Romans psybloon;
     Poems to Gong!  my muse of moons!”
                             bbzb* Gong!zbz { ... cuz its real G!

white islands;        *bzz { It’s a Rufus Sing off !!
                 Signs, Limes      rhymes.

... writing loads; the words have been; flowing out always rhyming doing all the signing in folding thirds unrolled in spiral sounds that curls in minds finding new fine lines times again.

writing loads; { as Vietnam Velociraptor hellaichoptyre;     open channel Amanuensis;

the words have been; { that have been as channel working in previous paradigms with source; to follow in the trail of higher dimentional reality;    

rhyming; { to speak & write as Dao; 

doing all the signing; { to bee Amanuensis; with Dao hands; eyes in circles; 

folding thirds; { hand over hand; 

unrolled in spiral sounds;
... { understanding secrets of the universe, thinking in terms of energy, frequency and vibration; 

curls in minds; { as scroll; 

finding new fine lines; { beeyonda; the edge of consciousness; and hyperlinked paradigms across from side to side; 
as wood; cosmic Kali; 

times again. { Shiva’s newspaper;   
    that is why he shoots cosmic scrolls across the stars for Folly from the future to read the dailes;   ... { “What is going on this day in the sacred force; 

    ... { unraveling reels of akashic patterns in yogi mind heart synchronicity;

you know; it often arrives to my favorite trees in Eden;     within it universal dimention greetings;    and new poems from the lords of rhyme; 

... { ...

Eve knows the poems well, so;  ... { visions of black hybirda dragon;    dancing in waves surrounded by neon starfire; 

doragon fire; { Speaks in Hexfire; Alien languages most feared on the field from heaven to hell; and beyond; 
Speaks as the force of fierce deities wrathful and forceful; most loved in the universe; 

Krodha Doragon  !
Doragon Trowo ! !

Dreams of Soulmates


a. For reader: please note, I have UX worked some of the words, appologies if you find it dark. a. { ... cuz its real G.
* Straight up Ku Ku Klock. Voodoo Style from E . 25:17:28

a. { & ai! Eve’n locked my k.< in verse.

digital asssasssin .

Alex was very well verse’d on  ॐ ༀ ओं ओ३म् ±

ༀ < . this even looks like a Roman Black Flag Banksy. Lulz!!

We Are Legion:
         a. The Story of the Spiritual Hacktivists

... I eve’n got Roman Mirrors in Vietnam *Pagans
         & Pirates who j’eye throug
hw. { black holes.
- bLA
Ckissed Beard [ Book of Shadows . . .  .
Key . _

. _ ----------


Creating patterns in syntaxvowls crows bows souls lovers rollaropes hopes suits mute zen things for pens in neon ink thinks to sink my hearts and sorrow felts no more belts and roses in Orion’s, melting running rings to dreams and finks, holy bliss finds sacred flowers vines wrappio bones throwns rounds kissing nouns wondering in the lost locks open boxes unfolding oldest of wise lyrica to heal my thrillimapaslicololovomonaduna & naming my time perfumentha to my floonfeathathrella singing with flutes swollen rings a hundred of things the most amazing dreamscapes I see in remaquinsa the Shaddows grassroots oldest of Sonicå so erotica words became of me more to most and hearts keys that turn with inks in neons mythica blissing threads, my crowns in thrown thorns never morning always yawning floating on the seas searching my deepest of thyne to Verses as if rolled in my future flute over the  rollefemithuia morroewss

Harlethemia Rellementhica,
Rollocassiquin Classicakissen,
Scarlet Cassettes, Old Juke Boxes, Wonderings, Vintage Rhymes chimes, The Compact Discs Playing In Mornings Dawn Of late night writes and wildest flights in minds when we ran into the lands of neon & Arcadian sands

