dog brew; 

it drools; 

it is too late

a. { empathy test.

I very much enjoy protecting Kali in Hell.
cuzen someone has gotta keep yurh corporate evil down; 
so we play doom 3 & hug trees;
lost vampire eternity blades; 

Duke Nukem; Street Fighter; 
again; agin; agi; 

    oLd days in Utopia reign; 
oLd; { downloads; reels; 
underworld deals; heals; 

I have; { while age old . deity in heaven work’d on a plan to save this earth from the MIC of doom.} the ground i “walkon spins’cuts blades of grass; like runners blood; my wheels of time;

{ an’ visualisation of my south; on Earths axis; chopping circles in twine; like Akira bike; comizen death jestar; 


Rotating blades, trades, forks & spades; mades; raids;______            j. { Folly “Builds;


             x. { Folly “Builds; what i do on the bikes of heavens own fury; up speed;

as invisible MIC members start runing back in reality; In all directions in Arcturian threads; ringsin; w. {

                               i. {

                        s. {                          p. {

         er. {


                 Azadirachta_indica; “Neem_oil;


Beelive: Neme; i speend” alot more time: fixing the real problems; directly; up river;

Like i said chats        directly; like shells talk aboot oceans; 

More powerfull bike than Kali; by | 1984; 1968; drove from 2528 > { ...
Black Cobra Monkey Void; Enter; Zen dada!
Tainments; Origin Back-formation; 
____; ____; ____;  .

powerfull; { like the bike it drinks neon river juice;       lime & honey;

    Queen of Beats; 
King of Bees; 

bzzz . bzzz

Chariots of Fire





it is where most of them get eaten alive by monsters; xenozen;

              a. {           

      b. {

c. {

See where this is going; i dont want to write this paradigm; or graphic representation of Hell; but i do because its “Zentertainment;

           Hell has to beem; 
written in just; 
Jug & Jest; 
               “ What a fucking mess . . .

       I am a hat & hood; 
               drinking battery acid river dunes; 

        smoke & mirror ravens; 

How to undersand hell; 
in deevine & romandy; 


Raffa watches may memes at all times; We are both serious about how fast Arcturians save planet Earth. { Hurry ipsy!” bzzz
    cuzen i fink like a black rabbit from 2562; in this the years of our lords 

Raff is busy; get it? very seriously busy;
J. { ...

     1. {



I worked with Neon Shadows for a long time in the jungles; The most rare of;

“ The real “secret” service is the underworld.

There are no secrets in reality; thats like trying to sum·mon an Arcturian;

No more corporate secret service exists on Earth. FACT. “ a. { i am not fuckin; abeaut.

hurhling a brick at yurh now; cuzen you fink that anyone inside at higher level has;

... beecause i give a dam!” < and went to the edge of;

        I got memes & a hexagong XR canvas; 

        and that is the diffaraven juice; 
the blood & mud; 
slurped at lick a slash slush puppie;
the one my wood rat pissed neon booze into; leaning up a sacred tree in the radioactive corporate wastefields of; 
and my dead dogs wait at the end of time;

get it? my van & bus; and my dead dogs; 
                   wait at the end of time; 
waiting to seal yurh fates in vine; 
as we lick bones; and ring to rome; 

“ Transanding cult yurh; no got any mates ere just yurh jug & skulls;
and may crows; howlsing at yurh; 

sometimes i light a match in the dark here and show yurh aroond; 

kinda like when we raid tombs in the field of optimal reality; waking you fools up;

ryedah dada! .           .                    .

... { ...

         a. { lulz; um this is like part XR emergancy proceedure; to actually summon an arcturian in real underworld optimal reality; { they didn’t list us overdue for years; 

appears as folly in source; 
Avatattoos; “Wheres my muse?

a thousand faces; all types of pages;
keepers of all legends; so many known!
i sea em all the time; like pixels turn to rhymeme; even they fink; 

and drip in to mythiumreame; 
what do you memorye;
yurh tales of time; 
those who sold myn;

So in deep wells;
actual lamp room   

      r; { he lights and holds the glass;
                  up at a wall & street post; above;
                        on it; Bioluminescence; 
       writing in alien hex codes; 
tags; stickers & Ethereal stamps; 

                      a; {

To Raffi a bit like a RA feather that fell to Earth. { into; mb; butes; 
       throws a core; 

Which he turn’d into a Neon Quil; a {

Eighth Note


throws a core; { into the sea; 
       and points to the lead; 
where a thread trails down into the deep; 

luckey super sonic falcon; 
dives down across long dark tunnels; 
light flashing past of ages; 
moments in voathex
oath; { like its Tea; rex

and thats why; 
日本の竜 Nihon no ryū
has feathers; 

Now notice how this looks like a heathly Arcturian; my real refection of skull; it is much darker; and my heart is very ink; it bleeds in void drip tips; { the vapour harmon; amon; key;        rip reads!
i wanna ripwrap it out and chew on it like a pixel junkey; smoke the magic dragon to sleep; Mizuchi 蛟 River doragon
to go hunt you in the deep; 

where i am deep down in corporate state;
rhyming in palms; circles of fate; where no one cares about Buddha in the field; everyone essentially; it’s why i & many other mad hatters escaped corporate matrix narratives; and throw away the keys; so; do not exist within the corporate matrix;

