Unknown Pagans
22nd Jan 2563; { ...

And on this day in January
I woke & walked to mandala bay;
On paradice shores of sand
To bee with my lovers palms
And books we found washed up
Surrounded by rare stones
Shivas eye & Red Jasper;
& Shells that sang in Spells
Oldest of melody
to heal pirate ears
And that was all my dears
And then the dogs ran
Across the beaches
Howling into the wash
Bathing in them blue lush
The suns own crush
The radiance of our eyes
Gathered aroond the tribe
As coast set in
Stones reflecting on my ring
As she sings another song

“ To rhymes into my heart ship keeper

- January & Sea Stone
     With Dance of Shiva & Kali in Verseas

The Black Sand Verses iiii.ii.i
Arcadian Glow to Rye; Mark & Wells

I have seen
so many dreams in Romanseas
     The like of glory has never shown
To Bleem in reams for lost Rhino
To Spell in hell for fragile Dyno
To close the gates of doom
     For another moon to sing in rune
To throw paint at canvas
To heal rhymn with sadness

- Dynastoryeam

I will create Utopia on Earth
So help me Lords with the next verse
To forfill myownth destiny in rhymn;
actualizen; inventereamth;
construct design devise discover;
establish; forge form found;
To find these words
     upsunthye sounds
           in mind as soul
To heal thewhole; 
of void & goals
     top round the edge of glass
and vine to crystal skull;
echos in eternity; { ...

To fill the ream of inbeetween

Memes Dreams & Mantras iii.iii.i