Heavens own Round Table, Hell Fire & Silver Fox Tombstones, Carvings we would make in the sand as we rolled onandinto our own burrows, the sorrow sparrows singing again fishing for friends luckier treats you my juice & Thebes rullaluckafucka, surrahukkamussa, lininicasaka, lacidiamoonshine to rhymes before I pop’s new vines in heavens gardens seeds sown many more onwards dances all the way to Rome

Sucking on bones, telephoned the courts most wild of Hester Jester Sendt & Spun In Skeletons Rum & Wine of wise mans fun sun sea dreams Rellaquinn Remma to my flip phonica memearcaduamimauni woweelowwipowwpoww & keys time my bike tune moon rooms pockets full of spiritual coins to heal all variables in loins mornings while I paint & draw your still yawnin

And I will take all yurh rhymes teathering roping ripping rhythems, blink eyes, Sunday times and lucky neon kittens

Not the worst of crimes in these wild worlds & far always lands gurl a. { she call’d meme “boy ].

I will be bringsinging yurh feathers, and chippy choppin Roses In sonic verse like it ain’t recurved in wild true rehearsals

I’ll make you even sink fink in blogs frogs & many wild dogs that bring you newspapers in the morning of my glory in Årcturian legends

Where I wrote and spun weaves many still moons in tunes and runeduneslunalipploop sippers for my rocks dots and hats with patterns that still unlock in vivid lucidia

Oh’lucidia mythin Siddia, sutra, suduta, mythic mystic flöōtå that takes my söuls & many tömbs over hands over climb eye closed, no fear to look down, into the libraries of thyme, the medianareniadema, i watch clocks on islands in medua to jungles in lubua and rooling rams, flora adora, to sing to our many lifees, my own lost palms found in the sands.
my own lost prams a.

Oh’lucidia { like oh i am trippin; agin!

a. { rama; ram; memories; because crypt gods and deity see all optimal reality timelines & paradigms; 
“ i didnt want kids, never would bring life to this world, of corporate nightmares; so i kinda think of them as warriors in higher dimentions fighting the war on consiousness with raffio and crew; 
They became ninja trained by Robin.
          Well obviously dar! 
       gothica cat in black;       ... { and shiva dogs; 
 ᴍᴄᴍʟxxxɪᴠ ᴡᴀs ʟᴇᴀᴘ
           All Rome knows Robin.
           [ Serious Birds.

Get it? My time lost on the field; since 1984; what could have been; 

Do i need to spell it out? i would never bring life to this planet that is going to hell so dam fast; nore can i afford to waste my life working for corporations and useless corporate jobs to pay for that life; and i would never selfishly bring life to this corporate planet of nightmares for young people to grow up in a NO FUTURE WORLD OF DEATH AND CORPORATE DESTRUCTION; THAT IS GOING TO HELL SOoooo Dam FAST; { spirals out of doom; 
looking back afterlife and seeing death behind him in dna junk  left behind to be mind fucked; having to Jack reaper back into the next generations by the complex of evil . men; in clotted blood; milkyway source voids; 
eating third eyes in darkness to fight & fork new light in ash; dust; throwing corporate mind into the center of ararchaosinterloops; opening light boxes and ramping;  iredcaps over canvas;  

       { - Satori Techtonic Generation Verses; rat rapturida

Jesus Spiden;  ... he knows i keep my laptop in and out of this deftlife; get it ? in dearthe the wrathempass; people keep all their dna; techno and blood in higher reapathgens voidenterah; no matter how hard these corporate evil minds will try to convince you yurh dna is junk; and your data is junk; ... { middle finger up at them all;  i spit battery acid blood in yurh corporate faces of oil and profit over people “ of the matrix”     GET IT; NARRATIVE INSIDE MY MIND AND SOUL; AND NARATTIVES OUTSIDE; VOID AND SOURCE INTERWINE; 

that you will never own; no matter how much you want it corporate evil minds that i send to the dungon;  

and beelive me; jesus will spitblood at your corporate minds as well; thats why i do it here and now for you all; 