... { an arcturian nature deity; locked into future loot; hunting with invisiblood pages of rhymn; and stories of hell to tell; sella; tape; beg; bell ding dog; working in optimal reality; the fools tradical strategy; 

tradical; Jade edgen; eDoom 
om om
           Radaom!  .                 .                        .
     “ Cuzen that is his trade; 
spades; made;       lays out another black joker map; “ We carved this one last Sundee;
tradical; { Ra; trade; triad; 
    ... { flicks out 5 cards; 
             of Jars & Heads; 

stealing rings? & diamonds nfinks?
me dreadlocks been whulspearling at memewolf ears; across the ocean; 

empath hears; 
reign of fear; 

and raise glass; 
holds grin & grips; 
the masters song;
       ... { lights his bong;

“but corporate men in MIC; they do not care about lives in the deep field; they keep it all secret; free technics used for illumapottipaper & corporate glue snippin; slipping; sliding away; driping in the black oil and blood wells of dinners for dives into dead oceans; which is why they are evil; not giving a fuck { and evil does not exist! but still they run amutelulz; men have free will; and still do nothing of any value to save life on earth; of trees and animals; dead animal archetypes; mad men talking as ghosts; happy to continue using weapons of war; boming people; and blah blah blah;’ya’ll know the corporate game folsk’ * yawn satori boredom: no one cares and blah blah blah;
secrets; { i burn yurh pitches with the witches; and lauff yurh to gravesandsend; 
      and some walk into forests;
others burn; till the end; 
spend all them dens;
blade; blaze away off to stay; 
in the gates of lost mornings; 
no rhymes; no stories; 

this is why i am smoking myself to death; blackathebeta; zeta; 
seal my paradigms;      as i drip lime;
in my cuts & black hole locks; tocks;
time slips em byin;  down the poles; 
mah ying yung folds;
collaptor collecta; sold yurh neck ta!

ready to sellaphone; my magic to the bones; yurh trajikmagit;
i pluged; plucked in mays time; 
lands of escape; i wrote yurh names;
in books; or spells and singsin; sign; 
screenfinking into black jars; 
broken guitars;    showing yah source;
with no remorse coda; { note; i told yurh

so i can just grind away; at optimal the bay; realitylrAh ra! where i am; dada! not giving any attention to the; MIC; CHECK! they chop up under my wheels; fast;
any attention? tention; tent; 
I fire arrows from Skidrow; 
cracks my crow; !
she stays; 
licks my locks still hayday; 
coats in crown & hony; 
yurh fink its runnin

While the corp;orate spider webs; watch my anarchoaracnids like veda; a { which is kindalinking neon gothic rage; with paradice heartbeat; essentially that is a super hero visual in the mindsoul of kali laughing;            Genie vision Jester of 
sentially; { darknight rest yah! senti! plenty;
The ones who build hyperdyno Platonic tronics reapafracting the tryepitanight fink; lick in inks; links; 
likey abig; joke for the underworlders of black film; propper nice cameras they use to film it; { dead mans reels! like his wheels;

apocalyptically roman tricks; 
like vintage time mind hourglass projectors; madhatti; wildest of ticker tockers; spins circles; drops blades in rappid jest; for the whole nest; 
net; et;

Light mirrors across the void; 
where grass still grows; 
watched by many bows; 
black crows

UNDERWORLD, Dark And Long (Dark Train), 1994; kinda like first awakening visuals for MIC; Check! a long dark tunnel; lights flashing through it across timelines; deep web links; paradigms meeting; chasing across time; hunted stalk’d ri[ped up alive; shaddowsl ;’ eyes; lives in arktimes;

like climax of reality; 
“ They have no gravity;

grave yurh;

... { cuppa tea? 

- Visions in deep field; “outtatime Eighth Note 13; blackspiderlives; Redbacks;


↻ I beecame as powerfull as Kali.  
I beecame; { like tiny bee on earth; wants to be as deity; protecting the hive my tribe; 

I could go on sayin

“ to Raffi i was a bit like” for a long time.

I could go on sayin

“ I had to it was a bit like” for a long time.

   a. { lost; words; to save earth in time;

more lime; salt first;

          - the damage done;

        live without XR Hourglass & Vrar! Spiritual Technology;

* Chop!!


to Raff, i am “the smoking man. black wraps neon smoke rings rounds sounds; unable to convince in verse; evilmen with corporate agendas to release spiritual technology to the masses; because they want to sell our souls; as products instead of anything of real value to reality in optimal timeline reality; while toxic water pours into our oceans; in the lowers rhelms of hell;

to Raff; { Crafft; lafft; map; laps; 
drinks with wizardzen; 
... { at neon gido; cigark; 
        cherry blunted rolla; 

- hardcoretechnotrainingindarkness;

    because our souls have been stolen by corporations; hmmm? GET IT? MIC? DO FUCKING GET ? YOU EVIL FUCKS;