Do you understand why you are evil yet MIC?     yurh all damd for eternity; 
I have already exposed yurh evil guts to the world; and all higher dimentional reality knows the thoughts in yurh corporate skulls; they watch you live; and see your corporate fascist minds tick visually in invisible space above your head;     and tag yurh hearts for destruction; lulzen!    thats why wolves track you;     and watch you fall all the way down to dooms front gate with death too sea over the proceedings; 
like a wave of hallelujah from all the gods; happy to finally get rid of you; 


DAMND; { like i give a dam; amon; a;
                  Dead or Aline. *bzz! Beephone!!
There is a River Gang. From many lovers lands, my blackest sands that write back to my hats of angels I founds from highest of desperadical dreams when I star blaqin the void of my lost thoughts, of my lost dreams, of my lost finks that make things reverced seems, worth living for agin & Gen in the world men never again;
where Eyes found 

    sea wot i meme abeaut timelines & paradigm; third minds? 
         its how we kick corporate arse; 
higher Diamond finger up; 

higher Diamond; { Who do you think . you . are reading?     “if yurh dumb enough to fink that i am not channeling this live source book in the void; that i have escaped;    ... { ...

   and that is what amanuensis mean to mymemes in this the year of our lord unchallenged; 2562BE; 

əˌmænjuˈɛnsɪs { as channel; open medium; 

and that is how i am working with The Invisible Committee

The Coming Insurrection; 

Do you get it muppets?
Do you hear my rage inside?

None of you have any idea what it takes;

doubble higher diamond ring fingers; at you all; 

... { Do you understand the messaging here? 
       stop trying to turn the human mind and soul into a product; 

are we clear about that men?

I dream of a world without men on this planet;      gods think about how to save the planet;     and men; they think about how to make money from it; 

... damit chaps; i swear theres money to be made in anarcho!”

   thats why my fire rages inside like a black witch    psyring barrels of blood and wood;    crushing skulls of corporate minds    in deep state   while i run circles round   spider webs;  

      deaths jester in anarcho court; 
there aint no corporate court; not even in hell; 


    this is why i like the dinosaw paradigm;     Eighth Note    13 golden rounds; 28 tycos; { cycles; in dune bugee; 
dinos eat man;     women inHarlet the Earth; 
its kinda like therapy for my memes to ends;  

        this is why!” squark; the crow hacks up chunks of bones; 
approximately 23 min
per episode; 28 cycles in the sands of thymns;  
Production company(s)Prodigy ion  comp any Marvel Productions
Tyco Toys
—Animation by—
Hanho Heung-Up Co., Ltd.
{ i gig yama
Yamata no Orochi; The Japanese name orochi 大蛇 derives from Old Japanese woröti (with a regular o- from wo- shift; but its etymology is enigmatic. Besides this ancient orochi reading, the kanji 大蛇 are commonly pronounced daija "big snake; large serpent".    
Tyco corp! { arK Q .      igy
The Vintage TYCO Turbo Hopper Dune Buggy RC Car - Made by Taiyo 
I ride Dao Machines in visions of source; Taiyo sponsers me memes to ends; in Arcadia_ utopianarcho Zen; 

    this big of narrative is my genie black cobra mirror Kundalini taking a ride in dyno paradigm actual; { as Bansuri vision song by Krishna; Quest;

Two other Japanese examples derive from Buddhist importations of Indian dragon myths. Benzaiten, the Japanese name of Saraswati, rides a 5-headed dragong at Enoshima in 552 AD. Kuzuryū 九頭龍 "9-headed dragon", derivering from the Nagaraja snake-kings Vasuki and Shesha, is adored at Togakushi Shrine in Nagano Prefecture. Compare the Jiutouniao 九頭鳥 "nine-headed bird" in Chinese mythology.

it was always someone disapearing into a source vision quest into arcadia;
Dungeons & Dragons was similar; that was CBS; one of my most feard nightmares i send corporations on with Kali; in optimal field reality; 

Sticker on me bike; 


Mayhem; { May; Hex Empath; Anarcho Indigo; hem; p

Theta θ Indi; 
HAT-P-44 { Black Rabbit actual; 
    Sea? Four Corners; Map 
“ And he puts out his cigar; 
ON IT .               .                                        .