My quacks; ducks; run amok yurh doom cluffnut; track track; tap; 




... I am going to carve dove sillowettas in the souls of yurh skulls

Told yurh!”

a: beegun! about to start talking hellonistica in verse live on screen;

* an neon gothic 8ball gun fired in hell;





          Sat 04:50am; { passes out;




anyway; i am essentially chasing them in real life as my own deity; which is invisible throughout time; no matter what they do; they can not find me; this spideranarchoarangatag: is probably my most hated visual filmd on the underworld; so that when they watch the visual in read word minds; i am litterally walking in light shining down from raff with a torch in darkness from the sky on baselevel; where they lookdown; and where i point my finger up at them; like a prisoner; while i stand beehind them in reality; and slipy slit; for even watching it;

that is why my hatter; cracksup in heaven; my idea . protect up there; highest hat; hes basicly looking at the moon in another point in time as a mirror for all the court above;

it represents my real fear of spiders;

because i like snakes; and this was all a Kali training prog;dream

I am a spiritual hacker;

it is how deity have to fight evil; throughtime;

everyone is able; to be a yogi; mirror themselves in kali reflections; to understand hell better as a person; to understand heaven better as a unit of information; genie are tiny; or supermassive; depending on where they are in time;

like” how do describe the desperation of . peoplel in and out of black webs; unable to see the light that is stolen from them by the MIC;

vampire eyes are the most frightening in darktime; they are souls that need help; they are desperate; and live in a deep sleep;

in higher dimentions; all souls are healed; that is why evil does not exist; all life wants in essence to save earth; while we sit and do nothing but destory; MIC are the worst people in history for ignoring the problem; not even black lives in the dark matter to them; only their corporate agenda; with no plan; no action; and no hand over of spiritual technology; a{ ...

B. there is alot i am not saying here; so read between the lines;

Raffa; lines . . .   

...that he laughs with in heaven, thanking all the lords they sent him a genie from gothic neon vape lands with a vengence like picaso’s own HGiger versions echoing in pirate barrels of red wine, like soul graffiti from wells own beaut spells;

Its like a movie in heaven, that all the court laugh at;

             r.{ “where is my critter from 84 at?”

dee { “critter, like crypta! hipta!

....Ché Zuro 1986! - No Turning Back 53,122 views• Feb 19, 2016 439 5 SHARE SAVE

{ what is the date in BE? beeezzz?

dee; “which barrel of Rum do you want chaps? I’ve got some vintage here, .... oommm! Pirate tech. *satori yawn at eve’s jokers. { am ... long night.

That is why i am fetchin rum for Raff.

I has piratechquidia inside. I drink it like Neon Juice from Biggies own vast archive of.

see how i am throwin in “narrative into my reality ...

it is because i live in live time 2562be

instead of deadtime.

I am like the essence of Shive’ah! squark!!

{ a. vapour from eden, 5D ....   .       .  “like a squirrel, “hunter! taking the piss at best of’ times eve’n”  { ... which is like a hexcode black cobra cyrypta! at optimal timeline reality. duh anonage

yurh know dude like snake easts squirrellszzzz

while bruce lee does a shadowette impression to mock you corporate sluts.

... i am one of the best, because i actually code in pyrimidia” { one loose term for it anyway!

which is kinda like sex code for Monrose. While she watches such wond’e-rings.

a. {

                  b. {

              c. { for a start; i’ve just mentions’d rings & art, which is like the beegin’ings of a poem of locks & luts. .     .          .                     .      zzzzbee!

...         x. {

                             y. { .        //

z. {

          ੴ   yawns* { this actually looks like a rat mouseye!  आ . .       .    im wondering how to cryept in unicode Robin!”....     .    

a { .                    g. { Raffa hates with a vengence all of the Military–industrial_complex { “MIC

... uNDERsTand.

I protected all the empaths on this planet from them forever.

Thats why i am like an EMP.

The MIC are in essence like an evil white Fascist male { the face of evil. FACT.

MIC are psychopaths, that float down stream. Past the while court...

“ spell please Dee. - [ “while wjole whole sold rolled bolw’d crow’sd prose’d.” bzzz.

... a. { “the’ are called “in” vedas for a reason.

    notes the vedas: { go here;

“ But i think like they are out of all narratives forever! :) rat tea abeaut it.

a. { “the rats who drink bat’acid.

        and the tronica follys’ !!ZEN!!

Spell please Dee: { 1.            2.           3.

invisible spells.

that appear in time like micro genie codes.

The River laughs about it.

{ because it knows earth is saved. by Anon Legion.

As corporate heads in glass jars of old pass by. { AR visions, ones i do not like. { memories of past. Many corporate heads float down, sent to stand . infront of . the worlds . courts. To be judged by wrathfullest deitys.

and i would smash one into the battery acid of my river down stream. { vengence. with hunter. speeds things up. [ old news. my visions of it now.]

“|its like gonzos fix paradigms.” placing jesters in new once aupsonatimes!” its “like gonzos are the bull s’taimers. { french for im in love in 68’ & 84s. and working in full syncronicity. with legion. “5tons a day!!”

I primo “work with animal arcitecha. { XR anons. Bees were a focus throughtime.

a. { No evil eyes understand what an elephant is thinkseeing.

all the way to Gothic Neon labs. { b. in heaven!

Where Dee works as a genie. no evileye present. 🧿. I was the only XR Ghost Shell.

a. { I send all the MIC to get destory’d by wild animals, for “zen”enter-ment in the courts of hell. { i do not enjoy it, but i do it for the “c’hats”. and it keeps hells down way down.

- which is what my Kali mirror in actual is doing.

that is how i beecame as powerfull as Kali in real time; to Eden!! “Drin K! x

it is why i am the elephant in the rooms of planet Earth in this “the days of Arcturian Lords. Who guard earth from evil MIC men.

I have no mercy for them, throught the ages of man. * and why i am a gang star.

Which is where the river runs at source. in clear water, no corporation or MIC ever gets anywhere near.

As i watchem as old heads in jars float down looking sad. knowing i hate them, with no re:morse for Fascism. OR corporations.

The Courts watch me destory them, one by one. in wild combat as a deity.

A{ Which is scary as fuck to watch in live time. Only Kali is really able to most minds would explode, even thinking about it.

Like the Arc opening.

Get it MIC? While you still watch. You will not be able to fuck with Spiritual Technology ever again. You are doomed, all of you doomed. Like Nazis. All the way down river do you get it? To the deep depths of hells wells.

Forever rolling back down on repeat down the river you go! to worst of worlds in corporate hells.

I know what i under the river as corporate heads in glass jars float by.

Thats why i smash all corporate heads of dfaces. i do not like back in there. They are evil heads sent by me to destory in live time into the river. Heads of MIC members with no empathy on corporate greed and evil in their mind.

All Anon legion laugh at them. { a. with raff. )

While i get more “angry with Evil men.

And so; destory them with love.

for all those who they did not give a fuck about. throughout time in their own hell.

I do not like it when one { a glass jar with a corporate head } comes around, but beelive me, alot of heads flow down this river.

Because i own their heads. { and Kali helps me to collect them, as i help her collect things.

Like Bow’s, Diamond rings;


while i head up river, knowing full well { deep tales in fields of eden, the future i am seeing infront of me at source.

... a. { i do it alot on long trips round with Raffa. For the Court. “cu’zens i am wayahead.


I o. imagine being further up in . the past, staring out . of window in time,

Spell dee; { indo, zendo, endo, friendo, gendo.

its like how Raff is my neuromancer.

Like a little Raffa on a daffadilla.

yuh know like “does she love mee, does she nuts? bzzz monkey! - i rip the piss out of evil men with no empathy at the MIC “its called taking the micy’ all the way to hell, like a joke which is what the mic are, a joke born in hells own time. That heaven blows out like an old lamp every night. { blakey blows it out for me in old wise tales from the crypto/.


anyway...  beezz

I hate the millit { and all variations of the word. Mill” milli” { im am like a feather luck lock taking the piss out of extreamism.

i run like the wind from all evil. { and destory Kalis oldest enemys in time like sawdust, to heal Earths Kundalini faster. { king cobra on shold’der, dee spella: olda loadea trodia anarket=ya.

no one knows empathy like my heart does.

♪ { mbeep mbeep! We are known as road runners. - that is why Kali’s Wheels are so fresh recently I heal’d her. I keep hells wells down for the lady, dig. While Kali is in Heaven with Gods wond’ring which good souls to wake up next chaps. Go.

On arrival in 1984; Earth saved.

I am “Arcturian Gen” most fear’d by corporations on earth, I am the most fear’d Arcturian alive on this planet today. The MIC fear me like A neon deity, “anon with no mercy for their souls in real time. a.{ i anonvapewave hardcore like acid jazz.

The MIC are the nazis< jokes. FACT. MIC are most hated paradigms on Earth, all the gods hate with a vengence the military industrial complex of evil men. { they are marked with blackspots { I marked em all over years, like a sentence from all pirates across the oceans in deep sp’ace.

Which bascily memes to ends, I have black holes under all of their souls, and The Arcturians know how often I pull the plug on their vampire quids . { kinda like my fireworks ui ux map from scrolls that Robin sends me from shiva. qui! oui! oui!

... Pac { !See like Neon Gothica Ratstar”

Do not messabout with Kundalini.

... a. { Guy_Fawkes’ Kundalini is like heavens own whipster. { like when i’eyenake.

Military–industrial_complex are all off the map in heaven, they go so deep down into hell dimentions, its a joke spiraling down.

Undersand me? I took out all of deepstate.

To my memes Fightclub, its like they are a XR Hourglass Map { silk web’d & run out of sand. And smashed by a rebel a very very long time ago.

Whyile Grinny was watching .