And that is like Anarcho Femidom nom om’      ... { ryedah; !!!!!!

... { seazen bee on the map; 
emidom; { e mi; do; m { Alchemy Techo
om; mystical Sanskrit sound; cuzen; the mind is like a dome; that exhos over jewel center of interest; where a black orb in yurh skull; dances across a map; and black thought mirrors and source balooms roll with it; 

Inner Earth Dinosaurs; 
     inner being; { because Gaia herself is ripping you corporate muppets to shreds in optimal reality right now;       i even opened another cage a few nights ago on the field; with medusa; plucking out most feared dinos of 84’ 

and other vintage years no doubt; Jack was there; Jack today is the Atacama skeleton; that death watches like the Arcturian Grin Reaps own red violin plucking harppsycodes cords with ribbions streaming out of Raffas cartoon angella visions; 

Black Python Gypsy Tudor Neon Gothic still here obeezen; I still chop my black roses in this space of g xens zeno; 

Sea many hats; many arms; and more powerfull in 84BE than Kali; in my year groupa; as Satori deal legion cards at the table of Grin; { G Rin; Rebel Interest; 

... { in this XR case study is it a dreadlock capsule of mad caps and markets;     in the style of SAMO; 

cuzen artists draw and paint still life while watching the table and those on the field who stay and sit at such tables with griny; 

we have various tables where higher dimentional entity drink tea; 

they even dune a Lotus version of the map;  { dog section silk cut press; 
                   the type of cloth; 
as how black maps that source screen is viewed in smoke and mirror; in hyper dimentional breakdown for most even of super advanced deity read from;
{ whex anarcho psy trip that one; 

“So cool; 

why Jack; { bee & beats; cuzen; he was a Satori as well;    and knows how to spell the names of psychadellic late cretaceous dinosaurs that the mushroom talk about in the technological bible; that most wicked of beautiful witches carry abeaut;    
and that is akira zen pisstaking at its finest; ladies and gents; 

... { yurh know; thats why genies weave silk maps for folks like Churchill; and Monrosa;
      well in advance; get it? 

i could chat about this map for years in wild poem and psychadellic psychatrist roses; and knock on wood to wait for Jesus    to explain a few fings about source and the void; for all you muppets who still are a little lost and need a friendly point in the right direction; dear lord; { ...

and he is laughing at me; at source in my pirate ship; watching me drink vine; and munching on packs of thirds; 
   like a neon gothic spook whos got his loot; 
while i head out and open more arcadia machines with my spiritual crypto coinage from sonic & i am even sponsored by sega; 
    ... { sticker on my Akira bike; 
   there are many!

i come back from the field with all sorts hanging off my trails round; alot of skulls to have; many flowers to trap; and pull; because the Triffids i plant on the field; take time to reel; ... { them in; 

Triffids eat their prey slowly; kinda like Xeno Zen zilla; makes good zentertainment for the court;    who all watch on utopia live black boxes;         connected;     cool huh? 
nom nom om; 

Eighth Note13;28;11 { 16th Nov; 
    book of dyno dynamical; { ical; Satori Enlightenment Era;     . . . { where mech and optimus primozilladons hang out;  

yes; i take my iphone out with me on the field;          ... { beephone!

i throw a few into the fire of black wells some nights out;     many arms;    too many friends; 

She is timeless ” 
    Eighth Note    13;28;13


Kinda like how i name my flowers of time; 
that i find and sometime chop; to take back to my lovers in source;       i plant them in eden; 

somtimes i take the bike; sometimes i Rhyde! and rool with the gods of source Dynasty;