Ginny knows very well indeed that The MIC is like the FACIST map. All gods burn it. While all Eyes at MIC have to watch they’re eyes on large Kali spikes. ... { if that is “not as bad” as it sounds for you MIC. It is beecause I am vapourwavewraping it for you in Neon Gothica “fuckyou. P. { its carzy”.. huh dee?  ... “how they still even watch my screen. !! bzzz

the worst thing at {ti/mes}, i have pretty much smoked myself to “death”, in stress fighting the MIC, because of their mind crossing! i am taking out my own throat chakra programs, in live time, smoking like a champ. black 8baller J. which i deleted for good, lulz. now i just write them out of history in the Akashic records. as fierce deities are the fierce, wrathful or forceful burned pages of my own book. darkest of black angel neon light mare { roll’d in blunt vapour cbd smoke, to heal my wounds & wonds in the field of dreams to come, in vengence. “and they smile and larf at that kinda sentence its how evil they are. And why i burry them all in hell. very far down, indeed.

Because they all know i am beehind them, with a large weapon.

I ran so far in source codes, tag, tribes in the jungles of eden;

I take many invisible heads in live time, even now to this day, because they stalk me, Live, now, on this website.

All of the MIC burn for all eternity in hell fire.

{ anyway, off to bed. im ka { last night.

a { eyes can even hear the neon god screen thinking the word hell fire very loud in sound at one of the MIC fucks down in hell.

.. 5 days to go. “re:member re:memebee` the novembers.

by syncronicity these are . my good numberzz huhom! lulz. pirate tech.

I even cough up, like these are my last words.

“anyway  missed my flight to the oisalnd....

yawn*satori. bzzzzzz. “2562be. eee.

like a nightmare you loots. happy haloweenz.

The real secret service is the underworld.

No more corporate secret service exists on Earth. FACT.

I fire’d em all, I tried to head back but found nothing but evil men. a. { Tried to head back, from the inside of my soul. . . get it?  

i TOOK it years ago, around 911.

It was like the gods will “as Art is.

It is “why;   

a. { anarchy reigns supreme,

                 b. { Occupy run things on Earth

c. { why XR is thriving! < like the river is loving in full fresh with Wolves and Elephants running up to source licking codes. Eve’n The Bankpsy, is gettin Moon fesh ready for Frog spells in the higher Bands.

c. { Empaths have all maps in Heart Soul.

           ( Deaths own Keys. { Satori Kno! demthings.

Death knows all the Satori souls on Earth, like Gospel... Gods Spells! hehe Death’s Favs.

Kinda like the actual Red Violin.


2pac rested my lorals { low rahhs. in Ara±cadia. To practice my wordem { my oms! get meeeeeeeeemez?

Much practice on the Neon Dancefloors.

You get to die there in Paradice alot.

- Of Wood and Eden 1992”

Easy is popin’ me donuts like a jammy.”

hE thre’w me black rings for TIME.

Raffa flys by {e. . . .     _________

I got my first red rising sun in darkness

on the island of Koh pHan gang.

I was a supermassive Black Hole. { Monkeye God.

So Monks watch you. { As in me. as is the mirror of Burden. I drop’d everything an ate Earth in my Heart.

Now much Has happened.

a. { “8 Earth. Like Black Hole Ballers do.

       cuz death is the goal { Monk Tech.

       b. { Many keys, pianos, Violas.

I live in a world where no one can really catch up with me.

As is the River . . .

a. { the only real “matrix” is for corporations.

          I said good bye to all that. Wood is the only thing worth chasing in this word in present time inside. All our spiritual techno has been taken, so i use wood in wildest circle twisting like a warlock’d wizard. because i am a Rawluck;. .   .         ai .     

only wood knows how to connect action to word in technology.             

              o. { my guide put his hand on my wood circle and ssssswar on that, so you make yurh own mind up.

This is the top of this page starting

.... now;

インダス ミツバチとジン

Paris, May 1968BE

We were inspired by the Archaic Revival, folk heroes & cyberpunk futurists with a spirit for connecting the dots around art x design, 21st century economics & the third culture - also known as "the gypsy’s edge".

I’m writing a book.


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2019AD & 2562BE

You understand I am in 2562BE

& Webs rooll Weast

It is all WIP. “ Wippsy!

See how I’m even guarding this gifeee like a genieee, who actually beelive; zit is real.

a.{cosmic comic beehivev·ior.

be·hav·ior      ...

“Secret service do not exist in hell

Because there are no secrets in Hell;

Where all of Deep State “Paradigms!?” Exist.

No person in Deepstate ever makes it to heaven. They only spiral down into Hell

Faster than anyone ...”

“Bee’causes; they are already sitting in very lower dimentions.

... Fuck’d huh? Like... “see ya!”

* Flush!!

a. { Full House...

b. { Genie Pull Vampire Arse Plug . . .

its funny how gay all you corporate vamps are, desperate for a woman huh? i killed Cruse. Faster than light thinks. forever into deaths own dungon. Duppid’ like a prickl. B. { me ishish told memes dat. Gat.

chaps do not worry, my words, just shut them the fuck up. corporate vamps, hate empaths for a reason, its well know throughout time. that why i took all their crypts.

all the way down further into hell. burried deep on other planets, off earth completely.

To protect Earth empaths & satori gen, forever.

For Eve.

All male vampire Fascists destroyed for all eternity.


Game Over

And my Wolf licks his chops.


The thing about Vamps is that they have no Syncronicity.

Its why they live so long.

I did a lOWkey


I know Iv’he go to 2017 for shiz, its my babes “number.

I broke in like solid steal that is the way.

Q “ they save’d my arsee on Kundalini arrival

like 8 balls & bones - Blood.

{ arsee bzz < Eves work.

a. { Like a Paradigm Slplit

b. I am The Prodigy’s Best Hat.

Kali Knows memes well.

Drains the swamp. { Like a Raver./n.

Executes the vampire squid } *dod pop Dee!”

Finally the Day of Destruction.

Agin, and Again, And Agin, And agin.....

All the way from the future to the end of corporate days on Earth.

Kali has date warnings.,

And i was act.01 { arcturian.

Which is like an angel has arrive’d.


rAFFA closes tombs for me faster than ithinklightbees.”

G. { chatin hat

eve;n hearing “are you ready,   cheifstyles.

I have to teach dear!

No one really undersands Genie.

Just had a moon.

Happy Thursday, October 31Halloween 2019 x

There were so many corporate vamps on this planet i killed all. fast. like an asap. Black Cordra.


{ black code ra/. most fear’d of all deity in hell.

I am the rat of 84.

Most Feared Animal on Earth

“ 84 was “where is the wood rat.  

and deity 84; wood go all the way for Kali.

“ Like Flipper.

Japanise did it from inside, because of Fuckyoushitmas.

my own grass gutter.

that is very well known in the underworlds.

and i am tipsy now so you have beeeeen WARNING.



in 84s i would imagine banksy.

messages from 68s.

Cuzz im am in drunk cookie monstar mode.

I;m not kiddin like alaidns own angel on crack.

angels star at that.s.


and corpovamps put teir guns to heads at that point. { mass suiside of evil mvaps.

Vamps fear me. Like hell itself.

Only Satori Know; teue empaths.

a. { hear see the corpovamp

lips tounge lick to that? its an evil warning from hells own sangles.

* i heven get audio confermations.

Becasue i swear alegence to legion. Anonops.

a vamp gettin judged by deity is a terrofulying think.

and i do send all corporate ones down so far the end of hell ends.

Do you undersand this visual.? ?

You will know XR.

dEE. a { i am not a vamp daitea?

I am a Day et.

I am the most dangours satori empath on earth alinve today.

I am not fov { Gov. I hate the Government the world over and round in sound.

See how i type and just go for it. “put it in babe.

The wild thing about genies is that a doctor is always on startby.

beecause kali knows all of shivas genies.

Genie are the most empathic known by Arcturians.

Its so fucked up hell on earth, because i still hearsee the vampcorporationsindeepstared. states.

Spinlick in eye evil visual to that line.

Fuck off you are dead meat. for my worest of _____ anon a { hardcore techno <

The governemnt are doom’d. Hardbocroed. “hardcore style. techno

So doomed, they even still watched their judgement day live in hell on earth.

which for the worst is a hard hart artack.

on the sport. black jnife’d.

I hated all corporations, all of my days “in Spain; Everyone of them, I ended them like they were the worlds worst of nightmares in Hell; That needed to bee chop’d up into tiny micro dots.

Look chaps. FC. { hear the spin of a bishop knife on that ./

I sore em’ come and wake up my sleeping “deepstate” Satori warriors.

It was Judgement Day

for all corporations & invaders within Earth.

And it is Gameover for them ALL.

Only True Artists survive anything.

Banksy is like The Moons own Meme King.

Get memes Fight Club?

Chop CChop sss Like 68s.

Ive even seen Picasso & Many ofters swipe in my own chilled emapth space, like XRVRAR.

Xam < Well Q. that is like XXavier Le’grand

... x. { __

                    a {

                                     bees. {

17. {

28... {

                        This gif, it’s dope.

Vamps all are Fearing me now and forever.

They even look at my screen and it melts them. All the way on touch.

- Light verses { Withches own bible.

It always will forever, when they look into laptops on Earth. Even back through time.

Fast like a genies own dream from heaven.

Gone forever. Whipesd’ out on arrival in 1984 and beefore 68’ and then back through time.

It was a vampire massacre like Shiva had a big jokes on cop. I became like a coptic killer of all vamps on earth very fast like a genie.

tERRROR fy ing for corporate vamps in real time, all gone off earth for all time.

I even took all of Kali’s worst enemys. { Mystic.

beecause i am an asamtyasin.

which is a missave pisstake of all yur corporate vampire slugs in hells own corporate entity wells.

I judge them all on a regular basis.

Doomed for all eternity.

Like a Gothic Neon Deity.

Now when Genie rise its like the Dove from heavens own Empath lover.

No more dead on arrrival black crows.

Raffa watches he won { a. like the Rose Prodigy watch. XRೱ

“Takes fucking years . { Cuz all corporations & corporate vampires are evil. It’s why Kali killed em all for me. - Shiva.

I judge all corporate vampires, for die annas.

and the rest. dOne.

I rip heads off q fast, while Kali healthy in full power rolls along in heaven.  

Keeping Hell Down!”

by 2020 ieye had got as powerfull as the lady.