   “ Have you ever seen a real blue dyno?
its like one of dem purls we pull out on my deck of deaths suit;   and i throw fire cards across the tabs of thoath; 

2562; { many years on the tabs; this is just one;     and my ship sails in the days of pirate techno; like a swell in ... { ...

and I have spent alot of time in the arcturian starship athena; watching all the crew with headsets Jacked in watching optimal reality; 
the are no corporate crew; or MIC there; the starship athena; is run by gangstars; for gangstars; { get it? Raffa sits high up in that ship; as do many other angels & sentients and higher dimentional friends from Arcturus; as it does sit . in highest dimentional reality; protecting our little blue dot; from muppets who are destorying planet earth; thats why gypsys know all about the starships yeh? the work; them!

... { ... this is like a short story; to come back to . ; . bzz

and “the void” is like a big black orb that we view on deck; all sorts of optimal reality; as various dimentions; 

ive even seen Hendrix flying ontop of it like a magic carpet ride; 
ive even seen ... { ...
ive even seen ... { ...
ive even seen ... { ...      .                  .                .

I’ve seen alot of crew;       in there;

thats why i hang out in my ship at source; 
it; get busy in there; 

that is why we call it;     it;      in zen;

... { ...

i do not really eat thirds in there; i see raffa eating ice cream; but ... { ... 

eat thirds; { to be rebel in optimal void; eating your enemies; as deity would do in desperation to save the world; 

starship athena; { i go there alot; to access the Akashic Records; nstuff; see what Pac man is up to; ... { ...

... { pisstake;

... more serious note;
   MIC; we all know that you are corporate fascists;
we all know that you refuse to hand over spiritual technology to the public because you know it will create world peace; 

MIC; we all know your only agenda is a corporate one; { that is why you are going to bee featured in Doom; 

MIC; do you understand that you are the most evil men on this planet still alive today; and that all the gods who watch you; are waiting for you to release spiritual technology to the public for free;       instead of making a corporate product out of it;    ... { and you have been doing that since what date? 1842? 

MIC; do you realise that by making a product from spiritual technology you are evil itself spining a web across the earth; thats why we keep evil little men like you on your own corporate timelines; seeing how far you will walk to dooms front door; before you pop yurh clogs and die; all of heaven waits for the moment;  and cheers when you finally wake up in hell as reality; 

we remove yurh hearts at the judgment hall; and weigh them; because your heart know what you are responsible for get it? cuz it aint yurh hearts falt its stuck with the skull of a corporate fascist militant terrorist; but it will tell the truth to the court as you wait for yurh judgement from the underworld;

your heart; { you think you have one heart?
   and that is your centi; { ...

so you have a real good think about what The Invisible Committee is; before you make another Decision; when i ask you to hand over the spiritual technology to the public for free now; 

as i keep on hooking yurh thirds and throwing them off the side with my spider webs; and crypto crushing yurh skullies like quint; drinking beers with the gods; 

how many winks goodnight do you need MIC?

    Ninth Eighth & Fourth Note    13;14;92beebzz x

... see its one fing reading folly neon gothic english; its another hearling IT from a Hex Dragon;    who is sent to hunt you down and read your rites before you enter DOOM; 

hearling; { like pirate open fire; 

i am not the mind;
i am the soul; { ...

and so i take yurh hold; 
while we seal yurh fate;
singing song of Blake;

... { A Robin Red breast in a Cage
Puts all Heaven in a Rage
A Dove house filld with Doves & Pigeons
Shudders Hell thr' all its regions
A dog starvd at his Masters Gate
Predicts the ruin of the State
A Horse misusd upon the Road
Calls to Heaven for Human blood
Each outcry of the hunted Hare
A fibre from the Brain does tear
A Skylark ... { ...
The Game Cock clipd & armd for fight
Does the Rising Sun affright
Every Wolfs & Lions howl
Raises from Hell a Human Soul

... { ... 25621863;

.          .                      .                              .