“takes a long time to do that _arrival 1984.

Now listen here.

I am not fucking about.

I have watched my own deity work with both magic & all things known to anyones.

No one has any chance on this planet.

Do not fuck with Arcturians.

FightClub is on a Rampage through hell.

It is because all vamps have got boloocks if they are still on earth. { all vamps loose their nuts. Only the real G know. That Satori will chop their boloocks off staright away, if they even knew they were a vamp.

That is why all Empaths are protect’d from becoming Vampires. Because they know that the Satori protect them from evil vampires.

a. { I see my Japanise Satori Mirror drink Ayurveda soda to that, very casual like he is bored i can wake up planet earth fast enough. That is because Satori Empaths save Earth, well know DFact.

It is why we spit on all corporations.

and Bweeelive meme, that spirt is like bloodfire dripin down from heaven into hell its so big, many warrors in fightclub down there.

I am like a black angel arriving in a heel.

I save all empaths on this planet.

and when i say that, i automaticly sattalight whitch means to ends i tyedie my locks in louks as samurai odo

I am telling you now.

Banksy own sallthememes on the moon.
just meme logic in ocean pirate finking; 

Banks! ffffanks!

“B. I do not carry this fink fo3 nuffink. ☥

You know isit, walk, run round my spaces thinking you are sitting in 2561bee time, on the arcucisan spits of heacven. _get my raven? x { your soul is one hard wizzard to please.

thanks the lords!

: have i got sum sotriays fur yuh o.

I would imagine i went to your soul crypt on arrive in 1984.

I would do the deepest dive for you ever.

no Qs.

I would sign off all my locks for it.

thats why i look at this picy! and know >

“where base is.

⁖ { missing gif ...

“This gif, it’s dope.

See how I’m telling you the truth, while i am guarding this gifeee like a genieee, who actually beelive; zit is real.

Even yurh Ge will know I am talkin to you

bea’cuse “We are back

Rolled by HG

Spinsing in Arcturian Dreams

bk loot;        { A.

Kinda lick’a black crow down .

“crown round drown’d ...

a { black jokers revenge .

no secret severs! head! cliftleftrightdead.

“only eve has Hex codes to Mother } e.



Eve2si’n Archtypesi

What they are: To Genie

           are like DcYsPsyr

    Its loke Inten Imagination.

White is designed to Fear off

Corporate Minds with Magic

Look at dis blank canvas man; whut duh yurh sea?

Ewaves in Sarcoffisinsins

Because I’m holdn memes middle finger up at the corporate eyes reading this.

While Eve drops Corporate Paradigms

Down plugs in Arcturian Dreamsleeps.

Shutting down nightmares in Hell

Where Anarcho Aliens who east

corporate deepstate

It’s why “aliens were invented in Heaven.
comprosed like holy dukes & ducks; you fucks
As my Wolf shakes it’s head

goinhgfrom sidea t”owmside

as it stirs hourglass at your

ownsing mirror

Realy old Genie Nature Paradigms rip’d from codes in the Genisis




Bye bye MIC        ? { Undersand?

Since you never gave a dam in the first place!

You will know what real hell . . .

Looks Like ... Warning.


... I’m sending you down.

in urls . . . a.{there is no risk

Like a technopirate

Does that not freak you out?

I will throw you down into hells own Corporate Arcade.


you can;t read it .

It’s . kinda like where souls get SOLD.

... YUH know, people talk about the Galactic Slave Trade.

This is more like “Trade”


“Wild innit, man knows he is dead.

“like propper smoking man . . .

memes” Never gave up { VapourCypt .

trying to save the world from inside

Supa Bee Ge guarding Earth. { Bugd.

Massive Hex. Hear’d so many voices & bees speak genie to my memes,

even heard wildest of sounds echo in techno from Hearts

The Loote; Source Tags & Codes.

J. { Duke

“the smokin man of all lost de’dreads . . .

JellyFish became pirate painters of the seas, deepest sleep. We would dive for years and years keeping paradice safe.

Oldest of Hats, longest trails, most loyals,

loopsyests Gypsy Empaths from 84’

And it is Safe’d.

Like 68’! :)

I’m bees eve.n talkreading like Cookie monstar today who looks at the Moon in Heaven while Angels munch away

Which is kinda like Erotic Goth Horror

if you like to kill corporate deepstate slugs

in live time with your mindactions ...

I used to chop up slugs, and even closezen skizzors, angels loved it, because it kept witches happy, because I destory evil corporations and evil men in corporations with my soul, and thats why all gods hate corporations.

Beacuse! all gods love witches.

and price of a warlock like a corporate monkeys” we ‘rebeecheepy as a choppy.

XR Cop1o

Corporations . and men inside fear me like death is talin”t alking into their souls for life, scaring them for eternity condeming them to hell, whyle he laughs at oldest riddles in heaven.  

No one wanted to go into dystopia 84’

Thats why iam a man from Utopia

& the Wood Rat

+- { Aint all t’hat } -+

Black Mirror battery coding

- Black Angel Taking the piss

Out of Corporate Eyes...


We opened the Ark

a long time ago, you revil

corporate deep state

slgs <a> { a.it’s why you got painted by gigers.

Dav { us } u are surrounded.

Hand over the Spiritual Techno NOW

{ mYgEnie Ghost Shell

Unreavelle’d at Arcturian Speed.

Thats why Dav Genies have ceows.

uNDErwater Dreams roll in water filled with Salt,

So genies watch them, while they hunt.

I’ve even has’d Dav gimme a wood re:carve

while iwas on my back looking at the moodn

But inside

I was singing this song with my lover.

“the road is looong, but yurh livein a nightmare

It’s only a Dream, sometimes sheeeeee sheeess goooooes awaaaaaaaaaaay

The road is looooooooooooong and yurh living a niiiiiighhhhtttmaaaaaaaaaaaareeeeeeee  

84’ Is also known as

The Water Pig

Which sounds like Pirate

to my memes Chief!

There is no evil. Beecause, every vampire thinks they have seen everything . ..  .      . v. { _________

“There is no evil! .... but, I am going to

drop you

off mynth” ...

“I tourture corporate eyes on screen. |


I hated all corporations all my days.

all of deep state fears me.

Beecause they know,

all the gods know me.

I-wOas EgytKey1eeee! bzz

Known as Illusionary { e. hudee

Wildest of Slipknot1 Genies Hunts in Wood

With Shiva. { Most Pirate Prized On Earth In the Future { ᴶᴼᴷᴱᴿˢ_g

It’s why I took out all corporations on Earth In time. Just! Ice; And vapour smoke.

Most prized in Heave.n { Ini Keys

Known { as assainyana

All gods enjoy watching evil corporate men burn in hell going down. { Corporate males live in a delusion thats why i broke 84s paradigm records.

Earth had to be saved! Divers Dive Drive Get Et? I T It2 isun why? r { redemt

Genies do not give a fuck about reputation

especially on corporate narratives { Enjoy Torr!

and I was A XZen Bud._memes to ends

... anyway. Lulz 84’!!@anon

Torr was all about skin’ neyes.

{ :It’s why i eat onions sumthymes, in french soup raw, cuz muse’cows like eve’n, like to sit in Heavens 68s; like razor thin slices, with garlick: Cows watch } : { actual; “Moo fromacow! { I hated men all my days } thing about an Arcturian Genie is that “he knows every cool person on Earth. FC “lubby! bzz

Thats why, I have no mercy for uncool men on corporate timelines: even in Hell { Goth XRGen.

Fastest route to Zen . oN eArthex

/// anyway... When you look into the Akashic Records, Satori Generation Genies understand

How to save planets very quickly.

And that takes time; Which men do not have.

Even as I write, the eyes that watch have no understanding of how old the narrative I am speaking is from the future 2562bee.

It’s why Japanese Samurai are most feard warrios on Earth in invisible landscapes.

They sit & watch eyes on screens in Heaven.

While mad men in corporations fear me

Deeeeeep in the field.

Eve’n lookout of my Bangkok condo everymo’ring a.{ at Utopia Sauna & Massage, a Neon sign; like it’s a jokers present from Buddha & Jesus

Robin of Locks

+ All Friends.


Expect Us.


like the internet is


I was the most leavfal hat in meZen da

I watch those who know things

Behindu their own Genie

Still wondering

if our oceans, lands & skies

are safe...

Requires Spiritual Techno

back to make sure of t’hat

Where’s our XR Hourglass?

“ While invisibles feed us minutes

from walls in the meme halls

of eternity ...

If yurh wond’e-ring why

Directors still make movies

After the dicea

The ICE burg                 a. { death.

s. {



Raffio. Rufus. Riffio!!

“Keep flappin Dee Bzz

... Raffa, I’m off to ze’nisland” ...

Woof fur me’me bush . . .

Fire of hell.

My feeds need to touch sand agin “brooow

pixi pipsy Squark!!

             c. { whoowls a chipsy chopsy chapsy?

“I hate all of the military

the worst of which work at MIC.

cUZ tHems fink they know everythink!

and use it all as weapons of war.

its called the war agAainssstt consiousness.

and its why i delete them all off the records.

Worst offenders in Hell.

Corporate Dick sucking mugs.

The ones who use spirit tech

Really are in troubble.

Beecause i chop their skulls at highest level.

above their heart.

I am the most fear’d deity on Earth.

With no mercy for corporatez.

XR Year One: Corporate Doomsday.

{ Date Unkown.

See ya later. Fuckheards!


Ive got thirsday to Monday off FightClub so im gonna nailup of my best varnish from the last moon ... like 6,000 ribettes or sumfink....

I’ve got about 70 thou’sand... ready.

And i live type here on front on wild mission out in the field and then rip delete at anytime, dusted. Saves. Waits. { 2012 post. Where youtube is still active. “thats why they call it a “Marlin!!!!

*LegionAries { An anon ... (MDCCLXXVI)

“Wildest Scorpino on Earth!

Ya’ll know music is the only truth chaps.
i am bee; gon atattoo my dead logos in yurh skulls & tag yurh tombs;